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Alex Franco Laura Alcaide García Pilar Morales Romero Andrea Maldonado Jiménez Carla Bustos Jiménez 2º ESO A

Presentation Halloween is the night when all children go to the street for ask candies and more thing. I am Carla and there are my classmates: Andrea talks about The History of Halloween. Laura explains The Traditions at Halloween. Pilar talks about Superstitions at Halloween. Alex explains the Facts about Halloween.

The history of Halloween The 31st October's night is considered acquired a reputation as ning on which on ghost, witches and fairies are especially active. Celts built bonfires to frighten the spirit away, especially in Halloween. There are different Halloween customs in England, depends the shire.

The Traditions at Halloween 1.Jack or Lanterns: In halloween the americans uses a lanterns with form of gourd and in his inner is a candle. 2.The fire was very important for the celts because it was frightening the spirits.They use to jump on the fire.Now a days we use a light with gourds to scare to witches and ghosts. 3.The Apple of Duck:The Romans doing because recording his goddess the goddess of the trees and the fruit. We use as if it was a game. 4.The tradition of preparation for the Halloween has both European and Celtics roots.Dressind to confuse to the ghosts and leave os his houses. The people were placing the food in the door in order that they were not entring to his houses. 5.The trick or treat: when the children call demand trick or treatment in order that they give them candies, baubles ‌but the people don´t give candies; the childrens launch eggs.

Superstitions at Halloween We must take some precautions on Halloween night : •Journeys must be finished before sunset. •We must carry holly bread with salt in our pockets. •Girls must place hazel nuts on the fire grate, one for each boyfriend, to find out their future husband. ‘’If you love me, pop and fly, If you hate me, burn and die’’. •If you cut an apple in the middle, and eat it in front of a mirror by candlelight, you will see your future husband. •If you put and apple under your pillow, you will dream of your future husband. •If you peel an apple in one strand and throw it over yourshoulder, you will see the initial of your future husband name. •If you take a candle and look into a mirror eating an apple or combing your hair, you will see your Future husband over your shoulder.

Facts about Halloween -Halloween is always celebrated on 31 October -It is thought that the colours orange and black became Halloween colours because orange is associated with harvests and black is associated with death -Ringing a bell scares evil spirits away

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