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By: Alannah Dymond

About the Artist: Alannah Dymond

Artist Statement

In 2009 I began studying Fine Arts at Fanshawe College in 2009, which has allowed me to experiment with various mediums, subject matter and techniques as an artist. Recently, I began studying at the Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCADU) in Toronto, Ontario where I am currently pursueing my Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFa). Currently I am majoring in Drawing and Painting while minoring in Sculpture and Installation. Upon completion of my BFa I hope to travel where my art takes me, hopefully with various exhibits or simply commissioned works for people.

Recent Commissions

2011 Swinging Duos (Photography for Magazine Spread) Jess (Painting of Fiancee & Baby) Paige (Photography for Modelling Portfolio) Sunset Arts (Mural/Sign for outside dock)


2011 - Photography Contest First Place Winner - Pinning Down Modern Art First Place Winner 2010 - Grand Bend Aquafest Photography Contest First Place Winner


Guest Artist, 2011, Sunset Arts, Grand Bend, ON Aquafest Photography Show, 2011, Yacht Club, Grand Bend, ON Pinning Down Modern Art, 2011, ArtVenture, London, ON Pinning Down Modern Art, 2011, The Arts Project, London, ON MacIntosh Gallery, Various showings 2009-2011, Fanshawe College, London, ON Aquafest Photography Show, 2010, Grand Bend, Kryart Studio, Grand Bend, ON

Mutt Acrylic on Canvas 3x5 ft 2011

“Mutt” One of my fellow classmates were talking one day about an article we read about how we take being white for advantage and an interesting point about how we have white bandaids here, though when he went to a different country with mainly darker coloured people, the bandaids were darker. Within this piece I wanted the viewer to approach it and experience it in a different way then they might a person of a different ethnicity/colour. The piece does not have a definite front of back and is suspended in the air. Rotation occurs when somebody passes by it, due to it’s suspension, which allows the viewer to become consumed and interact with the piece. Inspirations: Lee Krosner Nancy Burson Jean-Paul Riopelle

Honey Bark Encaustic on canvas 12x12 inches 2011

Honey Bark Upon beginning this piece I was hoping to experiment with the effects of microcrystalline and beeswax on stretched canvas. Due to the natural scent and appearance of the texture, I decided to give the wax a brown tint to convey a tree-like effect. Inspiration: Experimentation within Encaustics Natural elements within Fine Art

Detail: Honey Bark

Untitled Encaustic on wood 11x14 inches 2011

Untitled The bottom of various tins of wax colour were placed on the piece to create the circular shapes and then the contents of the can were poured onto the piece to create the dripping effect. Beeswax was utilized to create the background, while various shades and tinted melted microcrystaline wax were used to give the piece colour.

Detail: Untitled

Identity Mixed Media on canvas 35x34 inches 2011

Identity This piece was created to express who I am as an artist and how one might do about analyzing someone. For example, when I say I’m artistic one will respond with a question such as “So who’d your get your artistic ability from?”. To me, this is interesting so I proceeded to paint sections of ‘photographs’ on the top left hand corner to answer the questions about where I inherited or was influenced for my top seven most obvious personality traits. Materials included: Acrylic paint, skate laces, fabric from shirt sleeves, fabric from my grade 8 grad dress, encaustic board

Sunset Arts Mural Acrylic on wood 4x2 ft 2011

Sunset Arts Mural If one wants to view this piece then they must go to the boating docks in Grand Bend, ON. Upon departure from the docks this mural will be viewable while going out to the lake. This piece was creating in the summer of 2011 after Sunset Arts approached me to see if I was willing/able to create an advertisement/mural for them. I was able to create whatever image I wanted, so I went with the theme of the notorious Grand Bend sunset which is accompanied by the Sunset Arts logo.

Note: Comissioned. Located on dock in Grand Bend, ON

Kitty Graphite on illustration board 11x14 in 2011


This cat is probably the most photogenic cat I have ever met. Originally this was a photograph, then I drew from the photograph this image. One day I hope to do a still life, though I’m sure that will happen soon.

Note: Featured in exhibit at Sunset Arts.

