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SERENITY, TRANQUILITY, SECURITY & PRIVILEGE These are the hallmarks of Tamarindo´s most sought after location. Build the home of your dreams on this untouched paradise. A few steps from the shimmering white sand beaches and azure seas of Guanacaste´s Gold Coast.

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At Wayra, your language barrier will disappear Wayra Institute, Tamarindo’s Original Spanish School. Call the week before class starts to set up an interview. AuthorIzed testIng center cervAntes certIfIcAtIon (dele)

Contact us! Tamarindo Guanacaste (506) 2653-0617 • 2653-0359


Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Letter from Famous Points


High-season is here again and this issue is again hot with information and strategies to help you enjoy your vacation. Focusing on our core activities and the area’s laid-back ambience, our format is perfectly suited to express the real attraction of our area. Definitely not a phone directory or even a traditional visitor’s guide, we feature the body and taste of the area by focuses on feelings rather than just boring facts. We leave much of the fun of discovery to you. It is an edited list of vacation options and specific advice from people who live here. It is about places we think you shouldn’t miss… because they are our Famous Points !

Wayne Geddings, Publisher Nine-year Tamarindo resident

Disclaimer – This guide contains many personal opinions and observations. Some of which have not been completely thought through. So we cannot possibly be responsible for what we write or for that matter any information supplied by our advertisers. We especially urge using your own judgment and caution especially with large purchases.

WELCOME TO PARADISE! 10 Welcome 10 The Gold Coast 11 PRODUCTION AND ADVERTISING OFFICES Tamarindo de Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Ph. (506) 2653-0103 • 2653-0779 Publisher: Wayne Geddings Administration and sales: Victoria Alfaro Special writing assistance: Kay Dodge Photographers: Thornton at Studios Tamarindo Toh Goutennoire at Graphic Design: Gratitude and acknowledgements must be extended to the many other folks who tirelessly and passionately participated in the creation of this guide. Printed at MasterLitho, San José


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AREA ACTIVITIES 17 Surfing 18 Fiestas and Topes 21



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LOCAL TOWN GUIDES 33 Playa Tamarindo 35 Tamarindo Restaurants 39 Playa Grande 65 Playa Negra & Avellanas 67 Flamingo, Potrero and Brasilito 69


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Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

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Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica



WELCOME TO PARADISE! Introduction Gleaming most brightly amidst the country’s many and varied treasures is a region known as the Gold Coast. Our coast… where the emerald sea is embroidered by an endless expanse of beaches, where world-class waves attract neophyte and world-class surfers alike, where golfing and sport fishing are first rate, and lounging on the beach is all in a day’s work. Boasting modern amenities, inspired cuisine and shopping options desired by our discriminating and valued guests, Guanacaste’s Gold Coast is still a semi-remote sanctuary with quaint tico villages nearby.

Guatemala spawned additional tribes, including the more technically advanced—and ultimately more prolific—Corobicis. When Columbus discovered Costa Rica, during his fourth voyage to the “New World,” the area now known as the Gold Coast was severed from more burgeoning societies—and remained so for many years subsequent.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

A bit of history


Most of the natives are descendants of the Chorotega Indians who for many centuries were isolated by the challenging terrain on which they lived. At that time, as throughout much of the region’s history, the Gold Coast belonged to neighboring Nicaragua, which impacted the cultural lexicon of the early Guanacaste natives. Further, the civilizing influences emanating from the Mayan Empire of

The first successful colonization of Guanacaste occurred when Gil Gonzales Davila from Spain converted the Corobicis to Catholicism in the mid Sixteenth century.


Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica


WELCOME TO PARADISE! Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

the Gold Coast


During your vacation, we hope to put you in touch with this local magic. Escape into the culture, consider our insights and surrender to the possibilities. Embrace the unknown, discover and uncover your hidden passions. Escape into new attitudes. Try new things. After all, the figurative monkey on your back, may actually be a monkey on your back! We share this land with our ancestors and all of God’s creature, and from that, the spirit guides us. Leave your worries behind and believe in the powerful energy of the Gold Coast. It will carry you to a wonderful state of mind! Look for unexpected adventures and unlikely friends. This is a sophisticated, but casual place, one that rewards those who plan, but also those who just let it happen. It is for people who think

learning another language is fun, not a burden. For someone who likes to see how other people live, and enjoys getting to know them. For those who like to see the contrasts, not just the same old thing. It is for those who can adapt when the electricity goes off, and can accidentally benefit from the interruption and meet a new friend by the pool. If you’re burnt out from your normal life, we invite you to drop out and “peek into every eye”. Located on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast in Guanacaste Province, the region, known as The Gold Coast, is not actually represented on maps. Its boundaries are evolving and open to debate among those who like to debate such things. We know which towns and villages fall under the

It’s always an adjustment when enmeshing oneself in a new culture, whether you are simply visiting for a short time or make the choice to settle in a foreign country. On the Gold Coast, it is certainly no different. The pace of life is considerably slower, the philosophy towards work and play considerably dissimilar. Here, the locals “work to live” rather than “live to work.” While not necessarily a “necessary evil,” work is deemed but one ingredient in life rather than the entire dish. It certainly takes some getting used to for those of us who relocate from the hustle-bustle reality of the First World. Patience is the key when trying to get things done. Such seemingly simple tasks as installing a phone line, administering an international bank transfer or repairing a broken water pipe can be ultimate tests of one’s tolerance and serenity. Everywhere on the Gold Coast you here the natives saying “Pura Vida” at opportune moments in a conversation. (next page)


While the cultivation and export of coffee and bananas has long fueled much of Costa Rica’s economy, this region again stands apart. Due to its drier climate and sprawling geography, the Gold Coast long ago developed a prosperous cattle industry. Dating back to Colonial times, the proud ranching tradition fostered a hacienda system of land ownership which enabled the local Indian population to equitably share in the region’s economy. Although the cattle trade still flourishes, today, tourism rates as Guanacaste’s most thriving industry.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

aegis of this spectral area—Playa Tamarindo, Playa Flamingo, Playa Grande, Potrero, and Playa Negra, charming seaside enclaves peppered with locals and sprinkled with a colorful dose of assimilated expatriates.



