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1 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

ABEU Founded on September 2, 1987, the Brazilian Association of University Publishers (ABEU) includes 112 university presses from every region in the country. Over these 25 years the ABEU has contributed to promoting professionalization in this sector. The Association works in significant spaces in the Brazilian publishing scene as an active participant in forums addressing the creation and modernization of public policies in the publishing industry. Furthermore, the ABEU interacts on a par with the principal representative associations in this area, sharing spaces and actions with them at the various levels of government. The Association’s primary focus is the production of scientific, technical, and university books, often not available to the general public. Its lines of actions include the Inter-University Program for Book Distribution (PIDL), a decisive step towards improving the dissemination and marketing of titles released by partner publishers. Its participation in major Biennial Book Fairs in Brazil and in scientific, cultural, and book market events in Latin America and Europe reflects the importance assigned by the ABEU to furthering public awareness of and accessibility to Brazilian university books. Its partner publishers are able to meet their needs for publicizing and sharing information on their titles with the help of the dynamic, diversified communications framework provided by the ABEU, which includes participation in the Association’s website and virtual catalog, access to exclusivity agreements, and the ABEU em Rede newsletter, in addition to the availability of refresher and training programs and the VERBO magazine, a vehicle for reflections on issues related to book publishing and reading.

Board of Directors President  José Castilho Marques Neto Vice President  Sheila Maluf Director Secretary  Maria das Graças Monteiro Castro Finance Director  Carlos Alberto Gianotti Event Director  Flávia Rosa Communications Director  Marcelo Luciano Martins Di Renzo Editorial Dissemination Director  Lúcia Helena Cavasin Z. Pulino Regional Director (North)  Iraildes Caldas Torres Regional Director (North-East)  Maria José de Matos Luna Regional Director (Centre-West)  Marinaldo Divino Ribeiro Regional Director (South-East)  Mauro Romero Leal Passos Regional Director (South)  Jerônimo Carlos Santos Braga Supervisory Board Members  Honório Rosa Nascimento Joel Corso Astomiro Romais

1 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013


+55 (49) 3321-8218

Publisher of UNOCHAPECÓ Universidade Comunitária da Região de Chapecó

Tecnologia e Estética do Racismo: ciência e arte na política da beleza / Technology and Aesthetics of Racism: science and art in the politics of beauty

In her book Maria Bernadette Ramos Flores shows how from the birth of the Republic to the Estado Novo (Vargas Era) a whole social machinery in Brazil was formed towards the objective of remediating the bodies diagnosed as sick. In the scene where this body was exposed the science and the art came to occupy a prominent place.

Author Maria Bernadette Ramos Flores year 2007

2 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Educação física: formação e regulamentação profissional / Physical education: professional training and regulation EditOrs Gelcemar Oliveira Farias Alexandra Folle Jorge Both year 2012

In Brazil the production of knowledge in physical education has been extended in recent years mainly due to the contributions of the graduate programs. Besides the considerable increasing in research and publications, there is also a diversification of themes contemplated in the different areas of concentration and lines of research.

+55 (77) 3424-8716

Narrativas da Mestiçagem / Storytelling on Miscigenation Author Marcos Aurélio dos Santos Souza YEAR2012

The book, by Professor Marcos Aurélio dos Santos Souza, presents the results from his research about the construction of the foundational discourse as the justification for the nationalism, the racism, the xenophobia and the anti-immigration policies. He develops, in this way, a criticism of that discourse by means of the study referred to the literary works of various writers of Bahia State in Brazil. Those writings are characterized by the analysis of processes that involve the discontinuance of the History, fostering a strategic and plural perception about cultural subject-matters and their corresponding places.

Sociedade e Natureza: A produção do espaço urbano em bacias hidrográficas / Society and nature: the development of urban spaces along river basins Author Altemar Amaral Rocha YEAR2011 

Edições UESB Publisher of Universidade Estadual do Sudoeste da Bahia

The book is a theoretical contribution about the Geography at the present times; the relationships of the society and the nature as well as the development of the urban space are analyzed on the 1st and the 2nd chapters. By means of an easy-tobe-understood language, the author points out concepts that articulate the geographical thinking referred to the societynature relationship, in an analysis of the sociospatial formation of the Vitória da Conquista municipality. In this way, it is possible to reach the understanding focusing the fact that the problematics of the nature must not be separately analyzed from the relationships that are underway between society and nature.

3 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013


+55 (51) 3320-3523

Publisher of Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul

O diário de um médico alemão na “guerra dos hotentotes”/ Diary of Africa: the diary of a German doctor at the “Hottentot” uprising Author Karl Wilhelm Schinke year2009

This book is the result of a personal saga of a family lov-ertain points. After all, the author writes from the perspective of a culture that claims to be superior: the European one. From the point of view of this culture, the issue of moral legitimacy to dominate "inferiors" would be easily solved: from the own organizational aptitude and material capacity of the "superior" to dominate. It is exactly this supposed aptitude that little by little will be decomposed, in a sometimes irate way and at other times with ironic observations, in the account of Dr. Karl Schinke.

4 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

THEO WIEDERSPAHN: arquiteto / THEO WIEDERSPAHN: architect Author Günter Weimer year2009

The German Theodor Alexander Josef Wiederspahn, one of the most important architects of the 20th century, left a cultural heritage to the State of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil regarding urban buildings. The history of the people from this State is directly related to Theo's work, exponent of its local culture. During World War I and II, the architect and his family immigrated to Southern Brazil. There, Theo could build his projects, becoming a renowned professional. Among his famous works are the Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art, Edifício Ely (currently the building material store Tumelero), Mario Quintana's Culture House, Rio Grande do Sul Memorial, and the School of Medicine of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. All of them are located downtown.

+55 (51) 3477-9118

Editora da Ulbra Publisher of Universidade Luterana do Brasil, Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul

Glossário de paleontologia e termos associados / Glossary of Paleontology and Associated Terms AUTHOR Paulo César Pereira das Neves Paulo Jolar Pazzini Galarça YEAR 2012

This book represents a major research effort on paleontology and related matters. It is recommended to all who still love to have a good book in hand, to those who wish to consult it occasionally, and to a whole new generation of researchers in geoscience and paleontology. The readers will find a precious reference source about the universe of meanings of science.

Introdução à mineralogia prática / Introduction to Practical Mineralogy AUTHORS Paulo César Pereira das Neves Flávia Schenato Flavio Antônio Bachi YEAR  2011 (3.ed.)

