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How to do a Gospel Conversation using the S.A.L.T. Method: How To Share the Gospel Clear, Compelling, Personal, and Biblical way AKA How to share the Gospel in a Way Your Friends Actually Want to Hear It



Approach: Hey what’s up? What's your name? Their Answer: John… Your Question: My name is Alan. This is (insert name of person you are with) we are with a Christian group on campus and we are going around campus asking people about God and spirituality. Can we ask you some questions? Their Answer: Sure. (80%+ of the time)

OPTION B: WHEN YOU HAVE A DONUT TABLE You: Hey! Would you like a donut? Them: Yeah You: Great. You just have to do a survey to get one. Them: Sounds good You: Ok great. We are a Christian group so the survey is oriented that way, but we won’t tell you are going to hell or anything like that in this conversation.





Question 1: Do you believe in God, or something like God? Their Answer: Yes. (Spiritual but not religious answer.) Your Response: Why is that?

Question 2: Do you believe in a good place that people go to when they die? Their Answer: Yes. / Something like heaven / A good place. (Spiritual but not religious answer.) Your Response: Why is that?

Question 3: Do you believe you are going to go to a good place when you die? (If they said they don’t believe in God or heaven just say, “Imagine there is a good place to go when you die…do you think you’d go?”) Their Answer: I think so (or) Yes. Your Response: Why do you think you are going? Their Answer: I am a good person.

Question 4: Have you heard what Jesus says about these questions? Their Answer: Yes (If they say yes ask them, “ what does He say?” If they say, “I don’t know, say, “Jesus says….”)



PART 1A: Religion v. What Jesus says.. Question 1: Ok, so do you know people who read the Bible, pray, and go to church all the time? Their Answer (sometimes): Yeah I know those people Your Response: Jesus said those people, religious people, people who go to church, pray, and read the bible (people like me (insert yourself)) are often less likely to get into good place when they die.

Question 2: Why do you think that is? Their Answer (usual): I’m not sure OR Maybe it’s because they are hypocrites. Response: The reason is because a lot of people who are going to church and reading and praying are not doing it because they love God so much. They are not doing it because they love themselves so much. For them God is just a means to another end. He is stepping stone to what they really want: ie their dream job, some relationship, or particular life for their family. They are following the “rules” not because they love God so much, but because they love themselves so much. At the center of their love is not God, but themselves.

PART 1B: Good People v. What Jesus says… Your response: But Jesus also said that good people also don’t go to the good place when they die. A person who says, “I am not the best person, but I’m generally a good person,” doesn’t go to the good place when they die. Even if they do good things like help an old person with groceries, start non-profits, volunteer to help with different causes.

Question 3: Why do you think that is?

Their Response: (usually): I don’t know?! ]

PART 2: The Law of Love Your Response: Jesus said religious people, and good people are out because they are all breaking Gods #1 rule: the LAW OF LOVE. The law of love says we are to love God more than anything else, and love are neighbor as much as yourself. The reason that is the rule to get into good place is because that is what good place is like all the time! In fact, this is what earth was supposed to be like. Imagine what that would be like if earth was like that too. If our country was like that. Our city. Your dorm. Your apartment. That would be heaven on earth. And that is the way heaven and earth are supposed to be, but this place is not like heaven because good people and religious people are breaking that law all the time. Your Question: What about you? Do you break the law of love? Do you love God with your whole heart, and love your roommates as much as yourself. Do you think about your roommate as much as you think about yourself? Did you do that this morning?1 For instance, just take the roommate part, did you wake up this morning thinking about them. Do you meet their needs with as much energy, and creative force as you meet your own…. Their Answer (usual): I don’t. My Answer: Me either. Your Answer: Jesus is saying we are all out of heaven based on the law of love because this is what heaven is like all the time and yet will rarely if ever do this. This is why Jesus says the religious people are out, and the good people are out! They are out, YOU are out, and I’m out too. We are all out, because all broken the law of love. 1 Tyler says it this way: Jesus was someone who was always

serving, always loving people, always loving God, every second of every day... Are you like that? I'm not... )

Part 3: The Gospel Part 1: In the history of the world there is only one person who NEVER broke the law of love. Only one person where everything he did was a means to loving God with all his heart mind soul and strength and loving his neighbor as much as himself.2 That person was Jesus.3 Question 1: What do you think he should get at the end of his life? Someone who loved God all the days of his life with all his heart mind soul and strength, and his neighbor as much as himself. What do you think Jesus should get when he dies. Should He get good place or bad? Their Answer: If Jesus lived like that I would guess the good place.



