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Attract the women you want in your life by following these three stages of attraction Here are the strategies you should follow to attract the women you want in your life. There are so many things you need to know about how to attract women. These three stages of attractions are the ones you have to start with. Whenever you see yourself unable to attract the women you want in your life, for example, you are attracting no women or only those that others don’t want to date, you have to make sure you are following these three stages. 

The first stage to attract the women you want in your life is the “know your woman” stage.

In other words, what your woman should have and shouldn’t have in order for you to find her attractive. In this stage, you have to be selfish! And I mean what I say here, you have to start thinking of what you truly want and not of what other people think it’s great. A very close friend of mine was always dating gorgeous, highly attractive women, the big issue is that he couldn’t keep them attracted for much long and he would soon find an issue with them to dump them or to be dumped by them. He realized that all the women he “seems” to be attracted to are gorgeous but are not that great in the inside! In other words, he was attracted to looks but what he truly wanted is a combination of both. He noticed that he was hanging all the time with shallow people who are only thinking about looks. He shifted his search efforts to what he truly wanted and he found an average looking woman he truly likes and feels satisfied with. You have to think of what you want first. A good exercise to practice is writing down what you want in a particular woman you want to date: 1. Age group: 2. Height: 3. Body shape: 4. Hair color: 5. Eyes color:

6. Education: 7. Intelligence: …. Trust me, the more conditions the better for you and her. 

The next stage is the searching stage.

This is where you need to go look for your particular woman. This stage is very important and a lot of guys are simply looking in the wrong places. Let’s assume that you want an intelligent woman who is also gorgeous, the last place you will be looking into is a bar or a club … Your chances of finding her there are very tiny. You will have much more luck in a campus or a book store… You have to think like her and know where you would hang out if you were in her shoes. 

The third stage is the approach stage.

Now that you know what your ideal woman is like and where she will be hanging most of her time, you need to approach her. The big mistake about approaching women and the one that causing guys much troubles and huge rejections is not knowing the stages of approaching women , in this article I’ve written about how to approach women , I give you all the necessary details to conquer your fears and to approach women confidently.

Attract the Women You Want in Your Life by sticking by these three essential ideas