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MICHAEL, an extremely strict father, sits and awaits his less than responsible daughter, JULIA, to come home from a “get together with her girls.” Michael is seen sweating profusely while pacing back and forth in the room while his wife, SANDRA, is trying to calm him down. Julia is seen being dropped off by a red Jeep, and what looks to be a boy in the driver’s seat. The young man looks extremely timid and immediately leaves the front of the house as soon as Julia exits the car. Julia proceeds to walk towards the front door with her head down, knowing that she has to face the wrath of her incredibly strict father and upset mother. MICHAEL Where the hell have you been, and who was that boy? I don’t remember you telling me about him?” JULIA Dad— MICHAEL No don’t answer that, how about you’re “girls night out huh? You could have came up with a better lie than that, unbelievable Michael continues to pace back and forth and Julia just stands there in disbelief, looking at her mother for some sort of support or help, but receives no recognition. MICHAEL So you want to tell me what happened? I can’t wait to hear this! Julia’s mouth begins to open but not before Sandra finally speaks up while raising her right hand in a pointing motion directed at Michael, as if she were trying to defend Julia. SANDRA Mike yelling isn’t going to solve anything, maybe we shouldMICHAEL The hell it won’t-

JULIA But DadMICHAEL Ohhh no, no, no, don’t you ‘but’ me missy. You know I thought something would have changed after the last incident but clearly nothing has, I honestly do not know what to do, because obviously nothing is working. SANDRA Just let her speak for two seconds Mike, see what she has to say, please. MICHAEL Fine, fine, speak, and don’t waste my time, enough of the bullshit, because I’ve had it. Sandra takes a deep breath as she stares down with little confidence in what she is about to say. JULIA OK, the truth is I was afraid to tell you about the boy that I have been seeingMICHAEL Oh, a boy huh? That’s nice that you told us about your where abouts… (Shaking head in disbelief) SANDRA Let her finish Michael! (Beginning to get upset) MICHAEL No, that’s alright, there’s no need to finish. Seeing a boy is one thing, lying and sneaking behind our backs is a whole ‘nother ball game. SANDRA Michael…MICHAEL No. (head facing down, jaw cringing, toe tapping) MICHAEL Go upstairs Julia, we will talk tomorrow, no cell phone until I say otherwise, now go.

Julia’s face begins to turn extremely bright red as she begins to put one foot in front of the other and head towards the front door. Sandra has nothing to say at this point, she is disappointed in her daughter that she would sneak behind her back but can do nothing of it due to Michael. Michael watches her enter the house, Sandra following, continues to stand outside for a few minutes before then following the others into the house.

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Final Copy of Script-dialogue

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