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motivation Alan’s Home Association was founded in 2013 in response to the social situation that causes the marginalization of the “homeless” We moved to this the devastating effects that the crisis that began in 2008 and has affected especially the most disadvantaged in society. The baby Association named after Alan Wardle, the first user of it, but for all purposes, the House is also home to Stephan, Fernando, Ramiro, Raul, Anna, Elena, Carlos and Gerardo , is home to all.

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a house for everyone

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the reference “Past year we leave has offered many shadows from the perspective of the social rights, social welfare, and ultimately, of the values ​​that sustains our social model. We have reached maximums in unemployment and a large increases inequality, meanwhile the processes of impoverishment and economic insecurity in Spanish homes have reached a difficult point of no return. The future, if do not happens a urgent reversal, will be marked by this trend. “

social integration

The social integration of homeless called, meaning the whole social integration dynamic and multidimensional process that is built through the support and monitoring to give people who are living on the street the option to enter the minimum level of vital social welfare achieved in Spain.

basic needs

Attend urgently initially basic needs such as food, shelter and counseling has meant his stay for long periods of time in conditions that in many cases become subhuman, trying to produce a stabilizing initial physical and emotional allowed to start the integration process.


Create a living environment that gives them self-confidence. Encourage their desire to recover

their social and professional skills. Regular, if accurate, legal status, administrative, health, judicial, etc..

social network

Using social network of NGOs nonprofit community in which they live in order to give support to what is said in the specific objectives. Coordinate and assist in the relations between the user and the social network of non-governmental non-profit community in which they live in order to support the statement made in the specific objectives.


Establish a basic physical infrastructure for use at beginning of period insertion until they are referred to other NGOs or can begin to fend for themselves.

initiatives and projects

Participate and promote other initiatives and projects with the Social Integration of homelessness as a means to an end education solidarity and solidarity.


Encourage your intellectual and professional training so that they can recover their dowries.

“A society at a crossroads: fragmentation or social rights”, from the document Inequality and Social Rights, Rafael del Rio Sendino Chairmanof FOESSA Foundation. tríptico AsH 01-2013 INGL.indd 2

07/07/2013 23:19:53

Alan´s Home Association  

Alan’s Home Association was founded in 2013 in response to the social situation that causes the marginalization of the “homeless”

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