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The Man with the Blue Box And his trip through History By: Curtis Melrose


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Table of Contents 1-European Exploration pg.1 2-Jamestown pg.2 3-Plymouth pg.3 4-New England pg.4 5-Breadbasket pg.4 6-The South pg.4 7- Events leading to the Revolutionary War pg.5 8-Revlutionary War pg. 6 9-The Government pg.7 1-

European Exploration

Now, this day started off just like all the others. Clara was sitting the TARDIS asking the Doctor what to do next and where to go. She knew wherever they went in whatever time period that she wouldn’t be bored because the Doctor always had something interesting. This time would be nothing like the other times, though. This time he had a great adventure for them. “We’re going on an adventure through American history,” he exclaimed. “Why?” Clara was rather confused with the statement because they had never traveled to America before. She thought that was funny because with all the things they have done and been, but they haven’t been across the ocean of their own planet. “… Because, I would like to, plus I’ve never done it before.” Clara looked at him contently. “Alright, what time period?” “European exploration, the very start of America!!” And they were off. Running to the controls, pulling levers and pressing buttons, setting the date back to October 12, 1492. They landed on a strange island. They saw three boats coming to shore full with European men and boys. They walked toward them bravely knowing that if anything went wrong they could just escape to

another time period. Clara was surprised. As they got closer she could recognize the man in the front of the boat from many pictures in history books. It was Columbus! “Columbus,” yelled the Doctor obviously making the connection that he was the famous explorer. “What brings you here?” He said this quietly to himself as if it were a joke only for him. He chuckled silently. “Who are you……. Indians!!” Clara forgot that Columbus was actually looking for India when he founded the Americas. “Yes that’s who we are,” said the doctor trying not to change the course of history. “You are a big step in the foundation of this new country. As you probably already know you are not in India, you are in the Americas. Claim this Land for Spain. You will never be forgotten, Columbus!” Clara thought it was completely unnecessary for the doctor to give a full- out speech to Columbus like that, but the Doctor seemed content with his word and with that he went quickly to the TARDIS. When they were both squared away inside Clara asked him, “Why did you say that to him?” He answered quickly in a rushed tone, “Because if no one told him that then he would have just sailed back to Spain and the Americas would have never been established and most of history would never been made. Now, let’s go to Jamestown. The first permanent colony in America.” Jamestown

Suddenly the TARDIS shook and jolted, they were off, again. Through all the chaos of time traveling, which could be really confusing sometimes, Clara seemed relaxed, she was pondering what the Doctor intended to teach her at the end of their journey. They had landed now. When the stepped out they were in a rundown little town that just looked like a bunch of trees stacked on top of each other surrounded by fences. Those “stacked up trees” were people’s houses. Clara thought that this place was sad and lifeless. They entered a little house, it was John’s house. He was the founder of this sad colony. The doctor pulled aside assuring him to trust in his every word. “Listen, John, I’m the Doctor, and I’m telling you that you need a crop that grows fast and is cheap. You need to grow tobacco!!! It’s easy and you could sell it for more than its worth.” The Doctor was more excited now as he grew louder with every word. Clara was amazed at his love for the town and for the history in it. When the Doctor was done with John he walked over to her. “Don’t worry, it all work out and these people thrive in this town,” this news made Clara’s heart jump. She was glad that everything will work out for this vacant little dead town. Clara raced back to the TARDIS, she knew where they were going next. She had read about the brave pilgrims who crossed the ocean just to be free of persecution from their religion. She set the date to 1620, they were going to Plymouth, the second permanent British colony in the Americas. This time she assured herself that she would help in any way she could, to maintain the colony and the history it carries.