Literally meaning have a “pure life”, it perfectly describes the national attitude of the country and your best attitude. It describes an attitude that is difficult to put into words, but goes something like - relax and keep a good perspective. A life of “Pura Vida” is measured in terms of family, friends and plenty of time to just lay back and do nothing. If you are here to have a good time and relax, you are already on the fast-track to a memorable vacation. To further help here are some more tips.

them spend their advertising dollars more effectively and allows us to stay in business. Showing appreciation garners desired results

Interesting Cultural Differences

Even when You’re right, somEtimes  You’re wrong

We assume that a customer service desk exists to provide a service. Well, here a service representative holds a position of power akin to the bouncer at an exclusive club. Providing good service is synonymous with them doing you a favor. Be polite and your request will be eventually honored. Lose your temper and you may be waiting forever. Don’t leave them wondering It is considered good manners to tell our advertisers that you found them in this Guide. It helps

Expressing gratitude, either through a smile, a Gracias, or more specifically, a gratuity, will be not only appreciated but remembered. Smooth sailing ahead once you’ve made a friend here.

Another important cultural distinction: Being right doesn’t mean you’ll win the battle. Ticos seldom express anger and when we gringos do, we risk alienating a potential ally. Anger is perceived as manifestation of an ugly personality and we will thus be treated accordingly. Again, remain tranquillo and your holiday spirits will rise. Lost in translation – A new way of  getting directions “Donde esta la tienda por favor?”“Where is the shop please?”“It’s across from Pasatiempo, mi amiga.”“Ah, but where is Pasatiempo?”“It’s near Wild’s.”“But please señor, where is Wild’s?” You get the picture. Since streets are not signposted, locals are accustomed to giving directions based on landmarks. To make life – and navigation –easier, it’s a good idea to carry a map.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Interesting family lessons


Watching the interaction of the native people, there are several lessons and reminders about family life. Family is so important and most extended units are extremely close. There doesn’t appear to be much of a “generation gap” as kids, parents and grandparents exhibit mutual respect and even enjoying going to a dance or partying together! Imagine that! We gringos could learn something!


Seasons and climate

(Courtesy of Pura Mar Surf School)

January: hot, dry, off-shore winds getting strong in the afternoon. February: hot, dry, off-shore winds sandblasting you on the beach. March: hot, dry, off-shore winds blowing limbs off of trees. April: scalding hot, dry, winds die down, switch this way and that, sky begins to cloud over and feel heavy. May: hot, either very dry or very humid depending on whether or not it begins to rain, off-shore mornings and evenings. June: hot, humid, green, afternoon rains, offshore mornings. July: hot, humid, lush green, occasional thunderstorms, usually a 2-week “mini-summer” with consistent off-shore winds.

September: hot, humid, rainy afternoons or could rain all day. October: hot, humid, rainy afternoons or could rain all week. November: hot, clear, season begins to change, less humid, off-shore wind begins. December: hot, clear, sunny, morning and afternoon off-shores, cooler evenings.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

August: hot, humid, rainy afternoons, off-shore mornings.



Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica



Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica



AREA ACTIVITIES Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica


AREA ACTIVITIES The Gold Coast offers a wide range of activities including many high-octane adventure pursuits to serene nature walks and calming spa treatments. Whether you want to recharge, re-learn, relax, or revitalize, it’s all here for the asking. In this section, we’ve listed some of the most popular area activities. Later in the guide you will find more specific information about each town.

Internationally reputed as a surfing Mecca, the Gold Coast attracts wave-riders from all over the world and Tamarindo has grown up around the sport. As locals and visitors share the swells, shops and surf schools have sprouted throughout the area like tulips in a trough. Hint: Most local surf spots are south of Playa Grande. Further north, the beaches are too rocky and the bays are too sheltered from the swells. To see how Tamarindo and Playa Negra got discovered, rent the surf cult classic “Endless Summer II” on DVD. Even if you haven’t boarded a board in years, if surfing was once in your blood, the waves will provide a transfusion. The Gold Coast offers beach, reef, river mouth and point breaks with many days of offshore winds during the dry season. Optimal surfing conditions occur from December through July.

fair shake on the waves, that everyone emerges from the water unharmed, that boards remain undamaged and a great time is had by all. Respect and adhere to the following guidelines: 1. If you come as a large group, reduce the shock and enter the sea a few at a time. This isn’t an ambush. Everyone will get their big break.



2. Wait your turn: Don’t paddle straight out to where the best waves are breaking, but rather hang on the side and join the lineup in order. 3. Once in the queue, do your best to say “Hi.” Even if you don’t get a response, it is your friendly intention that counts. 4. Share the waves and don’t be too aggressive. If it appears that you’re hogging the swells and are disregarding the rights of other surfers, don’t be surprised if a fellow rider drops right in on you! 5. When you paddle for a wave… catch it! If you back out of a perfectly good wave, the locals may not let you have another.

If you can’t quite slash and splash as you once did, or you fear that you will break on the breaks… no problem. Taking a refresher course at a local surf schools is a good idea before you hit the waves again. We want you to have a fun time, not a bum time!

Surfing Etiquette – 6 Basic Rules Surfing is a sport for free spirits, but there are well-established rules that promote safety, common sense, and courtesy. The law of the land-less and the camaraderie of the sea ensures that experts and students alike get a

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Hint: For surf instruction, refer to the “Towns” section in this guide and look under Activities/Surf Shops for each area.



Witch’s Rock

6. Even if you stand up first, the right of way belongs to the surfer closest to the peak. If you “drop in” accidentally, apologize. *Parts taken from “Surfos Magazine” Famous Surf Spots

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

If you’re here to surf, I highly recommend splitting the cost among your surf buddies and buying a copy of Jonathan Yonkers Chavarria’s, “H2O, “Surf Travel Guide of Costa Rica”. You’ll find it at the tour desk of many hotels and operators. Written by a local, native surfer, it gives you the details about every surf spot, including the best swell directions and tides, crowds, places to stay, local color, etc. You spent a lot of money to get here to surf and he spent a lot of time and money putting to together so much detailed information, so just do it and buy the book! But, just in case you’re down to your last taco, here is a very general overview. Also, the locations of these surf spots are shown on the enclosed map.


