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Hello! I am so excited that you have chosen me to be your senior photographer! We are going to have an absolute blast at your senior portrait session, and I can’t wait. When I had my senior pictures done, I went with the studio contracted with my high school. I didn’t have a lot of choice over how it went and that definitely showed in my pictures. They looked like the rest of my friends’ pictures and weren’t very special. I hope to give you an experience of a lifetime for your senior pictures. This Welcome Packet is all about the Senior photography experience with Alanna Rose Photography, and yes.... it is an experience! So pull up a chair, and get ready to check out all that I have to offer. Make sure that your parents also have a chance to check this out so that they too, can get on board. Once you have read this cover to cover, give me a call or contact the studio to set up your custom session consultation. We can be reached at (205) 403-7984 or at Again, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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WELCOME to a SENIOR portrait experience


NO OTHER I am sure you are researching who you

their website and then let you figure it all out

want to take your senior photos right now,

for yourself. I have had professional photos

and I know how daunting that task can be.

taken before, and that’s the most confusing

Hopefully, I can help you understand what sets

part. I’m at your ordering session to guide

me apart from other photographers in the area.

you and help you decide. You can view all you photos the exact way they will be printed.

I pride myself on offering my clients a

Additionally, I have sample products in the

customized session that can include unique

studio for you to touch and hold so you know

outdoor locations, in studio options or BOTH!

what your finished products will look like.

To do this, we start with a consultation and plan out your entire session, including

I also think it is important for you to know

wardrobe, hair and make-up. I want you to

that I am NOT a “volume photographer”. That

have a variety of options, including on location

means that I only accept a small number of

hot spots that your friends don’t have. I think it

clients each month so that I can apply great

is important to be individual and have unique

attention to detail to each one. You are NOT

style, and I want your portraits to be a unique

a number to me. You are the only reason I am

as you are.

able to do this job that I love. I value ALL of my clients and thrive to make your senior portrait

I also provide an in person ordering session.

experience as memorable as your senior year.

Most photographers throw your photos up on




YOU and have FUN



GET READY FOR r u o y CLOSE UP eye candy


Pictures from magazines of

makeup and hair styles that you like are always helpful to bring with you. It gives me an idea of the type of look you are going for. You can also bring


Say no to Salicylic Acid

Don’t tan in the natural sun or

Try to avoid using products

tanning beds for an entire 2 weeks

containing salicylic acid at least 3

before your session. You could

days before your appointment as

appear really red or even burned.

it severely dries out the skin.

ideas from Pinterest boards!

Stay Wide Necked Be sure to wear a loose, light colored shirt


with a large neckhole or a button up for easy

Exfoliate with a physical

removal after your hair and make-up session.

exfoliator at least 2 days prior to your application session. It will help reduce dry patches and texturing.

wow with your brows

Squeaky Clean and Highly Hydrated Wash your face thoroughly before your session and apply a hydrating moisturizer. The foundation will apply more evenly if your face is prepped and ready before any color


For the entire week before your session, use your toothbrush to

Do not have your eyebrows waxed for

gently brush your lips. Then apply

at least a week before your session.

vitamin E or Coconut Oil to your lips

It tends to cause a lot of redness and

and sleep in it. This will make your

swelling. In some cases even some

lips smooth and ready for lipstick.


is applied.




Be sure to get a good nights rest prior to your appointment. There is nothing attractive about puffiness and bags under your eyes!

fresh NAILS If you are planning on wearing nail polish, be sure that it is fresh for your shoot. We don’t want any chipped colors.



10 REASONS to GO PRO th wi



Regular makeup is hard to see through all the filters high definition cameras can throw at it. Professional make-up is highly pigmented

makeup so that you will look natural yet glam for your senior portraits.


Pro quality makeup is LONG LASTING so that your face will be flawless from beginning to the end of your photo shoot. Our pros makeup is formulated for photography so you don’t have to worry about “ghost face” or looking super pale because of a flash reflection.


Airbrush foundation gives you a flawless finish and doesn’t sink into your pores. Airbrush foundation is what bridal, model, television and movie industries use. You deserve the very best

for your face when it comes to your senior portraits. Don’t settle for anything less. There is nothing scarier than having an allergic reaction to your makeup during your senior pictures session! Our pros use hypoallergenic products to safeguard your face.


A professional gives you all the hottest looks flawlessly and we can touch you up between shots.


Even “everyday” hairstyles can look flat and stringy on camera. Professionals know the techniques to use to make your hair look

fab on camera without looking stiff or unnatural.


Education is key. Our pros have had years of training and have learned from makeup artists who have worked on major movies and television.


Using a professional with credentials can ensure a mistake free experience.



It looks professional. And you deserve the very best.


BRINGneYOUR in r BEAUTY e h t o t SURFACE 1 2

AFTER “I am so glad that I decided to get hair and makeup done instead of doing it myself. I had no stress going into the shoot about getting it right. I chose to get different looks done throughout the shoot and they did such a great job

prep time

pulling it all together with my clothes and different


eye shadow base color

eye liner mascara and brow



looks.” — Kat B.

eye shadow


cheeks THE BOLD LIP A bold lip (orange, red, or deep purple) creates an instant look that adds major wow factor to your session.





