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Single Property XSites Win, promote, and close more listings, with dedicated sites for each property

Dominate your market


Real Estate Solutions Guide

XSellerate 4 Generate more leads and boost income with automatic marketing

Use these game-changing technologies to win right now

Agent XSites 8 Get a killer website with rich listings, plus business management tools


XSites IDX 22 Showcase all available MLS listings on your site, in multimedia style

24th Anniversary Savings 29 Spectacular sale prices, plus take an additional $100 off your order!

Plus, much more 1-800-ALAMODE •


You’ll be glad we’re not like the other guys More than 100,000 appraisers, brokers, lenders, agents, and inspectors rely on our products to power nearly 50% of all residential transactions. Talk to any of them and you’ll see that they’re exceptionally loyal and enthusiastic about our strengths. Ever wonder why? For some, it’s because for 24 years spanning multiple downturns, we’ve stayed innovative. We know you need cutting edge tools like our new iPhone TourNarrator now, and even more when the market returns. If your vendor cuts costs by not developing new products or updating existing ones, you’ll come out of the slump with technology that’s years behind. That’s guaranteed failure. For others, it’s our fully staffed 24x7x365 support and free training. We know you work nights and weekends, and so do we.

Our headquarters is always staffed with “real live people” charged with getting you productive immediately. Or take one of our many live webinars to get the most out of your products. Either way, we’re here to help make you successful. For still others, it’s the peace of mind that comes from our iron-clad, 100 day, 100% money back guarantee. A vendor can’t offer that unless their products and services are up to the challenge, which is why others simply don’t do it. There are more reasons, of course, and every one of our users could recite a long list of their favorites. Now, it’s time to create your own. Look through this catalog and then give us a call to get started. You’ll never regret leaving “the other guys”. As we said, we even guarantee it.

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XSellerate  ������������������������������������������ 4 Turn leads into clients and increase

TourNarrator �������������������������������� 2

referrals with automatic, effective

Capture client feedback on property specifics instantly from your iPhone

marketing made easy

Agent XSites ������������������������������������� 8 Showcase listings, capture leads and manage your business all from one website

Our products have worked for thousands of real estate pros. But don’t just take our word for it...

Broker XSites ����������������������������������� 16 Manage your listings, leads, marketing, and agents with one complete system

Single Property XSites�������������������� 20 Impress sellers with dedicated sites that promote individual listings

“I have been using Agent XSites for over 4 years and 99% of our business is from our website. We do about 250-500 leads per month depending on the time of year.”

“We’ve seen a HUGE increase in our sales with the addition of our XSite and it’s super easy to use. If you want to take advantage of internet marketing...this is how.”

— Robert Masse

— Tracey Shrouder

FleXApp 1003���������������������������������� 21 Have a one-stop real estate website adding our powerful online loan app

Listings XPress �������������������������������� 21 Showcase your listings on any website

XSites IDX  ���������������������������������������� 22 Feature all available MLS inventory in

We’re here for you — free webinars and training, and 24x7 support Are you worried that switching vendors is just too time-consuming or difficult? Don’t. We’ve got you covered with our huge selection of free, live and recorded webinars, you can learn from the comfort of your desk. And if you ever have a question, we’ve got you covered there too. Just give us a call at 1-800-211-4514, and we’ll get you taken care of immediately. Learn more about our totally free webinars, training and unrivaled support on page 28.

In celebration of our 24th anniversary, take $100 off your catalog order Simply spend at least $149 by 9/30. Order online or by fax to save an extra $20!

your area to attract more web traffic

DaVinci TourSketch������������������������� 26 Go beyond virtual tours and impress buyers with interactive floor plans

Order form �������������������������������������� 29 Fax it in or order online to save an extra $20


Capture and recap showings instantly with your iPhone

• Capture buyer feedback on key properties as you get it, using photos, notes, and voice recording • Tour comments and photos are published to a PDF and can be used on any website • Clients can then browse through properties toured and remember what they liked or didn’t about each • High tech, impressive service that reduces questions, boosts confidence, and gets buyers committed more quickly

Look for it in the Apple App Store! Get alerted when it’s available at

Use your iPhone to get buyers to the closing table faster Keep buyers from getting confused about details of the properties they’ve seen, by giving them instant, summarized recaps of their likes and dislikes, using nothing but your iPhone. It’s amazing. With TourNarrator on your iPhone, you’ll easily create multimedia notes capturing your buyer’s reactions in real time, highlighting important aspects of key properties that they might otherwise overlook later. TourNarrator eliminates the hassle of clients taking 2

1-800-ALAMODE •

notes on their MLS sheets and allows them to enjoy the property fully. All of the detailed information is published to a beautifully designed, personalized PDF that can be accessed from virtually any website, e-mail account, or mobile device. There’s no waiting to type notes or organize feedback since it’s all captured and published to the PDF from your iPhone. And with easy to reference property summaries, you’ll eliminate

unneeded second showings and have buyer’s thoughts well organized. Confident buyers are committed, quick closers, and that’s what everybody needs in today’s shifting markets. Plus, in the bigger picture, you’re providing a customer service level they won’t find with just any agent, and the instant “wow” factor that today’s savvy buyers demand. Not only will your buyers close more rapidly, they’ll send more referrals. You can’t beat that.

Take photos, notes, videos and voice recordings from one easy app Most buyers find it difficult to remember the details of each home they’ve seen, which means indecision, more showings, and no closing. TourNarrator solves that problem by using your iPhone to capture photos, notes, voice recordings, or even video of the most (or least) attractive features of a home. Take snapshots of as much or as little as necessary for your buyer to remember the key points. You don’t do more work; you just quickly hit the things that they talk about, as they do it. Simple, effective, and efficient.

