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ENGLISH PROJECT: FABLE Juan Manuel Arango, Federico Gómez, Nicolás Guerrero, Fernando Jiménez – 11°B


Camper Fred: He is one of the people who gets lost on the forest. Characteristics: Skinny, young, smart, reliable, loyal.

Camper John: He is the partner of the first camper and is wandering with him on the forest. Characteristics: Tall, Old, forgetful, coward, hypocrite.

Wolf: He is the “owner” of the forest and gets offended when humans trespass his territory. Characteristics: Big, Selfish, violent, aggressive, greedy, prideful.

Lumberjack: He lives on a tiny house near the forest, he likes to help people. Characteristics: Mature, Tall, Strong, Humble, Solidary, Respectful.

SETTING: The story occurs on a cold evening in a forest.

PLOT: There were two guys out camping, but when they tried to go and explore the depths of the forest they couldn’t explore almost anything before they got lost and found themselves trapped between a river and a wild wolf’s lure. STORY: This is the story of two friends, John and Fred. Fred was kind-hearted and cared a lot for his friend, but the John was rather cold and didn’t value his precious friendship as much as Fred did. One day Fred proposed to go camping at a near forest on the outskirts of town, John didn’t complained, he was getting free food after all. After the camping site was settled and the tents were mounted John decided to take a walk in the forest to recognize the place, Fred didn’t wanted to do it because it would be dangerous but as long as it was to make his friend happy he would take the risk. The couple of friends was walking along the riverside when they noticed a mysterious cave and some scary sounds coming out of it, but when they realized what was happening a huge wolf had already appeared before them and was fiercely showing his fangs. “Who are you? What are you doing on my land?” – Asked the wolf. John didn’t gave it a second thought before running away and hiding behind a tree, leaving his friend to his own luck. “I made you a question” – The wolf said. Fred was too frightened to answer, and the wolf was very impatient, as he prepared to attack, a lumberjack came out of the forest shouting and wielding a stick. The wolf terrified and run away back to his cave.

“Are you ok?” – Asked the lumberjack to Fred. “Thanks to you I am” – he replied. “What were you doing here alone, don’t you know it’s dangerous to wander into the wolf’s territory?” – Said the lumberjack. “I wasn’t alone, I was camping with my friend but he left me here with the wolf.” – Fred said. Hearing this the lumberjack said “That is no friend of yours.” While the lumberjack was talking with Fred, John came out of his hideout and rushed to Fred, asking what was the lumberjack telling him. “He told me to avoid the kind of friends who would abandon me at moments of danger.” – Fred replied. Then the lumberjack took Fred to his house for a meal, leaving the bad friend in the forest to meditate about his doing.

-The End-

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