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Alan Halter 713.858.1055 • • Residence: 806 East 47 th Street, Austin, TX 78751 EDUCATION The University of Texas at Austin Master of Science in Community & Regional Planning Land Use, Transportation, and Infrastructure Planning Specialization

May 2013 Current GPA: 3.7/4.0

GIS Skills Enhancement Certificate—Tarrant County College Fall 2010 – Spring 2011 5 courses in ESRI’s ArcGIS: Introduction, Intermediate, Vector Analysis, Raster Analysis, and Data Acquisition. Texas Christian University Bachelor of Arts in Geography Minor in Biology, Minor in Anthropology Certificate in International Studies

May 2010 GPA: 3.7/4.0 Magna Cum Laude Merit-based Transfer Student Scholarship TCU Scholar & Dean’s List Honors

WORK EXPERIENCE GIS Temp at City of Austin Parks & Recreation Dept., Urban Forestry Program—Austin, TX Mar. 2013 - Present Currently supporting the Urban Forestry Program in developing Austin’s Urban Forest Plan. Tasks include plan writing, researching sustainable indicators, GIS analysis, map creation, and facilitating public engagement events. GIS Tree Inventory Improvement Intern at NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation—New York, NY Jun. 2012 - Aug. 2012 Supported the Parks Department by improving the accuracy of NYC’s street tree GIS inventory for their 2015 NYC Street Tree Census. Analyzed street tree inventory data, identified erroneous locations, and updated/edited tree points based on address information. Assisted Foresters with data collection in the field using Toughbooks for a neighborhood urban forest plan. Inspected street tree points through ground verification culminating in a written report to NYC staff. GIS Intern at City of Austin Parks & Recreation Dept., Urban Forestry Program—Austin, TX Jan. 2012 – May 2012 Worked 20 hours/week helping the Urban Forest Program complete a new Comprehensive Urban Forest Management Plan. Duties included creating GIS maps for a tree planting program and public meeting, geocoding tree inventories, and transcribing board meeting goals and values for the plan. Intern at Houston Tomorrow Nonprofit—Houston, TX Summer 2011 Originated research regarding urban issues for Houston: acquired/analyzed data for a 40-page GIS project locating Houston’s job centers, summarized over 17 news articles for the organization’s website/newsletter, created a map of proposed METRO lightrail routes for the organization’s magazine, and aided with public outreach supporting Complete Streets policy at Summerfest music festival. GIS Analyst at Templeton Demographics & Research Demographic Solutions—Southlake, TX Jan. 2011 – May 2011 Generated various GIS and non-GIS projects regarding enrollment forecasting, demographic studies, and attendance zone planning for a consulting firm specializing in school district planning. Duties included drawing planning area boundaries for schools, geocoding student residences, and writing and editing presentation reports. Also helped edit research concerning the SH 121 Corridor extension for SW Parkway/Chisholm Trail for RDS. Intern at Tract Consultants—Melbourne, Australia Summer 2009 Helped a premier urban design, town planning, & landscape architecture company better implement GIS for its projects: assessed vacant land near tramways, created maps for development projects, and attended planning meetings. TECHNICAL SKILLS  Academic and work experience with ESRI’s ArcGIS suite 9.x – 10.x (ArcInfo license) o Solid understanding of mapping basics: projections, selection queries, map labeling, editing features, etc. o Educated in Spatial Analysis of Vector & Raster data, Spatial Statistics, and Geoprocessing Tools o Established knowledge of joining American FactFinder data with Census TIGER shapefiles o Introductory knowledge of Geodatabase design and data integrity rules associated with Relational Databases  Fieldwork experience using hand-held GPS units and Toughbooks for integration with ArcMap and ArcPad  Formal training in TransCAD GIS for transportation-related studies  Understanding of Revolution R statistical software package for multiple regression analysis  Proficient in MS Office particularly Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access  Familiarity with Google Earth, Google SketchUp, Adobe CS5, iTree, and ExpressionEngine using basic HTML code  Working knowledge of digital photography using DSLR cameras primarily for landscape photography