You see it every day: Details drive the sale Was the bathroom on Hickory Street just a shade too small? Was the closet just perfect at Old World Trail? Could the office on Windermere Drive easily convert to the nursery? These are the notes that often get scribbled on MLS printouts, then easily lost or forgotten later when it’s time to make a decision on which home to write an offer on. Since TourNarrator has the photos, videos, and notes that were taken at the time, it cuts through the clutter in the buyer’s memory. And when that happens, buyers get off the fence and into the closing process.

Deliver it all as polished presentations instantly TourNarrator helps make buying decisions easy. After each tour, you’ll deliver a beautifully designed recap of all the homes they saw. The photos and feedback will be combined into a PDF that you can link to any website, attach in e-mail or print out for buyers to review. It’s also a great way to give other agents feedback about their listing.



Highly-effective marketing made fully automatic • Hundreds of pre-built e-mails and postcards keep in touch with clients and prospects alike • "Set and forget" automated scheduling means you always have marketing • Campaigns of all types, from buyer and seller education to "Just Listed", seasonal reminders, and more • One-click integration with XSites, but still works on its own if you don't use an XSite • Tracking and reporting features included so you know what’s working • New ads added all the time for free

XSite owners with XSellerate get 40% more leads than those without

Get your listings and services noticed with professional marketing that sells.

Acquire clients, and keep them well past the closing table Gaining new clients and keeping current ones is critical, yet most clients never hear from their agent after completing a transaction. You’ll avoid that mistake with XSellerate. With XSellerate your new and ongoing marketing will be taken care of with ease and automatically. With over two hundred pre-written ads to choose from, XSellerate turns prospects into clients, and clients into referral machines. 4

1-800-ALAMODE •

Simply customize any one of our professional pre-written messages, or custom design your own campaign with our easy editor within XSellerate. XSellerate’s Auto Scheduler sends your pieces out when you want and to whom you specify, but it’s also smarter than limited marketing kits sold by other providers (and for much less money). For example, XSellerate knows that a new lead automatically should start

getting your “New Leads” campaign. It’s not just time-driven. It understands that people fall into categories, and that those categories trigger automatic marketing as soon as a person is added to them. XSellerate imports contacts from your mailing lists and e-mail address books, and it seamlessly integrates any new leads generated from an XSite or our IDX system. With such a quick, easy startup and huge income potential, why wait?

Campaign management and delivery With XSellerate simply define a group of first time buyers, repeat customers or others. Each group will get the pieces specific to them at the time interval or date you select. And when you add a new first time buyer, they’ll automatically be added to your contact group and marketing campaign.

Timely, targeted multimedia marketing It’s more important now than ever to have marketing that is targeted and specific. With over 200 pre-written and fully customizable e-mails and postcards, XSellerate has you covered for every group.

Target first-time buyers or people looking for investments and educate them on the advantages of buying in today’s market.

Announce “Just Listed” homes instantly Broadcast your listings to prospects, past clients, and other agents in your area in a few clicks. Once you’ve entered a listing in your XSite, just click a button, and XSellerate automatically builds and sends your branded listing ad to all of your contacts.


See what XSellerate can do for you


XSellerate Put XSellerate to work in minutes Here’s how it works... Simply create recipient groups like “past clients”, “buyers”, “sellers”, “FSBOs”, etc., so your marketing is targeted. Select the pieces you want to send from hundreds of professionally designed e-mails and postcards. Customize any of them quickly with our built-in editor, or easily create and use your own. XSellerate then adds your contact information and sends everything as it’s triggered, automatically marketing for you 24 x 7.

Day 1: Announce your services to potential sellers in your area

Day 7: The second part of your campaign is automatically sent for you

Day 21: Highlight your marketing plan and set it apart with a dedicated “.com” or Single Property XSite (page 20) You set the day: October 15th your “stay in touch” e-mail is automatically sent out

Day 14: Once you have a commitment, send staging tips to get the sellers started

Day 35: You’re reminded to print the postcards and labels (XSellerate automatically generates them for you). Just drop them in the mail.


1-800-ALAMODE •

You can mail printed postcards, too! Mixing traditional printed pieces together with e-mails makes for a more effective marketing campaign, reaching more people and generating more leads. That’s why XSellerate automates the process of generating labels for the printed pieces you choose on the dates you specify. You get gorgeous printed postcards without the hassle and expense of dealing with an outside marketing company. Brilliant.

Don’t let them forget about you

Dozens of seasonal and holiday messages help you stay in touch with no effort.

Stay in front of past clients for repeat and referral business.

Send ads to heat up a cold lead. Always stay in touch and “top of mind” with tips, recipes, and holiday greetings.

Let me get this straight... I take $100 off instantly, then order online and save another $20? So I’m really paying $79 WITH a 100 day guarantee? Sign me up.

A risk free offer

Get XSellerate for only

Landing just one new listing or buyer as a result of XSellerate and recoup your investment many times over. Combined with 24 x 7 x 365 live tech support and 100 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.



