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GSMX Digital Cellular Communicator Prepare for Today’s Communications Challenges Are you prepared? The demise of POTS, the emergence of VoIP and the rising number of cell phone-only homes require a cost-effective solution right now. Honeywell’s labor-saving GSMX works with VISTA control panels to provide a reliable primary communications path for today’s residential consumers—helping to ensure that signals always get through. It’s the best way to ensure a reliable communications path for the rising number of cell-only households. Connect to opportunity today! Call 1-800-467-5875 or visit your local ADI branch.

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GSMX Digital Cellular Communicator

• Compatible with Honeywell VISTA control panels via ECP • Supports upload/download of Honeywell VISTA control panels • Flexible, labor-saving design; powered from the VISTA control panel • Easy to install with simple four-wire connection to ECP bus • Hinged cover for easy installation • Dual-Path GSM technology with GPRS and SMS • Total Connect remote service ready • Web-based programming • Residential agency listings

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