8 13




This classic look really pops

Teal and orange offest each

A lovely palette of soft colors,

with the stripes and subtle

other so beautifully with this

sweet textures (including pastel

matching accessories. Shorts

outfit! Add in a cute handbag

pinks, ivories and golds), and a

or pants would work depending

and stylish shoes and you’re

fun choice in shoes all help add

on where your location is; and of

picture ready! Subtle matching

visual interest to an image. A

course sassy sandals or wedges

can really distinguish

feminine and soft look goes well

complete the look!

a photo.

with natural locations.

If you are nervous about wearing

Here we selected a more timeless

Your choice of shoes can make

white pants/jeans, mute them

look and neutral palette. The

or break an outfit. Rocking a pair

out with a bright and bold color

added textures in the knit top,

of hip, distressed boots, or some

to take away from them. A fun

cute boots and different shades

colorful wedges can tie everything

or bold choice in shoes can help

of soft color gives this outfit

together. Pairing these with a

infuse the images with color and

interest while not distracting

bright, colorful dress makes for

personality that is unique to you.

from the subject or the location.

the perfect style for your session.

Photos: Courtesy of




Highlight your facial features with

Add a pop of pink into your

You don’t have to have a lot of

a sleek up-do. Or add accents

photos. For a softer look you

makeup to be beautiful. Go with a

such as small flowers or pearl

can go with a light pink and for

more natural look for your senior

pins to make your hair pop. Add

an edgier look you can go with a

photos if you wish. Our makeup

volume and poofs to dramatize

more neon pink. Either way, the

artist will give your skin a naturally

hair that are perfect for glamour

flirty color will give your senior

beautiful glow and give your lips a


photos a girly touch!

beautiful natural color.

Put down all those glossy, glittery,

Be boho chic with this classic

Go bold! Spice up your senior

and sparkly shades and move

loose braid. Wear it to the side

photos with red lips. Our

toward matte. From lips to nails,

or let it cascade down your face.

makeup artist will make your

this look is all about a consistent

Either way, these styles will be a

senior pictures glamorous with

color palette. Let your true beauty

great way to showcase your fun,

a rebellious red lip.

be the only thing that shines for

laid back personality (Ă la Kate

your shoot.

Hudson) for your shoot.

Photos: Courtesy of

GET glam



How do I get started?

To get started you can call the studio at 205-403-7984 or email us through our website: From there we will book your personal consultation so we can discuss the details of your shoot.

How long will the shoot take? The shoot will take 2-3 hours, and trust me, you will be exhausted by the time we are done! Your hair and makeup will take approximately an hour and a half from start to finish. Be sure to have enough time in your schedule to enjoy the complete experience.

Do I need to bring my own wardrobe? Yes, but we will help you with styling, and we offer several exclusive discounts through our vendor partners. We love being a part of your styling decisions, so you will also have the opportunity to show us what you are thinking before your shoot.

What is your editing process? I digitally retouch every single image. I will enhance your photos as needed with color and lighting correction, exposure adjustments, skin smoothing, blemish removal and anything else I see that needs to be done.

Can I order prints? Of Course! You will have the opportunity to order prints, canvasses, albums, and digital images at your premier ordering session. We will help you lay out your favorite images and pick the products that best suit your style.



PICTURE your STYLE Ordering Session When it is time to view your photos, you can come to the studio and view them in person with me right by your side. That way you can ask any questions you want and I can suggest options that suit your style. You can also hold and touch all of the products we have to offer and you will know exactly what you are ordering.



Looking to make a room really POP?


Then you will probably like

Our mounted gallery prints

Then look no further than our

Our metal art print

the Matted and Framed

allow you to swap out your

Gallery Wrapped Prints. This

options are beautiful,

options we have available.

prints when you feel like the

modern, sleek-finished option

unique and just one of

If you prefer to get your

room needs a little change.

is ready to hang. Just find the

our exquisite standout

pictures matted and framed

These prints fit easily on

perfect place in the room.


at your favorite frame shop,

an easel or they can be

just let us know. Either

displayed “floating” so they

way we will help you pick

can be easily swapped out

the best options for your

with another print.

traditional décor.





This session option includes 2-3 hours of shoot time and as many wardrobe changes as you’d like. It also includes your custom ordering session.






This session option has a full hour of professional and waterproof (sweatproof and humidity proof) makeup by our recommended hair and makeup artist. Follow that up with Professional

This session includes professional hair and makeup, plus we

Hairstyling, and you are looking fabulous

get to take our hair and makeup professional on location with

for your session. It also includes 2-3 hours

us. You will get 2-3 looks throughout the shoot. Included in this

of shoot time and as many wardrobe

option is 3 hours of shoot time, as many wardrobe changes as

changes as you’d like as well as your

you’d like and your personal ordering session.

personal ordering session.







Profile for Alanna Rose Photography

Alanna Rose Photography 2016mag  

Alanna Rose Photography, an award winner senior photographer in Birmingham, AL.

Alanna Rose Photography 2016mag  

Alanna Rose Photography, an award winner senior photographer in Birmingham, AL.