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K9 Advantix - Control Fleas and Ticks for Multiple Pets in a Single Dose There are a number of pests that roam around near the surroundings are fatal for health. All you might have heard on the names of pests might have been Fleas and Ticks only. But, there are various other insects that are also an alarm of trouble for the dogs. To name a few like mosquitoes, sand flies, stable flies and chewing lice – all these are irritants for your pooches. And, this is where K9 Advantix is introduced for the pets. This treatment can be widely used for the removal of multiple parasites in one go.

What is K9 Advantix K9 Advantix is a wide-spectrum remedy that provides protection to puppies and dogs from the above mentioned parasites. It is a monthly preventive for the dogs that is highly recommended by the vets. The fast action formula of this topical treatment efficiently kills 98-100% fleas in 12 hours of application. The ingeniously developed K9 Advantix doesn’t require fleas and ticks to bite the treated pet to die. In fact, as soon as they encounter the dogs, the treatment shows its efficacy and eliminates them.

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This potent spot-on prevents the re-infestations from the icky parasites. The dog also becomes tick-free within 48 hours of action of this treatment. A single dose of K9 Advantix saves the pooches from parasite-borne diseases. It kills fleas, brown dog ticks, lone star ticks, American dog ticks and repels mosquitoes. It also works as a great repellent for sand flies and stable flies. The safe to use topical medication on puppies of 7 weeks and above ensures pestfree month for the furry pals.

How does it Work? The effect of pros of the product will intrigue you to buy it for sure but the dilemma in your mind about the safety will still be there. To fully ensure, that the product is a best one, you need to know the drill of elimination of parasites. K9 Advantix contains Imidacloprid and Permethrin. Both of the ingredients are insecticides that block the medium of sodium flow in the treated dogs. Such action creates a nervous breakdown in the insects by blocking the nerve impulses, causing paralysis and thus eliminating the icky pests from the pet’s body. The insecticidal properties of the active components, starts killing off ticks within 2 hours of its application and prevents re-infestations. The waterproof treatment has to be applied on the furry pals like any other topical treatment. Steps are easy to follow:

 Stand the dog in a comfortable position.  Part the fur of the dog so that the skin is visible from the shoulder until the base of the tail.  Place the tip of the tube and gently empty out all the contents on the spot.  For dogs up to 20 lbs, apply the entire contents of the applicator tube at 2 or 3 spots.  For dogs 21 lbs and over, apply the entire contents to 4 or 6 spots.

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 Dosage:    

For small dogs (1-10lbs) – Green For medium dogs (11-20lbs) – Aqua For large dogs (21-55lbs) – Red For extra large dogs (above 55lbs) – Blue

With such convenient tips and a number of advantages, K9 Advantix should be your first choice when your dog suffers from the same problems as given.

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K9 Advantix - Control Fleas and Ticks for Multiple Pets in a Single Dose  
K9 Advantix - Control Fleas and Ticks for Multiple Pets in a Single Dose  

If you've been searching the web for a reliable flea and tick treatment for your four-legged friend, you probably have considered K9 Advanti...