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We are: newly qualified teachers, temporary teachers and student teachers. We have officially set up as a sub-committee of the District 14 branch. Our Aim:

Equal rights for ALL teachers

Our 5 Point Plan!! There are 5 barriers to equal rights for us as teachers. 1. Pay & Pensions – A new entrant, with the new pay and proposed pension deal will be down 30% more than a teacher who qualified in 2008. We want our union to actively fight to reverse the unfair cuts and under NO circumstances to accept the proposed new pension deal. 2. The 26 week break in service means experienced teachers can be classed as new entrants and is preventing many teachers from seeking work abroad. We want INTO to actively fight this rule. Experience is experience. 3. There has been huge under and over supply of qualified teachers in recent years. ALL college places for teachers should be subject to DES sanction to allow for a better controlled supply to meet projected demand. We want INTO to press for better management of qualifying teacher numbers. 4. The 3 year limit for probation introduced by Teaching Council is UNREALISTIC and UNFAIR - many teachers will be unable to meet deadline. We want the clause of ‘From when in a position to complete probation’ reinstated and the INTO to actively pursue this. 5. Retired teachers taking up long term subbing positions or temp contracts – this further impedes employment opportunities for unemployed teachers. We want the INTO to direct members not to employ retired teachers in subbing or temporary positions of 1 week or greater in duration.


This lists 5 of the key issues non-permanent teachers are currently facing and how we expect our union to act on each issue.

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