Grandpa Charcoal & Conte on illustration board 11x14 inches 2011

Grandpa While photographing my grandpa for a photography project he kept pulling silly faces while I was adjusting the exposure value or f-stop, so I caught him off guard once and used the photograph to create this drawing. It was a lot of fun to do and I find myself enjoying portraiture quite a bit, especially after this piece.

Note: Featured in exhibit at Sunset Arts.

Seaweed Acrylic on canvas 28x32 inches 2011

Seaweed While in New Brunswick I spent multiple mornings searching throughout seaweed while the tide was low and after awhile it became very inspiring, especially during the sunsets. Upon my return home I was flipping through images and really enjoyed one of the photographs I took of seaweed, so I decided to interpret the enjoyment of my experience through colour. Seaweed was a very prominent experience/ image while in New Brunswick so it seemed necessary. Inspirations: Experience in New Brunswick Expressionism

Note: Featured in exhibit at Sunset Arts

Brooksy & Baby Acrylic on canvas 18x20 inches 2011

Brooksy & Baby This piece was created for a woman to give her fiance on Fathers day. She decided on colours that best represented her fiancee and baby, which I then abstracted and spread throughout the background. A photograph was used as a reference for the image, while the background was created by choice.

Pug Chalk, charcoal & conte on mat board 8x10 inches 2011


I did a photography shoot at Jimary Pugs & Cavalier Kennels in Kerwood, Ontario with a few of their pugs and then enjoyed one of the images so much that I just had to draw it. This piece was done on a mat board and consists of a combination of chalk, charcoal, black conte, grey conte and white conte. It was my first time working on mat board and drawing an animal with those mediums, though I would most definitely do it again. Note: Sold.

Madonna Collage Graphite on paper 23x28 in 2010

Madonna Collage Though this piece is not a literal collage of images, it is a collage of objects drawn on top of one another. The process in which I took to create this image was new to me, though I enjoy the outcome and am hoping to experiment more with it. For this piece three images were projected on a large wall one-by-one, then the image would switch every few minutes or seconds. When the image would switch I treated the page as if it were still the same image compositionally. After approximately an hour of drawing the timer was stopped, so I stopped. Inspirations Jean Arp Picasso Kazimir Malevich

Note: Featured in exhibit at Sunset Arts

Mondrian meets Alannah Acrylic on cardstock 4x3 ft 2010

Mondrian meets Alannah One horrid snowy night in the winter of 2010 I decided it would be smart to go out and drill 1-inch holes into old rotten tree stumps then light the interior of the stumps on fire. I wanted to see if the light would shine through the hole, then I photographed the experience. After photographing it I decided that I wanted to create a painting of it, then one thing lead to another and I overlayed various images over the piece. This was my first time working with a scraping technique, thanks to Gary Spearin, and is actuallly very enjoyable after a while. Inspirations: Piet Mondrian Gary Spearin

Note: Sold.

Looking Down Inky pen on paper 23x28 in 2010

Looking Down Throughout this entire piece I was looking downwards while drawing with any technique that did not involve smudging to create a gradient effect. Cross hatching, stippling and contour lines were used throughout the piece to create and voice various different textures of my clothing. Eventually it got to the point where I was drawing my drawing because I still had space on my paper while doing this drawing. Two fine point sharpie markers were utilized to create this piece on a piece of paper.

Note: Featured in exhibit at Sunset Arts.

Paper drawing Graphite on paper 23x28 inches 2010

Paper Drawing Various pieces of cut up paper were placed and glued on a piece of paper that was the exact same size of the one I drew on to create a collage. Then, I used the collage as a reference to create this drawing though I did not use any straight contour lines. Little ‘X’s and scribbles were used to create the overall piece with graphite pencils.

Note: Featured in exhibit at Sunset Arts.

Untitled Acrylic on canvas 4x3 ft 2007

Untitled Two works of art by a London, ON artist were collaged together to create this work for a man. He really enjoyed the two works from the artist, though only liked certain parts of it. I took the parts he enjoyed and collaged them into one piece. At the time I was creating this piece, I did not know I was going to end up studying fine arts, though this was a good excercise to help me see that I had the dedication and love for Fine Arts.

Note: Commissed/Sold

Drawing & Painting Booklet  

Examples of drawings and paintings by Alannah Dymond.

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