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Darrell Duane Smith has been charged by the Iowa regulators with selling unregistered securities in Energae Holdings, in violation of the securities laws. In their Cease and Desist Order against Smith, the Iowa regulators have stated: “the Division has reason to believe that Smith has converted consumer’s money for his own personal use.” p.2 Energae financial records necessary to substantiate the Division’s accusations, or determine where the investor money went, are not available at this time.

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Attorneys Alan Rosca and Joe Peiffer, along with their Iowa co-counsel, are preparing to take action on behalf of Energae investors. Their focus is on Darrell Smith’s former employer, a securities broker-dealer firm. Securities broker-dealer firms have a duty to adequately supervise their stockbrokers, like Darrell Smith, and ensure such stockbrokers are not victimizing the investing public by selling securities in violation of the securities laws.

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There is no upfront fee or down payment to join the case. Attorneys Rosca and Peiffer will prosecute the case on a “contingency fee” basis, meaning they will not charge the clients any retainer, will advance the case expenses, and will only get paid for their fees and expenses if and when they recover money for their clients.


Our law firm has the size, manpower, and resources to handle complex, group cases against large Wall Street financial companies on behalf of investors nationwide.


We have already assembled much of the evidence we need in this case from nonpublic sources and individuals with relevant knowledge.


Investors may call (888-998-0520) or email us for a free evaluation of their case.


You can learn more about this case by visiting the Darrell Smith Investor Center we have launched in May, 2013, at

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