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Proposal for Update to Oracle 10 and Forms 10

United Dairy Farmers

Oracle 10 •

All forms have been certified on Oracle 10

Improved Performance from Oracle 10

United Dairy Farmers is current on Oracle 9 which on extended support but will be uncertified by Oracle in the near future

Forms 10 •

Run over the web, no longer client side restrictions.

To run simple call URL

Ease of use for home workers and area managers

New Standards •

All forms have been converted to new standards.

All forms have been web certified.

All Data Load forms include a drill to corresponding Journal.

Additional drill feature on forms

Ability to call ‘Member Milk Statement’ from ‘Member-Help-Desk’

Report forms provide ability to save parameters at user level

Form Bugs Fix •

Popup windows displayed error when attempted to use menu on toolbar. Toolbar option had to be selected twice in order to use option.

Enter Query, Cancel Query and Execute Query buttons did not work correctly when function keys were used to control functions.

Ease of Installation


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It is relatively simple to set-up a new user, they just need to be provided with access to the URL. There is no need to install any software on the client side (except jinitiator).

Additional Forms •

Maintain Invalid Trips – Used to identify and amend collection, deliveries and unloads that do not have a route/trip record.

Maintain Invalid Member /Code Codes – This form will identify any invalid member code for collection or quality results. It will also identify any invalid customer codes for reloads or deliveries. Form provided drilling so that user can directly amend invalid codes.

Update Trip Milk Types – This form provides the ability to update milk types at trip, collection, delivery, reload and transfer milk level.

User Definable Fields – Form where user can create new member level static fields (character, numeric and date based).

Oracle Support •

Oracle no longer supports Forms 6 and Oracle 9 will no longer be supported in the future

Additional Static Data •

Dataset Module – Provides the ability for user to create their own record strucures and associated with the supplier e.g. Insurance Detail

Future Developments incorporating Technologies

Graphs on forms

Bursting of Reports – proving the ability to send PDF by email for Statements/Letters etc. - Have PDF of actual Statement available for Member on Self-Service


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Example of Flip File

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