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Dental Implants- Restore New Smile and SelfConfidence

Have you lost your teeth to your own bad lifestyle choices? Tooth loss can have a drastic impact on your oral health and on your mind as well. Not only would you lose the chewing efficiency when the teeth will be lost but this will also have a negative impact on your face leading to an unattractive appearance. You may want to consider Silver Spring dental implants. However, with the advent of modern dentistry techniques now you can get a new pair of radiant teeth just in one day. Dental implants are highly recommended treatments for patients who might have lost teeth due to any kind of accidental injury, tooth decay, gum disease, poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, drugs and other. Silver Spring Dentist MD replace missing teeth and restore your natural smile and efficiency to chew and speak more comfortably. Implants are artificial teeth that appear and function exactly like your natural teeth. An implant is typically a biocompatible titanium screw which is attached inside the jaw. Once this is done, a crown is fixed to the artificial tooth. Implants once placed start functioning naturally and need the same oral care every day. An implant is performed for a couple of hours and patients receive a new set of teeth without much pain or discomfort, on the same day. What do you get after an implant treatment? While dentures and bridges provide a short-term solution for missing teeth, dental implants can last for a lifetime. After an implant therapy you can notice some of the major changes in your oral and psychological health: Aesthetic: Implants appear and function like natural teeth as these integrate into the jawbone. These require the same dental care like natural teeth allowing you to look and feel like you have original teeth. The artificial teeth look so real that nobody with naked eyes can actually know that you ever lost the real teeth. Your

enhanced facial features and radiant smile is what people around you would appreciate after the implant treatment. Tooth saving: One of the greatest benefits of implants is that these do not require the alteration of your adjacent healthy teeth thereby ensuring that most of your teeth remain untouched and orally healthy. Enhanced self-confidence: After the implant surgery, you can eat your favorite foods without any discomfort, smile freely in public, attend social gatherings and get back to your professional life. With all these benefits your self-confidence is indeed enhanced and you will find that you have overcome the trauma of losing teeth in a very short span of time. Taking care of dental implants after the surgery After you have undergone a dental implant surgery it is recommended that you provide good care to your teeth. This you can do by regular brushing, flossing and periodical dental check-ups. Periodical dental check-ups are important in order to ensure that your implant is a lasting success. If you might have lost teeth due to aging, tooth decay, accidental injury or any other reason then find a professional Silver Spring cosmetic dentist and reap the benefits.

Dental Implants- Restore New Smile and Self-Confidence  

After the implant surgery, you can eat your favorite foods without any discomfort, smile freely in public, attend social gatherings and get...