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Wexford 2-Day 2013

Celebrating 40 years in 2013

Wexford Wheelers President Billy Roche

In 2013 Wexford Wheelers celebrated its

County Wexford Cycling events, provided by

40th birthday. Founding Member Billy Roche

the five Wexford clubs: Wexford Wheelers,

is still active within the club. In the same

Slaney Cycling Club, South East Road Club,

year the Wexford Wheelers Cycling Club set

Slipstream and Barrow Wheelers.

about reviving its Wexford 2-day: a classic

Early race concept and design was

race from the 1980’s and 1990’s. The Wexford

consulted with Carrick Wheelers Iverk

2-day last ran in 1992, under the Snowcream

Produce rider John Dempsey. We drew upon

Banner. It has been 21 years since the last

Johns extensive race experience for the

Wexford 2-day ran, and now this classic race

initial design element of this race. Adjectives

returns under the title patronage of local

described what each of the race stages

Wexford business Stafford Wholesale.

should look like: short, hilly, long, flat were

The race opened for registration at the

the four key adjectives in combination.

beginning of July and had sold out all the A2/

A3 and A4 positions just three short weeks

veteran of organising many large Wexford

later. The race subsequently opened an A1

and national events such as the Kellogg’s

and a Ladies race and these remain open for

Series in Wexford attracting Sean Kelly and


Stephen Roche and Martin Earlay in their

early careers and the Tusker Rock Race

The Local Frank O Rourke Circuit used in

Wexford Wheelers Rider Dave Allen, a

May, forms the backbone of the 2-day circuit,

series in the 1980’s

coupled with a 4km time trial incorporated

into the stage race. The race has generated

original Wexford 2 days form the 80’s and

nationwide interest with entrants from Kerry,

90’s. However sadly, we felt this unworkable

Galway, Derry and the UK.

for 2013.

A criterium was considered, as per the

This race adds to the already vibrant

Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-Day 2013 Race information


Event sponsor Thank you to our title sponsor Stafford Wholesale Wexford, without whom this event would not attain the level of professional finish that this race has acquired.

Michael Stafford, a native of Wexford,

became involved in Wexford Wheelers two years ago, coming from a strong triathlon background. Michael Stafford was keen to help develop and promote a key event for the Wexford Wheelers cycling club. The revival of the Wexford 2-day, was a suitable venture for the Stafford Wholesale company to get involved with and to support.

Most of the professional presentation,

including the advertising material, and the professionally commissioned poster, were all the independent work of Stafford Wholesale.

County Wexford is fortunate to have such

a prestigious sponsor willing to put up, and put shoulder to wheel literally to bring you this race.

Without Stafford Wholesale, we could not

bring you, this weekends experience.

Stafford Bonded Stores Sinnottstown Lane, Drinagh, Wexford

Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-Day 2013 Race information


Race Organising Team Race Director

Wexford Wheelers Committee 2013

Race Director is Michael Noonan, a


Michael Noonan native of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, and living in Wexford since 1991. My first cycling club experience was with Wexford Wheelers in 1991, chasing a touring group out to Rosslare one summers evening, having rarely cycled on a proper ‘racer’ before. I have seen the club grow and shrink over the years and in recent years grow significantly again. My ambition is to reach the magic 100 members for Wexford Wheelers. I spend my time working in Dublin during the week, for Pfizer

Billy Roche Vice President

Roy Doyle Chairman

Oliver Gargan Touring Leader

George Ryan Treasurers

Frank Doyle Paul Barry

Race Consultants Finance

Keith Cullen Youth Officers

Nicholas Stynes Cathal Wright PRO

David Maguire

John Dempsey Iverk Produce Carrick Wheelers

Dave Allen

Wexford Wheelers

Larry Farrel

Leinster Commissaire


Nigel Allen Secretary

Michael Noonan

Biopharma in Grange Castle

Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-Day 2013 Race information


Stafford Wholesale

Wexford 2-Day

Race infO

Stage 1 Sign on

Saturday 17th August from 9:00am Camaross Hall, Camaross, Wexford.

First OFF



Stage Ladies/A4: description 3 laps of 22km circuit

A1/ A2/ A3 4 laps of 22km circuit


+233m / -238m

Camaross Hall Start/Finish




100m 90m 80m 70m 60m 50m 40m 5

Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-Day 2013 Race information





Stage 2 Sign on

Saturday 17th August starts from 4:00pm Larkins Cross, Wexford.


Riders RACE OFF 1–60 5:00pm– 5:45pm 60–120 5:45pm–6:30pm 120–200 6:30pm–Finish



Stage Once for everyone description Grade

+140m / -6m



With 200 riders participating, it is essential for safety to keep the time trial finish area clear. For this reason, riders will not be given stage times at the time trial location. Please time yourself if you require timing at the finish line.




CAUTION Steep descent after finish

Team cars will not be permitted to park at stage finish. Parking will be available at the stage start.

Post-finish directions Riders are strictly forbidden from descending the race climb against the race, so please arrange to meet team cars away from the stage end. When riders cross the finish line they must continue straight to the bottom of Fort Mountain on a 2km descent to the main road. Caution on descent!!! Then turn left and it’s downhill again for 2km to Whitford roundabout and take a left turn here and its 2kms downhill to Maldron Hotel.