Updating concepts and bringing a new approach to the understanding of crystalline substances, this book fills a gap in the description, characterization and identification of minerals. Besides presenting the most classic examples of minerals for industrial use, the book also addresses those lesser known but equally important minerals from an academic point of view. It is an important contribution to various areas of knowledge, especially those related to Earth Sciences.

5 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013


+55 (79) 3205 7421

Publisher of Serviços Gráficos de Sergipe

Estudos Alemães / German Studies Author/editor Tobias Barreto (author) Luiz Antonio Barreto (editor) YEAR2013 co-publisher J.E. Solomon Editores LTDA

The Teutonic thought was and remains an important source of inspiration for Brazilian intellectuals. In this sense, the nineteenth century remains as excellent reference point for analyzing the German enthusiasm evident in representatives of national intelligence, among which we can mention Tobias Barreto. Rejecting outright copying of French culture, the intellectuals of that time aspired to reach the metamorphosis of reality itself nationally through a legitimate spiritual heritage of Brazil. This book, organized by Luiz Antonio Barreto, brings together diverse writings of one of the leading local thinkers, Tobias Barreto, who devoted himself to the study of the German language and sought to strengthen cultural ties between Brazil and Germany.

6 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Simão Dias Author/editor Alina Paim (author) Gil Francisco (editor) YEAR2013

In this novel, Alina Paim portrays part of her childhood and adolescence, and shares, with the reader, her memories about life daily events in Simão Dias city, Sergipe state. This novel has an autobiographical content extremely exposed, in which the character Maria do Carmo is the quickening of the story by Alina: the orphanhood, the education by her three maiden aunts, the remnants of male power under the image of her grandfather Bernardino and two teachers representing disparate stereotypes – Otaviana (old and traditionalist) and Luísa (young and refreshing). This book gives us the opportunity to know the history about Simão Dias city as well as the author and political condition of Brazil at that time.

Álcool e Outras Drogas: diálogos sobre um mal-estar contemporâneo / Alcohol and Other Drugs: dialogues on a contemporary malaise EDITORS Sergio Alarcon Marco Aurélio Soares Jorge Year2012


+55 (21) 3882-9039

João Canossa

The 16 chapters of this book were written by 28 authors from different backgrounds and professional profiles, whose analyses often question the common sense. “Common sense misconceptions, driven by a knee-jerk reaction to drugs, investing them with a metaphysical evil character that is far from possessing”, write them. The book is a result of the Refresher Course on Attention to the Abusive Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs, offered annually by Escola Politécnica da Fiocruz. However, this book is addressed not only to health-care and mental health professionals, but to anyone interested on the subject: after all, drugs are the society’s key concern point nowadays, because of their growing consumption and the failed attempts to combat them.

Impactos da Violência na Escola: um diálogo com professores / Impacts of Violence in Schools: talking to professors EDITORS Simone Gonçalves de Assis Patrícia Constantino Joviana Quintes Avanci Year2010

Editora Fiocruz Publisher of Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro

Violence at school is considered an old phenomenon, but, in recent years, their severe consequences for students, families, teachers and the whole school community demonstrate the complexity of a structural and urban problem. The understanding of this topic, which also reaches the school, goes through the perception that violence is produced in interpersonal relationships, this being a complex subject which demands urgent discussion. This book, result of researches, brings different reports and promotes the debate on important perspectives, in addition to point paths that can serve as basis for possible solutions. This book won the first place in Education’s category of Jabuti 2011, the most traditional literary prize in Brazil.

7 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

EDITORA mackenzie

+55 (11) 2078-3301

Publisher of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo

A HERANÇA SIMBÓLICA NA aZULEJARIA BARROCA: os painéis do claustro da Igreja de São Francisco da Bahia / The symbolic heritage of baroque tiles: São Francisco of Bahia Church's cloister panels AUTHOR Patricio Dugnani YEAR2012

In a surprising and unpublished way, this book analyses the 37 tile panels of São Francisco of Bahia Church cloister, and thereby fill the existing gap in the wide bibliography of Portuguese tiles in Brazil. The enigmatic panels with mythological and hermetic themes seduce by their baroque plasticity and also by the secrets in them – secrets that now will be revealed. The reader is led by the mysteries of the creation of scenes “translated” by Otto von Veen. The iconographic method of Erwin Panofsty helps in the interpretation of this gift of D. João V to the Franciscans in Bahia. The hidden truth stimulates elucidation of that period interpolated by the power of the Church, the State and the philosophers, searching the union between Paganism, Christianity and Hermetics.

8 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

urbanismo de colina: uma tradição luso-brasileira / Urbanism in Hills: A Portuguese-Brazilian tradition Editor José Geraldo Simões Júnior Manuel Leal da Costa Lobo YEAR2012

This book presents a wide approach as regards to traditional occupation processes in hill areas within Brazilian and Portuguese cities, linked to the Portuguese urbanistic tradition of occupying sites in elevated locations for the foundation of cities. Seven cities are studied: Lisbon, Coimbra and Óbidos, in Portugal, and Salvador, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Ouro Preto, in Brazil. Considering the historical comprehension of spatial organization and structuring of these cities, as well as a reading of their current remaining spaces, possible similarities, disparities, regularities and ruptures are identified.

+55 (31) 3319-9904

In Brazil nowadays, the use of crack cocaine is widespread to the point of being regarded as “epidemic” and drawing attention of different social segments.

Crack: um desafio social / Crack cocaine: a social challenge editors Luis Flavio Sapori Regina Medeiros year2010

Crack cocaine use in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte and its consequences to public health and public safety are the focus of this book that sheds light on our understanding of this complex issue. This book presents the results of a survey conducted by PUC (Pontifical Catholic University) of Minas Gerais and the Minas Gerais Centre for Substance Abuse / FHEMIG, supported by CNPq.

Desigualdades educacionais e pobreza / Educational inequalities and poverty editors Murilo Fahel Xavier Rambla Bruno Lazzarotti Carla Bronzo Year2013

Editora PUC Minas Publisher of Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais

In this book specialists discuss themes with an extensive history in social sciences and particularly address the ones that deal with human development. The authors analyse endogenous aspects to education in order to single out its interactions with the reproduction of inequalities and its impact in processes of occupational and social mobility. Such conceptual and empirical approach seeks to contribute to a reflection on the new directions of Brazilian education.