/yr • 1-800-ALAMODE

Celebrating 24 years! • Take $100 off your catalog order and save an extra $20 if you order at


Agent XSites

Sophisticated, rich, hassle-free websites

• Easy to create, use and maintain • Hundreds of designs and pre-written pages • Customize our pre-written content, create new, or paste from your old site • Unlimited listings and photos • Powerful, customizable lead capture forms that turn visitors into clients • Full blogging capability boosts your search engine rankings substantially • Task reminders and scheduling included • Free training and 24 x 7 x 365 live tech support available

In the last 12 months, Agent XSite page views are up 18.9%

Build more than a website, build your business Agent XSites are more than just cutting edge websites. They help you build a powerful online brand that portrays professionalism, connects you with clients, and generates new business. With over 100 pages of pre-written yet editable content (in five languages), more than 300 easily customizable themes, a free domain name, advanced search engine submission and ranking tools, and powerful lead capture management, Agent XSites give you 8

1-800-ALAMODE •

flexibility and high-tech power where you’re most visible — your website. You gain a sophisticated edge with features like animated listing teasers, animated flash headers, site sounds, buyer and seller videos, listing video and audio tours, podcasting, and more. You’ll be better connected to current and potential customers with blogging tools, live chat features, and passwordprotected private client pages where they can save search criteria and

properties they like. An Agent XSite also helps you manage your business with tools like task tracking, scheduling, contact management and powerful e-mail. With XSites you can even roll back to a previous version of your site at any time, giving you the luxury of worry-free customization. But in spite of all this high-end technology, XSites are incomparably easy to use and a far better value than anything the competition offers.

Everything you need in one powerful website Professional image Sophisticated themes, content, and tools inspire confidence in your professionalism.

The industry’s best listing tools Unlimited photos and multimedia features fully showcase any listing on the web.

Lead capture tools Add customizable lead capture forms on any page, and respond to new leads automatically.

More web traffic Expose your site to millions instantly with built in SEO tools and listing syndication.

Mobile tools Stay connected to your XSite, web leads, calendar, and contacts from your cell phone or mobile device.

CRM tools Manage your business from the web with powerful contacts, scheduling, task lists and more.

What makes us different • Full range of integrated tools that work together to manage your entire day. No hodge podge or expensive add-ons. • Easy to set up yourself in minutes. No waiting or expensive webmasters. • No change fees, hosting fees, or monthly fees. • Call us toll-free 24x7x365 for free, expert tech support. You’ll get a real human being with a real understanding of your business. No answering machines. • You’re protected by a 100 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

The image that turns site visitors into clients XSites give you the sophisticated style and functions today’s Internetsavvy buyers and sellers expect. With more than 300 customizable classic and animated themes to choose from, you’ll get a professional look that’s unique to your business. And you can save multiple versions so you can freshen it often and never worry about losing your favorites.

Go from this...

to this...


See the true power behind Agent XSites

to this, in seconds!

Agent XSites Win more listings and sell them faster A marketing powerhouse you won’t find elsewhere In today’s market, it takes a lot more than just a sign in the yard and a MLS listing to sell a home. XSites give you the power to walk into your listings presentations knowing that you have the tools other agents don’t. From unlimited photos and rich Flash

presentations, to podcasting and property videos, no other website does nearly as much to truly showcase your listings. With our affordable and integrated single Property XSites (see page 20 of this catalog), you can even spawn a beautiful, dedicated “.com” in seconds.

Sophisticated photo tours with as many photos as you want for each listing — no limits like with the other guys Aerial photos show exact locations of home and surrounding features, giving buyers a real sense of where they are Never miss a lead again with instant messages sent to your cell or mobile device, so you can follow up before they shop around

Send your listings instantly to the web’s hottest real estate portals Your Agent XSite comes with all these powerful features automatically. There are no hidden or extra fees. 10

1-800-ALAMODE •

Powerful features that keep you ahead of the game Unlimited photo tours with no extra fees Other companies charge extra to add photo tours of listings. In XSites they’re included, and built for you automatically. Use as many photos and descriptions as you want because the more photos you have, the faster it will sell.

Impressive aerial maps bring location to life Microsoft bing™ maps are automatically added to your listings. Buyers can see where the property is in relation to jobs, entertainment, shopping, schools and everything else. Sellers will be impressed with the technology you bring to the table.

Listing teasers for every page of your site

Designed specifically for iPhone compatibility

Feature as many properties as you want in your teasers, with short descriptions and unlimited photos on every page of your site. Sellers love them because their home is featured prominently on your site.

Today’s buyers aren’t just searching for homes from their desktop computer. They’re searching on the go. With XSites, your listings will show up perfectly every time from an iPhone.

Show buyers ALL available listings including foreclosures Attract traffic by linking to millions of foreclosure, FSBO and tax lien listings. They’re some of the hottest properties on the market and the type of sticky content that keeps buyers coming back to your site. When a visitor clicks on a foreclosure property, they’re prompted to fill out your lead capture form. You get that lead sent to a site powered by that’s co-branded with your photo and contact information.

Podcasting and Collaborator keep you connected with today’s tech savvy buyers


Turn website traffic into lifelong clients

Connect with website visitors instantly Turn anonymous XSite visitors into clients with the Collaborator plug-in to XSites Desktop. You’ll be instantly notified the instant a visitor hits your site, be able to engage in a live “chat” with them and you can even direct them to listings on your site. While “chatting” you can even generate a lead capture form insuring you get their information to follow up afterwards.

Get properties in front of millions with Listings Publisher and Listings XChange You can tell sellers that you don’t stop with just the MLS and a sign in the yard. Your listings are published to the most highlyvisited real estate portals on the web, like® and®, as well as other XSites in your area. Your listings will be in front of millions of potential buyers who may not have seen them otherwise.