Who he was, and that love, -he absolutely changed history as a result -most influential figure most historians say of all time -he reshaped the world so much that even little stuff like all our birthdays, ever date, is based on his birth!

(It was so much about loving God more than anything, even heaven, that God said Jesus if you love me you’ll go to hell and back for me, and Jesus said I love you so much its not about heaven or hell its abot you, and he plunged himself in to a furnance much worst than nebuzzar’s fire.�

Part 3: You are right He should have. He should have gotten heaven. But at the end of his life he doesn’t. At the end of Jesus life he doesn’t get heaven opening up above, but hell on a cross below. Part 4: At the end of his life he loses what the essence of heaven really is. The essence of heaven is not golden streets, and all your dreams coming true. The essence of heaven is BEING loved! But not just being loved by God as servants, or even friends, but loved like Jesus was eternally loved, as sons and daughters. Part 5: On the cross he lost the essence of heaven He is getting the essence of hell - the complete and total absence of God’s love. For the first time Jesus went to pray…and His Father wasn’t there. God’s love was completely gone. Question 2: The Bible says he willingly loses the thing He loves the most, the essence of heaven, the Father’s love, on the cross. Why do you think that is? The Answer: He is losing the thing he loved the most so you can have always have it. He is separated from his Father’s love on the cross so you never have to be. On the cross HE is losing the love that he deserves, so that you and I can get heaven even though we don’t deserve it. He lost it so you could be found in it. He was blind to God’s love, so you could always see it, even though we don’t deserve it. He did it because He loves you! 4 4 EXTRA:

Now through what he did you can, Not just a relationship with God as a servant, or friend, but as a son of daughter-make you like the son of king…that LEVEL of relationship. HE IS GIVING YOU THIS LEVEL OF RELATIONSHIP. Have you ever heard the term salvation. This is what salvation is, the thing your heart was made for, that your heart longs for every day, but can’t find.

PART IV: The Response Question 1: Does that make you want to love Jesus back? Their response: Yes. Question 2: You said, that makes you want to love Him back. On scale of 1-10 how much do you want to love him back (1 being hardly at all and 10 being completely with everything)? Their response: ??? QUESTION 3: So it sounds like you want to love God back, if you are serious we should meet up and talk more about this. Do you want to meet up?

NOW because of this you can have in your heart the eternal love from God that your heart will eternally crave without God. The eternal love we are all restlessly walking through our lives every day trying to find in in our classes, accomplishments, relationships, and dreams. The one thing we cant find, but our hearts desperately need, the one thing that will give our restless hearts, real rest, God’s eternal love as sons and daughters! He went to the cross with you on his mind. He went and suffered eternal restlessness, so your weary heart could finally be at rest at all times in God’s love. He lost that, so you could be found in it. He did all this because he loves youJ Having the eternal love of God coming down on your right now and be at peace because He lost it…and He did it all for you.

PART V: Conversation Ender5 Question 4:

What do you have planned the rest of the day?

Their Response: Mostly school work etc.

5 Pray:

"God I am so sorry I have not loved you with my whole heart. I am so sorry I have loved myself more than you. Yet despite that I am more selfishness then I ever dared imagine you have loved me, through what Jesus did on the cross, more then I ever dared dream! Take this good news of what you've done on the cross from my head and put it in my heart, today. Help me! I want to want to love you like you have loved me. Help me give up everything for you, like you Father God, have given up your everything, your only Son, for me. Put this desire to love you more then anything in the center of my heart. In Jesus name!�

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Gospel Conversation Script  

How to share the gospel in a clear, compelling, personal, and biblical way.

Gospel Conversation Script  

How to share the gospel in a clear, compelling, personal, and biblical way.