9 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Editora UEPG Publisher of Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa, Paraná

GEOGRAFICIDADES QUILOMBOLAS: estudo etnográfico da comunidade de São João, Adrianópolis - Paraná / Maroon Geographicities: an ethnographic study of the community of São João (Brazil) Author Cicilian Luiza Löwen Sahr et al. Year2011

+55 (42) 3220-3306

This book reveals how a process of dialogue can be established between a community and its researchers to develop a historicexistential geography that can be employed to conquer rights for political territoriality or, in other words, to get rightful access to land. The book highlights different aspects of a maroon community in Brazil (quilombolas), and contains information based on mapped information, land registers, agricultural inventories, together with ecological, geographic, socioeconomic, historical and anthropological facts. Furthermore, it presents reflections on the relation between nature and culture, history and memory, space and territory.

10 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

GEOTURISMO E INTERPRETAÇÃO AMBIENTAL / Geotourism and environmental interpretation Author Jasmine Cardozo Moreira Year2011

Geotourism and environmental interpretation has a wide-ranging content about geo-conservation, geo-diversity and geotourism with a particular focus on educational, interpretive and touristic practices. The book is rich in illustrations, and includes national and international examples of ways of disseminating and interpreting geological heritage. Special attention is paid to geo-conservation initiatives, addressing protected areas, and particularly focusing on Geoparks and the global network of Geoparks, which are under the auspices of UNESCO. Moreover, this book focuses on education and interpretation as being fundamental to geo-conservationist activities, since the geological heritage is also a teaching tool.

+55 (62) 3521-1107

Editora UFG Publisher of Universidade Federal de Goiás


AUTHOR Zeca Baleiro illustrations Roger Mello Year2010

Motivated by the effect these songs cause in the audience – an eclectic one, no doubt –, Editora UFG designed this book so as to allow the reader to follow the multifaceted musical trajectory of Zeca Baleiro, the songwriter. Zeca Baleiro is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and musical producer. His record label Saravá Discos has released several albums, including some of his own works. He is also the author of Bala na agulha (Ponto de Bala, 2010).

Sertão Sem fim Bariani ortencio 3ª edição

Bariani ortencio


Além da nítida referência ao modo de vida de um sertanejo em geral preso a pequenas cidades, a contística de Bariani ortencio, feita à base de uma oralidade marcante, tem na sua forma traços de um registro do dia a dia da vida sertaneja no interior de Goiás. mesmo em contos que possuem a estrutura tradicional da narrativa de poucas páginas, arrasta-se pelos textos um teor cronístico, pois neles não predomina um teor dramático. Seja no relato de emboscadas, nas negociações entre velhos conhecidos, no rejuvenescimento amoroso do velho coronel, nos conflitos que todo garimpo gera, na busca implacável de bandido, as narrativas de Sertão sem fim em geral declinam do tom dramático que o conto por vezes requer, para dar lugar a relatos que vão compondo uma visão do interior do Brasil.

Sertão Sem fim

This book is more than an ordinary songbook. Roger Mello’s talent as an illustrator has turned it into something playful, a universe in which Brazilian singer Zeca Baleiro’s songs interweave lyricism, comedy, good humour, originality, irony, and social awareness – text and image become, thus, inseparable structures.

SERTÃO SEM FIM / ENDLESS HINTERLAND AUTHOR Bariani Ortencio Publisher André Barcellos Carlos de Souza Maria das Graças Monteiro Castro Year2011

This book assembles twelve short stories which were originally published in 1965 by Brazilian publishing house Livraria São José. Far from establishing a narrative sequence as in a single plot, the stories represent a set of actions inherent in a particular concept of country life in Brazil. The characters they portray are simple men who reflect the sertanejo, i.e. the typical ranger of Brazil’s Central-West region. This third volume of the Artexpressão series is illustrated by Kátia Jacarandá, who offers the reader an archaeology of signs and symbols. Bariani Ortencio has published forty books in his long-standing literary career, including short stories, novels, detective stories, and recipe books, all of which are deeply marked by popular culture from Brazil’s Central-West region. He is a member of several writers’ associations, geographical societies, and cultural councils.

11 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013


+55 (41) 3360-7487 Direitos Autorais / Copyright - Contact: Gilberto de Castro -

Publisher of Universidade Federal do Paraná

Introdução à geodésia física /Introduction to Physical Geodesy AUTHOR Camil Gemael YEAR2002

Revolutionary impact of GPS relegated to a secondary place several segments of Geodesy used for more than two centuries, but was unable to reach the Physical Geodesy studies related to gravitational field and problems due to shape of the Earth. Even today it is very important, whether individually or contributing with combined methods, to use the Vening Meinesz formulas to determine vertical deviation and integral Strokes to undulation of the geoid, both of them considering gravitational anomalies. In the drawing up of this work, Camil Gemael used his experience as a professor of a postgraduate course in the area of Geodetic Science of UFPR.

12 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

O Poema imperfeito: crônicas de biologia, conservação da natureza e seus heróis / The imperfect poem: Chronicles of Biology, conservation of nature and its heroes AUTHOR Fernando Fernandez YEAR2005

In fact, despite its title, this is not a book of poems. An interesting metaphor: the poem is the nature, and the book deals with ecology. Not academic ecology, but a distinct interpretation covering evolution and biogeography, decentralizing the man of this concept and introducing a new logic for the conservation of nature. Fernando Fernandez discusses the theme through literature, philosophy as well as through misunderstood scientists such as Thomas Huxley, George Hutchincon and Leon Croizat, who brought fundamental contributions to this science. It is a book of chronicles; as such, each chapter can be read separately because they treat different issues.

+55 (21) 2541-7946 www.editora.ufrj

EDITORA UFRJ Publisher of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

SECCHIN, UMA VIDA EM LETRAS / SECCHIN, A LIFE IN LETTERS EDITORS Godofredo de Oliveira Neto Maria Lúcia Guimarães de Faria

Writer, professor, member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, Antonio Carlos Secchin is an unique author in his multiplicity, as is shown and made evident in the five chapters in which is distributed this book that highlights his versatility and prolific performance. A first section is devoted to the essayist; the second, to the poet; the third, to the teacher; while the fourth covers the novelist, bibliophile, editorialist and organizer. The last gathers testimonials and tributes of various kinds.

OS OITO BATUTAS: HISTÓRIA E MÚSICA BRASILEIRA NOS ANOS 1920 / os oito batutas: history and Brazilian music in the twenties AUTHOR Luiza Mara Braga Martins YEAR2013

Os Oito Batutas was a Carioca musical ensemble led by Pixinguinha and Donga which achieved great success between 1919 and 1923, as a set of “choro” style. Thereafter and until 1931, they presented themselves as Os Oito Batutas Jazz Band (besides “expert”, batuta also means the baton used by the conductor to lead an orchestra), adding jazz to their repertoire. The band took the Brazilian popular music – samba, choro, northeastern music, maxixe, polkas and tangos – to several Brazilian states and regions, as well as France and Argentina. The band notedly suffered many racist attacks from the press because some of its members were Afro-Brazilians.

