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Alan Carr Mid-Cheshire College Feb 2011

Copy the URL of the video from the browser address box – or from the URL box that appears when you click Share

Open up and copy the YouTube video URL here. Then click the VIDEO button (to the right of the Video URL box)

There will be some advertising – click no thanks to get rid of this screen

Choose the required format – MP4 may give you the best quality – but FLV is OK if MP4 is not available as an option. High Quality will give better results (but will produce a larger file)

Save your video to the location of your choice. That’s it – the video will now play from your PC without needing an internet connection.

How to save a YouTube video  
How to save a YouTube video  

this guide explains how to download a YouTube video to your own PC. Useful for teachers who want to show videos without having web access.