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Attract Women I've had people asking me over and over this question: Can you give me a step by step guide to how to attract a woman? Finally, here it is, use it, don't add too much to it and if you have any suggestion or remarks, visit my website. As I have already mentioned, it's a step by step guide, based on the five essential characteristics to attracting women. Number one: the preparation stage. In this stage, your mission is to tell her (indirectly) you are interested and that you have SELECTED her, in other words, you like her. So, how do we proceed? Simple, the magic words are "eye contact". Neither a prolonged one (like a stalker), nor threatening, just simple eye contact (hide the smile). However, you should be careful to a very neglected detail by many men! Don't be the first look away. You see, women love to test men and see it they are worth her femininity or not, so her first test to you will be keeping her eye contact prolonged toward you, if you glance first, you lose, simple. Number two: body language. After succeeding the first stage, you will want to show her that you will be approaching her in the following moments, so as not to get the cold shoulder, direct your body, torso, and legs toward her direction and face her, your facial expressions must not be frightening nor weak, keep a cool face, don't smile a lot. Number three: an opening line. Most people will use some dumb, disrespectful line like "If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me?" Well, you get the idea, don't use pick up line at all, no matter what the situation is. Your first words must be:    

Non-threatening Relevant to the situation Emphatic, pleasant or complimentary Easy to agree with

Guys, you should know that I'm giving you pure gold here; I've suffered many humiliations before I could figure out this combination. Let me give you an example: Me, shining a nice smile: Hi! I really like your purse, my sister is having her birth day soon and I have no idea what to get her. Can I ask where did you get it? Non-threatening (obvious), Relevant to the situation (she is wearing it), complimentary (she has good taste), Easy to agree with (I've never seen a woman in my whole life who reacted in a mean way to such combination of words).

One word of advice, use your body language appropriately. Number four: keep the attraction alive. Here, I'm going to give you the most important "don'ts". Don't be needy. Don't do her too much favors, learn to say no if it's a win/lose situation. Don't be around for too long (give her the immense pleasure of missing you, your humor, your presence and most importantly, your masculine energy). If you are serious about how to attract women, you must visit to my website :

Attract women  
Attract women  

Attract women the easy and correct way using this comprehensive guide