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a la mode magazine | spring 2011

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic. —Author Unknown

a la mode magazine | spring 2011


letter from the editor


a la mode magazine | spring 2011

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p. 30 a la mode magazine | spring 2011


contributors CHELSEA ASPEN EDWARDS CREATIVE DIRECTOR & GRAPHIC DESIGNER Chelsea Aspen has been an artist since she was growing into her first pair of hot pink jelly shoes and defines herself as an “art rebel”. She loves being inspired and the best part of her day is working on something that she is passionate about. Some her favorite things include listening to indie music, exploring nature, going to the beach and longboarding down Balboa pier, eating Yogurtland and playing with her vintage camera collection.

STACEY SARGENT PHOTOGRAPHER Stacey Rae was born and raised in Highland, UT. She is the youngest of 6 kids, and attended Brigham Young University. Stacey has an absolute love of the arts. She has been taking photographs for as long as she can remember and loves the aspect that you can always get better. Stacey also enjoys the theater, music and has a real love and addiction for fashion. She has been married for 2 years to her husband, Chris, and currently lives in Ladera Ranch, California.

MYLYN WOOD ARTICLE CONTRIBUTOR Since watching her amazing mother as a child she’s always wanted to be the perfect hostess for a party, the kind of mom who bakes from scratch and is a great seamstress. MyLyn is 24 and married to her genius of a husband, with whom she has a 13 month old son (and one on the way!). She enjoys wearing aprons, Martha Stewart, and reading Penguin Classics. She’s currently hanging out near old Route 66 while finishing school, but hopes to be enjoying life near the coast within a year.


a la mode magazine | spring 2011



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5 a la mode magazine | spring 2011


15 minutes!


to a better you


And do a little yoga! Health studies have shown that a little morning stretch increases bloodflow to the brain, loosens muscles for better performance throughout the day, and even releases stress. So next tiem you have a few minutes, try simple yoga stretches found online at

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Get beachy waves! Snag Kate Hudson’s stylish and simple style in no time at all. 1. Make a middle part in your hair 2. Use a spray bottle to lighly mist your dried hair. You can even run a waving product through your locks with your fingers. 3. Grab your hair in a ponytail and twist while shaping into a bun at the back of your neck. Secure with a clip. 4. LEave hair clipped for 1-2 minutes, then remove clip and shake your head to release the waves!

minutes To make a healthy snack! It’s good to eat healthy if you want to stay trim and fit. This recipe is delicious and takes only a few minutes.

a la mode magazine | spring 2011

a la mode magazine | spring 2011



a la mode magazine | spring 2011

a la mode magazine | spring 2011



a la mode magazine | spring 2011

a la mode magazine | spring 2011



( u se lining fa b r ic )



t ape t o get h er

( use li ni n g f a b r i c )



a la mode magazine | spring 2011



3x an d 4’



1 lin in g str ap 1 o u ter str ap

( u se lin in g fabr ic )

1 inter-facin g base

1 outer-facin g base tap e th e ed g e to


a la mode magazine | spring 2011



a la mode magazine | spring 2011

Pattern Instructions What You’ll Need: 1 Yd. Outer Fabric - leather (synthetic or genuine), corduroy, denim, drill, tweed 1 Yd. Lining Fabric –cotton, or something light, but sturdy with little to no stretch 1/8 Yd. Pellon Craft Fuse 808 Magnetic Snap (optional) Matching Thread Scissors Fabric Marker Ruler 10 Rivets (Get a few extras though to practice with, or in case you make a mistake.) Hammer Dart or Rivet Machine 2 Metal Rings Denim/Jeans Sewing Machine Needle