Ollie’s Point This famous point break an hour’s boat ride north of Playa del Coco was once a secret military base built by the USA to provide logistical support to the Contras in Nicaragua. During the secret war local surfers named it for its secret commander, American Colonel Oliver North. It is a right-break featuring a friendly, long ride. It is featured in the famous cult movie “Endless Summer II”. To get there, it is best to reserve a place on a boat.

Witch’s Rock One of the most famous beach-breaks in the country, this is a remote spot located in the Santa Rosa National Park. Although it is possible to access with a four-wheel drive vehicle, most people opt to take a boat to Playa del Coco, a much easier option. Camping is permitted, but no facilities exist. If you do decide to rough it on the beach, make sure you pack a mosquito net! Beach access is closed during the rainy season (July-November. Expect very strong offshore winds from December to March. Playa Grande This popular spot - about a 30 minute drive from Tamarindo - boasts some great beach breaks. Not just your average surf break, it can get epic! Tamarindo Widely favored by both beginners and experts, ocean gridlock can sometimes ensue. Here, surfer’s etiquette most definitely applies. If you are not a confident swimmer or have children in tow, the safest waves are in front of Hotel Capitan Suizo. Sometimes there are lifeguards at the more popular beaches, but while in the water your first safety plan should be to take care of yourself. Playa Negra Located just south of Playa Avellanas, this is an excellent right reef point break with solid tubular waves. Waves hold up even during large swells. Not a spot for beginners!

Today, a typical modern Tope also features ranchers, local businessmen and women, families, all of which welcome your participation. Along the way, there is excitement, music and lots of smiles. Hint: While you may not have brought your Western ten-gallon hat, show your personal pride and rent a strong, healthy horse from a ranch that cares about their horses. Don’t parade a skinny, starving horse! The Casagua Ranch (See display ad in this section) is an example of a ranch that loves its horses and you’d be proud to ride one.    You should know there is a modern tradition alive here that a horse is not really reserved until it is paid for. Also, reserve your horses early, especially the ones from the Casagua Ranch as they are the most in demand. Register for a bib and number early. Also, arrive early for the pre-Tope, for


You’re certainly fortunate being here during the high-season! For now is the time people party! Fiestas are held mid November to July,in a different town every weekend. (Personally, I prefer the ones held in the smaller towns.) These are real celebrations that still define and reflect their local town and society, just like they did centuries ago!

the social gathering is half the fun! A last minute rush is not in the Pura Vida spirit! Get plenty of rest the night before, wear longpants, sun-glasses, bug repellent and drink lots of water. Once you arrive at the Fiesta you have a lot of people-watching and bull-riding watching, eating, and a full night of making a fool of yourself on the dance floor learning to salsa.   Bull Riding serves as the fiesta’s main event and starts about dusk. It spotlights the daring (and sometimes reckless) antics of the local male population who attempt to hang on as the bull valiantly tries to dislodge them. You can view the event through the wooden slats or from atop a rickety fence, or the best sight-lines for the Bull Riding event are from the wooden stands. Inexpensive ticket can be purchased from the small ticket booth, usually located by the stairs leading up to the bleachers. Buy your beer and dinner and have a bull-riding watching, beer drinking, fried chicken, picnic in the stands.   As the bull riding winds down and the natives take their children home to bed, the local town social center (called the salon or beer hall) fills up with people ready to party. With its simple concrete-floor and open air venue,

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica




you begin to better appreciate their small town lives. You have an opportunity to meet friendly people, and study how they dance the salsa, merengue, and cumbia music. It is a good opportunity to try your hand (or two left feet, as the case may be) at dancing. If you’re dancing abilities fall short, don’t worry, after all the natives have been dancing to the same music their whole lives! You’re not expected to be good! Just focus on moving your hips, and let the infectious Latin rhythms carry you along.

National Parks Drink lots of water, pack insect repellent and perhaps most importantly—don’t overdue it physically! Remember, the affects of the heat and humidity of the tropics can sneak up on you! Here are some of the most popular parks and reserves within and easy driving distance. Hints: You’ll need good walking or hiking shoes, as it seems anywhere in the world nature must be viewed from an incline. Rincón de la Vieja National Park This protected forest sits at the mouth of a volcano and is distinguished by bubbling mud pools, natural hot springs, and geothermal steam ascending from beneath the earth. A dramatic nearby waterfall enveloped in lush jungle teems with wildlife, a cacophony of nature providing an aural backdrop to the scenic marvels of the area. There are easy and more challenging trails to the volcano.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Ostinal Beach - Ridley Turtle Nesting


Most people are awed by the spectacle of Ridley and Leatherback turtles making they’re way up the slopped beaches to lay their eggs. As this phenomenon is dictated by lunar phases, be sure to confer with a guide to ascertain exact dates and times. It’s a real drag to make the trip and then trip up because you didn’t confirm nesting activity. Tours

generally depart in the afternoon and arrive on Ostinal Beach in time for dinner, which is followed by the Main Event. The package generally includes a bilingual guide, air-conditioned bus and refreshments. Unfortunately, every year there are fewer and fewer. Palo Verde National Park A scenic drive through Guanacaste’s beautiful cowboy (Sabanero) country will deposit you on a dock from where you embark on an equally scenic two-hour boat trip on the Tempisque River to Palo Verde National Park. The river, which once served as the main channel on which sugar cane, fruits, beef (and people!) were transported, was crucial to the area’s economy. Today, as you relax on the river vessel, nature paints a vivid portrait of jungle foliage and tropical birds: egrets, ospreys, flycatchers, kingfishers. monkeys and many more. It is a great trip for both bird-watching enthusiasts and those who just want to kick back on a tranquil journey that evokes a sense of the golden olden days. Arenal Volcano National Park Your late afternoon might be spent soaking in hot pools of volcanically heated waters and enjoying an unobstructed view of the erupting Arenal Volcano. Later, over dinner, relish the Technicolor spectacle of molten lava dancing down the side of the active volcano.

