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The Princes Park stadium was designed by Architects Alexander Sedgley. One of their young architects, Craig Alexander was interviewed by the Junior Press Team and he would have been proud how co-chairman, Steve Irving spoke about his stadium. The fact that they were looking at sustainable design back in 2004, made the plans innovative. He explained that the wood cladding has come from Norway, where they plant new trees for every tree cut down and that the stone was sourced locally.

The way the roof is designed as a living roof. The water is harvested and put into the lake opposite and then used for watering the pitches.

The wooden man is often used by the supporters as a meeting point. This impromptu interview was as important to Mr Irving as every aspect of his role at the club.

JUNIOR PRESS TEAM REPORTS The Junior Press Team at the match was made up of a group of young people aged 15-16 from The Leigh UTC, they were all able to gain valuable work awareness. The experience helped the young people to gain self-confidence to prepare them for their futures in the workplace, whilst having lots of fun too! Bridging the gap between the world of work and the classroom can be hard to grasp. When you’re bombarded with information whilst suffering time poverty. All of us are running to keep up, parents, teachers and businesses are under too much pressure.

4Roles4Goals events aim to empower young people to take ownership of their learning. To look beyond the game of football and look at the careers that work together to create this business that many of us see as just entertainment. The match sponsors Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) shared their knowledge on the many pathways to employment.

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Taylor Mc’s Report

On Tuesday 6th of December, I along with several others, had the amazing chance to get a rare insight into the world of work, more specifically engineering construction. This event was hosted by Alan and Nicola from 4Roles4Goals at the Dartford Football Club and it was wonderful to meet them. From my perspective, they were very keen to make us think about the future and what pathways we can take to become successful. I particularly enjoyed meeting new people and learning that there are multiple ways to achieve a desired goal, More specifically, when we sat down as a group and spoke to other people about the future, I learned that there are more ways to get a degree in my desired subject rather than just through university. Although university is still the path I will try to take, it has taught me that it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get in! We also had the pleasure and

“a fantastic insight into the world of work” honour of becoming the guards of honour for the players of the football match that we were so kindly allowed to watch free of charge. This was also one of my highlights of the night, as I had never seen a match in person before and I thoroughly enjoyed it! After the match was over, we had to pick the ‘Man of the Match.’ In the end, we gave this to Andre Coker, who was one of the better players on the pitch. When we awarded Andre, we also had time to discuss his past and what he did to get where he is today. In conclusion, the night was a truly wonderful experience. Even though engineering isn’t really my field, I had the opportunity to meet new and interesting people who gave me ideas for my future.

The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) is the statutory skills body for the Engineering Construction Industry (ECI) in Great Britain. A non-departmental public body (NDPB) sponsored by the Department for Education (DfE), the ECITB works with employers to attract, develop and qualify the engineering construction workforce in a wide range of craft, technical and professional disciplines. An employer-led registered charity, we invest more than £30m each year to enhance skills across the engineering construction industry. The ECITB is accountable to parliament and funded by a levy that it is required to collect from the industry. The levy is used to support employers train and upskill their workforce to industry standards, develop qualifications and courses that meet employer needs, and regulate a network of approved training providers.

The ECITB is also accredited as an Awarding Organisation by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), Qualifications Wales and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Engineering construction is a specialised industry that underpins the delivery, maintenance and decommissioning of the UK’s critical infrastructure. It operates across the oil and gas, nuclear and renewables sectors, as well as major process industries, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, water and waste treatment. Last year (2017), the ECITB invested over £27 million to support skills development within the industry. This includes providing technical, management and professional training and supporting apprenticeships and careers programmes.

