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I Know What Architecture Is O what is architecture? Many have attempted to define architecture but the answers are always vastly varying and seemingly contradictory. As humans, we like to put labels on everything, it makes us relaxed to know how one thing fits in with everything else. This is usually easy for most things and people, as they are mostly static beings. But with a subject which is at a constant state of flux, this proves to be difficult. Architecture is always changing and unpredictable; much like philosophy, there are no definite definitions you can brand it with. It’s also why I enjoy it so much. One would look at a beautiful building, and declares: ‘Architecture is beautiful, therefore architecture is art.’ An architect and a structural engineer would collaborate together. ‘Look, they are talking about loads and forces, therefore architecture is art mixed with science.’ The architect would then be in a corporate meeting room, speaking about budgets and finance. ‘Architecture is actually a business.’ A well known architect appears on the stage to talk about idealisms. ‘Architecture is philosophy.’ A historian points at pictures of grandiose buildings to explain how they were used to illustrate a nation’s power: ‘Architecture is politics.’ And this can go on forever. Architecture ends up being an mixture of all of those above. The more I learn about architecture, the more fields it seems to cover. New aspects of it are always being revealed, always changing its characteristics. I can only evolve with it, but never define it. I initially started architecture to learn how to design buildings, but I came out of it acquiring extra knowledge of other things such as philosophy, politics, history, psychology and business. With this much variety, I find that though the profession can be challenging, it is never dull.

Alan Pun, May 2012 4

HONG KONG 2011-12 Ah Hong Kong, are there any other place quite like it? You want the big city life you say? Good, Hong Kong makes Manhattan look like a suburb. You want beaches, sea and sunshine? No problem, just take that bus over there and you’ll be there in 10 minutes. After graduating from Manchester, I booked a one way flight to Hong Kong. ‘It’s where the jobs are,’ they say. Sure enough, one weeks later I was employed as an architectural assistant by a ‘medium sized’ firm (there were 150 people) called David S.K Au & Associates. The following pages document some of the work I produced during the 10 months I was working with them. 5

Location: Lee Gardens II, C

Project Name: Cinema

Task: A Whole New Build

Added On Top of the Ex

Difficulty: High (But not I

Just Needs More M


Causeway Bay.

a Addition.

ding is to be

xisting One.





Lee Gardens Two is a shopping mall located in the commercial district of Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, and we were hired to design its renovation. The innovations included adding a cinema onto the top of the building (highly challenging due to structural properties), turning the basement carpark into a set of shops (highly challenging to due the need to rearrange lots of servicing), changes to the front facade and various interior space changes. 9


‘We want 3 big TV screens’ Hong Kong Baptist University asked us to design an installation in one of its main building’s corridor. ‘We want 3 big TV screens,’ they requested firmly. We agreed. The purpose of this installation is to act as a liase point for the students to gather and socialise. My responsibility within this project included creating a colour scheme for the design, which resulted in different shades of complimenting green. My other responsibilities include creating 3D perspectives and co-ordinate with the HKBU’s in-house electrical engineer to work out how to relay information and electricity to the LED screens.


EUROPE TOUR 2012 Manchester Budapest Bratislava Vienna Prague Krakow Berlin Copenhagen Stockholm Riga Milan Paris Bruges Ghent Brussels London 6 weeks 13 countries 16 cities 15 hostels 2 plane journeys 11 train journeys 2 bus journeys 2 ferry journeys 23 new facebook friends 25 sketches 1 bike vs public transport race won 3 towels lost


Hand sketches from Europe Tour 2012

Vienna, Alte Danau


Cophenhagen, Train Station Roof Krakow, Church Tower

Vienna, Museum Quarter


Stockholm, Old Town

Riga, Rats-Laukums


Lessons From

As a perso project, I bec lance design to sharpen my business skills myself in the keting and br specialised a and brand id er who helpe

Personal Business Card 1 16

m Freelancing

onal Summer came a freener, in order y design and s. I educated fields of marranding, and as a website dentity designed...

Personal Business Card 2 17

...entrepreneu online. During I learnt many as business is ing people to dreams, or t frustrations. A more than jus a personality. tions and vib and above al it makes.

Branding for Staff Australia 18

urs stand out g this period, y things, such s about helpachieve their to solve their A brand is st a logo. It is . It is the emobe it conveys, ll, the promise

Venus Home Design Identity & Website 19

It is good to up front with anything in r successful in look at what doing, and d site. People d to be entertai the unnessesa tell them dire can improve th lastly, checkin frequently is productivity ki man. Arirose Make Up Artist Identity & Website 20

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CEREAL BOX ARCHITECTURE For the kids who can’t afford Lego...







Frank Lloyd Wright’s Romeo & Juliet Tower 22

The Honeycomb: _an organism of stacked pods _working spaces for individuals or small groups _high in user control _restricted social contact _effective working space

Ground Floor Atrium _indoor street _multifunctional _highly effective social space _effective social area

Academic Project: The Honeycomb Library


THE 3 BIG PROBLEMS WITH STUDENT LIBRARIES 1. Working spaces are too open, leading to too many possible distractions.


attractive girl

2. The lack of user control in indoor environments.

no anti-sunglare

people walking around

3. There is always a scarcity of plugs for laptops.


no user temperature control

THE HONEYCOMB POD SOLUTION: the efficient working space. Made for Individual/small group - solving the problem of too many distractions in an open space.

User Operated Windows - solving the problem of lack of user control of the indoor temperature.

Blinds to combat sunglare

Plug Sockets - no more scarcity of plugs! Light Dim Switch - more user control.

Electrical & Heating Services


Winter Solstice

09.00 12.00 15.00

Mars/Sept Equinox

09.00 12.00

Summer Solstice


09.00 12.00 15.00


Natural lighting comes through the skylight and pods, as well as the ground floor glazing. Artificial lighting is required for the bookshelf areas. In the pods, there are user controled blinds to combat glare.

Daylighting Strategy

Section through a glazed facade

1. double glazing. 18mm lam. safety glass; 16mm cavity; 8mm float glass 2. 1.25mm sheet stainless steel, with polish finish 3. 200/10mm steel plate 4. grating in stainless steel duct: polished stainless steel flats in stainless steel frame 5. 90mm thick screed - forms a wearing surface and protects the insulation below 6. insulation - helps prevent heat loss through the floor slab 7. damp proof membrane - helps prevents moisture rising up the ground

Section through pod/column

1. precast concrete pod - custom made off site 2. timber seats - custom designed to fit inside the pod 3. 50mm insultation 4. damp proof membrane 5. steel column

Section through pod

1. facade post fixing to edge of pod 2. hand-operated textile roller blind 3. double glazing: 12mm laminated safety glass, 18mm cavity + 10mm laminated safety glass 4. cross hinge, used for opening windows 5. facade post 6. pre-cast concrete pod 7. pod table 8. timber pod seating 9. steel bridge 10. services (electrical + heating) running through the pod




Ground Floor Atrium

Typical Upper Floor




That’s the end for now. Thank you. How to get in touch: 077852651111 twitter: @misterpun



Alan Pun Portfolio  

Alan Pun's Architecture Portfolio

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