Perched near the Nicaragua border, this tropical dry forest boasts remnants of a storied past. Santa Rosa, an old fort which is now a national monument, marks the spot where Juan Santa Maria and his men stopped an armed invasion by the USA. Maybe you never heard the story? William Walker’s and his army were defeated in a colorful, bloody, pathetic story.

Tours Most canopy tours are located inland, so you’ll need a car or the help of a tour desk to get there.

Home to more than 300 migratory birds, whiteface monkeys, howler monkeys, American crocodiles, and iguanas, a two hour river cruise through Palo Verde National Park should categorically be on your “to do” list when visiting Costa Rica. An English speaking guide will retrieve you from your hotel and pilot your journey through the vast jungle-ensconced wildlife along the river.


Santa Rosa National Park

Hook up your harness and soar with the birds above the tree line. Do the Superman, butterfly or stream across the forest upside down! This one is undeniably fun!

Ambling along the beach not providing enough of an adrenalin rush? Want to get somewhere faster than your legs will carry you? Can’t walk on water? No problem! The Gold Coast offers a variety of options. A credit card deposit and photo ID are always required. Jeeps – Scooters – Motorcycles - ATV’s – Kayaks - Snorkeling – Surfboards - Boogie Boards - Bicycles.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

On your return, we suggest that you stop at the new Africa Mia Safari Park or the famous artisan village of Guatil out side of Santa Cruz where the Chorotega Indians maintain the pottery tradition of their Pre-Columbian ancestors in crafting their distinctive and prized ceramics.



Golfing Renowned as a golfing Mecca, the Gold Coast possesses some of the world’s best courses in magnificent natural settings. You may not be Tiger Woods, but the local residents (howler monkeys, parrots and macaws, among others) will cheer you on nonetheless as you putt your stuff. Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course This 6,800 meter masterpiece ranks as one of the best championship golf courses in Central America. Designer Mike Young is also responsible for many of the finest courses in the southern United States. The course also features a great restaurant and The El Corral Turn House pro shop. Garra de Leon Golf Course at Paradisus Playa Conchal A Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed this 18 hole par 72 course, which lies majestically between the rolling mountains to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. A true championship test for those in pursuit of the ultimate eco-golf

experience, its unique tropical setting provides a spectacular backdrop for an unforgettable round of golf. Mercurial seasonalbreezes provide an additional, but rewarding, challenge. Needless to say, the Gold Coast’s animal kingdom is hovering nearby. Both courses have received the International Audubon Co-operative Sanctuary designations. Web: Hotel Paradisus Playa Conchal Phone: 2654-4123 ext 8805 Diria Hotel Driving Range Location: On the road entering the Tamarindo airport Phone: 2653-0031

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Trips An average water temperature of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit makes exploring the Gold Coast’s kaleidoscopic undersea universe a most delightful pursuit. With variable visibility ranging from 30% to an unmatched 100%, the area’s colorful and diverse marine life is offset by a network of cliffs, passages and tunnels. Most favorable diving and snorkeling conditions coincide with rainy season—between May and October, with November’s usually calm climate distinguishing it as possibly the best month.

Sport fishing Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

A Fish to Crow About


But suddenly an army moved in! With dorsal fins of combs cutting the surface on top of zebra-striped bodies, a school of roosterfish attacked the sardines, sending them into a panic! Seconds later, a group of sea birds sensed the opportunity; they also joined the assault! Roosterfish are the wolves of the western tropical Pacific waters. They roam the inshore waters, near the

AREA ACTIVITIES Named after their rooster-like seven-point combed dorsal fin, the average size is about

20 pounds. Fifty-pound fish are also common, and occasionally a fish over 75 ponds surprises a happy angler. How do you catch a roosterfish? They are dub as a rock to live bait, they are leery but can be fooled with an artificial like a popper, and it is extremely difficult to get them to eat a fly. They hunt close to shore, and if you release them, they have a high survival rate.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

coasts and in the gulfs, normally hunting solo, but at times running in pacts. Found only between southern Mexico and Ecuador, roosterfish can be found year-round in Costa Rica.



Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica


AREA ACTIVITIES Hint: Getting in touch with your surroundings and relaxing is a critical step to enjoying you vacation. Sailing is a highly recommended activity. The owners, Capitan Jeff Herman, a Registered US Coast Guard Captain with over 20 years sailing experience, and his wife Jen make sure you always feel like a guest on their daily Sunset and Snorkel tour! Their trip begins with a cruise in coastal waters as you make your way to one of the local snorkeling spots for a close-up look at local sea life. There is plenty of room on their spacious boat for relaxing and sunbathing, and lots of

time for snorkeling and swimming. Jeff and Jen provide clean, well maintained snorkel gear and a friendly crew happy to help with instruction. They also have kayaks and floats for you to enjoy. After snorkeling, you’ll have worked up an appetite so they serve a fresh lunch and cold drinks as you sail out to sea and look for more marine life. Then, enjoy one of their fabulous cocktails as you sail back watching the beautiful sunset light up the sky behind you! Their catamaran departs right out of the Tamarindo Bay in front of El Pescador restaurant. Call for schedule and availability information or stop by their office located inside the restaurant Kahiki. Call and reserve your own memories! Phone: 8842-3204 or 2653-0446 Office: Located inside the restaurant Breakfast Grinds/Kahiki Departure Location: In front of El Pescador Restaurant. Includes: Lunch and open bar with juice, soda, wine, beer, rum, vodka, and bottled water, kayak use, snorkel gear and guide, plus a FREE Blue Dolphin t-shirt!

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

“…I really can’t say enough good things about this tour and company. The staff blends professionalism with the laid-back pura vida lifestyle that one wants when in Costa Rica. The boat was gorgeous and there are nets for sunbathing on the front. The snorkeling was fantastic, and all the gear was included in the cost of the trip. After snorkeling, there was an open bar with wine, cocktails, etc. and snacks. The crew was super friendly and very knowledgeable about the area. The sunset was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen…” Online Review 2008



Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica


AREA ACTIVITIES ‘Silently gliding along the coastline, we passed exotic bays, white sand beaches, tropical jungles and rain forests. For we were traveling on one of man’s greatest inventions – the biggest and fastest catamaran in the area - a 66-foot catamaran called the Marlin Del Rey!

