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Gordon Pithie was a hard cunt..

The Bevin Boys, training as a miner to assist the war effort. According

Just ask the two young skinny muggers who recently confronted him in

to him, his memory of the time spent at Muircockhall was vague, apart

a Princes Street bus shelter, late one evening, looking to relieve him of

from early morning runs in Townhill Wood, where the centre was

his cash. The lucky one managed to escape the clutches of Gordon’s

situated, dressed in white vest, shorts and black pumps. Whilst on these

shovel like hands. The other found blows reigning down on him in the

runs, his comrades would speak of the Townhill Wood Headhunters, the

shape of a Famous Grouse brolly. A bystander called the police, saving

elusive, violent, feral gang who allegedly inhabited the forest. Even

the grubby thief a full on pasting. Neither pressed charges. Gordon was

Gordon said there was a strange, uneasy atmosphere in that woodland.

four days from his 70th birthday when this happened.

After training, he was dispatched to Valleyfield colliery, West Fife,

Gordon’s mum walked away from the family home when he was

although his tenure was short lived after an altercation with his foreman

fourteen, leaving him and his twin sister in the care of a fellow estate

saw him sacked.

worker at Landrick, Perthshire. Many said she fled to be with a

The fishing boats of the North East coast were Gordon’s next stop,

gentleman farmer in Dumfries and Gordon attempted to pursue his

taking him all round

mother, getting as far as Edinburgh, where he soon found himself

drinking environment. He would spend many a debauched weekend

destitute. A big lad for his age, Gordon could handle himself, so the lure

around the bars of London’s Docklands, with other ‘three day

of quick cash in the bare knuckle boxing booths of Edinburgh’s

millionaires’, accruing friends and enemies in equal measures, such was

Grassmarket offered a way out. Before long, Gordon was making a

his mercurial character. With colleagues, he would share stories, and it

living, billed as The Electric Shepherd, and up to the outbreak of WW2

was from here that the tales of the Townhill Headhunters are said to

he remained unbeaten . Not pretty, but useful, Gordon would say of his

have travelled west to Fulham Broadway. The stories were adopted and


retold in the bars around Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea F.C. So, the

It was 1940, Gordon was conscripted but never saw active service due to

legend goes, The Chelsea Headhunters were born; a name still

medical problems. He was transferred to the mines training centre at

recognised today as synonymous with extreme right wing violence, a

Muircockhall, Townhill Woodland, Dunfermline. He joined the ranks of

name feared by football firms throughout the country.

Britain, in yet another hard working, hard


shape of a Famous Grouse brolly. A bystander called the police, saving to him, his memory of the time spent at Muircockhall was vague, apar...

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