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Alam Mohammed Student ID: MOH10301131 BA (Hons) Graphic and Product Innovation Cathy PPD



Here I looked into Vernacular language around borough high street which has been created by people as some sort unofficial signage.


Here i was looking at natural decay around the environment caused by weathering, and my main focus was to photograph aspects of the area which demonstrate my findings which are How the environment affects the message by accident, weathering, or via graffiti etc.

Vernacular language


Visual Archive



For my Visual Archive I looked into things over growing on top of each other and also the effect of layering and poster which have been stuck on top of each other and how they revel pervious posters when they have been ripped apart. I also looked into the layering of graffiti and how the graffiti artist just spray there design on top of other graffiti designs.

For my research on my visual archive i looked into banksy’s work which inspired most of my photographs interms of what i wanted to express through them.


Design Museum

These two pages contain my favourite museums in London, they are also places I go for inspirations on start of a new brief.





Short booklet showing my visual research into my act of being a Flâneur.

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