As the TARDIS whirled and rocked its way through space and time, Clara thought of everything she could about Plymouth. She knew that they had trouble through winter and lost a lot of lives to the harsh colds, she knew they also had trouble with the natives but ended up meeting peacefully with them with a big feast. America now calls that day Thanksgiving. She also knew that the Indians had taught the pilgrims how to farm and plant corn as well. Clara was excited that she was going to see it all. When the TARDIS landed it was instantly cold. They were in the middle of yet another harsh winter for the pilgrims. Clara and the Doctor got out into the brisk cold. They saw an old lady struggling with some lumber and they decided to help her. After a while of helping the lady around her house, other people from the colony began to recognize that they were newcomers. Questions were raised about how the came to be there but the doctor soon snuffed them out with a proposal to help warm the town up. That offer was obviously not denied and the Doctor went to work on making torches for the small colony. As the Doctor did his work, Clara did hers. She went around from house to house tending to the sick. She was a certified doctor back home and she knew some things about sicknesses and how to cure them without medicine. She was happy to help anyway and the people were not hesitant to accept even the slightest help.

Time went by fast in this little town and soon it was fall. Leaves began to turn colors and fall to the cold wet ground as fog began to fall in the mornings and rise during the afternoons. Clara knew what would come next, the big feast. She instantly began cooking a day in advance. The women of the colony were puzzled by her hurried behavior and became suspicious. She assured them that it was all for good and that they would thank her later. The next day when the Indians arrived, ready to attack yet again, Clara and the Doctor talked to them telling them that the pilgrims had no intentions of harming them and that they had cooked good food for them. The natives were pleased and accepted the feast with gratitude. In return the natives taught the pilgrims how to farm and plant foods. Clara felt relieved that she had helped the colony through hard times and helped them to make friends with the Indians. She was glad that she would always know that she had cooked in the first Thanksgiving. It was a good feeling for her as she raced back to the time machine.

New England

The Doctor raced through time on a history lesson detour and went to the New England Colonies. The New England colonies are: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. This part of the country was mainly a religious group called the Puritans. As of money, they looked toward the natural resources around them. The soil was cold and rocky, so not that many people had farms. The people mainly relied on fish for food. Also, New England had many natural harbors and that made it a perfect center of trade. Most men got their money from shipbuilding since there were so many trees around. There wasn’t really much of anything there so Clara and the Doctor left quickly, and disappointed.

Breadbasket (Middle Colonies)

Next they traveled to the Middle colonies. The Doctor informed Clara that this part of the country was nicknamed the breadbasket. She wondered why but she soon found out. She stepped out of the TARDIS and into the Breadbasket, which consists of the states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Unlike the New England Colonies, this place was religiously and racially diverse. There were Quakers, Puritans, Pilgrims, an people who had no religion. It truly was an amazing sight for the two of them.

The soil was bountiful and the crops grew quickly and easily. The only problem was the education. Many boys would stay home to help with the chores on the farm than go to school or college. The people prospered, they seemed relaxed to Clara, it was a place anyone might want to live. They left after they had visited every single state in that wonderful region.

The South

As Clara stepped out of the TARDIS she immediately was amazed with the place. It was an ideal place for a farmer. The tides were channeled to gardens near the ocean and there were broad rivers that made it easy for transportation. Also, since they were farther south, the growing seasons was longer. The climate was warm and damp, which made it easier to grow cash crops. The main crops for the southern colonies were tobacco and cotton. These people were all about the money. They had slaves do their work, but sometimes they put their children out to do work also. They bought teachers to educate their children at home instead of sending them away to school. Events Leading to the Revolutionary War

The Doctor and Clara traveled forward in time to 1774. Clara made sure they landed in the middle colonies, she liked it there. When they stepped out it was livelier than ever. Everyone was