13 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Editora Unesp

+ 55 (11) 3242-7171

Publisher of Universidade Estadual Paulista, São Paulo

This book analyses the intricate political, economic, social and ideological scenario that led to the abolition of slavery in Brazil in 1888, and emphasizes that, despite being a conquest, liberation was only the first step towards emancipation of black people in Brazil. A Abolição / The Abolition AUTHOR Emília Viotti da Costa Year2012


This book depicts the evolution of this process, from the fall of the doctrines that sought to justify slavery as from the rising of the bourgeoisie in 18th century Europe, until the gradual adhesion of land owners to free, nonslave work. It presents England’s pressure for ending the traffic of slaves, describing its consequences and addressing the effects of emancipation laws and of economic development on the proslavery regime. Also discusses the actions of abolitionist movements to legitimate the insurrection of slaves, curbed with violence during the colonial period in Brazil.

ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Should the “right” to suicide be guaranteed? Or should society make ever greater efforts to curb suicidal behavior?

O suicídio e suas prevenções / Suicide and Its Prevention AUTHOR José Manoel Bertolote Year2012

Behind these questions lie alarming statistics that show why suicide has become a public health problem: suicide rates are increasing around the world, with roughly one million suicides a year. These deaths affect between five and ten million “survivors,” including family members and friends, and cause significant economic loss. This book approaches the subject analytically and from the perspective of prevention, taking a holistic view of the causes of suicidal behavior. The author maintains that people exhibiting suicidal behavior can be identified and helped to overcome situations that might lead them to take their own lives.

+55 (51) 3590-8239 Email:

(Bio)Ética ambiental / Environmental (Bio)Ethics Author José Roque Junges YEAR2010

The text is a little handbook of environmental ethics, including a reflection about the ecological crisis and introduction to the different tendencies of environmentalism, pointing out the importance of the two ecosystems understanding of earth: Biosphere and Gaia. The argumentation shows that the crisis cannot found a solution without economic turnout, promoting a true sustainable development and consumption with environmental justice. This turnout depends of a revolution of mentality that makes possible the emergence of ecological paradigm of culture with appropriated conception of human being, moral behavior and faith in the Creator God.

Dicionário de filosofia política / Dictionary of political philosophy Editors Vicente de Paulo Barretto Alfredo Culleton YEAR2010

EDITORA UNISINOS Publisher of Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Rio Grande do Sul

This dictionary aims to be an intellectual instrument that offers to the reader a broad view of the arguments made for the principles of life in human society. It develops the founding principles of political order and gives a special interpretation of them from the genealogical or critical point of view. The Dictionary of Political Philosophy is organized by Professor Vicente de Paulo Barretto and contains 155 entries written by 120 different authors.

15 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013


+ 55 (73) 3680-5240 / 5028

Publisher of Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz

Cavernas, rituais e religião / Caves, rituals and religion editors Luiz Eduardo P. Travassos Edgard Dias Magalhães Elvis Pereira Barbosa Year2011 /

This book depicts the relation between man and the caves, through national and foreign authors, bringing together works related to the Pre-Colombian and indigenous communities rituals and beliefs in North America, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Brazil, the Pagan rituals of antiquity in Europe, the belief in Buddhist Tibet, to Islam in the Balkans, the Catholic religion in Europe and Brazil, as well as the religions of African origin.

16 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Crimes, drogas e políticas / Crime, drugs and politics editors Paulo Cesar Pontes Fraga Year2010

This paper makes a critical approach about the production of crime as a social phenomenon and drugs as a problem of relevance in between institutional relations, policies and interpersonal, with care not to emphasize causality between the two issues, in contrast, there was the misconception of to outlining analysis regarding the use or sale of psychoactive substances with increasing violence. The authors present new interpretations that convert research on crime and drugs, printing them critical knowledge, blurring eyes on objects, practices and actors who traditionally are in the texts of intellectuals concerned to clarify the causes of the phenomena.

+55 (11) 3670-8558

Livro do Rio Máximo do Padre João Daniel / The Book of Máximo River of Priest João Daniel Author Henryk Siewierski (prologue, selection and afterword) publisher Miguel W. Chaia year 2012

The work of Henryk Siewierski about the priest João Daniel, chronicler of the Society of Jesus who lived in Amazon during the period from 1741 to 1757, will show aspects as the poetical dimension and the look of discovery that take us to history through the poetic. Geography and shape, detail and amplitude. The priest and the character who makes himself actor and author in the Amazonian world situate us in a way that we can understand the conquests and impasses of our own social and cultural construction over the centuries. Because of that, this sensible anthology conducts and brings us closer to a language that seeks to express the greatness of spaces that offer themselves in unlimited tropics, and the exercise of the implacable tyranny that would lead to the death of the privileged observer, the chronicler that was able to leave us an incomparable treasure.

Paisagens críticas Robert Smithson: arte, ciência e indústria/ Critical Landscapes Robert Smithson: art, science and industry Author Nelson Brissac Peixoto publisher Miguel W. Chaia year 2010

Educ Publisher of Pontifícia Universidade de São Paulo

This book goes through three vectors, parallel and intertwined: the work of Robert Smithson relative to geophysics and the mining industry; the development, since the 60’s, of scientific investigation on dynamic systems and selforganization processes of the matter; and Deleuze’s geophilosophy, that articulates a reconstitution of these morphogenic processes to an interpretation of science, industrial work and artistic creation. Analyse the work of Smithson through philosophy and the complex theory allows to perceive not only the questions and anticipatory approaches of the artist. The theoretical and scientific concepts recently developed make us, mainly, understand the innovative radicalism of his projects. The audacious attempts to build, through art, critical landscapes.

