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Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Architecture

Working experience

Architectural Designer | Inbo Architectural Designer | Knevel Architecten Technical department | de Alliantie Architecture Internship | D+UP Architects Architecture Internship |Royal HaskoningDHV


Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam London Amsterdam


2017 2016-2017 2014-2016 2013-2014 2011-2012


Revit Architecture AutoCad Vectorworks Adobe Indesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Sketchup


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Bijeenkomstruimte, 9e verdieping Transformation of Kleiburg Blok 4: Gezondheidscentrum + aanleunwoningen The thesis project was focused on the transformation of Kleiburg, one of

the apartments in the Bijlmermeer area in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. We have developed the project from a new “urban design” to the new “architectural details”. Originally, the Kleiburg building was intended for living when it was built. Nowadays it is empty and the conditions of the building are very poor. Our task is to give Kleiburg a new life: new urban plan, new architecture, new functions, new materials, new interiors but we an important statement is the retaining of the original construction. The building can be divided into 4 parts. In our new design each part has its own function. Part 1: Hotel, part 2+3: living, part 4: healthcare & assisted living. The current car garage/mall will become offices. We mainly focused on part 2+3, the living part. Our goals is to make an ICON/EYECATCHER of Kleiburg.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Collaboration with 1 student

Th e i nte r i o r o f t h e s k y b ox i s d o m i n ate d by Wo n d e r wa l l panels on the walls that give this space a natural touch. Th i s i s i n s p i re d by t h e m o t to “a rc h i te c t u re i s p a r t o f t h e l a n d s c a p e ”.

U R B A N M O D E L O F “ K L E I B U R G � S C A L E 1 : 1 0 0 0 made by me & 3 other students

2 Bamboo Hotel The Maldives

Project location: MaldĂŠ, The Maldives In collaboration with the architect, I made a design for a hotel on The Maldives. The project is called: Gulhi Falhu, the 5 wonders. This consists of 5 islands which each island has its own concept: a continent. The hotel will be part of the Asian wonder.

That’s the reason why we used bamboo in the final design for the hotel. The traditional Asian towers which are characterized by its curvy roofs, are also a remarkable concept. We mirrored these roofs to create more space to use, for green supply for example.

Royal HaskoningDHV Amsterdam

3 Dutch Embassy

New Delhi, India

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands commissioned Royal Haskoning to renovate the Dutch Embassy building in New Delhi, the capital of India. One of the reasons for this building technical renovation is that some parts of the building were in poor condition. The task was to make new drawings. I made new drawings of the elevations, plans, sections and some details. I also had a share in the new floor plans. The building is located in the capital of India, New Delhi. Of course this has played a part when the building was built back in the day. The weather conditions are not the same as The Netherlands and the material choice is a necessary thing to think about in such projects.

Royal HaskoningDHV Amsterdam

4 LOC Focus Vocational Academy

Barendrecht, Netherlands

The Focus Vocational Academy is a multifunctional vmbo-school with a NOC*NSF sports facility and a PLUS-program specifically geared to external parties that collaborate with the school. The school and the sports facilities are housed in two separate buildings that are embedded in the landscape along the Dierensteinweg in Barendrecht.

Royal HaskoningDHV Amsterdam

5 Water in the City This project focused on the Amstel river in Amsterdam. The task is to make it more attractive. The collaboration was with different architecture students from the world. My group contained: 2 Dutch students (including me), 1 Turkish student, 2 Brazilian students and 1 German student. Here you can see the interventions we’ve made to make the Amstel river more attractive and inviting. The river is divided into sections and each section has its own icon. The motto of our project: DIVE IN!





6 Best Western Hotel Woerden

The concept of the hotel is the variety in colour in the facade. This building must be the eye-catcher and icon of the surrounded area. By the use of different coloured panels for the facade you can create a facade which has an own identity.

7 Volker Wessels Office

Volker Wessels is one of the biggest construction firms in the Netherlands. Although they have several offices througout the country, our task was to give our own imput to the new design with the building physics in mind.

The facade of this project is made of green facade panels. Green facades are an advantage for the building physics of a building. It reduces and absorbs particulates in the air. A green facade is also an advantage in the winter, because it has an insulation effect as well.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Collaboration with 1 student

8 HYPER EARTHSHIPS Design with waste

This training was focused on the design of a gazebo (garden house) with waste.

The gazebo will be used as a study-room. The task is to design with waste (materials). The waste used in this project: plastic bags, tree trunks, rubber tiles, reed, barrels, adobe (natural material similar to mud) and photo frames. This project lets you think about the consequences of using materials in

contemporary architecture. Green buildings are an important topic when talking about architecture, construction and building technology nowadays. This project shows that designing simple buildings are also possible with used materials and waste.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Collaboration with 2 students

9 Multifunctional interior elements: stairs/desk

This training was focused on the design of stairs in combination with another

purpose, in this case, a desk. The main goal of this training was to think about

the multifunctionality of interior elements. Sometimes it is even

more beneficial to combinate two elements, for example like this design, a stair and a desk, as you will have more space for another purpose in the building. The construction of the stairs are made of steel which allows to make an open and light design. The stairs itself are made from layered glass in combination with rubber bearings. The handrails are made of steel. The glass is an important part of the design as the concept is to design as light/open as possible.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Collaboration with 1 student

10 Movable curtain wall panels

This training focused on the design of a new kind of curtain wall system. We

designed movable panels made of “zinc�. Construction of the curtain wall system is made of wood. The benificial of movable panels are for example the control of daylight/sun. When talking about architecture and the view, the

building will have 3 architectural concepts: closed and dark by closing the panels in front of the windows, light and open by opening all the panels, and at last, a more playful view by both opening and closing the panels.

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