Celebrating 24 years! • Take $100 off your catalog order and save an extra $20 if you order at


Agent XSites Turn website traffic into life-long clients Critical CRM — right on your XSite Now, more than ever, CRM is critical to your success and laying the foundation for when markets return to normal. Unfortunately, for most agents, CRM is often an afterthought. XSites make sure your CRM is never left behind the curve since your contacts are completely integrated with your XSite.

You’ll have the same critical information like address, phone numbers, e-mails and notes. You can import contacts from Top Producer 7i®, ACT!®, Agent Office® and Outlook®, and it integrates with XSellerate for marketing that turns prospects into clients and past clients into repeat business and referral machines.

XSites CRM makes it easy to capitalize on the current (or any) market condition, ready for your customized XSellerate marketing campaigns (see page 4 to learn more about XSellerate). It’s just one more feature that’s included in Agent XSites for free, and it gives you an extra edge over your competition.

On average, XSite leads are up 17.5% per site in the last 12 months It’s easy to set up The lead capture forms are totally customizable without any technical knowledge. With our easy tools, you can create a form quickly; and ask for as much or as little information as you want. After you’ve created a form, you can drop it on any page.

Leads are stored automatically All the lead information, no matter where it came from, is automatically added to your contacts list so it can be instantly targeted with your XSellerate marketing campaigns.

Other vendors charge hundreds or thousands for a contact manager. With XSites, it’s included free.

Seamless follow up with leads You’ll know which lead capture form your lead filled out every time. So, you can respond to a buyer with a “new listing” campaign and not a generic auto-response or campaign designed for sellers. 12

1-800-ALAMODE •

Send me an instant mobile message

Leads are sent directly to your cell phone or PDA so you can follow up on them instantly.

E-mail that screams “true professional”

Command central for all your online tools

Your e-mail address isn’t just a communication tool anymore. When you add your e-mail address to your business cards, property flyers, and yard signs, it becomes a reflection of you. With an Agent XSite, you’ll get 10 e-mail addresses with your domain, so it’s easy to replace the unprofessional “joe747@yahoo. com” with “”. And it’s all protected with spam and anti-virus software, so you won’t have to worry about getting messages that aren’t about your business.

XSites Desktop brings all your vital tools together in one spot on your desktop. With Collaborator, our online chat plug-in, you know the instant a visitor hits your site and you can chat with them live. And with the Energizer plug-in, we’ll let you know what changes (content, lead forms, etc.) you can make to your XSite, for higher search engine rankings and more leads.

E-mail, CRM, and XSites Desktop keep you connected to clients.

XSites Mobile keeps you connected from anywhere You spend most of your time outside your office. XSites Mobile makes sure you’re not out of touch. You’re kept in the loop with automatic reminders of tasks and appointments on your cell phone or mobile device. It even alerts you when you have a new lead from your XSite. You’ll amaze leads with your instant response to their questions.



No risk. No fees. No hassles.

Agent XSite Pro

Try an Agent XSite for 100 days, risk-free. If you don’t see all the advantages to your business, we’ll refund every penny — no questions asked. • 1-800-ALAMODE


Celebrating 24 years! • Take $100 off your catalog order and save an extra $20 if you order at


Agent Elite System

Everything we sell, and then some

Our Agent Elite system is so radical that you might not “get it” at first. You see, it’s not just a discounted bundle of every one of our agent products. It’s all that, plus a guarantee that Elite users get any new agent products we create, at no charge, automatically. (And from looking at our history, you know that we’re always doing new stuff, so that’s quite the cool policy.) Think about it. Everything, at a ridiculously low cost, for one simple annual fee. All backed by our training, our free 24x7 tech support line, and our 100 day money back guarantee. You can’t lose. Period.

Get Elite for only $699 Save 73%

10 ways the Elite system will help you make more money 1. Reduce headaches and hassle, and pay less Rather than relying on a hodge-podge of separate tools for e-mail marketing, websites, postcards, presentations, and Broker Reciprocity (IDX), choose Elite. There are no monthly fees and no complicated hoops to jump through. It’s more tools with better integration, all at lower cost. 2. Get maximum exposure for your listings Showcase a home on your main XSite, plus kick off its own Property XSite and custom domain name. Then boost traffic to them with an XSellerate e-mail campaign. 3. Stay in touch with past clients without lifting a finger In a few clicks, set up automatic, recurring, personalized campaigns for months or years in the future. 4. Strengthen mortgage partnerships for more referrals Give your Mortgage XSite to loan partners so clients will enjoy a less stressful experience thanks to online loan apps, paperless tools, online status notices and more. 5. Generate offers much faster using your iPhone Get buyers to commit, and then close, using notes gathered in real time on your iPhone with TourNarrator.

6. Win listings presentations with a sure-fire marketing plan Others won’t be able to measure up to your dedicated listing site, e-mailed and printed campaigns, showing feedback, interactive floorplan, and massive exposure. 7. Leverage partner relationships to boost web traffic Give Listings XPress to your preferred lenders, partners, and other local businesses. They show your listings on their site, and you get more leads. 8. Show all available MLS listings on your site with XSites IDX Your website becomes the buyer’s preferred destination thanks to your phenomenal presentation of all of the area’s available Broker Reciprocity listings. 9. Boost your rankings in the search engines With integrated blogging, easily customizable content pages, editable key words and more, your XSite will show up higher in search engines which means more traffic. 10. Use stylish walkthroughs of homes to generate offers Use TourSketch to easily build interactive floorplans of homes complete with photos, dimensions and more to give buyers an immediate sense of scale and room flow.

Get all a full year of our agent tools for just $699 — save 73%

Already have one of these products?