Alan Halter 713.858.1055 • • Residence: 806 East 47 th Street, Austin, TX 78751 ACADEMIC RESEARCH & PROJECTS Thesis: Determining Existing, Possible, and Preferable Urban Tree Canopy for Austin, Texas May 2013 Completed a Professional Report (i.e. thesis), accepted by UT Austin’s Graduate School, using GIS to apply the US Forest Service’s urban tree canopy assessment model to estimate existing, possible, and preferable urban tree canopy within Austin. Involves geoprocessing steps and attribute editing in ArcGIS. Findings may be used to inform tree canopy goals for the City’s Comprehensive Urban Forest Management Plan and methods may be used for documenting urban forest metrics in the future. Sustainable Hancock: A Master Plan for the Hancock Shopping Center in Austin, Texas Fall 2012 Through a semester-long studio project, I conducted group work with fellow classmates to plan for a more sustainable neighborhood in central Austin. Studio work emphasized urban design as well as physical, participatory, and scenario planning techniques. The project involved a site analysis, visioning workshop, and design charrette culminating in a final design master plan and report for the neighborhood. Understanding Subway Ridership in Manhattan Fall 2012 Examined, through a paper and research symposium-style poster, how subway ridership in Manhattan is influenced by subway station characteristics through a multiple linear regression analysis using TransCAD GIS software. Evaluating Bicycle Interventions: A Preliminary Study Spring 2012 Identified barriers to bicycling in African American communities and educational interventions used to encourage people to ride bicycles more often for a course in Transportation, Access, and Equity. The course involved a bicycle riding training, survey design, and education in bicycle route planning using maps. This preliminary study is part of a continuing study to be published in the Journal of Planning Education and Research. Assessing Land Use Mix in South Austin Station Austin, Texas Spring 2012 Integrated measures of land use mix for a class assignment in Sustainable Land Use Planning concerning EPA sustainability indicators. The paper details a GIS analysis using the Dissimilarity Index and Shannon-Weaver or Entropy Index as two measures of land use mix within South Austin Station activity center—a transportation focal point in Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (CAMPO) “Centers Concept” section of the CAMPO 2035 Regional Transportation Plan. An Evaluation of PlaNYC Spring 2012 Evaluated the document quality of PlaNYC, New York City’s comprehensive long-term sustainability plan, for a class assignment in Sustainable Land Use Planning. The paper analyzed PlaNYC using Philip Berke’s “plan quality evaluation protocol” of internal and external plan quality criteria. The New Green Oasis: Locating Ideal Buildings for Green Roof Retrofitting in Austin, Texas Fall 2011 Conducted a suitability analysis on Austin’s building footprint inventory assessing potential for vegetative roof retrofits based on land use characteristics, building size, Landsat 7 surface heat data, and proximity to floodplains and roads. Geodatabase Design for a Swiss Cable Network Spring 2011 Recreated a Geodatabase, for an existing Swiss cable network, based on an article from ArcNews. The database contained points and lines representing the network with data integrity rules including a geometric network topology. Hot-Spot Analysis of Median Income Regarding Specialty Grocery Stores in DFW Fall 2010 Proved, through a GIS spatial analysis project, that specialty stores tend to be located near statistically significant clusterings of high income Census Block Groups. Enhanced my GIS skills in geocoding and spatial statistics. Introducing The Cowtown Carrier: Locating a Modern Streetcar System for the City of Fort Worth Spring 2009 Conducted research, under TCU’s Dean of AddRan College, assessing a public transit streetcar for Ft Worth. Presented a poster project at the 2009 Association of American Geographers conference and the TCU AddRan Research Festival. ACHIEVEMENTS Work featured in ISSUE: 009 – an annual design review magazine at UT Austin’s School of Architecture

Spring 2013

Design Excellence Award nominee for a studio group project at UT Austin’s School of Architecture Research presented at Association of American Geographers conference and TCU AddRan Research Festival

Fall 2012 2009


Education, work experience, technical skills, projects, and achievements.

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