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Alan Gerardo Industrial Design Portfolio

“The emotions and needs that motivate my designs are frustration, obsession, stubbornness, love and hope. It is necessary to trust an idea and, despite the setbacks that have to face, must be continued�. -James Dyson

a bout “I believe good design is the one that touches the soul, the one that achieves in humans to think, do, and feel�.

Hi! I’m Alan Gerardo (1991). Recent graduated of B.S. Industrial Design at UANL, in Mexico. I have had the opportunity to work as Intern and Jr. Industrial Designer at Whirlpool’s Global Consumer Design Mexico, where I basically develop home appliances (food preservation & laundry), from ideation to manufacturability validation; passing through sketching, 3D modeling, rendering, mockups, and prototypes. I also do explorations of CMFs (color, materiales, and finishes) and graphics. At the same time, I have develop projects by request for local and foreign companies. As well personal projects, specifically, product and furniture design, which I consider my dreams. Considered by Adweek among the select group of “Talent 100” of 2011. Winner of the People’s Choice Award in RTT Funky Visualization Contest 2011 at Munich, Germany, and finalist of the 5th & 6th National Furniture Design Competition DIMUEBLE 2012 & 2013 (Mexico). Part of the 1st Generación DECODE, a selected group of the best young designers in Monterrey, MX. My work has appeared in a variety of sites, among which are designaholic, Tuvie, and Yanko Design.

fur ni ture

exterior bench

talita proposal for ahec design awards 2010

AHEC is the leading international trade association for the American hardwood industry, representing companies and trade associations engaged in the export of a full range of U.S. hardwood products, including lumber, veneer, plywood, flooring, moulding and dimension materials. Every two year AHEC Mexico organizes the AHEC Design Awards. three categories were able to participate, in its 2010 edition.I choose to participate in the category named “temporary rest furniture�. Which demanded to develop a piece of furniture with at leats 60% of American red oak, 15% of American walnut, and 25% remaning in another American hardwood or other materials.

Since the beginning of the creative stage, I try to design a piece of furniture that will create a human-nature relationship. This last aspect, trying to remind users that even in urbanized areas such as malls and parks in the middle of the city, as humans we are still part of Nature.

TALITA is a bench for 2 to 3 people. It is manufactured with American red oak and American walnut. With a treatment it can be placed in exterior areas. Semifinalist in AHEC Design Awards 2010 (Mexico) Selected to be exhibited in Paysalia 2011 (Lyon, France)

auxiliary table

con decien ta personal project

In our daily life there are people and objects that go unnoticed. We did not notice him until you feel his absence. And it is then that we appreciate their function and beauty.

CONDECIENTA was born from the observation of the dynamics of the waiters and their instruments for work in a restaurant. Focusing on support trays, which is almost an invisible object, but very helpful in their daily work.

CONDECIENTA is a side table with folding legs that support a horizontal surface of a premium material. A table that helps the user to place objects of their daily life.

rta stool

toldo personal project

In modern and traditional cities there is a type of architecture that responds to the liquid times we live nowadays. These architecture is called ephemeral architecture, which occurs in contexts such as street markets, on installations such as awnings and tents, which users assemble and disassemble as fast and easy as possible.

TOLDO is an flat-packed RTA stool formed by a solid structure made of okoume blockboard, which is covered with a soft material, such as fabric, providing comfort and personality, which is secured with a colorful and contrasting lace, finishing with a nice knot; as the tianguis awnings are installed. Manufactured by local workshops in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, using modern & tradictional techniques, such as CNC cutting and machine-stitching. TOLDO is available in a variety of colors: white, green, blue, orange, and yellow.

meditation chair

loto personal project

Everyday, millions of people have an omnipresent feeling, a defining emotion of the modern world - stress. Meditation is a practice that reliefs stress, anxiety, and depression, through focus and quiet the mind, helps reaching a higher level of awareness and inner calm, e free from worries and mental discomfort, and so we will experience true happiness.

LOTO is a chair to meditate. With a simple aesthetic allows the user to sit comfortably in lotus position for obtaining the peace and tranquility to put their mind blank. LOTO is the perfect piece to complement any room in the home.

prod uct

commercial cool box

v-box proposal for cm-heineken _ academic

FEMSA, is the largest beverage company in Mexico and in Latin America and as of September 2011 also the largest independent Coca-Cola bottler in the world. FEMSA is also one of the major shareholders of Heineken. It is based in Monterrey, Mexico. In a partnership with FARQ, UANL, as an school project I develop an exhibitorcommercial cool box for the wide range of products which FEMSA comercializes.

My main objective was to experiment new forms in cool boxes, get away of the typical horizontal cool box; to explore new locations, in the same context, in which the cool boxes can be installed.

