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SUNY Technology Colleges ​in this video I will provide a quick demo of the task manager advanced excel template you can find a link to this template in the premium solution section on the right sidebar of a user dot blog I have the template open and this is what it will look like when you open it for the first time and the first thing you would do is to enter the start date of your opinion so for example I would put first October 2015 and then the error message will go away we can change the status values as we need for example if I don't need these values I can just delete them and I can probably delete this one and then I say okay 150 percent complete in the green light green color so I'll just leave it as it is and I will remove this so I have only four values these are the colors that they will take you cannot change the colors directly here though and you can set whether you want the status to be pending or not and in this case we're saying if it's completed we should not call it pending but let's say I want to change this and say if it's kept I still want to count that as a pending task and the next thing we would do is assign specific people so for example we would say person a person B so this means that we have we can assign the task occurrences to these people make sure that we don't leave a space in between and don't type in something like this well it's the template will not consider person B for the town for the calculations because you have a blank space in between so make sure that you know you don't have a blank space and we enter it this way we can have up to 25 names now we're going to talk about the frequency tags in the next page so this is all we need to do in the setting sheet let's go to the create task sheet this is where we're gonna create the recurring tasks so what we're gonna do now is let's enter task ID 1 and then task name let's just enter it as task 1 we need to provide a start date so I'm going to do first October 2014 we have 7 different frequency types and the first thing is one time which just means that it's gonna happen only on one date it does not require an end date and then you don't have to enter any of these columns and all you have to do is to say activate this task and now we have created a task a one time task and I'm gonna go into the report sheet and now you can see that there is a the task ID and it's due on 1st October it is flagged as spending because we haven't given a status to that yet but we will update the status later for now it will be a pending task occurrence if I go to the dashboard sheet I will see that there is one pending task occurrence and that's due on the 1st October if they would like to see it on the calendar view I can just enter 1st October and now you will see that task 1 is due on 1st October but there is no status value yet so there is no color coding but once we update the task then you will see the colors appear here on the left of the task now let's go back to create tasks and continue creating the other types of tasks so task to name it as task to put this dark date 2nd October and then we're gonna choose every end day and you see that the red border continues to appear because for this every end day task I mean we need the end date to be provided otherwise template doesn't know what to do so you need to provide an end date so I'm going to say let's say 10th October so what we are saying is from the second act over to the 10th of October we want this repeat at every end today ok but we have to provide the template what n is so let me just put for example 2 and let me activate the task and then now let's go to the report sheet and see what happens so 2nd October as you can see here is a Telus day and we are saying every two days I want this task to appear so 2nd 4th 6th 8th and 10th that's what I would expect so I'm gonna go here now you see that the task is repeated 2nd 4th 6th 8th and 10th wait so now we'll go back and if they want to change this to 1 which means I want it to happen every day then I go back here I see 2nd 3rd 4th all the way every day and I'm gonna leave it as 2 for now every second day and what this has to be reoccurring and this one let's use the third task type which is let's do daily and I'm gonna do daily and I will choose again 10th October in this case when we choose daily we have to provide the weekdays for example do you want this from the 3rd October to the 10 but maybe we don't want the Saturday and Sunday to be included so what I will do is to put one for the weekdays where I want it to appear so I will be putting one from Monday through Friday but I would not put anything on Saturday and Sunday and then I'm going to activate the task the end column does not apply to the daily type and so I've activated the task and I'm gonna go to my report sheet and now I see that task 3 has been created on 3rd 6 7 8 9 10 so 4th and 5th the excluded and that's because 4th is a Saturday fifth is a Sunday and we have told the template not to include Saturdays and Sundays great now let's go to the fourth type of task and maybe that's asked for it will start on 4th October and then we will provide weekly as the frequency type and we need to provide an end date so I'm gonna put 31st October for now and then when we do weekly we would have to provide the template which day of the week so for example 4th October happens to be a Saturday so let's say I want to give every Saturday I want this to reoccur so Saturday 4th 11 18 25 so those 4 days I expect it to happen so I'm gonna

go here and see and now you see that it's 4 11 18 and 25 for Devin 1825 if I want this to occur only every second week let's say I'll have to do is to put 2 here now when I go here I will see it's only on 4th and 18th and that's because forth we're starting on a Saturday we are skipping the 11th because we told that I only wanted every second week so it skips the 11th it goes to the 18th and then it skips 25 that's why you see that this task is only reoccurring on 4th and 18th and you can change this en to 3 weeks if you want that to happen only every three weeks but let's say for example I want this boat on Saturday and Sunday you don't have to create a new task for that all you have to do is to say one I wanted on a Sunday and now you would expect 4th and 1st to go to be selected and then we will skip the 11th and 12 because we are saying don't do it every week we only wanted only every second week so we will not see 11th and 12th but we will see 18th and 19th let's go check so task 4 we get it for 4th and 5th Saturday and Sunday we will skip a week in between and then we will do 18 and 19 so we were able to create you know multiple kinds of tasks references just by selecting the weekday and you can do it for all the seven days and then it becomes a daily task but it gives you a lot of control to choose how your task reference babies by the weekday so that's our fourth type of frequency let's do first one in this case we will do monthly so I'm going to choose left over and then let's choose monthly and monthly the way it monthly works we set that 5th October so it will try to you know do it 5th October 1st November and then goes on so let me just put 31st December here so what I would expect the template to do is first October and 5th November and 1st December however 5th October happens to be on a Sunday so if I want to make sure that I want the monthly to recur on 1st November you can see that the November 1st is actually on a business day so they don't they all don't happen on the same big day so the recommendation is that you choose