Agent XSites $499 Sophisticated, rich, hassle-free website

TourNarrator $9 Use your iPhone to get buyers to closing faster

Property XSites $540 Five dedicated sites to market individual listings

Listings XPress $199 Build relationships and your business

DaVinci TourSketch $249 Killer photos tours on interactive floor plans

FleXApp 1003 $199 Powerful online 1003 that works with any site

Through September, get Elite for only $699, using your $100 discount. That’s $1893 off retail. Plus, you’ll get a credit for what you’ve already bought. So, your price may be very low. And this changes your renewal date for everything to September of 2010. That’s a year without spending a cent on internet marketing. Call us today for your custom price!

XSites IDX $199 Show all possible MLS listings on your website

Mortgage XSites $499 Websites that generate loans and save time

XSellerate $199 Automatic marketing turns leads into sales

Bonus! All new agent products released in the next 12 months

Get Elite for just $699 in September. Order today! 1-800-ALAMODE

Broker XSites

Multiple agents, one brand, one powerful website

• Brand your entire firm with a sophisticated, consistent website • Recruit and retain top agents while cutting costs • Create unlimited standard agent sub-sites and e-mail accounts • Capture, route, and monitor leads • Maximize listings exposure with centralized management • Follow-up automatically, turning leads into clients • Expand to add more agents with no surprise fees

Smart, flexible technology that grows as you do Get all of the tools you need to level the playing field versus the big franchises, without breaking the bank. With a Broker XSite, you’ll recruit and retain the best agents, protect your leads and manage your brand — all at a drastically lower price than the other guys, and with better features. And while your website is what creates a first impression of you and your business, it’s also what separates you from your competitors. With Broker XSites, you’ll have access to innovative technology that agents love, searchable IDX inventory that keeps buyers coming back, and aroundthe-clock support and training. Your Broker XSite not only comes 16

1-800-ALAMODE •

standard with all of the tools needed to feature and market listings, but it also automatically “spawns” new sub-websites for an unlimited number of agents in your company. You can force every sub-site to automatically include your corporate content pages, themes, logos, and more, yet each agent can still customize the rest of their site for their own marketing needs. Look at what we offer, and you’ll agree that custom brokerage sites can easily run into the six figures, but often do less than a Broker XSite. Yet, you still get our 100%, 100 day money back guarantee. The expensive custom website companies don’t offer that. Ever wonder why? Yeah, that’s why.

“Broker XSites offer everything we need in one package and a la mode’s experience in the industry is invaluable. I’d recommend them to other brokers but don’t want to help out my competition” — Anthony Kaiser Meyer Real Estate, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Work the way you do Brokers don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world. Under a single roof, you’ll have brand new agents who need everything, from e-mail to hand holding, as well as experienced teams with their own sites who just need the back office tie-ins for leads and listings. Your agents are diverse, and so are your business needs (marketing, compliance, recruiting, etc.) Broker XSites offer the flexibility that successful brokerage firms need.

Manage it all from one spot The My Office area of your Broker XSite lets you or your office manager control your home site’s content, and what parts of it are shown on your agents’ sites. You control how agents are shown in your directory and you choose how and where listings are shown. And with photos, contact info and biographies visitors quickly find the right agent to work with for the perfect home.

Add agents in a few clicks Get your agents up and running with everything they need to sell homes before the ink is even dry on their paperwork. In a few clicks you can spawn Agent XSites (pre-loaded with your custom content and branding), agent specific e-mail, a full CRM solution, and a very professional listing in your agent directory. The technology provided to your agents is truly first in class. You still control your brand, and they’ll get flexibility to showcase their specialties.

the true power MORE See behind Broker XSites

Celebrating 24 years! • Take $100 off your catalog order and save an extra $20 if you order at


Broker XSites Centralized, state of the art listings The most sophisticated showcase for your listings coupled with the easiest management Every one of your listings shows up on your Broker XSite, and they’re shared across all your individual Agent XSites, too. They’re complete with unlimited photos, audio tours and virtual tours. Plus, one click sends all of your listings to popular real estate classified sites like®,®, Yahoo® Real Estate and more. Your listings will be in front of millions of potential buyers who may not have seen them otherwise. All listings are aggregated in your Broker XSite and automatically pushed to all your Agent XSites. The listing tools don’t just show listings — they showcase them. See more about Listings on page 21.

As leads are captured on your main or sub-sites, the information is sent to your agents based on your specifications. Leads will also get a personalized e-mail from the agent they’ve been assigned to.

Capture, route, and monitor leads Broker XSites come with fully customizable online lead capture forms. As leads come in from your main site, they’re added to your built in contact manager. You control how they’re assigned and routed. Even leads gathered from agent sub-sites are in your pool for company marketing campaigns. If an agent leaves your firm, you still have the lead in your central database.

Agents are notified instantly of new leads Lead follow up is critical. If an agent doesn’t follow up promptly, the prospect will probably start searching elsewhere. As soon as a new lead is captured, the prospect is sent an e-mail 18

1-800-ALAMODE •

immediately from the assigned agent, and the agent receives a mobile notification. If an agent doesn’t respond in time, you can re-route leads to another agent.

Turn the leads into repeat clients Most clients never hear from the agent again after the deal is done. With XSellerate, our automated marketing system (learn more on page 4) that is included with your Broker XSite, clients are instantly added to your marketing campaigns so you’ll always stay in touch — automatically. It’s the easiest way to turn past clients in to repeat business and generate more referrals.

