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Benefits of Home Wireless Security Castles of old always had sentries standing watch. This is not the case in modern homes. Parents work, children are off to school and families are busy, leaving homes empty all across America at different times of the day and night. Also, pets are often left at home while owners are away at work or school. A home wireless security system is the modern day sentry, faithfully standing watch around the clock. Cost Benefits of Wireless Security Wireless surveillance systems are becoming more common in homes today. Once the luxury of the wealthy and the necessity of businesses, home wireless security is now both affordable and easy to install. The greatest advancement is the wireless sensors and cameras that do not require running any cables back to the central alarm panel. All sensors are powered by lithium batteries that last for years before replacement is needed, and cameras simply plug into a nearby electrical outlet. With no need to run cables, installation time is drastically reduced with no need to tear into walls, floors or ceilings to hide cable runs. Mass production of the equipment further reduces costs, offering basic systems at a discount along with a monitoring agreement. If you ever relocate, wireless systems can be taken with you. In addition, check with your insurance provider for discounts due to installing a wireless security system; these discounts may offset the cost of the system. Monitoring Benefits of Home Wireless Security Systems

At the top of the list of benefits of wireless security is quality 24hour monitoring of the system. Regardless of whether a home's occupants are awake, away or asleep, sensors can monitor and report anything from intrusion attempts to elevated levels of carbon monoxide gas. An alarm condition at any sensor is transmitted to the monitoring center where agents assess the situation and notify the appropriate emergency services agency in the area where the home is located. Modern systems also do not rely on phone lines that can be cut for communication with the monitoring center. Advanced wireless surveillance system communication components are capable of using the radio frequencies of the cellular network to transmit and receive information. Some systems are also capable of sending live video feeds from a camera to the monitoring center to aid an agent in assessing what is happening at the scene. Alarm Systems Bring Peace of Mind Homeowners rest easier and worry less when away at work or even on vacation when they know their homes are being monitored around the clock by state-of-the-art wireless surveillance systems. Secure Internet connections allow homeowners to check, arm and disarm their home alarm systems online. Apps permit homeowners to monitor live video feeds from wireless IP cameras using a smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet computer anywhere an Internet connection is available. Parents can check on kids to make sure they are safely at home, and pet owners can visually see what their pets are up to anytime night or day. Families on vacation can check anything from the alarm system's status to the temperature inside the home. Alarm

systems that integrate with home automation permit adjusting the thermostat and turning lights on or off from a remote location. Whether you get a basic perimeter alarm along with smoke and carbon monoxide protection or a fully integrated home automation and alarm system, the benefits begin on the day the system is installed. Modern homes can be have a digital sentry keep watch with a much greater degree of reliability than castle sentries of Medieval times.

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A home wireless security system is the modern day sentry, faithfully standing watch around the clock.