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Enable you to assess your strengths, skills, abilities and experience - thereby preparing you for the interview process

Act as a reminder of you to the employer/interviewer after you're done interviewing

Be a basis for the interviewer to justify your hiring

The ultimate goal of a resume is to gain you an interview!

A Paper/PDF Resume  A printed resume for use at job fairs, conferences, …  Should be clean, concise, professional, and pleasing to the eye  Use bullets, bolding, and indentation  Take this resume with you on job interviews, career breakfasts, … An Electronic Resume  A plain text resume for on-line submission  Typically must conform to employer specifications  Use left-justified and space indented formatting  If desired, use “+”, “*”, and “0” to represent bullets An HTML Resume  Typically includes links to homepage, images, …  Avoid this type of resume  Most people don’t want an employer walking around in their homepage


Name College and Permanent Address Telephone # E-mail Address and URL (if available)

We advise that you not include personal information regarding: age physical characteristics family or dependent information photograph SS #


Degree and Major Name Of College, City, State Minor, Concentration Special Educational Experiences:  International Programs  Certifications  High School not generally included


Employment: Full time, Summer and or Part time Activities: College, Volunteer, Leadership or Community Internships/Co-ops Field Experience/Practicum/Student Teaching Research Group Projects Athletics International Study

REFERENCES 1. References Available Upon Request 2. List References on Separate Page 3. Omit From Resume. Use Space for Other Information HONORS AND ACHIEVEMENTS GPA, Academic Honors, President’s or Dean’s List, Honorary Organizations SPECIAL SKILLS  second language  computer systems/languages/software proficiencies  first aid, CPR  technical specialties and equipment knowledge

Clearly Defined Sections

Skill Labels

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