Instructions: 1. Cut out pattern pieces. All of the pieces you will need are in the pattern accept for the Body Pieces. They are just basic rectangles with an exact measurement of 34”x30”. You will need two of these. One from the Outer Fabric and one from the Inner Fabric. 2. Take Interfacing Base Piece and Outer Fabric Base Piece and sew Interfacing to the wrong side of the Base Piece. Then sew the new Base Piece into the center of the Outer Body Piece. 3. With wrong sides together, hem along the long sides of the Outer Body Piece. Then snip the bottom corners, but leave 1/8 inch beyond stitching to keep the strength intact. Then iron flat the seam allowance on the appropriate heat setting. note: If you are using synthetic material, place a piece of cotton fabric between the vinyl and the iron so you don’t melt the fabric. 4. Turn bag inside out, so that the right side of the fabric is showing. Fold up bottom corners and place studs in the three places indicated in the picture through all the layers to hold in place. To insert studs if you are using a dart, poke a hole through the layers and place rivet pieces on either side of the fabric and set on sturdy flat surface. Then hammer it together until it is secure. 5. Take Lining Body Piece and sew pockets onto the right side of the fabric as shown in the picture. Use the pocket how-to on page – to make pockets. The dash lines on the angled pocket indicate where you should straight stitch once the pocket is sewn onto the Lining Base Piece. This will give special compartments for chapstick, pens, etc… 6. Take Lining Body Piece and fold together with right sides facing. Hem along the long sides of the fabric just like you did with the Outer Body Piece. Snip the bottom corners. Iron flat the seam allowance. 7. Now take the Outer Body Piece and the Lining Body Piece and fold the top opening down ¾ inch. The Lining Body Piece should have the wrong side of the fabric facing out and the Outer Body

Piece should have the right side of the fabric facing out. Then fold both with the wrong side of the fabric touching. 8. Place Lining Body Piece inside Outer Body Piece (*if you would like to add a magnetic snap stop here and read * at bottom). You shouldn’t be seeing any raw edges at this point. Now sew the pieces together, matching to tops. Leave 1 ¾ inch opening on both seam sides of the purse. Mark with pins or sewing marker so you know where to start and stop. 9. Now we need to make the strap. Make sure the piece is 3 times the length given in the pattern, plus another 4 inches. On the short edges, fold fabric with wrong sides facing about ½ inch and hem. Then take Lining Strap Piece and Outer Strap Piece and fold edges into the center, lengthwise. Iron flat. If you are using vinyl, or other hard to iron fabric you might want to pin it in place. Place folded sides of Lining Strap Piece and Outer Strap Piece together. Top stitch along edges with a 1/8-1/4 inch seam down the length of the strap. Then stitch over the short sides again to sew both pieces together. 10. Take the Loop Pieces and mark a line down the middle lengthwise with your sewing marker and then fold the edges into the middle line and iron flat. Then bring edges together on the line and iron flat. Top stitch over all edges with a 1/8-1/4 inch thick seam. 11. Place a Loop Piece in the each of the holes left in the purse at the top about 1 inch in. Then put a metal ring on the Loop Pieces and place the other side of the Loop Piece into the hole, about 1 inch. Then stitch over the hole space to secure. 12. Take the strap and insert it into the metal ring and secure with two rivets on each side. 13. You’re Done!!! *Follow instructions on magnetic snap packaging and place at the top, in the middle, of the Lining Body Piece. Make sure to leave enough space to topstitch around the top of the purse without the snap interfering. a la mode magazine | spring 2011


{Fill in the Blank}

I am _________ when it comes to the kitchen. clueless

an expert

just alright somewhat amazing moderate

(your own adjective)

No matter what you think you are in the kitchen, we’ve got some fantastic insight on cooking for you, from Notes on Cooking!


a la mode magazine | spring 2011

a la mode magazine | spring 2011



a la mode magazine | spring 2011

a la mode magazine | spring 2011


A La Mode: What kind of sewing machine and/or serger do you use? Sarah Tyau: I use a Husqverna Viking sewing machine and I do not own a serger, but I’ve been thinking

about getting one! The sewing machine is very basic and nothing fancy, it’s a sewing machine my mother bought for me in high school when I told her I wanted to be a fashion designer one day. She also bought me a karaoke machine when I told her I wanted to be a singer. That department isn’t going to well. But i’m grateful for an amazing mother who always supported my dreams. ALM: What got you involved in refashioning clothes? ST: I’m kind of a pack rat and I don’t like to throw clothes away. I remember when I was younger and looking at pictures of my mom when she was in her 20’s and how cute her clothes were! She was well off and she used to design her own clothes herself. I asked my mom excitedly if she kept any of her old clothes. To my disappointment she said she hadn’t kept any of them. I remember telling myself from then on that I wasn’t going to throw any of my clothes away so that I could save it for my future daughters. Now I have two daughters and I know one day they’ll thank me for saving a lot of my clothes! ALM: What is a talent of yours that is not commonly known by others? ST: I can taste something and tell you exactly what ingredients went into making it. Then I try making it myself without a recipe and it usually turns out better than the original. They key here is “usually”. It doesn’t always happen, I wish! ALM: Where do you find inspiration? ST: I find inspirations from clothing stores I love but would never pay the price they’re asking for. I’m a bargain shopper, even more since I got married and most of the clothes I’ve purchased since my wedding range from $5-$10. My two favorites I get inspired by are Anthropologie and J.Crew. ALM: Why did you start a blog? ST: My husband actually started our blog. A friend told us you can’t claim you’re parents until you get a blog and put cute pictures of your kids. So he wrote our very first blog, mainly to update our friends and family. I guess we can claim we’re parents now— phew!


