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Rotary Club of Shrewsbury GUEST SPEAKER – Fiona Gomersall

Fiona Gomersall discusses wild flowers with President Pat At our Rotary Club of Shrewsbury luncheon meeting on 18 January 2017 our speaker was Fiona Gomersall from Shropshire Wildlife Trust telling us about the Wild Flowers of Shropshire accompanied by most exquisite photographs which is just what we needed on a dull January afternoon. These notes, without the wonderful photographs, can only pay scant justice to Fiona’s presentation. But with thanks and acknowledgement to Fiona, below are photographs of three of the flowers she talked about. Fiona has been with the trust for twelve years and is their conservation officer. She works with landowners and farmers and encourages them to conserve the many rare plants in the county. Shropshire has such varied geological strata, and the trust manages 15 sites all with different geology and soil types. We were shown colourful photographs of flowers from the wetlands and peat bogs of North Shropshire such as Bog Rosemary, Sundew, Sphagnum mosses, Bog Cotton of which there are 3 varieties, Bog Asphodel starry yellow, Globeflowers from the buttercup family, Potentilla the wonderful strawberry red colour, Marsh Gentians a lovely blue, Ragged Robin the blue starry flower, Orchids especially the heath spotted blue, Water Mint, Violet Pansies, Common Sedge (best in Spring) and the unusual Flea Sedge. We then moved to the Woodlands and looked at Herb Paris with four leaves, St John’s Wort with a yellow petal and red bud, Wood Vetch a very rare violet flower which only grows at Bury Ditches and then Wood Sorrell with its acidic leaves. Had time allowed we could have travelled further round the County, but this should whet our appetites and encourage us to support the trust with all the good work it does. Summary report by Rotarian David Pritchard

Marsh gentian

Bog Asphodel

Bog Rosemary

Rty fiona gomersall's talk  

The Rotary Club of Shrewsbury enjoyed a talk about the Botany of Shropshire on 18 January 2017 given by Fiona Gomersall of the Shropshire Wi...