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Documents of Higher Learning A U.K. publisher makes innovative design central to telling the story of a unique American college Oberlin, the first documentary project from U.K. publisher College Green, is no dust-gathering college commemorative. On the contrary, it might be a whole new type of college brochure: a book that is beautiful, emotional, and a work of art in itself. “No college had a beautiful book that truly reflected the institution, nor conveyed the experience of being there,” says College Green’s Mark Brunton. “Lots of clock towers, overhead rowing shots, and brochure photography, but nothing moving or exceptional.” The idea of a fine art documentary book on a college was born. “Our goal was to authentically capture and reflect the meaning of a college through the pages, in a timeless way.” Oberlin College, the famed free-thinking, Quaker-founded liberal arts school in Ohio, liked the idea. CONTINUED

Book photos courtesy of College Green Publishing Ltd.; Photos by Jonathan Glynn-Smith for College Green, and Courtesy of Oberlin College Archives


Design Bureau Issue 16  

The Retail Design Issue 2013

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