a la mode magazine | spring 2011

a la mode magazine | spring 2011


creative space

the local art acene by Chelsea Edwards

Artists in southern California are finally being recognized for their unique work and laid-back technique. With the competitiveness in the current market, sculpturor and illustrators alike are reinventing their personal style to stand out and rise up. I am one of those who has just undergone an “art makeover” and I have never felt better! I encourage other artists, in any form, to reinvent themselves. My philosophy is that art allows me to be playful and find joy in the journey. I do things differently by breaking the rules. I glue things where they are not supposed to be glued, scribble and put animal heads on human bodies. Being random makes art fun. Each day represents another personal side. Go with the moment and listen to your inner child—I promise you will not regret the outcome.

Anthony Putrino loves everything that the art world has to offer. Recently a graduate from CSUF as a studio art major, Anthony finds himself pulled in every direction: painting, drawing in graphite and charcoal, sculpture, photography and even glass blowing. These photographs were done as part of a photo essay on the culture of tattoo art and culture. They were taken at Inker’s Tattoo in San Diego, California on a 35mm SLR using black and white film. They capture the crew’s commroadary and the true art of tattooing.


a la mode magazine | spring 2011

these are pieces of Chelsea’s artwork that can be found on her website,

Hank Huang enjoys new socks and Korean BBQ, and when he’s not sleeping he is doing one of these: painting, eating and bothering his friends. His art shows amazing line quality and subtle emotion. Among his many styles are interpretave portraits and crazy collages made of precise graphite drawings. “I would love to reach a point in my art career where I can just paint whatever I want and people will want to buy it”.

a la mode magazine | spring 2011


pattern review

Brand: BurdaStyle Name: Marie #9177 Price: FREE Difficulty: Beginner Link: These pattern instructions were fairly easy to understand. I did, however, hit a snag understanding what to do with the waistband. But after a bit of patience, I figured it out. If I make this again I will use a fabric with less body. I felt like it made me bigger than I am. I love how you can wear this skirt all year round! I would reccommend this pattern to others.


a la mode magazine | spring 2011

Sachiko Aldous

a la mode magazine | spring 2011



a la mode magazine | spring 2011

my how-to I wanted a new dress for this summer, so I decided to go shopping in my closet. I found one gray tiered skirt made out of gauze, it is a few years old and I hardly ever wear it. That reminded me of a gray tank top I bought a while ago at an outlet for $2.50 (J.Crew). They are slightly different shade of grays but I knew they were the perfect match to make my dress for summer. The methed I used is easliy transferable to what you have, you can use a t-shirt instead of tank top. My skirt was made out of gauze, but you can always use other types of material too. For the top, if you want to wear it with other layers underneath, I recommend you go one size bigger.

You will need: 1 tank top 1 long skirt

matching thread 7-8 buttons


Cut 4" off from the bottom of the tank (after this, the length of the neckline to the bottom of the tank becomes 11" long). If you prefer a shorter top, cut off more and cut off less if you prefer longer top— just make sure that you have enough to make ruffles later. Then, cut off the waist band from the skirt.

5. Iron fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the 1¼" x 11" (light gray) strip. 6. Lay the strip from step 5, on top of the the tank and dark gray strip layer. 7. Zig-zag stitch all around the light gray fabric.


Mark the places for buttons ½" from the top, and 1½" apart between each button. Sew the buttons onto the tank top.

