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Alpha Beauty Clinic is very aware of the reawakening spirit of traditions and natural cures of times past with the beginning of the era of Roman baths, Egyptian alabaster oils, and Indian spices, spas across the seas have been a place for healing and indulgence of the body and soul. With today's fast paced society, more than ever we at Alpha Beauty Clinic feel the need to provide a sanctuary offering wellness to our clients. It is with these thoughts in mind that we have carefully selected our unique treatments. Our highly trained, international staff brings with them time proven techniques combined with their individual personalities and a touch of nostalgia from their own countries. LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Pycckuu (Russian), Espanol, Portugues, Hindi, Punjabi, Italian, English and Texan (see Allen).

Facial! Care Therapy Our Personalized Skin Care Products are Regenerative Therapy Vitamins, enzymes, flavenoids (yellow), bio-flavanoids (found with vitamin C's), and proanthocyanidins (red). These are just a few ingredients in the new and advanced skin care products. It has been found that facials performed with these ingredients increase production of collagen, strengthen elasticity and reduce wrinkles. For optimum results these advanced skin care products should also be part of your daily home care regime. All of these ingredients are found in your diet of fruits and vegetables; however, the skin demands more.


Deep Cleansing Alpha Facial with Extractions

75 mins. Luxuriously designed for all skin types in a relaxing atmosphere. Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, steaming extraction, massage and masque produce remarkable results. All deep cleansing spa facials include hand and feet cosmetic massage. Great for teens also!

Microcurrent Facial Treatment

90 mins. This non-surgical face-lift uses low frequency microcurrent to increase skin cell regeneration and metabolism, lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and lifting the facial muscles.

Skin Peels (for all skin types): Progressive, Fading, Enzyme, Modified [essner, etc

75 mins. Series of 6 treatments recommended-Experience immediate results with your first Glycolic application. It's ideal for men, women, and teens. It will improve fine lines, wrinkles, pigmented problems, sun-damage, oily skin, enlarged, clogged pores and acne-prone skin.

Mona Vita Organic Facial

90 mins. This superb organic aroma facial is designed to dramatically firm facial contours over time, smooth fine surface lines, and reveal fresh new skin in minutes. The powerful blended fruit cocktail from the Amazon, nurturing mask, seaweed and spirulina counter the effects of aging, restoring your skin. Includes luxurious hand and foot massage, leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced.


(Peel) Skin Resurfacing Treatment 75 mins. Series of 6 treatments recommended-A restorative treatment that brings back the balance of healthy epidermal tissue growth by microdermabrasing the superficial imperfections of the skin. It is an advanced form of rejuvenation. Recommended by physicians around the world. Perfect for golfers and tennis players.

Oxygen Facial- Anti-Free Radicals

75 mins. Our skin is exposed to pollution, wind, sun and smoke. The oxygen and vitamins of this treatment help to combat these elements by leaving your skin clean, fresh, tight and well hydrated. "Manfred Von Ardennes once said, "Oxygen is the long life elixir."

Japanese Pearl Facial

90 mins. Long ago civilizations especially of the Orient knew how to utilize the elements coming from the ocean. They have been using the pearl powder as part of their life ritual for health and beauty. Today, we know that pearls are a great nutrient for the skin and body with its 14-18 amino acids and 12 minerals. Topically used, the benefits are: repairing firmness and a visual resiliency of the skin.

Brilliant Eyes - Under-mine Your Lines

20 mins. Relax, detoxify and lubricate your skin around the eyes. The organic ingredients combined with a special massage minimizes the appearance of fine lines. *Must be included with a facial.

Pink Champagne Facial

90 mins. The most delightful facial you'll ever experience. includes seven luxurious techniques and three different masks. Infusing a concoction of antioxidant and peptide serum into the skin. Followed by a mist of vitamins and aromatherapy. This treatment empowers the skin to be energized and to produce its own collagen.

