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Family Fun Day Activation Proposal



EVENT SITE PLAN: EVENT OVERVIEW The Event Journey EVENT ZONE CONTENTS  Domino Zone - providing an insight into the preparation of athletes  Sports Zone - the opportunity to try a range of different sports  Match Zone - putting the above learnings into action  Family Zone - allowing the entire family to interact together  Active Zone - a range of fun activities aside from traditional sports ADDITIONAL CONTENTS - The additional activity elements included in the event THE EVENT TEAM - Meet the people delivering your event TECHNOLOGY - Introduction to entire event upgrade & enhancement


Example Site Plan

The RIO Family Fun Day layout and design is based, in part, on our special day of activities concept above, with 5 core activity areas linked to create a “Fun-day Journey like none other” for our participants. This is a representative image of an event with similar “zonal” layout to that outlined here.


Event Overview

A Kiwanis Family Activation Day is an ideal forum for Kiwanis family members, to build relationships with other members, service leadership program members (S.L.P) and their families. It is an opportunity to promote their identity and above all, gives everyone a chance to relax and enjoy a day full of Colour, Excitement and Fun. Kiwanis is a great organization and we would like to keep it that way. Our Event Management team will provide all the practical and technical advice to ensure that this Family Fun Day will run smoothly, from the initial enquiry to the final event breakdown. The theme of this spectacular event will be “Lets Ride Together� and guests can choose to take the full journey or take part in activities at their own pace. Your chosen activities will be supervised and facilitated by our experienced SLP Crew who will be responsible for everything from safety to evaluation. N.B. - The content of this event is our recommendation but we are happy to substitute and change content if you or your client have specific requests.


Domino Zone

A range of matches which will test

Kiwanis VS

participant’s abilities in core activity areas.


Fun Challenges- A selection of exciting and innovative challenges for families to choose from: CKI VS Kiwanis KC VS CKI KC VS Kiwanis






Bun eating contest A selection of exciting and innovative teams to take part contest in some 6-A-Side football competition.

Ability Challenges Sprint- This unique game provides a timed competition for

A selection of exciting and innovative teams to contest in a bun eating fiesta

players to test the accuracy of their throw with a handball.

FAMILY ACTIVATION DAY: Match Zone Six-A-Side Football Competition finals

Mini sporting activities finals

Domino Finals Next Step Finals

FAMILY ACTIVATION DAY: The “Belly Bouncer” is a fun inflatable for the youngest members of the family. The Turtle character provides a welcome play area.

Family Zone ferris wheel for members ages 11 and up.

Magic Show

A range of Table Top Games including Card Games, Table football etc. will be supplied to provide competition for all ages and to enhance the sporting content of this area

Dancing Competition for all ages.

FAMILY ACTIVATION DAY: Active Zone Train……….. This range of motorized attractions can supply a really fun attraction and maintain the competitive element.

Mini Cheerleading segment

Mini Stage show and awards presentations.


The Event Team

Event Staff Our operational staff for the event are knowledgeable, well trained and will be perfect brand ambassadors for the various organizations within Kiwanis and sponsor companies. Predominantly drawn from educational and coaching backgrounds they can deliver the events and also provide feedback and assistance where required.

Guest Appearances To enhance and add value to the sporting attractions we plan to deliver on, we are also trying to get different athletes, and entertainers to make appearances and interact with the Kiwanis family on the event days.

Booth Displays An essential part of the full Activation Day Experience will be the display on the various organizations with Kiwanis and possible display from selected clubs on their achievement over the years of being a part of their various district/division from “Street to Stadium” and as such the links between service projects and Kiwanis family fellowship.

FAMILY ACTIVATION DAY: Activation Day Content:

Venue $20,000 (estimated) Rides $170,000 PA/Music $12,000

Cost for participants to enter RIO family activation day: Kiwanis Kids- $150 Builders Club- $150 Key Clubbers- $200 Circle K’ers- $300 Kiwanians- $400 Non-Kiwanis family members- $300

Cost Breakdown

Cost to go on different rides: Each ride will attract a cost of $50 to enter. Upon entry to the venue each participant will be given an all access pass to any ride of their choice. This pass is also non-refundable. N.B:  costs are subjected to change depending on the cost for the rides and equipment’s need to make this day a

success  prices based on a 4-6 hrs working day, overtime charges may be incurred subject to access times  these costs and contents are all subject to agreement of final content  costs are based on grass event surface, ballast for hard surfaces would incur additional transport costs

** - Athlete & Urban Artist costs are subject to availability and may change subject to profile of individuals


Technological Integration

We have created a several social media pages for the event. These pages will incorporate a range of services but effectively would be unique to your activities and their families. Content will include: - E-mail Contact with key stakeholders for Pre-Event - Interactive Map of each unique Event Site - Click-On images of Games and Activities - “Swapping Cards” of Athletes at Event - On-Line Scoring System with web based (and event big screen) Leaderboard - Social Media links for Photo Upload etc - Continuity of design and message across all events - Direct Links to service leadership clubs pages along with the different Kiwanis clubs social media pages - Ongoing Development of Content

EVENT COORDINATORS Alanzo Small & Jinja Morrison Tele: 577-7508 & 437-7412 Email address:

Event Secretary Joelle Blake Tele: 391-9855 Email address:

CLUB COORDINATORS K-Kids/Builders Clubs- Alanzo Small – 1876-577-7508 Key Clubs – Roshane Robinson- 1876 - 445-6698 Circle Ks- Jinja Morrison & Tiffany Mentore - 1876- 437-7412 & 1876 - 276-3162 Kiwanis ClubsEmail address:

Kiwanis Advisors DS Karen Sinclair-Lym- 1876-398-7090 Dir. Clement Forrest- 1876 -

Email address:

Kiwanis Family fun day