17 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013


+55 (27) 3335-7852

Publisher of Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo

VIA A-TEIA PARA DEUS E A ÉTICA TELEOLÓGICA A PARTIR DE EDMUND HUSSERL / The a-theist path to God and the consitution of a teleological ethics from the ideas of Edmund Husserl Author Edebrande Cavalieri year 2010

Taking as reference the work The crisis of European sciences and transcendental phenomenology, by Edmund Husserl, this work intends on thinking the idea of God from the atheist way as a possibility of teleological and ethical motivation. The idea of God is taken in the philosophical perspective as a single pole, immanent entelechy to the universe that permits and motivates the constitution of a teleological ethics. In face of the complexity of the problem we had to follow the three fundamental levels of phenomenology developed not in a linear way, but intercrossed; this methodological procedure was used and recognized by Husserl as problems belonging to a “superior scale” are given. The results of the research point in the direction of the atheist way possibilities, in the openness to the idea of God.

um enlace de três: Augusto de Campos, Ana Cristina Cesar e Arnaldo Antunes à luz / A liaison of three: Augusto de Campos, Ana Cristina Cesar and Arnaldo Antunes in the light of visuality Author Douglas Salomão year 2012

Taking into consideration the literary space in which visual poetry unfolds and in which concrete poetry is included, the present publication compares works by three Brazilian authors: one who has a good part of his poetic production located in this territory (Augusto de Campos) and two others (Ana Cristina Cesar and, especially, Arnaldo Antunes) who converse with this same territory, in distinct moments, from the 1950s onwards. Focusing on the poems “Ovonovelo”, by Augusto de Campos (1955), “Gota a gota”, by Ana Cristina Cesar (1975-1979) and “Rio”, by Arnaldo Antunes (1975), on the one hand, certain considerations over their similarities are proposed, and, on the other hand, their singularities as well as the interrelation of some aspects related to text and image are also put forward.  

18 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

+55 (43) 3371-4674

TRÂNSITOS DA VOZ: estudos de oralidade e literatura / pASSER VOICE: studies and literature orality Authors Frederico Fernandes Eudes Fernando Leite Publisher Maria Helena de Moura Arias

The articles in this work reveal significant studies about oral poetry and cultural transitivity, to examine the transits in different host media, the mechanisms of circulation and reception, and to assist in the understanding of the transition as a representation in which the narrator is also an entity in transformation.

NO CAMINHO DOS ENCANTANTES: contaminações estéticas com a arte popular / IN WAY OF BEWITCH: aesthetic contamination with folk art

EDUEL Publisher of Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Paraná

This book depicts the journey of the authors through Brazil, with more than 25,000 km route, which seeks to demonstrate usages and customs of a particular historical moment, and how this vision can be demonstrated through the artist’s eyes.

Authors Kennedy Piau Bruna Muriel Publisher Maria Helena de Moura Arias year 2012

year 2012

19 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013


+55 (83) 3315-3381

Publisher of Universidade Estadual da Paraíba

América Andina: integração regional, segurança e outros olhares / Andean America: regional integration, security and other perspectives EDITORS Renato Peixoto de Oliveira Silvia Garcia Nogueira Filipe Reis Melo YEAR2012


The Andean region is the main focus of political instability in South America, being the scene coups d‘état., US interference and governance crisis. Guerrillas, paramilitaries groups, drug dealers and social movements – mainly indigenous– are some of the actors of this region. The organizers wish that this collection represents an initial effort to systematize various perspectives on the Andean Region and a first collaborative effort between researchers from different academic institutions, from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

20 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Turismo, Cultura e Desenvolvimento / Tourism, Culture and Development EDITORS Maria Dilma Simões Brasileiro Júlio César Cabrera Medina Luiza Neide Coriolano YEAR2013

Discussions on tourism and culture have attracted growing interest in the dynamics of social processes that affect the development of the regions. The challenge posed by the authors is to contribute to the debate theoretical / conceptual understanding and explanation of tourism and culture as activities that promote development on a human scale. The book is the result of discussions on culture and tourism in regional development, seminars between the Graduate Program in Regional Development of Paraíba State University and the Federal University of Campina Grande, Research Institute of Urban and Regional Planning of Rio de Janeiro; and the Graduate program in Urban Management of Paraná. The composition is divided into four chapters with four approaches in tourism on culture and cultural development in Brazil.

+55 (21) 2334-0720/(21)2334-0721

O Macaco Dourado: Bioma Mata Atlântica / The Golden Monkey: Atlantic Forest Biome AuthorsGrupo ACADI (ACADI Group) This work is the result of a didactic and scientific partnership between scholars from different fields of knowledge, gathered in the acadi group, who share a common goal: to create quality books that allow for a wider disclosure of the different Brazilian biomes. publisher Ítalo Moriconi YEAR2013

Targeting the general public and displaying beautiful photography, this book presents the main features of the Atlantic Forest Biome. Formed by different associated ecosystems, this biome is considered one of the planet’s richest regions in terms of biodiversity. The book is part of the Brazilian Biomes Collection, which is geared towards science communication and education and presents the environmental characteristics of national biomes: Amazon, Atlantic Forest, Cerrado, Pantanal, Caatinga and Pampa, which together are home to about 20% of the planet’s species and protect 12% of its fresh water. The book contains valuable information that can be used by different educational agents as an important tool to raise awareness on key environmental issues involving the Brazilian Biomes.

Literaturas da floresta: textos amazônicos e cultura latino-americana / Forest Literatures: Amazonian texts and Latin American culture AUTHOR Lúcia Sá publisher Ítalo Moriconi YEAR2012

Eduerj Publisher of Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

The four parts of this book, which focuses on literary texts, correspond to the four traditions of the Amazonian lowlands that had the most influence on the work of South American authors: the macroCaribbean, the TupiGuarani, the Upper Rio Negro Tukano-Arawak system and the Western Arawak. In each case, the opening chapter deals with the corresponding indigenous texts, that is, the history of their publication and how they can be considered as constituting a body of literature concerning the geo-historical context to which they belong.

21 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

+55 (68) 3901-2568


Publisher of Universidade Federal do Acre

Negros na Amazônia acreana /BLACKS IN THE ACREAN AMAZON Author Jorge Fernandes Year2012

Jorge Fernandes, feeling himself uneasy about the silence around black presence in Amazonian territories, invite us to discussion and to the hearing of a black multiplicities of voices in different counties of Acre. At first part, the author scans the demographic displacement of this people to the Acrean Amazon, passing “through the rigors of slavery until the results of liberation”. The second part, dedicates to the comparison of data collected by the IBGE ethnic profile with the material of the field research, conducted by the author in all counties of Acre. There is no doubt this work enlarges the theme in the region, providing elements for further discussion about the presence of black populations in the historical structure of the Acrean Amazon.