BodylTreatments Permanent Electrolysis - Free consultation - Up to 15 mins - 30 mins - 60 mins

Laser Hair Removal - prices vary depending on individual needs Waxing - treatment lasts up to 21 days depending on hair growth - Full leg - Half leg - Underarm - Arms (elbow down) - Full arm/shoulder down - Sideburns - Lip or chin - Brow (designing, shaping, waxing or tweezing - Back. - Regular Bikini -.Brazilian Bikini - Sphinx Full Bikini - Belly

Lash and Brow Tint If only lash tinting

Body Tanning Lotion Application Copacabana Bronze and Glow


45 mins. 30 mins. 15 mins. 30 mins, 30 mins. 15 mins. 15 mins. 15 mins. 30 mins. 30 mins. 30 mins. 30 mins. 15 mins. 30 mins. 30 mins. 30 mins.

60 mins. Sea salt glow plus tanning for a beautiful bronze color without going into the sun. Leave smelling wonderful and without that "orange look." Client needs to wear loose non-white clothing.



Massage Therapies 60 mins. I 75 mins. A combination of various movements, including effleurage and kneading. Extra time and attention is given to each muscle group to allow complete relaxation and indulgence of the customized warm aromatherapy oils. This treatment takes you into a deep state of relaxation.

Alpha Executive Body Healer Aromatherapy

. I 90 rmns, . 60 nuns, A combination of various movements, including effleurage, kneading, friction and vibration. Reduces overall muscle tension and stress; calms the nervous system and provides balance for the mind & body.

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Reflexology Massage

30 mins. The unique method of using the thumb and finger pressure on the reflex areas of the feet causes a release of blood supply that promotes the unblocking of energy throughout the body. This method helps the body achieve a state of equilibrium.

30 mins. I 60 mins. I 90 mins. Treatments according to specific muscle problems, concentrating on each person's needs.

Neuromuscular/Sports Massage

Reiki Therapy

60 mins. This blissful Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation also promotes healing. Enjoy the feeling of a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you, positively affecting your body, emotions, mind and spirit enhancing your relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

La Stone Therapy Massage

90 mins. LaStone from the heart of the earth! The technique and placement of "Hot Stones" on the body will take you into a deep state of peace. Each of the smooth, heated volcanic stones will bring oxygenated blood rapidly to the muscles and joints. This treatment reduces inflammation and alleviates chronic and acute pain and tension. You can totally relax and immerse yourself in tranquility.

C continued) Half & Half - Massage/Sauna

90 mins. Cool Infrared Sauna. This infrared sauna has therapeutical benefits; it can detoxify the body and can burn as much as 500 calories in just 30 minutes.

Massage for Mother-to-Be

60 mins. Safe pregnancy massage techniques are used to ensure the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Helps to relieve tension in your lower and upper back and alleviate any swelling in the hands and feet. We recommend this massage every 2-3 weeks throughout pregnancy.

Spa-tacular Massage

60 mins. 2 therapists Let your imagination go to wondrous places and allow your body to totally relax. With long, synchronized strokes you feel the movements across your body like the gentle waves of the ocean! The music is classical, the ambiance is perfect, your stress ... gone. This massage will balance the energies ... Feng Shui.

Lomi-Lomi Massage (Hawaiian)

75 mins. A medley of different massage strokes lymphatic, stretches and native movements, relaxing your sympathetic and para-sympathetic nerves. The ambiance and music take your thoughts to the most beautiful islands of Hawaii. Perfect after an exhausting day!

Couples Massage also available.

Hand and Foot Spa Manicure

45 mills.

If you are in need of a peeling, lightening of sunspots, hydrating, or just a really great manicure, this treatment is for you. Your nails will be shaped and cuticles conditioned. A special spa scrub will be applied from hands to elbows, followed by a massage and polished to perfection.

Brazil Spa Pedicure

60 mins.

Due to the reflex in your feet, treating them to a pedicure can be reflected throughout your entire body. Regular foot care will help maintain the beauty and health of your feet. Nails will be shaped and cuticles conditioned. Special scrub from knees down and polished to perfection.

Buff & Polish

60 rnins.

Special Masks for Hands or Feet Paraffin


Honey Milk Mask Thermal Seaweed Mask

I feet

(from knee down) hands

I feet hands

(from knee down)

I feet

Stimulating Leg Treatment with Pedicure


(from knee down)

75 mins,

This treatment is ideal before a pedicure to relieve tired and heavy legs. A mask of seaweed will be applied, followed by a cool application of a tensionrelief gel, which aids in circulation, leaving your legs feeling lighter and refreshed.