200m 150m 100m 50m

Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-Day 2013 Race information






Stage 3 Sign on

Sunday 18th August from 9:00am Larkins Cross, Wexford.

First OFF


20 4

Stage Figure of 8 circuit. description Ladies/A4: 2 laps of 37km circuit

A1/A2/A3: 3 laps of 37km circuit


+432m / -432m






2 Camaross

Hall Start


36 14



12 34

28 Finish 30


110m 100m 90m 80m 70m 60m 50m 40m 5

Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-Day 2013 Race information







Additional information Race results

Distances Stage 1

A1/A2/A3 88km

Cavalcade restriction

Maldron Hotel: Leisure Centre entrance

A4/Ladies 66km

the same circuit, the cavalcade for each

Stage 2

Hill time trial

vehicles. This will be particularly enforced

All categories:

on the stage 3 circuit, which is a crossing

3.7km Hill Time trial

figure of 8 circuit with no road space for a

Stage 3

A1/A2/A3 110km


Posted in Camaross Hall and posted to the Press room.

Chief Commissaire Larry Farrel

Main Centre of activity and source of information for the day will be Camaross Hall


Trophies for the top prizes from Silvermine Quality Silver Jewellers Wexford. First 6 each road stage. (subject to change for A1) Time trial: First three per category Overall: First eight Ladies: First three. Unplaced riders.

Due to the number of races running on race will be restricted to neutral service

large cavalcade. 80km



A field will be used directly opposite Camaross Hall for competitor car parking.

Post race showers are available at the

The field is secure for the day. Absolutely

Maldron Hotel . At the reception, ask for a

no parking in the vicinity of the stage

leisure centre day pass and quote Wexford

end. This is a race requirement and a

wheelers. The hotel will charge 5 euro for

safety requirement. Follow Stewarding for

this pass. Maldron Residents can make their

field parking.

own arrangement with the hotel.


Agricultural traffic

Agricultural traffic will be in operation

There will be physios based at Camaross for

particularly on the Saturday. Wide

post and pre race rubs.

agricultural traffic on narrow roads, will present challenges. Rider safety and personal safety must be paramount. Obey the rules of the road at all times.

Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-Day 2013 Race information


Adamstown village


Race numbers

village, but takes a right turn before the

on standby at Camaross and will be in

numbers and your Stafford Wholesale

village proper. There is traffic calming and

radio contact.

Wexford 2-day race numbers (2 numbers

Stage3, the race approaches Adamstown

a bollard in place. Exercise caution in the area and obey the rules of the road. This is a pinch point in the race circuit. Applies to stage 3 only.

Photography and videography

Amy Norah Farrel is an official race photographer in addition to the motor bike mounted camera videography and photography from Black Umbrella Cycling productions.

Stage end

Stage end race placings will be assisted by Gantry mounted video cameras. Timing bibs will be used, however final adjudication lies with the commissaire assisted by video footage.

Route safety

Exercise caution particularly after leaving Camaross for a blind bridge and exercise caution after leaving Adamstown for right

Two Order of Malta Ambulances will be


Carry sufficient pins to attach your CI

in total).

Motor bike marshals , and neutral service will be accompanying the race and following the race. These will be radio enabled, and will contact the Information centre / ambulances for assistance. Wexford general hospital is located 12km away and Waterford Regional Hospital in Ardkeen is approximately 1 hour from the race location


While the stage end is wide and safe with good clear vision lines, do not sprint unless you are in a realistic leading position in the race.

Motorbike marshals

Obey the instructions of the motor bike marshals. They are there for your road safety.

Information centre

The race will operate an information centre in Camaross Hall.

hand bends as you approach a quarry.

Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-Day 2013 Race information


Race Note This race developed through communication with the riders as the race took steps to evolve. We used the feedback to further gauge and develop the race. We welcome your feedback , good and bad , through the various communication channels. Particularly use for your feedback. We hope to be back in 2014 bigger and better and more developed. All feedback was advised to the race sponsors to help decision making in the development of this race. Thank you for your feedback during the race development.

Michael Noonan Race Director

Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-Day 2013 Race information


Thank you To all our marshals, contacts, supporters, road crews, racing and tour section club members for taking on this 2-day task. Without your support this race could not happen. Thank you to the support and backing from the county Wexford Clubs: Barrow Wheelers: Eoin O’Shea and crew, Slaney Cycling Club, Liam Ruth and crew, Slipstream Cycling Club, Pat Maguire, South East Road Club, Derek Webb and Ronan Ryan, who helped in many practical ways with the organisation, sourcing and contacts for many items required for this race. Thank you to those who contributed ideas and solutions to logistical problems that the race faced at various times. Thank you to the communites of Camaross and Adamstown for facilitating this race,and to the community of Camaross for facilitating our Bike Shop Selskar League race for 5 weeks during the summer in Camaross. Thank you to Brid Banville and the O’Gorman family for opening Camaross community facilities to this race.

Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-Day 2013 Race information



Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-day race info  
Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-day race info  

Race information for the Wexford Wheelers Stafford Wholesale Wexford 2-day. Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August 2013. Wexford Ireland.