Close to sunset, the calmer winds seemed to match our more relaxed attitude and we witnessed one of the best attractions of our trip… an enchanting Tamarindo sunset!’

Lounging on the spacious deck, we tried to do our duty and keep one eye out to sea to help in the sighting of dolphins, sea turtles, flying fish or even breaching whales! Later when we anchored at a deserted bay where we kayaked, very lazily floated on a raft, and snorkeled.

Call them or visit their web site for more information: Phone: (506) 8822-8603

Once back on the boat we were treated to a feast of fruit, chips, dips, ceviche and salad and the crew hoisted the sails. The feeling of catching the power of the wind was exciting! Then we skimmed along the shorelines of Playa Flamingo, Playa Conchal, Bahia Amore, Bahia de Las Pirates, Playa Grande and finally Tamarindo Beach.

Marlin Del Rey Catamaran Sailing

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Enticed by the beautiful shoreline, we put our feet in the sand and spontaneous went for a very short jog down the sandy beach; I guess we were pretending we were going to just keep running!

Paraphrased from recent passenger “This is a big, luxury sailing machine capable of handling both small and large groups”




Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

shuttle buses


Several types of air-conditioned, non-smoking shuttle buses and vans are offered by Interbus, all of which comfortably transport visitors to top tourist destinations throughout our magical country. Door-to-door service is available and the Premium Shuttle Service can easily accommodate your surfboard. Reasonable rates, convenient scheduling and efficient service make this a great way to navigate Costa Rica. Shuttles are also available to transport you between San Jose’s Juan Santa Maria International Airport and any major hotel in the city. One carry-on and one checked piece of luggage are permitted. Children’s car seats provided upon request.

“purA vIdA” drIvIng tIps” turning and signaling - If there is no oncoming traffic, a turn should take about 1 minute, longer if you need to adjust the radio. If you’re accused of not signaling, just say you “Saca mi lengua”. This means you slightly turned your head and stuck out your tongue in the direction you turned. Morally this is all that is required! We once tried using an arm signal to show that we were going to stop, upon seeing the arm and hand turned down, the driver behind us immediately passed us, pulled in front of us to force us to stop, and ask us if something was wrong! parking - Where can you park? Easy! Anywhere there is a good asphalt or cement road. However, you’re only allowed to park on the highway to answer your cell phone if it is an

Let the sea be your guide! from the moment you step onboard, we will make you feel pampered and utterly indulge! Sailing/Snorkel Trips • Sunset Cruise Moonlight Sails • Private Charter • Sails out of Flamingo Harbor

Playa flamingo Costa rica

Contact us! Cr (506) 8381-1060 uS 508 444-0268


important call. If you are on a motor scooter the call doesn’t need to be that important, because your vehicle takes up less road space and cars can more easily go around you. If two cars, on each side of the road stop, totally blocking traffic, just pull over and look for something else to do. Road rage - If you make a driving mistake and almost cause an accident, hope that the other driver gets mad because only then can you regain the moral high-ground (See previous section on Cultural Differences about getting mad.). This is important because as long as you have the high-ground, everyone around you will say it was the other’s fault. Costa Rica does not have “No-fault” insurance laws. Low on cash or desperate for gasoline? Now you can find gas stations and ATM machines listed on the enclosed “Pull-Out” map. Tamarindo has four banks and each one has an ATM outside. Flamingo also has a bank located up the hill with an ATM just outside. None of the towns have a gas station! The closest one is just outside of Huacas as you head for the airport in Liberia. If you get really, really stuck, you can buy cans of gas during the day at the other hardware store which is on the north side of the Tamarindo Hardware store.

Local Car Rental Companies Company Town Phone Adobe Car Rental Liberia


Alamo Rent a Car Tamarindo 2653-0727 Budget Car Rental Tamarindo 2653-0756 Dollar Rent a Car Liberia

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Euro car



Tamarindo 2440-9990


Tamarindo 2653-0728


Tamarindo 2653-1358

Hola Rent a Car





Payless Car Rental Tamarindo 2653-0015 Mapache Rent a Car Liberia National


San Jose 2242-7878


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LOCAL TOWN GUIDES Different water sports heavily influence the culture and feel of each beach town and the natural beachscape makes categorizing them very easy. For many miles north of Playa Grande there are no surf spots, so many of the popular water activities involve only boating, sailing, sportsfishing, etc.. In Playa Grande and beaches south you’ll find more of a surfing culture.

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Important personal security advisories:


These are beach towns visited by international travelers who attract bad people; not so unlike the beach towns in say, California. Walking around in jungle fatigues pretending to be tough and looking for your next fight won’t help. The best advice I can give is be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your things at all times. The thieves around here don’t like to be caught, not from fear from the police, but they just don’t like all the yelling that goes on! When you park your car in a public area, especially a deserted beach, don’t leave anything important in your car, whether locked or unlocked. If a parking guard looks halfway official pay him $2 (1,000 colones) to watch your car. Just think of it as reducing the odds or cheap insurance.

Do not walk on the beach at night in front of the Tamarindo Circle, especially 100 meters south, in front of the campgrounds. Don’t drink and drive! Don’t consider this a warning, but a plea! The roads are so unforgiving! If you drink, go to whatever lengths you need to not get behind the wheel. Notice the steep shoulders on the paved roads … instant serious trouble! If you buy illegal drugs, you’re playing with fire! Not from the police, but there are unsavory people who don’t care about your personal health or fair deals! Remember, Costa Rica is bordered by Panama then Columbia on the south and Nicaragua on the north. You’re not in Kansas anymore! Wear bug spray and have a healthy respect for the danger of biting mosquitoes. Worldwide, every year, they kill many more people than African lions! So, anywhere and anytime you find mosquitoes buzzing around … leave! It’s not worth the risk! Often near the beach you’ll feel the little bites from the smaller sandflies, while annoying, normally they are not a health risk. Best not to get bitten by anything other than your significant other.