Keep the change Generate revenue and lower recruiting costs

Lower your administrative overhead

Tens of thousands of professionals rely on our Agent XSites every day for a professional online presence. So how do you use that success with the agents in your office? Include Agent XSites in your technology fee, provide them at your cost, or mark them up as a profit center. It’s up to you, and we won’t get in the way. No matter which route you choose, your recruiting success will go up and your cost to acquire and retain agents will go down.

You need your agents out on the street selling homes, but you also need your administrative staff to take care of your business. XSites give you the flexibility to decide who will handle the management of your website and all the listings for your company. You can have the agents update all of their sites, or you can assign it to any one person in your office. Either way, your new listings and updates are automatically published to every site in your company.

Managing your budget is easy Since everything you need from websites, to marketing to IDX is all included in one price you don’t need to worry about your budget. Whether you pay up front or monthly, you’ll always have all the tools you need right at your fingertips. No extra fees. No hassles.

Training makes the switch even easier FREE webinars for all your agents and 24x7x365 free help from expert technicians Switching from your current company website to an XSite isn’t a time-consuming hassle thanks to our intuitive features and our training, which will walk you through launching your site. If you do have questions along the way, simply call us. We’re happy to help. Then, once you’re up and running, your agents can also participate in our free recorded or live webinars, watch videos and more to help them fully customize and get more leads to from their areas of your Broker XSite.

Big franchise tech without the big franchise price. Try a Broker XSite for 100 days, risk-free. If you don’t see all the advantages to your business, we’ll refund every penny to your company — no questions asked.

Get a Broker XSite for only




or $199/month


Property XSites

Dedicated sites promote individual listings

Property XSites are excellent for: • Owning your neighborhood — Property XSites give you the inside track for buyers searching by neighborhood or subdivision • Making listings stand out — Your listing won’t get lost in the shuffle of MLS searches. With a Property XSite, buyers searching neighborhoods will see your property first • Meeting buyer expectations — Buyers today use their Smartphone to preview properties before ever calling to schedule a showing • Showcasing special properties — Give unique or luxury properties more room and design elements to make buyers feel like they’ve been in the home. Or, if you’re not getting offers for a listing, this is a great way to boost exposure • “Wow” your sellers — Clients will feel like you’re giving them top-notch service by setting up their very own website. It’s great for referrals too!

Great marketing at a great price


Impress sellers, win listings, sell them faster Sellers will know that you go the extra mile to get their home sold, with a rich Property XSite dedicated to their listing. It breaks away from the MLS’s limited text and descriptions, with custom multimedia pages showcasing features in full detail. And, of course, it includes its own “.com” domain name, which 20

1-800-ALAMODE •

sellers and search engines love! In addition, it’s got advanced features like a virtual tour builder, unlimited video, audio, and images, podcasting, interactive Microsoft bing™ maps, and syndication to the major listing sites like Google™ Base, Yahoo®, and more. But all that doesn’t make it complicated.

In fact, if you’ve got an Agent XSite with the listing already in it, launching a dedicated Property XSite is just a few clicks away. Even if you don’t, setting up a Property XSite from scratch relies on the same legendary ease of use that made us the leader in agent websites. With a system like this, you can’t lose!

Listings XPress Get your listings on partner’s websites Generate new leads by showcasing your property listings on any website, not just your own. Listings XPress lets you broadcast your listings to other sites with whom you’ve partnered (mortgage brokers, etc.) to ensure maximum exposure to your listings. Any changes or additions you make to your XSite listings are instantly reflected everywhere. • Snap our rich, powerful multimedia listing tools into any website, in minutes • Syndicate your listings to Oodle®, Trulia®, Yahoo® and more for exposure to millions of potential buyers • Give extra copies of Listings XPress to affiliate partners (mortgage brokers, for example) to showcase your listings on their sites too


• Add unlimited photos and descriptions, plus podcasts, videos, extra documents, and more • Have an older website with tired listings? Use Listings XPress to freshen your site without a complete redo!


FleXApp 1003 Add our loan app to any website Include our powerful online loan application in your website for a one-stop real estate solution. FleXApp’s step-by-step process makes completing the 1003 easy for borrowers, since context-sensitive pop-up help screens guide them through the process. Plus, you choose whether borrowers fill out the full app or an abbreviated short form, and they get a secure online status area and automatic status e-mails. It even includes our integrated DirectFax system for creating paperless loan files. • Add our powerful


complete with context-

online loan app for a

sensitive fields, pop-

one-stop real estate

up help screens, and

website for your clients

“save” options, so

• Route the applications

borrowers never get

to the lender of your

stuck or overwhelmed

choice automatically

• Secure loan status login

• Have an easy application that borrowers love

areas, and automatic status e-mails

Celebrating 24 years! • Take $100 off your catalog order and save an extra $20 if you order at


XSites IDX

Broker Reciprocity listings attract visitors to your website • Display “Broker Reciprocity” listings (commonly called “IDX”) on your site in a clean, interactive way that attracts visitors and turns them into leads • Snap our superior IDX into any website • Unlike a generic MLS feed, the modern design and cool tools are what techsavvy Internet visitors expect • Easy set up and maintenance means no more wasted time on outdated IDX • Unlike one-size-fits-all generic IDX, our interactive search options are tailored to your market (no more “oceanfront” searches in Orlando, for example) • Backed by 24x7x365 live tech support and 100 day money back guarantee

