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1) WZ7101 dental implant machina

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Drill unit

implant Series wuzhou WZ-7101 Shanghai, China (Mainland) green or blue CE/ISO 9001:2000 Carton package

OsseoSet™ OsseoSet™ 200 SI-915, 115V (US) NB00900117 OsseoSet™ 200 (WS-75) SI-923, 230V* NB00900114 • Version with Contra-angle handpiece WS-75 E/KM 20:1 that can be dismantled. • This version is designed to meet the needs in markets where hygiene recommendations state the use of a handpiece that can be dismantled. Accessories Contra-angle WI-75 E/KM 20:1 NB10207554 Contra-angle WS-75 E/KM 20:1** NB10207513 Handpiece S-11, straight 1:1 NB00001104 OsseoSet™ 200 motor with cable NB04720016 2) Cone Beam 3D Advanced CBCT radiology designed specifically for dentistry and providing new levels of comfort and absolute diagnostic precision 3D for dentists With SkyView you can obtain three-dimensional reconstructions of teeth and the entire maxillofacial area. High-resolution images with a 9” or 6” field of view can be completed with a close-up zoom of a 4” diameter section. Images are completely free from geometric deformation, perfectly measurable with micrometric precision and reliable over time. Safety and wellbeing The high sensitivity of the image intensifier, the scan speed and the pulsed X-ray emission system ensure that X-ray doses are very low indeed. A natural, unhindered position means no claustrophobia or anxiety. With SkyView, the scanning experience is a pleasant one.

SkyView can easily be installed in any dental surgery: X-ray screening requirements are comparable to those of a panoramic system. Perfect data presentation At the end of the acquisition/volumetric reconstruction procedure, the dentist will have multiple views of the patient’s anatomy: a curvilinear cross-section that resembles the “panoramic” image a moveable 3-D model a coronal cross-section that allows exploration of the upper/lower dental arches ten transverse cross-sections that are especially useful for the linear and angular measurements so often used with implants.

3.Implant Dental dental implants have been produced from chemically unchanged variants of commercially pure titanium. They are cold-worked for exceptional strength and durability, and all feature Ti, our proprietary surface that produces benefits in implant stability and bone formation. Implants are available in a complete range of dimensions, including small diameters and short lengths, and feature one of three different abutment connections. Each offers exceptional ease of use, versatility, and security, while enhancing bone and soft tissue preservation. connections The internal conical connection offers options for both implant and abutment level restorations, improved soft tissue management and secure interlocking of single abutments. The internal tri-channel connection is designed for ease of use. It is colorcoded, provides tactile feedback, is ideal in posterior regions, and offers optimal stability. Furthermore, a choice of three positions makes it is easy to reposition abutments. The external hex connection is designed for versatility. It is excellent for screw-retained angled abutments and offers a choice of six to twelve positions depending on the abutment. Furthermore, its short distance from the crown margin to the first implant thread is advantageous for marginal thin soft tissue.

VISION - Tapered Thread Implants

3.5mm Titanium Thread Implants: VRI 3.50



Cat No.


VRI 3.5-8

10mm 13mm

VRI 3.5-10 VRI 3.5-13


VRI 3.5-16

Item Pre-Mounted Ø 3.50 Titanium Integrated Surface (tm) Thread Implant including Titanium Cover Screw

4.3mm Titanium Thread Implants: VRI 4.30 5.0mm Titanium ThreadLength Implants: VRI Cat 5.00 No.

10mm 13mm

VRI 4.3-10 VRI 4.3-13


china dental  

dental machine and implant

china dental  

dental machine and implant