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Alanna Santiago


In the frozen tundra that is now Bloomington-No and hats to be seen when the citizens are brave the awful weather of the Winter of 2014, howev ment how people felt about the negative temper na of cllimate control. And so without further ad


ormal, there is nothing but gloves, scarves, e enough to even venture outside. Amidst all ver, there is joy to be found! I wished to docueratures outside as opposed to the warm nirvadieu, I bring to you-


Lauren Moran

Goofball Adorable Shorter than a snowdrift When asked her to display how she felt about the snow, Lauren leapt into the first snowdrift she found. (left page, right) Then, when she realized she had slipped in too deep to move, she laughed at her poor little feet in the snow while she tried in vain to free her tiny dogs. Then, once free, she tossed the snow that had once been her prison into the sky from whence it came, in a grand celebration to commorate her freedom. (left page, left) The indoor picture (left) shows that Lauren is exactly as much of a jokester inside as she is out in the cold. The snow did nothing to bring her down, and when in front of the camera she actually opened up with joy, as a child would. It was an adorable sight to see.

Colleen Ryan

Lunatic Lovable Not afraid to roll in the snow Although snow is literally Colleen’s favorite thing in the world, and I’ve watched her roll down hills coated in the little flakes without a coat, her pictures look just a little bit sad. (right page) A tourmented soul trapped in her white and sparkling prison.... or maybe it’s just because I made her take the pictures with the sun in her eyes. Colleen isn’t a girly-girl by any means; she’s far too individual to be constrained by any one stereotype. (right) However, since she is a baller at videogames and gorgeous, I thought that a picture combining her feminine (mascara) and gamer (Bioshock Infinite shirt) sides, accurately displayed who she is without her layers of wool and mittens.

Trevor Rogan

Menacing Possible Ninja Makes the snow his b*tch When I caught Trevor outside smoking a cig and asked him to show me how he felt about the snow, he had no hesitation. (left page) He immediately found the largest snowdrift possible, and started throwing punches. As other people stopped and stared around us, he beat the life out of countless poor, innocent flakes to carve a literal throne for himself out of the snow. He then proceeded to take a victory drag of his cigarette. Inside, Trevor is slightly less of a psycopathic murderer of the innocent. (left) He sits peacefully in his dormfort, the beautiful and hippie induced American flag watching over him as he surfs the internet, as so many of these college youngsters do.

Erik Burklund

Clown Musician Just wants the frigid wind to stop. Along with the cold, comes the wind. Along with the wind comes a 0% chance that you will get your cigarette to light. Ever. (left page, left) So when Erik finally got his cigarette to light, he took his daily dose of cancer with lightening speed, as can be shown by the multiple hands that he flashes to the camera. (left page, right) When he’s not out in the cold at the smoker’s table, there aren’t that many places to look for Erik. He’s either asleep, in the lounge, or getting Subway. There has not yet been documentation of all three feats being performed simultaneuosly. When I found Erik, he was attempting to complete his quest for a decent horror movie. (left) Sadly, all he found was the Purge, and so the quest continues.

Justin Wagner

Derpy ...Derpy ......Derpy “I GOT IT IT GOT IT I GOT IT!� This is what Justin yelled the moment we stepped outside to take pictures in the snow. He then proceeded to leap and hop over the massive snowdrifts outside of Watterson to reach the massive hill of snow beyond them, where he threw himself onto the snow and ceased to move for the next few minutes. (left page) This momentary yet practical paralysis allowed me to take a picture of his feet, which lies somewhere between artsy and a crime scene. Justin indoors is just as derpy, if not more so, than he is outside. When I asked him to be in a picture for me, he happily got out a Beauty and the Beast puzzle and started connecting the small, colorful pieces while I took snapshots of him and Belle, smiling up at him from the puzzle box.




Winter Days ~ Alanna Santiago  

A photo essay depicting the wonders and worries of the frozen tundra that is the BloNo area in the Winter of 2014.