TAMARINDO A laid-back community, it is the largest of the local beach communities and has many conveniences, including many international, typical, and cutting-edge gourmet restaurants and bars, hotels and shops. It became more or less famous after it was featured in a surfing cult film called “Endless Summer II”. It still remains a surfing town and hosts international, surf tournaments, houses certified Surf Legends and has several surf schools. Besides fairly consistent surf, it is a perfect jumping off point for the bigger waves of Playa Grande, Langosta and Playa Negra which are a just a short drive. There are a wide variety of places to stay, including four-star hotels, apartments, vacation rentals, hostels, and cabañas. Tamarindo really isn’t a very big town! However, if you’re looking for the local “Tourism Beach Civilization Central”, this is it!

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Accommodations Diria Hotel Located right on the sand beach of Tamarindo and surrounded by exotic and beautifully maintained lush tropical gardens it is a very popular hotel and a town landmark. Many of its rooms have ocean and sunset views and at night the gardens and walkways are beautifully lighted. The local flora and fauna creating an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, beach front location, and professional service make this a premier hotel. Laguna Del Cocodrilo Hotel Also located right on the beach this hotel is a real find! And it is just across the sand from one of Tamarindo’s best surf spots. It is a nature lover’s delight with its own lagoon complete with and absolutely beautiful flowers and yes crocodiles. Its bakery has been famous since Tamarindo was discovered, the sandwiches are delicious, and the prices inexpensive. Also, they speak English, French, and Spanish. We rate it as a “sleeper” deal.

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Hint: The bakery now has a second location in Tamarindo called Panaderia de Paris. It is in the


bottom floor of the white two-story building at the main cross-roads. It is an easy walk south down the sideway from the front of the Diria. It is air-conditioned and features the same great pastries.

Vacation Rental Managers – “Taking care of your details”

Your unpacking and realizing that you should have make a list of things to bring, not stuck at the moment making a list of the things you forgot. Often people have adventures (problems) getting here or they arrive tired and in a bad mood. Thankfully your property manager is there to help your vacation go smoothly. Please understand their plight! For often things that worked here half an hour before can suddenly and unexplainably stop working the minute you arrive. Here it seems to happen with uncanny regularity, especially anything to do with water. We think it must be a media for spiritual energy that only releases its corrosive power when it realizes there is a guest in the house. Property Managers work extra hard around here to make things run smoothly for you and appreciate your kind words and recommendations.

We have the right vacation rental for you! Drop by or call us and discover a large inventory of beautiful vacation properties.

Sunrise Commercial Center Playa Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

call: (506) 2653-1668

Residential Property Management

TAMARINDO To say Tamarindo has a great collection of fine restaurants is an understatement! In fact, it is one of the primary attractions of the area! Almost all of our featured Famous Points restaurants are fine dining, I will also give you recommendations for other types of restaurants under the “Too Good to Leave Out” section.

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sAve up to 30% on your restAurAnt tAb? In my constant pursuit of justice and attempt to keep Tamarindo as affordable as possible, here are two tips on how to save money. 1) While colones and dollars are accepted most anywhere, anytime there is a conversion, you’re faced with someone pulling out a calculator and manually plugging in some made-up exchange rate. Being unregulated, almost always, it is below the rate which you would get at a bank or on your credit card. Not a big deal, until you find some businesses using an exchange rate, like 10% too low, and your $18 breakfast for two is now almost $20 when the currency gets converted! What are you’re options? Carry both colones and dollars, pay with a credit card, ask ahead of time for the conversion rate, or take your chances. 2) Many places automatically include a 10% tip in the bill. If you’re a tourist from the USA or Canada, you’re expected to tip anyways. While I strongly encourage everyone to leave a tip, I’d refuse to add one for bad service. If your table setting and/ or drinks arrive after your food, no tip! Visit www.tamarindo-directory and print a 10% coupon. Pay attention, get a coupon, pay only for what you get, and you may save as much as 30%. Actually, these suggestions also apply for other vacation expenditures. You could end up savings hundreds of dollars!

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Dining Hints - While dining is always casual, dress up if you wish. To go out at night, it is customary and practical for men to wear long-pants at night. If you’re thinking your on vacation and want to wear whatever you want, go ahead! Just remember to use mosquito repellent, especially around the feet.


The local dish is called a “casado” which is a hearty-sized meal of rice, beans, a vegetable serving, sweet planteno, and your choice of beef, chicken, or fish. It can be just right for surfers starving for carbs after a hard day surfing! Not for dieters! Oddly, often it is not found at the evening dining restaurants, so eat it for an early lunch because you’ll need 5-7 hours to get hungry again for diner. Unlike restaurants in other countries which measure the time it takes to have a fine dining experience and measure your table time with an egg-timer. Here you can sit at your table “till the

cows come home”! It is not the custom for them to say anything because your dinning experiences is taking too long. Wondering why the bill seems to never comes? It’s because you must ask for it! If you want to spend up the process, a good practice is to ask for the bill when the food is served or at least after desert that way they can begin preparing the bill. Also, most restaurants prepare bills by hand, so give them some extra time. How to ask for your bill in Spanish? Regaleme la cuenta, por favor! Literally this means, ‘give me the gift of the bill’. Or, just get they’re attention, by pretending you’re signing your check in mid-air, and say “cuenta”. scouting for breakfast - Finding a restaurant for breakfast outside your hotel or vacation rental can be challenging, so here are some suggestions: noguis (beachfront, locals hangout, located on the Circle), pasatiempo hotel (sleeper deal good food, not expensive, for the location look on our map or ask anyone), the grinds (local hangout, lots of food, inside the old Iguana Surf on the dirt road to Langosta); and the copacabana restaurant (on the beach in the middle of town). cAlA morescA restAurAnt Cala Luna Hotel in Langosta Langosta is a quiet area just about one mile to the south of Tamarindo. Here you’ll find the Cala Moresca Restaurant which serves typical food, seafood, fish specialties, and Italian cuisine, as well as traditional American breakfast and snacks they offer a range of foods that are served with a European touch. You can indulge yourself with the delicious fresh seafood, including lobsters caught just off the coast in front of Cala Luna, and an exclusive choice of wines from France, Italy, Spain, California and Chile. While dining next to their beautiful swimming pool notice how well they have merged Italian and Mexican architecture and interior designs. cArolInA’s restAurAnt And grIll - “Where customers become friends” Experience fine dining and exceptional service brought to you by a husband and wife team that really knows how to pamper. Hans continues a long family line of fine chefs spanning 4 generations in Switzerland and Carolina manages the table service. Also two of the best waiters in

Great food and a romantic setting...