all the weekdays here you're telling the template I don't mind which weekday this happens on but I wanted to actually be on the 5th of every month and then you don't need to put anything in the end column just activate the task and now I would expect to see for task 5 sub stocked over 50 November accessed December so those T occurrences have been created let's go to the next one task 5 this would be let's choose the end week day of the month and this is pretty straight forward so I needed to use n3 t of the month so we need to tell to the template let's say I want every second Saturday of a month to be selected for example so I'm gonna select Saturday and then I'm gonna say second so every second Saturday I want it to be the task to occur I'm gonna activate it so from the 6th of October if you look at it the second Saturday of October is on 11th the second Saturday of November is on the 8th so let me go and check the report tasks six did I just type in task five as in own name let me just change it to task 6 so that we can clearly see it so task six happens on 11th 8th November and then the 13th December and that's because 11th October 8th November and let's check December so second Saturday of December is 13th December and that's why we have it there so it's pretty clear second Saturday of every month between these two dates will be selected and let's say I want second Saturday and Sunday all you have to do is this and now every second Saturday and Sunday will be selected go back here you will see that 11th and 12th of October 8th and 9th and then 13th and 14th of December so that's how that works so let me go to the last type of task and we'll name it task 7 it'll stop on 7th October and then we will be selecting last week of the month so in this case we want Excel to tell us if it's the last Saturday of a month or let's - last Wednesday so I'm going to be Wednesday I'm gonna select Wednesday at 1:00 and then you don't need to put anything on the end let's just activate it so I would expect the last Wednesday of October last Wednesday of November and last Wednesday of December to be selected last Wednesday of October is October 29th so let me go on to see here task 7 October 29th November 26th 31st December so this could be handy when if you just want to know the last week day of a month rather than 1st or 2nd you want the last one so this is the option that you would choose and you don't have to enter n but you have to select the weekday so these are the seven possible frequency types and as we covered the weekdays can be controlled for some of them and also the N could help you to control how often it reoccurs so and then you have to definitely activate the task the task will not be appearing for example if I don't activate this task and I let's say delete it delete the why then task 7 will not actually appear as you can see here task 7 does not appear in the report we go to the dashboard and now you can see that there are a lot of tasks here and they're all pending tasks occurrences all the ones that we created which are in the past for example anything that is before 17th of October which is today and if it doesn't have a status of completed then you get listed as due or pending and the calendar view shows for example in the week of October 1st these are the specific tasks we have an update at the stratosphere so let's quickly go and update the status for a few so that we understand how this works generally when you start if you don't know the task ID for something specific you can use this drop down menu let's say I want to update the task 1 select task 1 and if you tell you the task ID is 1 so come in here choose 1 and you can also use the drop down here and then it automatically puts the caste named Sedona don't edit this one come here and then choose a new day and you it will automatically give you only the due dates that apply to that specific task so in this case it was a one time task first October and now I can update the status and we only

have four possible values here so I'm gonna select completed let's say we completed the task and then it was assigned to person a and these are all optional columns if you want to enter you can enter them now let me until the second task so task ID - it pulls me back the task name and I want to enter 2nd October I skipped and you can assign it to somebody else and usually you would assign it to a person first and then your status might just say you know blank or nothing and then after the person completes the task you can come in and say completed and then for a completed date for that specific occurrence and let me choose one more and then we'll look at how the dashboard is updating now so third October and I'm gonna say this is unknown and this is assigned to somebody else great so there's presidency now I'm gonna go to the report sheet so that you can see the information that we are entering in the of data sheets will come through and then get stored here so that you can use this as one place where you can see the latest and all the information that you have and let me go to the dashboard and now you see that there are certain tasks even though for example the task one is not here anymore because it was completed so it has a green color which says completed and the task two was skipped which is blue and you can see that is blue if you skipped it it still shows up as a pending task utterance and then task 3 the task is unknown status so it's red and the other task we have not updated yet and so it they don't show up but as you enter more information in this table then the dashboard gets automatically updated and the report also gets updated please make sure that you enter in the row that's after the end of the table for example we already have three rows you can see the colors here and then you type in the next cell and you can choose anything else if you like but any other task ID and you can choose for example second and then you choose on the 4th of October I that task is still 50% complete and the person worked on it was person a now I go to the dashboard I see that this is now with a light green color which is 50% complete so the dashboard would get automatically updated as you're entering information and finally on the last section here this is where you can see summary statistics and we already selected first October as the starting point but he can choose for example 31st as the end and now you should see the data gets updated because it's only one month you see only one bar 15 tasks you know we don't have any status values but we have only updated status for a few so they start appearing here one completed one skipped 50% complete so you can see that information you can also see by person a B and C how what are the statuses often their tasks assigned to them and that's pretty much all the dashboard does it gives you a quick overview off where the status is and you can choose custom date range and then you can look at it by month by month for example if I select December 31st then I would see October November December how many tasks occurrences what are the status breakdowns similarly person ABC or the person the status breakdowns so that's what we have in this video we covered how to create the tasks and also how do you update the tasks and then you can view the updates in the dashboard and also in the report sheet whichever is your preference and this template again is available on in 0 dot blog if there are any further questions please leave a comment on this blog post and I will get back to you as soon as I can thank you very much for watching the video St. Bonaventure University.