2. Iron a ½" wide strip of the interfacing fabric to the wrong side of the bottom edge of the tank top. 3. Cutting instructions for the ruffles: From the bottom of the tank (light gray), cut 1 –1¼" x 11" strip, and 2 –¾" x the circumference of the bottom of the tank strips. From the waist band (dark gray), cut 1 –2½" x 11" strips, and 2 –1" x 11" strips.

8. Make ruffles. Sew the strips with the largest setting. For the ¾" light gray long strips, sew ¼" from the edge. For the 1" x 11" strips sew in the middle of the strips. Pull the strings to gather the fabrics to make ruffles.

12. Pin the right sides of the top and skirt together using a ¼" seam allowance. Sew. Use a serger or zig-zag stitch and sew the edge to prevent fraying.

4. Fold the tank in half (right to left) and mark the middle line. Then, fold the 2 ½" x 11" (dark gray) strips in half to mark the middle. Line up the mark, and lay the strip on top of the tank.

9. Pin the ¾" wide long ruffle on top of the dark gray strip and sew. Repeat the process for the opposite side as well. 10. Pin the 1" x 11" dark gray ruffles next to the light gray ruffles and sew. They will be about ½" apart.

13. Fold the seam toward the top and press. Turn the dress inside out. Sew along the edge between the top and the skirt using ¹/8" seam allowance. It is finished! You can enjoy the dress right away, unless you want to add a little more to the dress.

a la mode magazine | spring 2011


Joanne Kurts

artistic veteran

Joanne is an art pioneer. Combining traditional techniques with modern materials, she manages to produce something that is both unique and eye-catching. Her love of the safari and african-style art have lead to a distinguishab;e personality. She has also attracted viewers with her use of “green� materials and vivid colors that pop off the page and out of her books.


a la mode magazine | spring 2011

a la mode magazine | spring 2011



a la mode magazine | spring 2011

share! Cambria Allison My name is Cambria and I’m a 20 year old creative mind. Art has always been a huge part of my life and growing up was filled with watercolor, sculpting, music, theater and dancing. I’m now in college studying filmmaking and I completely love it. Making these books is one of my favorite types of art projects I can do on the side. There are so many possibilities however, and it can become hard to pick from so many. I always start with a subject first, whether it’s my sister, a best friend, a parent or a boyfriend, I always have someone in mind before beginning a new book. This helps to easily narrow down the theme I want. Once I’ve chosen the subject, I look for things that they like or things that remind me of them. The base for the pages are magazine clippings and photographs or scrapbook paper, you can use just about anything that will fit in the book. Personalizing each book for th at specific person will make it more special. Not to mention, you will have a blast making it!

Lisa Edwards I was born in Ireland and my middle name “Erin” is a reminder of my birthplace and my parents’ European adventures. I graduated from BYU with a BS in Communications (Photography emphasis) and a minor in art. My two most pivotal moments have been meeting & marrying my soul mate and becoming a mother. My life’s work has really been my four amazing children and feel so grateful to be a part of watching them blossom…they are my treasure. As a child, I remember my Uncle Bob following us around with his 4x5 camera capturing the moments of our childhood. I’m so grateful for that legacy he left us even though he is gone. I don’t think there’d be many photo memories if it hadn’t been for him. I think it’s so important to preserve and celebrate family heritage. I love photography because it captures and freezes moments in time that can be savored over again. I love the power and emotion that visual imagery can have on one’s emotions. I am always inspired by light, but especially in autumn, when light has a different quality about it. I find great inspiration from nature, children, sharing ideas with other creative minds, and studying work from other artists… my two favorites being my own two artist daughters. Their energy always inspires my mind. Favorite quote: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you, take but by the number of moments that take your breath away.” author unknown. Lisa.erin Artistic Photography. email: a la mode magazine | spring 2011



a la mode magazine | spring 2011

We would love to hear from you! If you would like to submit an idea, comment, or question we are here! You can submit to the following articles: Inspirational Woman - Know someone who would be a good candidate? Share - Want to share your talent with the world? Or do you know someone you’d like to tell us about? Confession Session - Have something funny you’d like to confess? If you are looking to submit something for consideration in our next issue please send to and include the following: Name E-mail Where you are from (City and/or State) Creative Blog URL if you have one If you wish to remain anonymous in the magazine please let us know! We will do our best to contact you if we choose to include any of your submissions. All questions, comments, and ideas should also be emailed to For more information about the magazine you can find us at

a la mode magazine | spring 2011


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