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Pictured: ALARM staff meeting at the ALARM Center in Kigali, Rwanda Photo by Paul Stehlik 2


When God Shows Up

God is always with us! Though we believe and walk with this conviction, many times we are still surprised by God’s presence intervening in simple and remarkable ways. When this happens, we say “God showed up,” or as many Africans say, “God gave me a breakthrough!” While 2015 was certainly a year full of challenges, God showed up in our ministry opportunities and personal lives in powerful ways. Because of your faithful and generous support—friends, families, churches, organizations, businesses, and even children who collected spare change—we celebrate the hope and peace that forever alters future generations through trained servant leaders. In 2015, ALARM trained 20,903 Christian leaders in eight countries across East and Central Africa. Indeed, God continues to show up in big ways and gives us breakthroughs, even in difficult and sometimes dangerous situations. Our staff in Africa have witnessed God’s presence during very challenging times. In May 2015, I was with the staff in Bujumbura when a failed coup d’état attempt took place. I heard from many Christian police officers who attended ALARM training and said that God showed up in their lives when they resisted the urge to use violence against civilians, because they remembered who they were in Christ and their calling to be peacemakers and agents of reconciliation. In D.R. Congo, a Christian lawyer shared with me her newfound joy in taking on the cases of widows and orphans after attending an ALARM training. This lawyer is now advocating for the vulnerable, like a widow whose land had been stolen by a rich man in her village, and an elderly woman whose relatives chased her from the property following her husband’s death. God shows up, not only for these voiceless victims of injustice, but also for the Christian lawyer who is now fighting for justice and hope in her community. In South Sudan, our staff have tirelessly and faithfully ministered to traumatized pastors who have witnessed unthinkable brutality as violence continues in their country—the murder of family members, the raping of their daughters, and the killing of their neighbors. Our staff, suffering from secondary trauma as they carry these burdens and minister through their own exhaustion, saw God show up when one of our partners offered them an opportunity to go on a three-day retreat to renew their strength and reset their minds. As we faithfully carry out the work we have been given, we stand in awe of a God who meets us on the road and intervenes on our behalf time and time again. We renew our commitment to obediently serve and equip the men and women of East and Central Africa with excellence, but we also keep our eyes open—for we know that beyond the work of our hands, God will surely show up and do infinitely more than we can imagine. Thank you for standing with us in 2015—you make this possible. I pray that God will continue to show up in our lives, our careers, our businesses, our families, our communities, and the ministry of ALARM. Together, we are equipping servant leaders who will forever transform and reconcile African communities.

Rev. Célestin Musekura, Ph.D.



WE ARE ALARM. Since 1994, our call has been to develop servant leaders who reconcile relationships and transform their communities throughout East and Central Africa. Because ALARM is African-based and African-led, our staff understand at the deepest level the challenges and problems we are facing—problems we believe can be solved with the help of friends and partners across the globe who are committed to walking alongside the people of Africa as they strive to achieve peaceful, productive, and prosperous communities. TODAY, WE HAVE TRAINED MORE THAN 100,000 LEADERS ACROSS EIGHT COUNTRIES IN EAST AND CENTRAL AFRICA. Pictured: ALARM trauma healing conference participant in Juba, South Sudan Photo by Paul Stehlik





The commitment, perseverance, endurance, and dedication I witnessed from ALARM’s Africa staff—working under reallife hardships and difficulty—can only be attributable to God’s presence at the heart of this ministry. ALARM’s Africa staff faithfully run all of the projects and programs of the ministry across eight countries throughout the year. Their monthly paychecks may be far less than other local NGOs, but their courage, enthusiasm, and sacrifice in service can only be justified by God’s calling on their lives. His Spirit is moving among these servants, who are sent to minister to those affected by conflict and lack of servant leadership in the church and the community at large. Here’s the work of our’s the work of our God! —Athanase Ndayisaba, Vice President for Programs and Development


Pictured: ALARM Leadership Conference, Kilifi, Kenya Photo by Steve Hixon


We saw God show up in Burundi when hopeless, frustrated orphans were transformed and shining with joy because a compassionate donor supported them for the glory of God.”

—Rev. Sophonie Ngendakuriyo Burundi Country Director


We saw God show up in D.R. Congo when we finished the year without hearing shootings and bombings in Goma town between the army and the rebel movement. It is also during this year that many local churches invited ALARM-D.R. Congo staff to facilitate conferences funded locally.”

—Marie Jeanne Munanga Hamuli D.R. Congo Country Director




We saw God show up in Kenya this year when 82 pastors and community leaders in Kibera were trained in the areas of leadership and peacebuilding. We saw 45 Christian lawyers come together for ALARM’s training on leadership and integrity, and we delivered 49 dairy goats to poor women in Kilifi, which they are using to generate an income to feed their children.” —Sammy Linge, PhD Kenya Country Director



We saw God show up in Rwanda when 23 men and women, with no prior Biblical or theological education, graduated from ALARM’s servant leadership program after three years of training. We also saw God at work through the continued development and improvement of Cyimbili Coffee.”

—Liberata Mukandekezi Rwanda Country Director

Pictured: Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda Photo by Paul Stehlik 8


We saw God show up in South Sudan in the midst of frustrations caused by war when massive healing and forgiveness occurred between different tribes during ALARM conferences and general trainings. Open forgiveness took place from trained church leaders on behalf of their communities and Christian lawyers committed to pursue Biblical justice.”

—Rev. Peter Garang Deng South Sudan Country Director



We saw God show up in Sudan as He protected us during our ministry work in high-conflict areas such as the Nuba Mountains and Aldamazin. God’s hand was present through our work in gaining new believers and rebuilding destroyed churches.

—S* Sudan Country Director

*Name and photo removed for security reasons 9



We saw God show up in Tanzania by the joy and excitement we saw in people and communities after being empowered from ALARM’s ministry. We saw God touch the lives of local lawyers who realized they have much to offer society and provided free legal assistance to the most marginalized and financially handicapped members of the community in Dar es Salaam.” —Robert Said Mollel Tanzania Country Director, Interim



We saw God show up in Uganda when the Uganda police senior superintendent, after attending four of ALARM’s peacebuilding trainings, requested ALARM-Uganda to incorporate our peace curriculum into the Uganda police curriculum and training program. Also, the Masindi Pastoral Leadership Training Institute graduated 58 pastors and church leaders from the ALARM PLTI program.”

—Pius Odepo Uganda Country Director



In 2015, we raised $3.2M and sent $2.5M right back to the field—investing 78 cents of every dollar in programs that work to develop servant leaders across eight countries in East and Central Africa. Thanks to every single one of you who helped make transformation possible in 2015!





84% Programs 10% Administration 6% Fundraising

58% Churches 24% Individuals 16% Foundations 2% Businesses

Pictured: Women’s leadership training conference participants, Kilifi, Kenya. Photo by Steve Hixon.

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Pictured: Gihorwe Baptist Church in Rubavu, Rwanda - pastored by ALARM-trained Pastor Nahimana (Photo by Paul Stehlik)

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ALARM 2015 Annual Report  
ALARM 2015 Annual Report