22 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Primeiro Catálogo da Flora do Acre, Brasil / FIRST CATALOGUE OF FLORA OF ACRE, BRAZIL Authors Douglas C. Daly Marcos Silveira ‌ Year 2008

This bilingual study is a result of an agreement signed between The Federal University of Acre and The New York Botanical Garden. It emerges in a critical moment, when Brazil sets its targets focused the biodiversity. Besides being a catalog of fauna and flora with no precedents, it is also the first to approach this theme totally produced in an Amazonian state. The work is considered the enhancement of botanical studies in the region, helping us to understand how rich is our flora. So, The First Catalog of Flora of Acre, no doubt, is a unique and updated study, becoming a referencial to socioeconomic strategies and for policies toward development, as well as for natural resource management and for conservation of habitats. The purpose is to provide information for so many organizations as possible benefiting for future generations.

+ 55 (82) 3214-1111 | 3214-1113


Por uma antropologia da mobilidade / For an anthropology of mobility Author Marc Augé Year2010

In this work, anthropologist Marc Augé explores what he considers central challenges and paradoxes of the contemporary times. In his opinion, the mobility expressed in the volume and nature of human flows indicates the need of rethinking certain categories to deal with the current complexity of societies and cultures under the impact of a world under a great globalization process.

A Sociologia de um gênero: o Baião / The Sociology of a gender: Baião

Publisher of Universidade Federal de Alagoas

Why and how a musical gender considered from rural matrix was defined and consolidated just in the urban space of the city of Rio de Janeiro is the central question of this work that provokes other questions during the book. Winner of the prize Funarte Centenário de Luiz Gonzaga 2012.

Author Elder P. Maia Alves Year2012

23 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

+55 (71) 3283-6160

EDUFBA Responsável por direitos autorais na Editora: Flávia Rosa

Publisher of Universidade Federal da Bahia

O poder dos candomblés: perseguição e resistência no Recôncavo da Bahia / The power of candomblés: persecution and resistance in the Recôncavo region of Bahia

The book relates how the practice of the candomblé religion in the region of Cachoeira, Bahia in the first decades of the 20h century was repressed by the press and the police. The result of diligent research, the book shows the role of these two institutions in the making of the image of the city as ‘the city of witchcraft’ and traces a geographic history, afro-religiosity and analysis of the locale.

AUTHOR Edmar Ferreira Santos Publisher Flavia Rosa year2009

24 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Bahia: inquisição & sociedade / Bahia: inquisition & society AUTHOR Luiz Roberto de Barros Mott Publisher Flavia Rosa year2010

It is a selected sample of what the Holy Inquisition represented in Salvador and in the interior of the colony. Eight articles are assembled here, published between 1986 and 1995 in different scientific periodicals, and it presents a varied and broad menu of the most significant aspects that this institution represented in the lands of Bahia in its almost 300 years among us.

+55 (21) 2629-5287 / 5294

As paisagens crepusculares da ficcção científica: a elegia das utopias urbanas do modernismo / The twilight landscapes of science fiction: elegies of urban utopias of modernism AutHor Jorge Luiz Barbosa year2013

The science fiction movies in this book are the raw material for the analysis of the yesterday and today metropolises. In the simulated urban transformations, the geography of large cities haunts us and challenges us in its unreasonable tragedies. Contrapuntal themes emerge: civilization barbarism, progress / deterioration, order / chaos, reason / passion; technological development / dehumanization of society. Is it possible to live another future? We will be able to invent radically different cities from the apocalyptic ones that await us around at the next corner of time? These are questions that align to the narratives of Metropolis, Alphaville, Blade Runner and Matrix, here called into question in this essay under the title The twilight landscapes of science fiction: elegies of urban utopias of modernism.

Lima Barreto e Dostoyévsky: vozes dissonantes / Lima Barreto and Dostoyévsky: dissonant voices AutHor André Dias year2013

Eduff Publisher of Universidade Federal Fluminense

André Dias’ work, Lima Barreto and Dostoyevsky: dissonant voices, brings the mark of this passion for Lima Barreto’s works, but a passion that does not ofuscate or interfere with the objectivity of the work in any way. André’s passion is the analysis, fuel for knowledge, and this is revealed by his careful reading of Lima Barreto’s works, specially Diário do Hospício, whose exegesis articulates a well arranged dialogue with Notes from Underground, by Dostoyévsky. By combining the focus compared to Bakhtin’s theory in the analysis of Lima Barreto, putting his works in dialogue with Dostoyévsky, André gives the creator of Policarpo Quaresma a new dimension, projecting him to the deserved level of universal writer.

25 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

+55 81 2126 - 8930


Publisher of Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

fronteiras aberta da américa latina: dialógo na ALAS (Associação LatinoAmericana de Sociologia­/ Open borders of Latin America: dialogues in ALAS (Latin American Association of Sociology) EDITORS Paulo Henrique Martins Cibele Rodrigues year2013

Responsável pelos direitos autorais na EDUFPE: Maria José de Matos Luna

In this work meet texts discussed at conferences, seminars and round tables that have integrated the XXVIII Congress of the Latin American Association of Sociology, held in Recife in November 2011. These studies here show a pulsing dialogic space in Latin America, on the one hand, for the present, in which social scientists trace new directions of science and think together the differences and the cultural and historical affinities of their peoples and nations. And, on the other hand, have a short future, which will see the total deconstruction of borders of the colonial past of violence, intolerance and exclusion, as it introduces more and more a social critical thought and an ethically responsible solidarity discourse between national borders of Latin America.

26 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

La francophonie: um espace de confluences artistiques et littéraires – Une étoile brillait dans l’azur provençal Cézanne / Senghor : une autre surgit sur l’horizon sénégalais / The francophonie: a space of artistic and literary confluences – A star shone in the provençal azur, Cézanne / Senghor : another pops up the Senegalese horizon EDITOR Yaracylda Farias Coimet year2006

This work, a result of the “week of Frenchspeaking Cultures”, with the patronage of the Consulate General of France to Brazil, gathers essays by experts, Federal University of Pernambuco and other universities, addressing artistic aspects, theatrical, literary, poetic of African culture. This is a tribute for the centenary of the birth of the African poet Léopold Sedar Senghor and the death of the French painter Paul Cézanne.

+55 (84) 3215 3236

A necessidade do mito / The exigency of myth Author Dorian Gray Caldas publisher Helton Rubiano de Macedo editoraçã YEAR2012

Famous as the most important painter of his generation, Dorian Gray Caldas was born in Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte State, in Northern Brazil, where he found since his youth the means to develop his varied talents as a painter, poet and art critic. In this recently released book, he explores the great essay on art and literature, and gives especial attention to Camoes’ Lusiadas, the most renowned epic of the Portuguese language. Artists like Hundertwasser, Bosch and Velázquez; poets like Hölderlin, Baudelaire and Drummond; pictures like Mona Lisa and Guernica are carefully subdued to Dorian’s keen and multipleangled analysis. In this try to clarify the role of myths in human culture, the results are always positively surprising.