bustling about. It seemed as if something very important was going to happen. The doctor asked a store owner what was going down and he was happy to tell us the long story. So he began. “A couple of years back we were in this was over the Ohio river. The British wanted it for land and the French wanted it for their forts. Well the French persuaded the Indians to fight for them and we fought for the British. Well we won and we got the river but those dumb British men spent all their money on that little war and they went bankrupt. So, their stupid Parliament made up these new taxes and laws for us so they could have more money. They made stupid laws like the Proclamation Act. Supposedly, it is to keep us away from the Indians, but we suspected that it was just to keep us all in one place for moneys sake. Then, the passed the Quartering Act. We had to house their soldiers in our houses, we had to make them food and give them clothing just so they won’t have to spend money on them. Then came the taxes on paper products and tea. We boycotted the paper products but the tea, that’s where we had fun. We dressed up like Indians and we through all the British tea from the ships into the harbor. They call it The Boston Tea Party. Afterwards they passed the Intolerable Acts. It was a punishment for Boston. They shut the harbors and imported a bunch of troops to Boston. And here we are now, preparing to fight the British. We couldn’t stand them anymore!!” Clara was impressed by their bravery and mad at the British for being so unfair. She thought the Americans were in the right. The Doctor was growing impatient, “Well I don’t feel like waiting around for a battle to start if I can just travel to it in 3 seconds,” he

said to Clara with a smile. They raced back to the TARDIS and set the date to 1775.

Revolutionary War

They raced in time as if they would be late. “This ought to be fun,” said the Doctor while landing the TARDIS. The stepped out, obviously at the wrong time. Bullets were flying and the smell of gunpowder burned their noses. They were in the very first battle, Lexington and Concord. It was an exhilarating experience for Clara. She wasn’t even afraid. As they raced for shelter the Doctor shouted, “The Americans are going to drive the British back to their ships. We’ll wait here until its clear then we’ll go to the last battle of the war, the battle of Yorktown.” They waited a long time then suddenly a British soldier burst through the doors. Clara was behind the doo so he didn’t see her. She was startled by him and she picked up a nearby plank. The soldier rushed toward the sleeping Doctor with his bayonet raised. Clara jumped into action and swung the wood as hard and as fast as she could at the man’s head. He dropped. She woke up the doctor and the moved the unconscious body to a corner then they raced toward the TARDIS. The battle of Yorktown was much less chaotic. The Americans had the British soldiers pretty much surrounded. Some British men threw down their weapons and others still fought. The racket of fire soon stopped, the British had surrendered. Clara asked the Doctor how this would all end up. She knew that just because the battle was win didn’t mean the problems would stop. He said, “Well, we will just go see for ourselves then.”

They traveled in time to the time of the Treaty of Paris. They watched as the British signed the peace treaty basically telling them to leave America alone. It truly was an amazing sight. She couldn’t help but wonder how the tension between the two countries subsided.

The Government “Now,” said the Doctor, “There is something you need to know before we go into George Washington’s time as president.” Clara was excited that she would meet him. “You need to know about the biggest challenge in American history at this time, the government.” That was a letdown for Clara. Almost every countries problem is the government. “The people of America didn’t know if the government should be run by the people, their individual state, or as all the states as a whole. Obviously there was some disagreement between states so they really couldn’t come to a conclusion. Then they decided to write the Articles of Confederation. These documents did not provide America with an army or a national economics system, but the people still had taxes. It basically was a dumb idea. Then this guy, named Daniel Shays, got fed up with the taxes. He was so mad he burned a building down. He rallied men with him on his ‘fight against taxes.’ The Articles of Confederation was not a strong enough government and the rebellion basically ran free. Although later they were able to put the rebellion to rest, but it made the people of America think ‘hey, we need a stronger government’ and so they wrote one. It was called The Constitution.” “The constitution is still the government today so obviously it was good. It gave America a defense and economics system. Also it balanced out the government. First of all they made three branches of government: Executive branch, Judicial branch, and the Legislative branch. The executive branch was the President of the United States and his cabinet. The Judicial branch is the Supreme Court and the legislative branch is made up of the Senate and the House of representatives. To make the government even, each branch had

some power over the other. The legislative branch makes laws but the president can veto those laws. Also the president can chose the judges but the judicial branch can declare the president’s acts unconstitutional. Everything is equal. Also they added a Bill of rights to the Constitution to make sure that people have individual rights.

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