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Body Language to Attract Women If you don't have your body reflects what you want and who you are, no matter what you learn, it will be useless for you. That is exactly what I'll be trying to explain to you in this article and how to remedy your body language issues. When it comes to creating attraction in women, body language is definitely a very crucial element to consider. Whatever you do to your physical appearance, if you don't have this part handled, you will fail. I'm going to give you the most important basic element to consider in your body language and how to use them to attract the woman you desire. The first two are in the form of "don'ts", stay away from these mistakes or just don't overdo them. The second ones are very crucial and will multiply your attraction powers many times. Don'ts: 

Don't lean forward.

When speaking to women, or anyone we are interested with, we tend to lean forward excessively. This is crucial when dealing with small children, it shows attention and care, but when it comes to women, we are not interested in showing too much attention or care in the first moments of meeting her. In fact, giving too much attention will be very destructive to your love life. So, what's the cure? It is to simply pay careful attention to your body movements, don't lean forward too often, let her do it instead. How do you do it? Simply, lean backward, in an open relaxed way. 

Don't smile too much.

I had this "bad" habit for a long time and It took me a great deal of effort to notice it and to control it. The first thing a baby will learn is to smile back, it's instinctive. But, when dealing with women, a smile will certainly betray your true motives and personality. You may be a confident, challenging and interesting guy, but when you smile a lot, it tends to show women that you are seeking their approval. Seeking approval = Rejection Only smile a few times, and more importantly, let her miss and deserve your smiles.

Caution!!! Don't replace your smile with a grouchy face. Instead, have neutral facial expressions. 

Use Kino.

What's Kino? Kino is "the Art of Touch". Simply, when talking with women, touch them lightly (no sexual intent) on the shoulders, arms... When crossing the road, hold her hand... Women know what touching means. For her, it means that you like her and that you approve of her and more importantly, you like being around her. All this if said with simple words will sound to a woman as needy talk, but when done with touch, it demonstrate confidence and maturity. 

Let your body open.

Don't talk to her with your arms crossed. Don't ever close your shoulders and your legs. Closing your body parts instinctively shows weakness and vulnerability. Again, watch your body movements carefully. You may be accustomed to doing gestures which are harmful to your love life unconsciously. Let your body open, arms open and relaxed, torso fully facing her. In order for you to get more on the subject, head to

Body Language to Attract Women  
Body Language to Attract Women , attract women using only your body language.