A fusion of European cuisine and tropical influence

Dine in a garden

where the only sound is the ocean

Restaurant &Bar Tamarindo, Guanacaste Located on the beach at Hotel Capitรกn Suizo Phone: 2653-0075 โ€ข Web:


Tamarindo team up and quickly, quietly, and politely serve. A favorite point of mine is that they understand that your dinner conversation may actually be more important than picking up a dirty fork! Highest-class service with perfect manners! We rate it a strong favorite! Attention: bonus points for men On Saturday night you can get extra romance points from your significant other by taking them to Carolina’s Restaurant on Saturday nite for their candlelit dinner special. Get even more bonus points by making the reservation yourself! Pamper her and otherwise taking control of the evening! mAtApAlo terrAce restAurAnt - Inside the Diria Hotel It features casual dining on the beach front in an open terrace restaurant under the shade of a Matapalo tree, just off the beach. Watch the light filter between its leaves as you watch the waves breaking and feel the gentle ocean breeze. Try a frozen drink and ask for the Chef’s Specials. Hint: Having problems finding local dishes (casados). Here is one of the few places you’ll find it on a dining menu!

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Burritos Tacos Enchiladas Quesadillas Chilaquiles Chimichangas


the secret door In front of the Diria Hotel are some of the best stores in Tamarindo, and the one with a secret is the cafetaria nari. A nice looking café type restaurant with air-conditioning on the inside and outdoor patio seating, it has a secret door leading to the kitchen of the Diria Hotel. Normally a small café couldn’t afford to hire the type of cooking talent found at the hotel. So when you stop for coffee or desert, order some food, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! They also have a wonderful choice of wines. places we just couldn’t leave out... You do not want to miss the opportunity to spend the morning on a guided boat tour of this beautiful jungle. We recommend taking a tour as early as possible to experience the sights and sounds of nature coming to life. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also rent a canoe or a kayak and explore on your own. As you enter Tamarindo on the right side you will see a shack just off the road with a sign for the Baulas National Park Tours. It is manned by some native people who act as guides for the boat people just down the slope toward the beach.

Nachos Chalupas Chilangas Zarapes Flautas Huaraches

Schedule: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm Breakfast 7:30 to 10:30 am

For reservations: 2653-0856 / 2653-2526 / 8866-2223







PH: 2653-1946 / 8379-6834 Your hosts: Carolina and Hans Peter

e b d You’ ing it! lov rant u a t s e R ut El Coconbster specialty - Lo ality d n o o s o f r a e e p S ical p o r t a h wit

t bite er her firs uard! Aft restaurant!” -g ff o t s d ue M ght my g is really is a goo TESTI h auce cau d h curry s look and said, “T it w r e is cooke n ecause it r served o fish din ve me a startled b d r ra te o s D b r o te L -You she ga Tropical tasting than lobs tomach! s rder the r always o ally much bette vor, easy on the e W r! e v g. Actu ster e reat fla g -Best lob tural fruit flavorin r. Great idea, g Publishin tte s Points with na heavy bu y Famou b d e d n with that e S: ONIAL







rf Camp Rock Su ´s h c ica it fW , Costa R in front o marindo a T Located a y la 6 road of P 53-008 the main 06) 26

Ph. (5 katha


conut@ rina.elco

Your host



- 10 pm m 5 pm Open fro (Mondays closed)



sunset drink and watching surfers catching the last wave of the evening. Spectacular sunsets can often be seen from the patio.

Few have done more crazy and self-destructive things during their early years than me, and so I give the many young bar- hoppers a lot of leeway. Good parties, acting crazy, and feeling like you can live forever are the rights of the young! Much of the real nightlife starts later than 9:30pm, actually closer to 12:00pm. So, you’re on your own here! Too late for me, but once or twice I only occasionally venture out in my pajamas to see what’s happening! Since the events and even the existence of bars change so rapidly and start very late.

At night, join the hustle and choose from two dance areas, one for Latin music and one nonLatin, whatever that might be. Friday is the big nite!

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

– Bars, Dancing, Music and Shows


free night in Jail! Especially lately, the police have been doing a great job rounding up unsavory people that are not carrying proper documentation. Lately, even a few legitimate visitors have been inadvertently put in police buses for questioning because they didn’t believe it would happen to them. Unless you want your picture on the local Costa Rican News Channel 7 showing you being herded into a police bus as you wave to your friends, bring your passport or a copy with you when you go out at night. FYI, their strategy for getting the bad people out of town by checking papers really works! I do know about are places that start and finish earlier, like the monkey bar at the best western which hosts the biggest party of the week every Friday night during their “Ladies Nite”. About 12pm it can get crowed with good-looking women and surfer dudes! Great place for a

You’re a hot guy, dressed casually in a t-shirt and flip flops. A woman is checking you out… buzzing around like a bee to pollen. Actually, she’s sniffing around you like a dog and a fire hydrant. She is literally sniffing you. It is known that some native women shower from three to five times a day and have a keen sense of smell. Clean up your act for local ladies and you may clean up in the romance department. Thursday night is when most go to the babylon to listen to music, meet people, play pool, or dance reggae. It is located on the beach side of the Tamarindo Resort. And the owners now have a second bar in the circle where the old Mambobar used to be. Phone: 2653-1434. Get acquainted with la barra during the day by having lunch, such as a sandwich, salad and drinks. Sometimes this is a good place to dance! We’re hoping for a good crowd during the summer break! It is located at the main crossroad, follow the signs or listen for the music. It is actually behind some souvenir shops in a romantic, outdoor square at the main intersection. Christine and Frankie run the place. Christine is a great dancer and Frankie has an uncanny knack for lining up at the right place with his long-board!

