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Four Things You Should Keep a Secret From a woman in order for her to stay attracted to you We are born liars, we love to lie, and some people make it their profession. In dating and relationships, it must be avoided like the black plague. Never lie to her. Did I say never? Well, only in those four exceptions. Women are great to be with. They can be wonderful confidants and will light up your whole life; however, women are also very fragile both physically and especially emotionally. When lied to, she can perceive it in a totally different manner than you would and her reaction to your lie", especially if it hurts her can be dramatic to you and her. But, lying should not be totally avoided, in fact there are some situations where lying is a necessity that you can't live without. There are four situations in which lying are a must do: Situation number one: never mention your past relationships This one may seem obvious, yet nearly all men will fall into it, whether they would be criticizing the other woman or even worse magnifying her, in both cases, you should lie about your past relationships, never tell the truth. Women tend to be very curious and nosy, especially in what concerns love and romance. She may ask you about your last girlfriend, how she looked or what she loved, or, the worse in my opinion make you compare the two of them. You may not perceive it at the moment and you start giving her details about the way she smelled, looked, behaved, and next thing you are fighting with your woman over something that has passed. My advice, if she asks you about looks, tell her that there is no way of compression, "You are stunningly beautiful". If she asks you about things she loved, give her minor details, better than this give her things she used to do that you didn't like. Situation number two: how she looks is very important to her

As mentioned before, women are much more concerned about looks than men are; this is the reason why she spends hours fixing her looks before she goes out. She may have some self-doubts; maybe it's her weight, her hair, her eyes. Don't ever tell her something negative about her looks, she will be very offended, even if you are joking with her, and you will regret it later. Situation number three: never criticize people she knows This one is a very important; most men will fall for it. You don't like her brother, father, friend... and you tell her so. She will hide the feeling, but she may be very hurt. People in her life are very important to her, she likes them, especially if they are very close to her and she won't like the fact that you criticize them. If you don't like someone she knows, hide it from her, what's the use if she knows. She may be aware of problems that person has and she will respect you for not mentioning them. Situation number four: never tell her your true feelings, when dating This one is only applicable in dating, if you are in a long term relationship, there is no use of applying it. Sometimes, while dating a woman, a man may be very impressed, how beautiful she is, how he likes her... The problems come when he tells her, she will certainly become distant and he would sound to her like a needy stalker. Don't fall into this trap, if you like her, wait until you are certain about her and tell her. The anticipation and not knowing what you feel toward her will make you even more irresistible to her, and read the rest of the tips in

Four Things You Should Keep a Secret From a woman in order for her to stay attracted to you  
Four Things You Should Keep a Secret From a woman in order for her to stay attracted to you  

What are the things in which lying to a woman is allowed.