Material - High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) - Square Steel Pipe 1� Capacity - 80 bottles + 15% of ice cubes - +110 cans + 15% of ice cubes Modular

1:5 scale model

Branding applications

1st place winner in the linkage project UANL - CM-Heineken, category “Cool box”

conceptual mobile phone

glance personal project

Starting from the idea that nowadays our mobile phone is our companion all day long, has become our clock, calendar, remainder, mail carrier, our main communication channel; and, it’s common you have to get our cell phone out of the pocket, just to know the time or how many new mails have arrived. This action gets even worse when the consumer uses jeans, specially tight or skinny jeans.

After studying different mobile phones typologies, I started to explore a way the phone can be ‘“hanging” and be partially exposed, so users can see some information. Later, a quick full scale model stage was made to verify proportions and the “hanging” idea. Models of paper and cardboard were made.

You don’t have to take out of the pocket your mobile phone just to know the hour, or how many tweets or emails you have received. Features: - Front 4 inch OLED screen with scratch resistant glass - Bottom 2 inch OLED screen - Front facing camera, and back facing camera with built-in flash GLANCE has the intention to avoid taking - Mini USB connection out your cell phone when you just want to know its current status. - 3.5 mm headphone jack - Dual speakers for stereo sound

“The perfect pocket phone”

- Yanko Design

glass bakeware


proposal for crisa-libbey _ academic

Crisa-Libbey, is the leading manufacturer of glass for table, kitchen and decoration in Mexico. With over 75 years in the market, has managed to be part of many homes of Mexican society. Its wide range of products allows all types of consumer access to them, from the popular sector to the consumer of high society, from hotels and restaurants to businesses seeking promotional products. In a partnership with FARQ, UANL, as an school project, I develop a set of clear glass bakeware.

From the stage of sketches I started to generate ideas which improve the grip areas, either increasing or enhancing the safety grip zones.

Each piece of the family has its own plastic lid, proposed in injected LDPE.

A family of bakeware products was developed, which consisted of: - Multipurpose casserole of 2 L. - Multipurpose casserole of 1 L. - Multipurpose bowl of 621 mL. - Multipurpose bowl of 355 mL. All proposed borosilicate glass produced by automatic press.


om bligo personal project

The navel is the scar that reminds us our whole life where we come. There are many conceptions, customs, fashions, and ideas associated with the human navel in the human social context, sometimes considered a taboo, an erotic visual stimulus, a part of our body which can be as sexy as so unpleasant.

OMBLIGO (Spanish for navel) is a tumbler that mimics this mark in our body. With a very pure geometry, which exposes a sexy belly button which the user can touch. Thus creating a more intimate and fun relationship with the product. Manufactured by local workshops in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, it is made of ceramic and maple wood, using traditional techniques, such as slipcasting and wood lathe. It has a capacity of 250 ml; and, is available in a variety of colors: white, green, light blue, and salmon.

ui / ux

mobile app


proposal for red dot award: design concept 2014

in collaboration with Sofia Luna

In the streets are animals, like dogs and cats, which are exposed to risk or in need of help. In response, pro-animal associations are in a position to provide assistance, however the demand for required actions is not satisfied due to limited resources and volunteers.

The main idea was to create a service that could help pro-animal associations by getting more volunteers. Nevertheless, nowadays people’s life is always in a rush, so there’s no space for taking care of others. The solution was a momentary volunteers, where they need to be, at the right time.

PETSAVE is a mobile app capable of creating anyone a volunteer for a few minutes and instantly, and help rescue an animal at risk. Thus, providing the user the possibility to feel he or she did a good deed in their daily routine causes a feeling of satisfaction and greatness.

PETSAVE has 3 different types of users:

Reporter Reporters are users who in their daily lives would like to help for minutes to save an animal. Their main function is to report animals in danger they observe in their way to work, walking through the park, etc. Their reports will be transfered to the Savers.


Savers are users who hav animals. They’re usually animals associations, and agendas to help. Their mai reports made by the Repor rescue, and taking care of t


ve an special affection for members of local prod make a space in their in function is to attend the rters, moving to the point of the animal.

Professional Professionals are associations pro-animals and veterinarians who attend the animals in risk carried by the Savers. Their function in to deliver professional help to the animals.

Splash screen

Sign in

Sign up

Fill info



Reporter fill form


User walkthrough PETSAVE

o form

Type of user

t send

Saver notification

Navigation to point of rescue

Nearest Professionals

For further information, please contact me at: +52 (81) 1 041 6937

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico All rights reserved速 2014

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AG Portfolio (Complete)  

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