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second chances start here. THE CAMPAIGN for ALAQUA ANIMAL REFUGE

A living SOUL

I see a living soul in every animal and feel compelled to be its voice. Laurie Hood, Founder & President Alaqua Animal Refuge

today than at its inception more than a decade ago: Every abused, neglected, and homeless animal deserves a second life, hope, happiness, and most of all,



and more sharply focused


Our founding belief is stronger




purposeful Founding

Laurie Hood founded Alaqua in 2007 after discovering that untold numbers of animals were being euthanized in a five-county area due to the lack of a no-kill shelter or adoption center of any kind in the region. Propelled to make a difference, she envisioned a refuge that would be different from traditional animal shelters: a place where happy animals of all shapes, sizes, and kinds would live in a pristine, healing environment and where people would find a peaceful place to adopt, volunteer, and visit. From the moment you enter our grounds, it is evident that there is no place quite like Alaqua—spacious pastures and quality living conditions, on-site medical staff and loving volunteers, and vast educational and community programs that touch a diverse society. Since Alaqua’s humble beginnings, we’ve continually pushed the boundaries of animal rescue, welfare, cruelty prevention, and advocacy. Today, we are a recognized leader on these issues in our region, state, and around the U.S. As the Southeast’s premier no-kill 501(c)3 refuge and sanctuary, we are committed to the work of rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding new homes for animals. We believe that no dream is too big when it comes to saving the lives of innocent animals. There is more we

Laurie Hood has been a passionate animal lover since she was a child.

want to accomplish, and the need is great, but our current location is situated in a high flood and evacuation zone and is at capacity with no room for expansion.

Initially providing shelter to 38 animals, Alaqua has placed tens of thousands of animals into loving homes and environments since its founding and helped countless others through our partnerships and outreach.

our resident lamancha goat

dream Too Big



“Laurie Hood has that rare combination of passion and vision. Few people possess both qualities. She’s an outlier in the best sense of the word. Laurie has a servant’s heart. She’s raised the capacity of this region to do good.” Sheriff Michael Adkinson Walton County, Florida Past President, Florida Sheriffs Association

cat cabin residents

Lily and Merlin


bold Vision

We have launched a bold and daring endeavor to build a one-of-akind refuge and sanctuary on 100-acres of donated land, with the goal of becoming a model for animal sanctuaries around the world, and a destination for animal welfare advocates as a place that will inspire, educate, and empower others to make change. Our new location increases our sheer land space tenfold where we will


with Heart & Soul

have the ability to serve more animals, conduct safe educational tours, host larger community educational programs, and provide an educational and training center where people from all over the country and world can come to visit and learn from us. Alaqua’s new home isn’t just for animals. During the practice of healing thousands of abandoned and abused animals, we realized that we could also help people through the powerful effects that interactions with animals have on the human spirit and body. Our new home will allow us to continue the important work that is done now, expand our scope of animal welfare services and programs, and be an inspiration for creating a kinder, more empathetic, and healthier society by healing animals and people. Now is the time for us to push above and beyond the limits of our current footprint. The Campaign for Alaqua Animal Refuge is a game-changer for our future and will help us transform the shape of animal shelters and sanctuaries around the globe.

Alaqua boasts a force of hundreds of active volunteers—the largest on the Emerald Coast of Florida—serving an average of 2,500 hours per month in support of our mission. They are an integral part of our family and their love of animals and caring nature is a blessing to our organization.





Second Chances Start Here. The Campaign for Alaqua Animal Refuge



buildings and facilities ensuring long-term financial stability and growth,

is a multi-million dollar fundraising initiative that serves as the foundation for Alaqua’s expansion. Alaqua’s new home will redefine sanctuary for animals and people alike, and will represent a renewal of life, a restored hope, and a second chance

for all.

The Campaign’s goal is to raise critical funding for the construction of while achieving our goals and furthering our mission. Reminiscent of a small community, Alaqua’s new home has been meticulously designed and carefully concepted to reflect our mission and core values by keeping streamlined animal care, public outreach, educational programs, and visitor engagement in the foreground. Our new home will provide a safe shelter and loving environment to accommodate larger numbers of all types of animals (domestic and wildlife) in need of medical care and treatment; bring people together in a common space for the community to share, learn and grow; educate residents, visitors, and tourists about the plight of abused, neglected, and homeless animals; and offer concrete steps

At any given time, Alaqua provides respite to over 400 animals of all kinds in need—dogs, cats, horses, birds, goats, rabbits, turtles, goats, cows, pigs, donkeys, ducks, and even emus.

as to what we as a society can do to help remedy these issues. Serving as both a shelter, rehabilitation center, and sanctuary, and keeping in alignment with its overall vision, Alaqua will continue its commitment to these focus areas: Rescue, Rehabilitation, Adoption, Education, and Training.

