Dartford F.C. vs Hungerford Town F.C.

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DARTFORD F.C. vs HUNGERFORD TOWN F.C. 22nd December 2018



JUNIOR PRESS TEAM REPORTS On 22nd December 2018,

4Roles4Goals selected a group of young people to be part of a Junior Press Team for the day.

The young people were also given some excellent football training and afterwards they created their own reports in this booklet.

The Junior Press Team was made up of a group of young people aged 11-16 from local schools and they were all able to gain valuable work awareness.

These experiences help young people gain self-confidence to prepare them for their futures in the workplace, whilst making new friends and having lots of fun too!

NBC Group kindly sponsored and invited the young people along to watch a football match between Dartford F.C. and Hungerford Town F.C.

Bridging the gap between the world of work and the classroom, 4Roles4Goals events aim to empower young people to take ownership of their learning.

The young people were also able to find out about all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in order to keep everything running smoothly.

The match sponsor, NBC Group Ltd and 4Roles4Goals share a keen interest in the environment and preventing climate change and as Dartford Football Club is the greenest football stadium in the UK it was the natural place to be.

Encouraging and supporting young people to look beyond the game of football and look at the careers, expertise and different talents needed, which are all necessary to create this business that many of us see as just entertainment.

For more information please email:


Kai’s Report

“another enjoyable 4R4G event”

I had a rather enjoyable time with 4Roles4Goals at Dartford F.C. and I thoroughly enjoyed myself at a previous event too, so I didn’t expect any less this time.

When the match came around, I set up my camera and in the first 45 minutes there was a goal for Dartford F.C., which was scored after just 10 minutes.

It was a very interesting activity again for me, especially as a photographer and being able to photograph the match.

I didn’t think there would be any more goals by the way things were going, but after half time another goal was scored from Dartford F.C. This was going to be the final score (I said to myself in my head), but of course, I was wrong! Hungerford Town F.C. scored their first and only goal of the match. By the end of the match, I had some great pictures, but it was dark, and I was knackered... though overall I had a fantastic day and I would gladly do it again!

Before the match started, we had an ice breaker, getting to know everyone and as usual, everyone was very nice. There were some familiar faces and some not so familiar faces. We played some football... where I absolutely failed, but I really enjoyed it, even though I was playing a different game to everyone else... ‘Run away from the ball’!

Maddie’s Report I enjoyed watching the football match and meeting some of the players. “Tegan wins penalty shoot out!”

I met some new people, but I already knew some from previous 4Roles4Goals events and everyone there was nice including all the adults.

“everyone was friendly”

Firstly, we had a game of football, just the kids, then it turned into us just doing penalty shoot outs, but only Tegan actually got the ball in the goal. After lunch, we got ready to go to watch the football match. Dartford won the game and Ben Greenhalgh was awarded ‘Man of the Match’!

Victoria’s Report

“my confidence has grown so much”

Princes Park is like a second home for me now and I really enjoy myself on every visit, especially when Dartford win!

Hungerford kept pushing the rest of the first half and tested our keeper Bailey Vose on several occasions.

It was great to catch up with some of the other students who have taken part in previous 4Roles4Goals experiences.

The score would have been equalled if not for a super block and clearance by Ben Greenhalgh!

Today was extra special because we got to form a guard of honour for both teams as they came out onto the pitch and then we had our photos taken with the match officials before the start. Dartford were slow to start and it was Hungerford that were forcing all the play until a deep Ben Greenhalgh free-kick, with just 10 minutes on the clock, was met by the head of Jamie Philpot; 1 -0 to Dartford!

Ronnie Vint nearly gifted Hungerford an equaliser at our end and then should have scored from a corner at the other. Lee Noble put in a long ball and Dartford’s new signing, Phil Roberts was brought down by their defender, who should have been sent off for being the last man, but wasn’t!