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herapies Aromatherapy Sea Salt Glow or Pepperlyptus Scrub .. 30 mins. Ideal by itself or before any massage, body treatment or sunbathing. A deep-cleansing exfoliation using Sea Salt minerals and essential oils, improves circulation and provides smoother, softer skin. The skin tingles and senses come to life.

Chocomudda - Decadent Chocolate Treat included

60 mins. Available in chocolate, chocolate mint or chocolate rose. Now the chocolate lovers of the world can indulge themselves in a refreshing idea. Because chocolate has potent antioxidants and is high in cannabinoid-like properties that trigger euphoria, this treatment is designed to lower anxiety and reduce stress. This service also includes a neuro-lifting facial massage and head massage. The most wonderful thing about chocolate is the wonderful feeling it leaves you with.

AHA Body Peeling

60 mins. A glycolic or mendelic polish is applied to your body followed by a thermal wrap. Dead cells are then removed. Designed to lighten freckles and sunspots and promote cell turnover.

Pinda-Swed with Sauna

90 mins. A warm cloth pouch filled with herbs and organic oils will be massaged onto the body and painful joints to release cramps, knots and tight muscles. This Indian treatment is excellent to balance the electromagnetic field of the body disturbed by computers, power lines or any other electrical influence imposed on the body. Perfect, too, for weight control.

Anti-oxident Wine Mask

60 mins. Highly recommended for brides. Restores extremely dry, sensitive skin while balancing oily complexions. This treatment stimulates energy while promoting the elimination of toxins.

Firming Seaweed Body Wrap

60 mins. 16 treatments (recommended @ 2 per week) French seaweed wrap for every part of the body to improve elasticity, firm and soothe the skin. A perfect way to lose inches or weight if done in a series of treatments.

Firming Decollete and Bust Area

60 mins. A highly concentrated special, cool, firming mask with essential oils, herbs and pure collagen is applied to this often-neglected area. Your skin will experience the healing, tightening, and sun-damage-repairing benefits.

Back Skin Care

75 mins. Like a facial, the back needs to be deep cleansed, exfoliated, acne treated and checked for pre-cancer spots caused by the sun.

Ayurvedic Royal Treatment"

90 mins. This imperial ritual begins with Jasmine Oil from India and other blends of essential oils. The treatment continues with special exfoliation of yogurt and herbs, gently coloring and scenting the skin, followed by a shower. For the Grand Finale, a 1 hour massage with your choice ofIndian oils. Fab-u-lous is the word for this ritual! *Ayurvedic is an ancient Indian ritual that means "science of longevity." Ayurvedic teaches that health is maintained by three subtle energies known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These forces promote harmony between physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

Shirodhara and Harmonial Ritual

2 hrs. 30 mins. The state of your body and mind are woven together like a tapestry, one thread beautifying the other. Shirodhara with its thread of warm oil, gently poured on the center of your forehead, releases the tension of your thoughts, taking the body to a deep state of relaxation. Includes massage of the head, neck, and shoulders with essential oils followed by our signature Harmonial Therapy, the best de-stressor therapy available anywhere! Harmonial Therapy uniquely combines personalized colors, shapes, images, and music guaranteed to reduce your stress level. Then finish in fine style with wash and blowdry of the scalp.


Specidl Services LPG - Endermologiev

35 mins. 16 treatments (minimum 2 per week) Endermologie's unique non-invasive technique achieves noticeable results in the treatment of numerous esthetic complaints. These include a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, improved skin tone, as well as in the shape and volume of the figure. "Recommended by plastic surgeons for pre- and post-liposuction.

Pre-Op (Lymphodrain Systemv)

60 mins. This exclusive procedure performs lymph drainage of the face and body, stimulating the skin tissue renewal and the regeneration of the epidermis and connective tissue. The Preoperative care can start 1-2 weeks before surgery. The benefits of this procedure before surgery are: Makes the skin drape better, surgeon finds skin easier to manipulate, lessens chance for patient to have delayed healing and minimizes swelling and bruising.

