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Why Homeowners Should Think About Spray Foam Insulation In relation to monthly utility bills, every home owner welcomes the opportunity to cut costs. In any household spending budget, heating and cooling the home is a big expense. Cooling and heating units that are over worked tend to wear out quicker and will cost big bucks to get them replaced. One of the better “get the most bang for your buck†ways to lower monthly premiums, and increase the longevity of HVAC equipment, is by increasing the amount of insulation throughout your residence. The potential savings range between 30-60% per year for many homeowners. There are various reasons why you would want to properly insulate the home and spray foam it good for its insulation properties and versatility. Building codes across the country specify “R-value†requirements for dwellings and commercial buildings. These values in theory indicate a material's ability to prevent heat loss. There is some industry criticism that the tests used to determine these values don't take into account mitigating factors for example wind, moisture, etc, resulting in lower actual “performance values." Closed-cell spray foam provides the highest R-value of any insulating material currently available, and its effectiveness is not reduced by such environmental factors. Spray foam's property of widening to many times its original size as it stiffens allows it to more easily and fully fill existing spaces, no matter how irregularly shaped or hard to reach. This makes it the perfect choice around pipes, outlet boxes, ventilation, and so on, especially in areas like attics or crawlspaces where movement is limited. The tight fit also means that the insulation won't shift around or settle, creating spaces that allow cooled air to leak in and heated air to leak out. Proper installation in hot, humid climates can also reduce the amount of humidity in homes, resulting in more comfortable “feels like†temperatures. Another advantage of this tight sealing property is a reduction in the amount of outside dust and pollen filtering into your home. You get cleaner air to breathe (especially important for allergy or asthma suffers), and get to spend much less time cleaning. Outside sounds such as traffic and noisy neighbors are muffled also due to the foams denseness. Have you ever noticed the sound of tiny feet scurrying or scratching across the ceiling? The spray foam, in contrast to fiberglass or cellulose insulation, will not make the perfect nesting place for squirrels, rodents or birds which is definitely a plus. Homeowners who use traditional insulation can confirm the existence of rodents in their basement or attic. These home invaders can do significant damage by chewing wiring, or bringing in parasites such as fleas. When they build their nest within a home, the damage they cause greatly reduces the effectiveness of the insulating material. These materials could also contain ingredients that provide food for pesky insects, or can retain moisture, which promotes the growth of mold. Comparing spray foam to traditional insulation there isn't any creature comforts with the spray therefore pests will likely not be an issue. Spray foam is not easily handled by just anyone unlike traditional insulation. For safe and efficient installation of the spray foam, professional equipment and protective suiting is necessary. For this reason, if you choose to use spray foam in your house, make sure you research local licensed contractors. Experts can help guide you in making the best decisions to ensure that you are getting the appropriate kind of foam (open-cell vs. closed-cell) in the proper amounts throughout Seal It Up

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Why Homeowners Should Think About Spray Foam Insulation your home to match the R-value requirements of building codes in your area. Proper application of spray foam insulation offers you increased comfort and energy savings for a long time to come. To have a more energy efficient home, you need to replace your insulation. Drop by to read more information on Seal It Up.

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Why Homeowners Should Think About Spray Foam Insulation  

To have a more energy efficient home, you need to replace your insulation. Drop by to read more information on Se...

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