“Princes Park is like a second home”

The second half was even slower than the first 45 minutes and it was’nt until Ryan Hayes came on to provide a shot that forced Hungerford’s keeper to palm the ball away straight to Lee Noble, who hammered it home; Dartford - 2 Hungerford - 0! The away side, although bottom of the league, kept pushing and eventually got the goal they deserved, but it was too late to change the outcome of the match: Dartford-2 Hungerford-1! We chose Ben Greenhalgh for our ‘Man of the Match’ for his all-round performance, both defensively and in attack. He worked so hard and he was really vocal towards the rest of the team encouraging them to keep pushing. I am sure this helped with team spirit, which helped to

secure the win for Dartford. We presented Ben with his certificate and we had more photos taken and a quick chat with him before returning upstairs to celebrate around the Christmas tree along with Michaela Hill, who was the Dartford Ladies 1st Team goalkeeper until last September when she left to take up her 4-year scholarship in America playing soccer.

“Everyone is so supportive� Michaela explained how American Soccer is different to English Football. In American Soccer it is not possible for the two teams to draw in certain games and if after 90 minutes of playing, the score is equal, the match gets extended and whoever scores next wins the match. Normally this only happens in cup or trophy matches, unlike here in the UK, where a replay would normally take place. Dartford F.C. is one of the most welcoming places to visit and since taking part in 4Roles4Goals

experiences over the past year my confidence has grown to such an extent that I now go and chat to the players and ask them for pictures. I feel confident in myself to wander around the ground chatting to the Managers and the Chairmen, as well as the backroom staff and even the life Presidents of the club. Everyone is very hospitable and supportive and they have a vast knowledge of Dartford Football Club.

‘EVERYBODY WINS’ I felt like I had stepped into another world … and in several ways, I had. Here I was with my adult son, Ben, who was visiting us from Los Angeles and both of us, albeit strangers, were being honoured and celebrated! We had come to Princes Park, the home of Dartford Football Club. Dartford (‘the Darts’) was about to play Hungerford Town in the National South league and I was there to visit my friend and Outlier Group member, Alan Dean. We were greeted warmly by the Chairman and staff, and a panel interviewed my son about what he had been doing in Los Angeles, and what it was like to live there. Then, our hosts gave us a tour of the stadium before the match started. Ben was invited to join the welcome tunnel, applauding players from both teams as they trotted out onto the pitch. The honour didn’t end there. As a final flourish before the game started, our hosts asked Ben to join them in the centre circle to pose in a photo opportunity with the match referee.

And who were our hosts? They were all teenage students from Kent schools! They are part of a media team of a not-for-profit organisation called 4Roles4Goals; a company set up by Alan and his business partner, Nicola Coppen. The genius of 4Roles4Goals is that it adds value to Young People, Schools, the Community and Business: the four roles working together

Blog by Patrick Mayfield I would say that there is another group that is impacted positively by this initiative: families. Before the match, I was talking to one of the parents. He described to me the transformation he saw in his daughter, and how she has grown visibly in confidence. Before, she was someone who preferred to be in the background, now she thinks nothing of going to the team and pulling out one of the players for an interview. He went on to explain how his company had moved to Dartford, and his firm was one of the early commercial sponsors of the club. This resulted in his company

being seen on Twitter over 30,000 times. Not bad business either! As we drove away, Ben just shook his head in disbelief at how they had called him up as ‘a VIP’. It was a powerful illustration to me of how we all need to be celebrated. Also, there is something about our society, thinking outside of the box and outside of the categories we make for ourselves. 4Roles4Goals shows that everyone can win!

Today’s match sponsor is the local Construction Company, NBC Group, based in Northfleet. NBC Group is an award-winning Construction Company. Established over 30 years, the NBC Group have supplied labour operatives to major civil projects nationwide. NBC recognises its responsibilities to employees, customers, suppliers, the wider community and to the environment and to this end, have kindly sponsored today’s game to demonstrate their commitment to these values by generously offering the Match Day Package to Young People. Together with 4Roles4Goals, the NBC Group has been able to offer a very special experience to the Young People who are forming a Junior Press Team, learning about the running of the Football Club and producing their own publication about the day.

Jag Sidhu, Director of NBC Group, explains why they decided to give this opportunity to the Young People “If you focus on the possible when you experience difficult situations, you can positively change your outlook, reduce your stress, and concentrate on achieving things that otherwise may not have been possible.