Populações aborígines no sertão do Rio Grande do Norte: história e mestiçagens / Aborigine populations in Rio Grande do Norte hinterland: history and miscegenation Author Helder A.M. de Macedo publisher Helton Rubiano de Macedo editoraçã YEAR2011

EDUFRN Publisher of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

This book tries to highlight the microhistories about the aborigines who inhabited Rio Grande do Norte hinterland before the white man’s conquest, and whose vestiges are almost at all deleted from the compendiums of History. The point of departure of this thrilling investigation was some primitive inscriptions found in Rio Grande do Norte hinterland caves, as indicating that a long time before the European discovery adventures in America, there had been in that region tribal peoples whose existence deserved no notice from the Portuguese conquerors. In the last decades, however, some studies have brought about the aborigines’ culture, as this book does, with a great richness of details whose results change in many ways the official history.

27 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

EdUFSCar Publisher of Universidade Federal de São Carlos

Pesquisa em Educação no Brasil: balanços e perspectivas/ Research on education in Brazil: balance and perspectives EDITORS Marisa Bittar Carlos Roberto Massao Hayashi Rosa Maria Moraes A. de Oliveira Amarilio Ferreira Jr.



+55 (16) 3351-9621

This book brings together contributions from leading researchers who analyze political contexts and theoretical trends that have influenced research in Brazilian education during the twentieth century. The central concern of the authors was to conduct an evaluation of the twentieth century thinking about the challenges for the twenty-first century. Considering the initial phase of research in education in Brazil and the theoretical renewal that has occurred since the 1990s, the book focuses on Foundations of Education and Teacher Training. It was supported by CNPq, CAPES and FAPESP, key state agencies of research in Brazil and it is already a reference in the area. It was published by the Federal University of São Carlos, who thus brand position in the debate on research in education hoping to contribute to the educational challenges in Brazil.

ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Ficção e ensaio: literatura e história no Brasil / Fiction and essay: literature and history in Brazil AUTHORS

Maria Célia Leonel José Antonio Segatto YEAR2012

By approaching authors and works from different historical periods, this collection of essays has a leading thread and a thematic unity: it aims at reflecting upon the relations between literature and history through the analysis of significant fictional narratives as well as essays about these narratives. The authors assume that literature and history have specific ways to represent reality. From this assumption, they seek to establish the differences between literary and essayistic discourses. Despite its different languages and forms, they believe that literature and history have a fundamental cognitive function. The first chapter deals with the narratives of M. de Assis; four chapters focus on G. Rosa; others focus on recent authors, and the last one concentrates on A. Candido’s masterpiece Formação da Literatura Brasileira.

Phone number: +55 (34) 3239-4293

Embates da razão: mito e filosofia na obra de Giambattista Vico / Battles of reason: myth and philosophy in Giambattista Vico works editors Humberto Guido José M. Sevilla Sertório de A. e Silva Neto YEAR 2012

Giambattista Vico found in Philosophy a way to integrate human knowledge, in a somewhat different way from the new knowledge encyclopedia, which is oriented by the Enlightenment and the Scientism. Vico’s endeavor aimed at confirming the permanence of mythical consciousness beyond the succession of historical eras. The defense of first movements of human reason significance may seem Vico’s refusal to scientific and technological achievements of Modernity. This book does not share this interpretation. Here the Italian philosopher appears as a critic of Modernity. This collection will bring to the present this thinker who is obstinate in the task of improving the modern man. This task demanded the rehabilitation of the humanities and the defense of the art autonomy towards a social order fair and plural, capable of respecting cultural diversity.

Tramas do político: linguagens, formas, jogos / Politician plots: language​​, ways, games editors Jacy Seixas Josiane Cerasoli Márcia Naxara YEAR 2012

Edufu Publisher of Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

The politician matter and his diverse enunciation methods – the political language – ​​ are the central theme in this collection. Here, the attempts are to exploit language, ways and games made by the politician in their historical plots, and transformations or stiffness areas, seemingly impervious to schisms or negotiations. These plots provide us with the profile of the most deep and sensitive historical changes. This collection also covers several and current theoretical reference points in a transdisciplinary focus (History, Sociology, Anthropology, Literature, Philosophy and Law). The polyphonic writings gathered here bring to debate events, experiences, perceptions, thoughts and images, factual or mental inscriptions – new or old – and the intricacies driven by the political language as ​​ media of the human world and of the politician.

29 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013


+55 (71) 3117-5342

Publisher of Universidade do Estado da Bahia

Jorge Amado: da ancestralidade à representação dos orixás/ Jorge Amado: from ancestry to the representation of deities  AUTHOR Gildeci de Oliveira Leite YEAR2012

This is a fundamental book for understanding the relationship of this writer with AfricanBrazilian mythology and various archetypes of black culture in Brazil. The author emphasizes biases of Brazilian black culture to build the storyline of Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands. From the archetypal deities of Eshu and Oshun Hopefully, among others, the plot unravels the fabric amadiano, guided by orikis and behavioral aspects of deities nagôs.

30 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013


Turismo em ambiente costeiro no Brasil e em Portugal/ Tourism in the coastal environment in Brazil and Portugal AUTHOR Miguel Cerqueira dos Santos YEAR2012

book is an invitation to the reader who seeks the approximation with a subject of significant relevance to contemporary. The tour comes as elite activity and after the Second World War is the mass, mainly due innovations and technological growth consumer society. The New Age of Tourism (NET) demand the need for an approach concerned with the relationship between tourism and the environment. It is in this context that the issue of this book puts into discussing the outcomes of research carried in Brazilian and Portuguese territories for five years.

+55 (21) 2681-4711

SEGREDOS DA BOA APARÊNCIA: da "cor" à boa aparência no mundo do trabalho carioca (19301950) / The Secrets of Good Appearance: from “color” to “good appearance” in the carioca workplace context (1930-1950) AutHor Caetana Damasceno publishers Aurélio Baird Buarque Ferreira Margareth Almeida Gonçalves Vania Maria Losada Moreira Tânia Mikaela Garcia YEAR2011

Edur Publisher of Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro

The secret of good appearance is characterized as an example of construction of the object along the narrative plot. Such procedure, besides showing the author’s multiple research experience, also holds the reader’s attention from the beginning to end of the book. The text examines materials of great importance for the subtle perception of gender and race relation in the Brazilian social formation. In this book, Damasceno presents in a micro-scale, a qualitative deepness of a macro-social quantitative research about the labor market and the ethnographic appropriation of autobiographical literary texts took from authors with experience as maids, as well as the historical analysis of newspaper advertisements and the sociological literature and historical reference in order to develop the good appearance category.

