How to Make a Blogger Blog

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Alan Carr (Mid-Cheshire College) updated Nov 2010

Login with your Google email address

If you have any other blogs they will be shown here

If you don’t have a Google account just click SIGN IN to take you to the register screen (see next slide)

Click here to create your Google Account

Enter the email address that you wish to use to administer your blog. Note that the password needs to be at least 8 characters long.

This is the title of your blog – it can be anything you like!

This is the web address of your blog – it doesn’t need to be the same as your blog title. Click ‘Check Availability’ to see if it is available !

Click in the template that you want and then click CONTINUE

That’s it! (well, nearly!) Click START BLOGGING

Click here to add an image

To make a blog entry all you have to do is type in a title – then add text and/or images

Browse for your image and then click UPLOAD IMAGE (experiment with the layout settings)

The HTML tab shows the page coding – you don’t want to know about that! The Compose tab previews the entry – click that to see your image / text. (You can also use ‘Preview’)

If you are happy with your entry click PUBLISH POST

wicked!!!!! Now click View Post or View Blog

It’s time to ‘Customise’ your blog. Click here

Gadgets are little ‘apps’ (or widgets) that you can add to your blog – e.g. a Search box

Here are some gadgets – come back later if you want to embelish your blog

When you first create your blog you MUST check the settings – it will take a few minutes but only needs doing once. The BASIC tab lets you change your blog title and subheading.

If you want to change your blog address you can do it here (subject to availability)

FORMAT TAB Change settings as required (eg timezone)

COMMENTS To avoid spam set moderation to Always and ensure that word verification is set to Yes

PERMISSIONS Set Blog Readers to your preference. You can also add other Blog Authors here.

change the template from the Design tab – choosing Template Designer sub-tab

other template changes can be made here

LAYOUT Now you can change the template – each master has several variants. Click APPLY TO BLOG when happy.

how to make a new blog entry into your Blogger blog

point your browser to

Sign in with your Username (Email)

Choose the blog that you wish to update (you can have as many blogs as you like!)

Complete your entry and either Publish or Save as a draft.

When published you can view the entry or the whole blog

Easy !!!!!

to visit your blog to update your blog (and login with your username)

a few example blogs community arts blog MCC music tutor blog ex-MCC student blog MCC – London Rd library sample student blogs required for MMU applications photo blog (AJC)

a few fashion blogs

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