This experience should build confidence, teach new skills and above all, create great memories to encourage the Young People for the future.”

Please contact the Team on: https://www.ecitb.org.uk/

Chase’s Report

The day started off as a quick game of football on one of the training football pitches with a Dartford Football Club Training Coach and we played a few matches and then some penalties and I realised that I was pretty rubbish at football! Alan spoke to us about what we should expect from the day. After the match was played and finally won by Dartford F.C., we interviewed some of the players and learned that football is harder than it looks!

“football is harder than it looks”

After the interviews, we met Michaela Hill, a former goalie and she told us about her life story. It turns out that she has just returned for Christmas, after starting a football scholarship in America! I thoroughly enjoyed going to Dartford Football Club to watch the football match and being part of the Junior Press Team. The experience truly meant a lot to me, as we were able to meet many people.

Drew’s Report

“I enjoyed choosing Man of the Match”

I really enjoyed going to Dartford Football Club with the scouts to watch a football match and I particularly enjoyed choosing the ‘Man of Match’, because we had to discuss all the attributes of the players and it caused us to try to convince the others why we thought our choice of player was the best!

myself to the employer to have a higher chance of getting the job I want! The experience has shown me how much more I need to push myself to achieve my life goals and that my ambitions needed to be higher.

We also talked a lot about careers and interviews to give us a broader understanding of what to expect after our time at school and going into a job. After meeting Ben Porter, who is a musician, I learned more about what is was like for him moving to America and following his music career. We talked a lot about interviews, which taught me how I need show confidence and that I need to sell

Having read your report Drew, I can say that you presented yourself very well and this was picked up by the adults, especially after you gave the tour of the stadium. We would welcome you back at a future 4Roles4Goals event to help you build confidence in yourself. Keep up your hard work! Alan Dean - 4Roles4Goals

Connor’s Report Our first activity was football, where we played a very one-sided game, which my team won! Then l went in goal for penalties, where I saw balls go wide. Then I conceded and I actually had to save a few! When I took a penalty, I nearly broke the cross bar! After we’d played football, we spoke Patrick Mayfield who is a writer and Ben Porter who is a musician. We asked what they aspired to do when they were younger and they both said that they were both fortunately doing what they had aspired to do! Before the match, we gave Patrick and Ben a tour of the stadium and I had a general chat with the two

“footballers love golf”

of them whilst we lapped the stadium and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When the match started, Dartford scored within 10 minutes, but everyone had to wait until nearly the 80th minute before Dartford got the 2nd! Unfortunately, the opposition scored before the ref blew the final whistle making the final score 2-1 to Dartford F.C. After the match, we presented the ‘Man of the Match’ award to Ben Greenhalgh. We interviewed a few of the Dartford F.C. players and we asked them an array of questions. Something players seem to have in common is footballers love golf!


Two way street a Using sport as a tool, 4Roles4Goals provide meaningful encounters for students to meet employers and employees in different workplaces.

change of mindset Our offer to schools and colleges can help them work towards: Benchmark 5: Encounters with Employers and Employees Benchmark 6: Experiences of Workplaces. 4roles4goals@gmail.com

COLLABORATION IS KEY! The co-founders of 4Roles4Goals; Nicola Coppen and Alan Dean came together to create a learning experience outside that of school. Many of the events are delivered on evenings and weekends. 4Roles4Goals was developed to show young people the connections between sport, community, education and careers. Young people are constantly bombarded with messages which do not clearly demonstrate the connections. Thanks to the support of business funding, we have been able to join the pieces of the puzzle in this ever-changing world.

What if grades fail to show your desire to support or lead a team? Who knows personality traits and how they can be so beneficial in the working world? Companies can employ you, not truly understanding the skills that you have to offer, thus missing the added value right under their nose. Work related learning days help young people to gain confidence and experience whilst having fun and making new friends! Dartford F.C. stars find time after the game to share their wisdom.

Working hard to make a link between Dartford Football Club, business and the community is: The Thompson Family Matchball Sponsor



As 2018 draws to a close, a fantastic way to end the year! As the New Year dawns, 2019 brings new opportunities for future collaboration!

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