$199/yr 1-800-ALAMODE

A listings search built for today’s savvy buyers XSites IDX puts every Broker Reciprocity listing from your MLS on your personal website (but with only your contact information shown), in a fresh design that appeals to today’s Internet visitors. You’ll dominate the local property search scene by showing potentially tens of thousands of listings, with genuinely intuitive search features, gorgeous interactive mapping, photo slide shows, and more. Buyers will bookmark your site 22

1-800-ALAMODE •

as their preferred search tool, and they’ll absolutely tell their friends. When they visit, they can request an appointment directly from any listing, automatically. Their information goes into our built-in contact manager for easy follow up, and instantly integrates into XSellerate (see page 4). You’re even alerted of new IDX-generated leads instantly on your mobile phone. As you can see, unlike local solutions,

you get national-level sophisticated features and support. And unlike generic national systems, XSites IDX understands your local market, so buyers in Miami see oceanfront options, but not in Austin. It’s the best of both worlds. You can quickly snap XSites IDX into any website, even if it’s not one of ours. We’re not picky. But Internet buyers are. Don’t lose them, and the commission, with anything less than XSites IDX.

Your website can be THE web destination for all the MLS listings in your area. XSites IDX visitors are more likely to bookmark your site, send listings to their family and friends, and come back again and again, even after you close them. Easy, intelligent searching with no “technicalities” XSites IDX uses a quick and simple initial search screen that only asks for basic information so visitors aren’t overwhelmed. Plus, our “IntelliSearch” feature offers a list of possibilities when they start typing. It eliminates the frustration visitors feel if they (or the listing agent) can’t remember the correct spelling of a city, for example. Problem solved.

Unlike other solutions, our simple search screen doesn’t frustrate visitors

Relevant, area-specific choices help visitors narrow searches quickly Visitors narrow search criteria with sliding scales or choose from pre-filled drop down boxes with criteria specific to their search area. Search results are updated immediately. Buyers will find what they’re looking for faster, because they can modify searches on the fly and see results instantly. Then they’re hooked.

Maps with the properties on every search result Scrolling over any one of the map pin-points, visitors get a quick preview of property details, including exact address, price and square footage.

Clients love the maps. Roll over a pinpoint to see property details in a floating window.


See what XSites IDX can do for you

Celebrating 24 years! • Take $100 off your catalog order and save an extra $20 if you order at


XSites IDX XSites IDX

Listings are professionally displayed and fit perfectly in any website Let’s face it. Many property search solutions don’t look professional on your website and that reflects poorly on you. XSites IDX will make you look like the true professional you are. Listings look far superior to the same house in outdated, ugly “solutions”, and you can quickly create a button that displays your listings for the ultimate ease in searching.

Every listing carries your brand With XSites IDX, your brand is featured seamlessly. Unlike other solutions, ours directs potential buyers to you for questions and showings. Brand X

Simple lead capture forms get the ball rolling.

With XSites IDX, you can forget clunky, ugly IDX on your website.

Leads are automatically delivered to your mobile phone for immediate follow up Other solutions aren’t even branded for you. They certainly don’t include the follow-up tools that turn web surfers into profitable clients. With XSites IDX, you’ll get an instant notice on your mobile device so you can impress with state-ofthe-art service before visitors shop around. 24

XSites IDX includes customized follow up Say good-bye to plain text-based responses. With XSites IDX, contact information is instantly sent to your mobile phone and a confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to your new contact. The follow-up includes the primary listing photo, property details, and your photo with contact information. There’s never a question of who they should contact for a showing.

“XSites IDX has increased my website traffic by 50% and my leads have increased by at least 20%.” — Stephanie Boykin,

Which level is right for you? Standard

Coming Soon! Pro

Equipped with a simple, “one question” search screen



Aerial and satellite interactive mapping features



Changes to search criteria update results immediately



Lead capture forms displayed on every listing



Automatically creates “IDX leads” contact group for follow up marketing



Visitor registration and saved search capability


Support for multiple boards


Visitors can perform a “quick search” from any page on your website


Unlimited custom searches


Property updates delivered via RSS feeds and e-mail


A risk free offer Just one deal closed from an IDX lead and it’s more than paid for itself. Backed by our 100 day money back guarantee, free training, and 24 x 7 x 365 live tech support, you have nothing to lose.


$ • 1-800-ALAMODE

Celebrating 24 years! • Take $100 off your catalog order and save an extra $20 if you order at


DaVinci TourSketch Killer photo tours on interactive floor plans • Easily create floorplans to help buyers visualize each property layout • Manage your XSite listings from your desktop, laptop, or tablet PC • Supports Tablet PCs with pen inputs and shortcuts • Give sellers confidence most of their home is being shown and you’re doing everything possible to bring in buyers • Perfect for out of town buyers that can’t visit each property • Works seamlessly with any website

Show and sell with DaVinci TourSketch


Backed by 100 day money back guarantee

Go beyond the virtual tours with interactive floor plans In a time where agents are doing everything to earn a full commission, what are you doing to set yourself apart? DaVinci TourSketch creates a full virtual walkthrough of your listing quickly and easily. Showcase your listing to buyers and impress potential sellers with these sophisticated floor plan tools and it’s simple to do. 26

1-800-ALAMODE •

From your desktop, laptop, or Tablet PC, draw the interior walls and be able to provide the measurements of each room. Assign photos at the correct angle and location, and identify room features to show how the room comes together with furniture. Choose from hundreds of graphics to represent landscaping, furniture, or appliances and in minutes,

you’ve created a fully interactive floor plan tour for your listing. DaVinci also give you the ability to create an XSite listing from scratch. Create the listing instantly on a laptop or Tablet PC right from the property, or anywhere you have an Internet connection. Don’t have an XSite? No problem — DaVinci TourSketch works with any site.