“Alaqua Founder Laurie Hood makes extraordinary things happen for animals. She’s a turnaround artist, taking animals from the darkest of places to the promise of peacefulness.” Wayne Pacelle Founder of Animal Wellness Action, Former CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, and New York Times Best Selling Author


Alaqua Alum

redefining Sanctuary


haven For All

“Alaqua Animal Refuge is an

of animals, robust fundraising techniques and non-profit management practices. Alaqua’s extensive education and community programs set the bar high for all animal welfare organizations.” Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries


compassion for the well-being


excellent role model combining

Nestled in a natural setting amidst tall pines, Alaqua’s new home has a streamlined, visitor-friendly design for traffic flow, visitor and animal safety, and access to amenities. Key components provide new avenues for increased engagement and learning opportunities throughout the property. • Welcome Center with French Quarter-Inspired Courtyard, Adoption Center, and Gift Shop • Dog Adoption Center and The Outpost with Dog Suites with Home-Like Environments and Outdoor Runs • Cat Courtyard with Adoption Cabins, Cat Café, and Interaction Areas • Animal Admissions with Quarantine and Quiet Spaces for Abused, Agile, and Injured Animals to Heal





• Advanced Medical Complex with Veterinarian Clinic, Infirmary Rooms, Rehabilitation Space, and a Forensics Lab • Covered Arena, with Classroom for Special Events, Educational Seminars, and Animal Training • Exotic Bird Aviaries • Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Center • Wildlife Sanctuary with Interactive Animal Exhibits and Natural Enclosures for Animals that can’t be Released into the Wild • Kindness Café with Vegan and Vegetarian Food • Multiple Animal Therapy Opportunities • Sacred Spaces with a Chapel Overlooking a Creek and Surrounded by Serene Woods and a Natural Labyrinth • Walking Paths and Nature Trails • Meditation Areas and Classrooms • Lost Souls Memorial Bridge (Dedicated to the Millions of Shelter Animals that Lose their Lives Each Year)

• Cottages

Penned by one of our faithful volunteers: “Volunteering at Alaqua has given me a purpose in my life. I have met some of the kindest people there, as well as loved every single pet I have cared for. I have developed deep and lasting friendships at Alaqua. You truly meet some of the nicest people volunteering here.”


impactful Experiences Centrally positioned, the Town Square serves as an open green space for community gatherings and events, such as concerts, farmers markets, fundraisers, and festivals. Guests and adopters will be greeted in our inviting welcome center, where they can begin their quest to find the perfect pet or take a tour of our 100-acre park surrounded by nature and animal encounters. Children and adults will enjoy multiple, creative spaces designed for corporate retreats, community seminars, field trips, volunteer groups, team building, children’s parties, and health and wellness teaching for animals and humans. Pet-friendly weddings or memorials can be hosted in our beautiful chapel that will also be a sacred space for grief counseling for those who have lost loved ones. Weekend seminars will be presented on animal care and training, equine behavior, and canine obedience. Designed to maximize outcomes from our community and outreach programs, buildings have been designed to facilitate the best possible interactions for educational learning, development and healing for animals, and people alike.

Viewing suites within our medical complex will allow safe observation of medical procedures, exams, animal rehabilitation, and animal forensics. Vet students can also receive hands-on learning in shelter and wildlife medicine. Focused programs, camps, and classes designed to teach respect for animals and all life will introduce youth to animal welfare careers, such as becoming a veterinarian, animal lobbyist or attorney, or founder of a rescue organization. An all-encompassing, educational curriculum will provide students handson learning of refuge operations—from clerical to adoptions to medical. Specialized studies and accredited classes for law enforcement will review hands-on examples of cruelty, hoarding, or neglect situations and identify how to process cases more effectively for higher prosecution rates. Guests will visit interactive exhibits of animals that they may have never been able to touch or know before. Native unreleasable wildlife species will be seen in their natural habitats, and visitors can learn how to protect them. The healing power of animals can be experienced all over the refuge, where people can find emotional, physical, and social rejuvenation.

“Alaqua Animal Refuge checks all the boxes we look for when making a charitable investment: outstanding leadership, inspiring mission, and sustainable operations. Our relationship with Laurie and Alaqua goes back ten years, and they have always been very conscientious stewards of the resources provided to them.” Cabot Pollard Pyle Former Executive Director Dugas Family Foundation


change Penelope


sanctuary HORSE


Join “Our family is committed to making a difference for causes both great and small. Alaqua Animal Refuge holds a special place in our hearts. It is where we adopted an abused dog named Bella and her five mischievous puppies. We got to know Laurie and her passion for helping animals is unsurpassed.” Ryan Jumonville Alaqua Visionary Chairman, United Networks of America

our Visionaries

will result in a one-of-a-kind shelter and sanctuary. The Campaign is a tipping point for Alaqua’s future and will impact and advance our vision to expand our rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption services, and educational and community programs. It will allow us to strengthen our presence, increase sustainability for our organization, and boost the capacity to serve and grow. Our goal reflects the magnitude of our aspiration to transform, educate, inspire, and engage. We need your dedication and partnership. Join our visionaries on this journey to build a new kind of animal welfare park and educational sanctuary. There are many ways to participate in transforming the vision into reality where your partnership will be celebrated as a lasting legacy—from leadership gifts to bequests to naming opportunities for a building, play yard, or animal suite. This is not only a campaign, but a calling. It is your chance to be part of something magnificent, and truly one-of-a-kind. Please invest in the future of animal welfare, human-kind, and the power of generosity. You will be giving Second Chances to all that come to Alaqua for a new beginning, a restored happiness, a renewal of hope, and most of all,



Second Chances Start Here. The Campaign for Alaqua Animal Refuge


you Are Essential



to be a leading advocate for all animals,

to maximize the healing power animals have on the human spirit, and to provide shelter, safety, and second chances to animals in need. Our


a kinder, more empathetic world for

all living souls


animal refuge est. 2007

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