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Flooded Kingdom For Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, music supervisor Randall Poster hops aboard Benjamin Britten’s barge

Left: Album artwork for the Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack. Above: The cast of Moonrise Kingdom; director Wes Anderson.

When not battling restrictive copyright laws, being overruled by directors, or dealing with last-minute changes in post-production, music supervisor Randall Poster has what we all just assume to be a dream job: selecting and coordinating songs to use in film and television production. In reality, it might not be like being a “professional mixtape-maker” all the time, but the challenges also seem like part of the fun—particularly when matching tunes to the charms and idiosyncrasies of directors like Wes Anderson. Here Poster provides a little insight to his work on Anderson’s latest, Moonrise Kingdom, whose plot grew from the director’s childhood performance of the opera Noye’s Fludde (“Noah’s Flood” by composer Benjamin Britten).


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