31 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013


A arquitetura de Lelé: fábrica e invenção / Lelé´s Architecture: factory and invention EDITORS Max Risselada Giancarlo Latorraca Texts by Antonio Risério Hugo Segawa Márcio Correia Campos Max Risselada Roberto Pinho PUBLISHERS / co-PUBLISHERS Imprensa Oficial do Estado de São Paulo Museu da Casa Brasileira YEAR2010

+ 55 (11) 2799-9798 SAC 0800-0123401

João Figueiras Lima – known as Lelé, is one of the most important names of the modern movement of architecture. Though he is a disciple of Oscar Niemeyer, he worked  in the construction of Brasília, his style took off thanks to his own methods and characteristics of his work. He threw himself into the knowledge of architectural issues related to industry and nation development, seeking cost-effective solutions, without prejudice to plasticity. The book shows revolutionary projects, from the construction of urban equipment to serial schools, built in armed mortar, as well as public hospitals, for which the furniture and ventilation system were designed to eliminate the air conditioning usage, significantly reducing hospital infection.

32 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Norberto Nicola: Trama ativa / Norberto Nicola: living texture EDITORS Denise Mattar Texts by Adolpho Leirner Denise Mattar Malou von Muralt Murilo Ribeiro de Araujo Tatiana Rysevas Guerra PUBLISHERS / co-PUBLISHERS Imprensa Oficial do Estado de São Paulo Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo YEAR2013

Norberto Nicola: Living Texture talks about the work and life of the artist Norberto Nicola, who introduced artistic tapestry in Brazil, an activity that was then virtually unpractised in the country. In the late 1960´s, the Atelier Douchez-Nicola in São Paulo was producing works of flat tapestry with quality comparable to those produced by the traditional Aubusson studio. Despite the obstacles such as lack of equipment, materials, and personnel, the studio soon became a reference for that art. Living Texture reveals the complete artist Norberto Nicola, through his work and personality. It also contains a selection of letters, an unpublished Christmas story and a photographic essay depicting his house and studio in São Paulo.

+55 (13) 3228-1236

EDITORA UNIVERSITÁRIA LEOPOLDIANUM Publisher of Universidade Católica de Santos

The book deals with environmental issues in the Port of Santos, the most important Latin America port system. It approaches the path to environmental citizenship through Earth-care actions. The main theme is the sustainable development of port cities. PORTOS NO AMBIENTE COSTEIRO / SEAPORTS IN THE COASTAL ENVIRONMENT EDITORS Ícaro Aronovich da Cunha PUBLISHER Marcelo Luciano Martins Di Renzo YEAR2004


This book approaches the relationship between professional football/soccer players and the means of communication, as well as the work of sports press agents and the journalist’s preparation for the development of news coverage. The use of social networks is also given a detailed analysis.

AUTHORS Diego Coeli Diegues Gomes Leonardo de Jesus Francisco Giuliano Guerreiro Braguim PUBLISHER Marcelo Luciano Martins Di Renzo YEAR2012

33 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

UEFS Editora Publisher of Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana

+55 (75) 3161-8380

A collection of texts by various authors is a significant landmark in the history of Latin American antropoentomophagy. Of the hundreds of thousands of species of insects already registered, over 1,780 are used as food by populations of about 120 countries. Antropoentomofagia: insetos na alimentação humana/ Anthropoentomophagy: insects in huma food Editor Eraldo Medeiros Costa Neto publisher Valdomiro Santana year 2011

Although there is a large literature on the subject of edible insects kitchen still unknown and it remains undermined by the majority of the world population, especially in developed countries. However, few would disagree that the entomophagy is an alternative to fuel significant part of human beings.

34 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

Lutas Sociais, intelectuais e poder / Social struggles, intellectuals and power Editors Eurelino Coelho Larissa Penelu publisher Valdomiro Santana year2012

This book is part of a historiographical experiment. Against the trend of narrowing margins thematic and methodological historical research the laboratory historical research, the laboratory of history and memory of the left and social struggles proposes the challenge of thinking about history in multiple dimensions. The suspension of the whole problem of security has provided a misleading historians who choose to take refuge in the objects controlled and formable, however watertight. The difficulty probably explains the withdrawal of so many on the vertigo. Historical objects, however are pierced by living relationships that ultimately determine every aspect of your reality. In history, every object taken in isolation is a red herring. The problem of all, the workshop kicked historian, always smile back through the window.

+55 (91) 3219-3317 Editor-in-Chief: Iraneide Silva

A Arte Rupestre de Monte Alegre, Pará, Amazônia, Brasil / Rock Art of Monte Alegre, Pará, Amazônia, Brazil Author Edithe Pereira YEAR2012

This book is an invaluable contribution to Brazilian Archaeology. Its author presents the uniqueness of the local landscape and sketches a broad picture of the rock paintings and engravings located in Monte Alegre, State of Pará, in Amazônia. The singular expressions found in those archeological sites – dating back over 11,000 years – are documented, analyzed and presented here. While interacting with all this cultural heritage, the author points out to the many local problems of natural wear and tear, and denounces the negative impact of human-driven actions, showing the commitment of her research to the archaeological sites of Monte Alegre, which demand care for their conservation for future generations.

A Terra dos Aruã: uma história ecológica do Arquipélago do Marajó / The Land of the Aruã: an ecological history of the Archipelago of Marajó Author Pedro Luiz Braga Lisboa YEAR2012


This book presents the various aspects of Marajó, the largest freshwater archipelago in the world. The author addresses the natural and ecological history of a vast region by presenting the results of studies in various areas of knowledge in a multidisciplinary approach. Marajó has fascinated the first Spanish and Portuguese seafarers to arrive in Amazônia for its natural beauty, its physical geography, its biological diversity and its native peoples, exotic to the eyes of the colonizers. Since the 19th century the archipelago has recorded the presence of important naturalists, chroniclers and scientists, whose expeditions would bring important contributions to the study of natural and human sciences. Even today Marajó is the basis for new research, and data on current social demands should support revised public policies for the region.

35 ABEU Publishers' Catalogue / 2013

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