Effortless, elaborate sketching

http://www.alamode. com/agent/davinci_ toursketch?cm_ mmc=agent_-catalog-_August2009-_-ver1

Draw sketches using your mouse, keyboard, or by hand using a digital pen on a Tablet PC. Handwritten inputs work for all functions. DaVinci recognizes handwritten commands, such as “S” for south or “Bas” for basement.

Listings that impress sellers and buyers Impress your seller clients when they see you using the latest technology as you walk through their home, creating a virtual tour on the fly. Plus, if you have an Internet connection, you can upload the floor plan tour, along with the photos and listing info, directly to your XSite before you get in the car to return to the office. Clients will be blown away that their property listing and online tour is up and running immediately. Buyers will love the ability to virtually walk through the property. That’s because homes sell easier when potential buyers can visualize the layout, look, and feel online, and that makes your listings stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Attach photos to the location they were taken. There are no limits on number of photos you can upload. Show every angle and entry of the home.

With hundreds of symbols for furniture, landscaping, appliances, plumbing, windows, doors and more, your floorplans can truly showcase a property. 27

Free training and support While the others may leave you hanging, we give you the service you deserve We’re here when you need us. After all, you don’t work 9-5. And you rely on your marketing technology to make money. Call us 24x7x365. Christmas? Yes. 3:30 AM? Yes. Rely on our highly-trained support team, all day and all night. And we’ll

help you in person, without you needing to wait hours on an e-mail response. Our technicians are bright, friendly and they understand your business. You’ll get the answers you need without any of the hassles of other support lines.

When you call, you’ll work with a highly trained professional in Oklahoma City. Our technicians give you real answers fast and our sales staff doesn’t work on commission — you can trust our advice.

Real-world training that makes you a phenomenal success We train thousands of real estate pros every year. They get quick, easy ways to boost qualified web leads, get results from marketing and sell listings much faster using the tools they have. With a variety of training options, we have something to fit your schedule and exactly what your business needs. Here’s a quick sample of training choices you’ll have when you get one of our free or paid products: • Live webinar: Driving Traffic to Your Website • Live webinar: E-mail Marketing Made Easy • Recorded webinar: Getting Traditional Listings Noticed in a Sea of Foreclosures • Recorded webinar: How to Use Target Marketing to Eliminate Online Competition with Michael Russer • Much more! See for a full list including manuals, and step-by-step documents. 28

1-800-ALAMODE •

“The training library has been a real help when working to improve our XSite. Checking our stats today, we have had 721 unique first time visitors to our site in the last 30 days.” — Bill & Sandy Stephens,

“You can join online classes that are live or take them at your own time and pace. ...You also have the 24/7 support line which is awesome, you never feel you are asking a stupid question and the staff is patient and kind. They take the time to help you work through your issues.” — Karyn Smith,

Best Value

Order now to save big Agent Elite System  ��� ��� � $699 — SAVE 73%

Marketing Pro Kit  � ��� ��� ��� ��� $499 — SAVE 44%

Get all of our agent products plus a Mortgage XSite for a full year. That includes an Agent XSite Pro, XSellerate, XSites IDX, DaVinci TourSketch, FleXApp 1003, five Single Property XSites, Listings XPress and a Mortgage XSite. Best of all, you’ll get every new agent product we release free in the next year. See page 14 to get the scoop on Elite.

Boost your leads, solidify your brand and sell listings faster with Agent XSite Pro, XSellerate and XSites IDX.

Already have one of the products? Call for custom pricing.

Buy with confidence: All orders are backed by our 100 day guarantee

Mix and match! Take $100 off any combination of products. Broker XSite (pg 16)����� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� $1999

FleXApp 1003 (pg 21)��� �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� $199

Agent XSite Professional (pg 8) ����� ��� ��� �� $499

Property XSites (pg 20) $9 setup / $9 month

DaVinci TourSketch (pg 26)����� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� $249

TourNarrator (pg 2)�� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� Coming soon!

XSites IDX Standard (pg 22)����� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� $199

Agent XSite Standard

XSellerate (pg 4)����� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� $199

Listings XPress 30 day trial  � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� FREE

Listings XPress (pg 21) ����� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� $199

XSellerate 30 day trial  � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� FREE

�� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� � �� FREE

Through September 30th, apply this discount to any order over $149. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Plus, save an extra $20 if you order online or by fax at 1-800-211-4512! • 1-800-ALAMODE Name:

Company name:

Shipping Address: Phone #: (


Credit card number:

City: Fax #: (




E-mail: Expiration date:

Name on card:

Celebrating 24 years! • Take $100 off your catalog order and save an extra $20 if you order at


24th anniversary savings! Save $100 off any order placed by September 30th, and an extra $20 when you order online or by fax. Order now! • 1-800-ALAMODE Agent XSites reel in more buyers and sellers Page 8

Broker XSites manage an entire brokerage Page 16 Property XSites sell listings fast Page 20

Page 2

3705 W. Memorial, Bldg 402 Oklahoma City, OK 73134 • 1-800-ALAMODE AD CODE: DPCATAG0909 a la  mode and its products are trademarks or registered trademarks of a  la  mode,  inc. Other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. All prices, terms, policies and other items are subject to change without notice. © 2009 a la mode, inc.

XSellerate automates effective marketing Page 4 TourNarrator gets buyers off the fence Page 2

PRESORTED Standard U.S. Postage Paid Oklahoma City, OK a la mode, inc.

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