Please contact the Team on: https://www.ecitb.org.uk/

Man of the Match Andre Coker


Dartford Football Stadium Princes Park, Dartford, Kent Princes Park Stadium is a 4,100 capacity arena designed with two clear goals: providing a community regeneration project to become the permanent home for Dartford FC and becoming the UK’s first sustainable small stadium. The £6.5m scheme incorporates a broad range of environmental features, including sustainable materials, additional insulation, solar panels and a purpose built lake to harvest rainwater. What sets the design apart from other contemporary stadia is the bold use of engineered timber and green roofs for the clubhouse and terraces. These will allow the scheme to blend in with its parkland surroundings, while at the same time remaining highly distinctive.

Dartford Football Club, founded in 1888, had been without a home ground since 1992, instead having to ground share with other boroughs. In April 2004 Dartford Borough Council announced it would provide a site and funding for a new stadium. Full planning permission was granted in July 2005, work began on site in October 2005 and the grand opening took place in November 2006. The scheme had to provide first class facilities for both players and supporters, enabling the club to operate up to Conference level football. The 2,000m² clubhouse is adjacent to the south terrace with the ground floor housing the main entrance, club shop, changing rooms and offices.

Text taken from Alexander Sedgley website Collaboration of different industries design and build aspirations!

...INTO REALITY The first floor is divided into two main areas: a large community room and a club bar, both providing expansive views over the terraces and on to the pitch. These spaces were provided for the local community to hire for business, family, education and sporting events. Two first floor balconies give panoramic views across the third generation artificial community pitch which can be hired for education purposes, fitness, or friendly matches and is complemented by new community changing rooms. The successful opening of Princes Park Stadium has seen the local community throw their support behind their football team. Now, with proper facilities, all within walking distance of the town centre, supporter numbers have increased healthily. The use of public transport is encouraged with local Fastrack buses stopping at the designated stadium stop so that fans can arrive easily and without worrying about driving or parking.

Young architect, Craig Alexander of Alexander Sedgley took the time to speak to the Junior Press Team to give them some background information about Dartford Football Club’s design.

Contractor - Jackson / Structural Engineer - Conisbee Services Engineer - Fulcrum / Quantity Surveyor - AYH Landscape Architect - Watkins Dally


Two way street a Using sport as a tool, 4Roles4Goals provide meaningful encounters for students to meet employers and employees in different workplaces.

change of mindset Our offer to schools and colleges can help them work towards: Benchmark 5: Encounters with Employers and Employees Benchmark 6: Experiences of Workplaces. 4roles4goals@gmail.com

COLLABORATION IS KEY! The co founders of 4Roles4Goals Nicola Coppen and Alan Dean, came together to create a learning experience outside that of school. Many of the events are delivered of an evening or weekends.

Dartford FC stars find time after the game to share their wisdom. One lad took the opportunity to ask about recovery from injury.

4Roles4Goals was developed to show young people the connections between sport, community, education and careers. Young people are constantly bombarded with messages which do not clearly demonstrate the connections. Thanks to the support of business funding, we have been able to join the pieces of the puzzle in this ever changing world. What if grades fail to show your desire to support or lead a team. Who knows personality traits. Companies can employee you not truly understanding the skills that you offer, thus miss the added value right under their nose. do the Work related learning days help young people to gain confidence and experience whilst having fun and making new friends!

Dartford FC fan shared with us his great news in being selected for the British Disability Darts team in the forth coming World Cup event.


DARTFORD F.C and ECITB STUDENT VOICE Molly thought the event was very informative about future options and she found it interesting hearing about the different areas of engineering. Bradley said the event helped him see future careers options and he enjoyed hearing how Dartford Football Club had developed over the years.

Daniel really enjoyed finding out about the different jobs he could possibly do when he leaves school.

Taylor M he enjoyed watching the match and finding out about apprenticeships.

David thought it was interesting finding out about how Dartford Football Club was developed and he’d be keen to find out more about Engineering and Architecture and he really enjoyed the football match too!

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Taylor Mc enjoyed the tour of the stadium and meeting new people. James enjoyed watching the football and thought it was a great opportunity to learn and take part in different activities