Post-Op (Post-Operative)

60 mins. With this procedure we contribute to the patient's results by helping to minimize discoloration, swelling and visible incision lines in the skin. Postoperative care begins ten days after surgery, but always at the discretion of the patient's physician. We have been working with physicians in this area for twelve years and can proudly recommend one to you if surgery is a consideration.

Infrared Sauna

; 30 mins. Treat yourself to an infrared sauna and enjoy the many beneficial effects of weight loss, elimination of toxins, and stress reduction.

National Center of Trichology Hair and Scalp Therapy Treatment time depends on hair length A new approach to treat your scalp and hair with mask, steamer, conditioners, massage, and low-level therapy light. This gives your hair sheen, vitality and nourishment. You will be pleased and this amazing treatment improves blood flow and promotes a healthy head of hair.

Tricholight Therapy" with Harmonial Treatment time depends on hair length Body and hair treatment for men and women which involves the application of a combination of light, color, music, massage, and aromatherapy resulting in a release of tension, restoration of physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, and therapeutic benefit to those who are losing hair.

Spa Packages Alpha CARAMBA!!! Day (includes light lunch)

5 1/2 hrs. Let this day be your refuge and escape from the rigors of life. Begin with our signature pepperlyptus scrub, followed with a shower, Lomi-Lomi massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. Then, finish up with your opulent day with the most effective anti-stress therapy available anywhere ... Harmonial. Ahhhh! Caramba! What a healthy way to live.

"In the Pink" (includes Tropical pink refreshment)

2 1/2 hrs. The most delightful "pink champagne" facial you'll ever experience. Includes seven luxurious techniques and three different masks. Infusing a concoction of antioxidant and peptide serum into the skin. Followed by a mist of vitamins and aromatherapy. This treatment empowers the skin to be energized and to produce its own collagen. For total indulgence, top off your incredible day spa experience with a fabulous pink wine body mask and tropical pink refreshment.

Life in Harmony (includes beverage and light refreshments) ... 3 1/2 hrs. Let your body feel like satin and your mind unwind. Indulge yourself with a facial, aromatherapy sea salt glow, followed by a one-hour Lomi-Lomi massage.

Swedish Kur (includes Alpha signature light lunch)

3 hrs. Due to the detoxification that the infrared sauna produces it is a cure for many aches and body pains. Also the sauna is excellent for those who are seeking to lose weight. For complete rejuvenation mentally and physically, an antioxidant wine wrap, Swedish massage and spa manicure follow.

Three Essentials (includes beverage and light refreshments)

3 1/2 hrs. A facial (appropriate for your skin type), pedicure and manicure are done with exfoliation, mask, massage, and polished to perfection.

Team-Building Spa Day De-stress and re-invigorate your entire corporate team ... a unique Alpha service. Contact us for details.

:: Gift Certificates Available :: NOTE: All spa package reservations must be reserved with a credit card. We ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule. All "NO SHOW" appointments will be charged at 100% of the service fee.

Appointments Please note it is recommended that you make appointments at least one week in advance when possible. However, feel free to call at the last minute. We are here to serve you at your Alpha Beauty Clinic. Any special package appointments must be confirmed with a credit card.

Cancellation Policy While we realize that emergencies can occur, your spa services are reserved especially for you. We ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule. All "NO SHOW" appointments will be charged at 100% of the service fee.

Product Return Policy If you are not completely satisfied with the product that you have purchased, please return it within 14 days from the date of purchase. No refunds or exchanges are allowed after 14 days from the date of purchase. Refunds on Gift Certificates or Products Purchases will be credited to your Alpha Beauty Clinic account and can be used for any future services or product purchase.

Gift Certificates Alpha Beauty Clinic Gift Certificates are available for all services and products and may be charged by phone. We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.

Please Note: • Due to the relaxation therapy being enjoyed by other clients, please do not bring children under 12. • All times listed in this brochure are approximate and the services that you receive are service driven and not time specific. • At Alpha Beauty Clinic we strive to serve you in the most effective and efficient ways to improve your overall well-being . • Children receiving services must be accompanied by an adult. • Personal property - please keep valuables with you at all times. Alpha Beauty Clinic is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. • Quiet environment - please maintain a quiet level of conversation as a courtesy to other guests. Cellular phones and beepers are not permitted in treatment areas. All prices subject to change.

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