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What a Bark Collar Can Do? A dog owner had a long chat with his friend who happens to be an animal behaviour specialist and he gave this rather good advice about the Bark Collar. Here are some of the useful points he told about these modern dog gadgets. This is about how you should make use of these tools safely and effectively. Many of us think that a Bark Collar will prevent the dogs from barking all their lives. You are absolutely wrong. Yes, this may be correct if you want your pets never to bark again. This is not what we all want. What dog owners want is merely to prevent them from barking too much and disturbing our sleep as well as that of the neighbours. It is not only the method of communications between dogs. It is also the way of dogs to talk to their human masters. By barking, the dog tells the owner of the house that danger is lurking. Thus, barking is also beneficial to some extent. It is a communication tool for the dog, so their comfort is of high priority also. Revelations from the Expert Here are the things that dog owners should DO: Use the Bark Collar in moderation. This is applicable especially for dogs that are not really that mischievous or whose barking is still manageable to some extent. All that these animals need is a minor tweak or slight static pulse from the electronic collar. Clever dogs may realize that the act of punishment comes from you so you need to move it away from you. It must be able to associate the insignificant warning to the collar or the fence and not to the trainer. His friend says that the dog owner must check the instructions, read these carefully and understand what it means. It is definitely easy to use perhaps even without the manual. Yet, there is nothing wrong in following the instructions prior to using the device. This may help in causing agitation to your dog.

On the other hand, here are his suggestions on what NOT to DO with the bark collar. Be careful using a Bark Collar device together with the invisible fence This is not an apparent thought process for owners. The invisible fence itself is a shock device so when you use the bark collar, it also creates a shock to your dog. This may confuse your pet so you should supervise this siuation carefully OR alternatively the alternative would be to use citronella or ultrasonic contraptions. Adjust the device to full intensity immediately Most Bark collars have settings that you can select from. Adjusting it to full strength can lead to excessive punishment of your dog immediately. You would not want your dog to be afraid of barking after all. What we want to achieve is do away with the annoyance and excessive barking. The Dog Line provides help and advice in dog training products as well as supplies dog owners with tools like the Barking Dog Collars. You can obtain more information and Citronella Dog Collar on the website of The Dog Line.

What a Bark Collar Can Do?