r e v E u o Y e v a H ? t r A d e Tast

night: mondAy USIC RAZILIAN M B ACOUSTIC t: nigh tuesdAy SE U O H L IL CH Ay night: d s wedne ION JAM SESS y night: t h u r s dA E IV L AR T ight: frIdAy n UNGE LO A ULTR y night: sAturdA K TAILS C O C MAGIC



marindo´s a T s i e g oun here to go Voodoo L w o t r e w ns eclectic a life, �ine h g i n y r a n t! rdi for extrao , drinks and live ar cuisine


, Costa Ric

o Tamarind

100 ) 2653-0 P h . ( 5 0 6 elvoodoo






06) TEL. (5

0114 2653-




:1"35*&4 "''03%"#-&t'".*-:t#*35)%" &%%*/(4 410354#30"%$"454t'6/8


Hotel Pasatiempo Hotel Bar & Restaurant


(506) 2653-1634 t 2653-0096

Ph: t passtime

A surfing culture is woven into Tamarindo and we highly recommend that you give it a try. If you are wondering if you can learn to surf, here is some advice: There are two main factors that determine whether or not a person can learn to surf; one is physical and the other is mental. People with back or knee problems sometimes cannot learn to stand on a surfboard because they are unable to bend properly. The other thing that prohibits people from learning to surf is fear. When you are afraid, your body locks and you end up in basically the same situation as the person who has back or knee problems! Never having tried it before is not a factor. Never having tried any board sport is not a factor. Being really strong is not necessarily helpful unless you are strong because you are a competition swimmer. If you like the water and can laugh at yourself you absolutely CAN do it. beginners are now learning faster! I learned to surf back when you sat in the cold sea water watching your skin turn blue and getting your feet cut up doing the “rock dance” while retrieving run-away surfboards. Back then, you were lucky if you stood up after a month of surfing! Not so now anymore, while most visitors are wise to the importance of surf lessons, here is just another reminder. You paid a lot of money to get here, so don’t skimp on the lessons! They are worth every penny! The right surf shop can help you learn faster!

LOCAL ACTIVITIES horsebAck rIdIng If you want an enjoyable ride out in the country on a healthy horse, call or visit Kay Dodge at the Casagua Ranch, tel. 2653-8041. motorcycle rentAls Get around faster and see more by renting a motorcycle! Call secret spot motorcycles of tamarindo for beautiful, Honda dirt bike. phone: 2653-1644. Of course, you’ll need a valid driver’s license and a credit card.

Located between Playa Grande and Tamarindo is a magical estuary under the protection of the National Park System. Spanning more than 1200 acres, this brackish water jungle is fed by the ebb and flow of the Pacific Ocean and is home to hundreds of species of mammals and birds. You may see include alligators, howler monkeys, anteaters and a relative of the raccoons called pisotes. If you are a bird lover, this tour is “a must”! Also, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of spectacled owls, a version of the quetzal referred to as a black headed Trojan, hawks, ospreys and numerous other species living among the spectacular mangrove trees. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also rent a canoe or a kayak and explore on your own. As you enter Tamarindo on the right side you will see a shack just off the road with a sign for the Baulas National Park Tours. It is manned by some native people who act as guides for the boat people just down the slope toward the beach.


cAn you leArn to surf?

tAmArIndo estuAry tours

Just wAlkIng Walking during the early morning or around sunset is the time to get acquainted with the town and get some exercise. After 8:30 the roads can get busy, so get off the dusty roads whenever possible and walk on the beach. Consult our Guide’s Tide Chart for when the tide is low. FYI, the distance on the road from one end of town to the other is a little less than 2 miles. On the beach it is 1 mile, plus the distance if you walk around the point in Langosta. If you walk on the roads at sunrise or sunset, head for the southern part of Tamarindo called Langosta where often you can see or hear Howler monkeys high up in the trees just off the road. rope A fIsh! If you see a fisherman standing in the surf spinning a line overhead as if he is going to rope a steer, see if you can find a translator and ask the fisherman if he will give you a lesson for a few dollars. As a preview, they first catch their live bait swimming around their waists with nothing more than a line and hook, once caught they transfer the little fish to a bigger hook, then cast it out as far as they can, like they are roping a steer. It is a real challenge! And, you’d be surprised how many big fish are right in the surf! Best fishing is when the surf is calm, or the incoming waves can really beat you up!

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica




Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica




You can easily see our logo on the main street. We are on the left side of El Coconut Restaurant. Stop in for a chat. Someone is always hanging out ready to visit with you about surfing! Main beach parking.

SURF SHUTTLE Daily to Avellanas, Playa Negra, Playa Grande. All-inclusive trips to Witch’s Rock Ollie’s Point. Transfers to airport, nearby beaches and special events.

Tamarindo, Guanacaste Phone: 2653-1355


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you can trust! Tamarindo’s first Surf School!

Surf lessons (all levels) and Surf Camp Surfboard Rentals and Sales Special packages for language schools Surf trips to nearby spots: Playa Avellanas, Playa Grande and Playa Negra • Boat trips to Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

• • • •


Everything you need to get you on the path to surfing!

Tamarindo Surf Phone: (506) 2653-0923 School Visit our podcast at: Tamarindo Circle, Guanacaste. Stop by or call for reservations

TAMARINDO • Beautiful 50 acre horse ranch, just minutes from Gold Coast beaches. • Enjoy riding the best Spanish Criollo horses. • Tours and Trail Rides, “Cantina” Tours, Traditional Fiestas & Tope Horse Parades.

Casaguaʼs professional staff is ready to serve you..

Tours & Equine Center (506) 653-8041

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

• Natural Horsemanship & Equine Education, The Painted Pony Guest Ranch.



Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica



Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica


1 Hour

Mass4a0 ge $

The Best

SPA Packages • Massage


Deep Tissue, Four Hands

• Jacuzzi • Steam • Waxing • Tooth




Whitening Center 1:30 hour

Spadent O.C.I. We are located at the Zullymar Hotel Plaza on the Circle in Tamarindo, Guanacaste



ZULLYMAR Health and Beauty

Phone: (506) 2653-3877



Surfside Properties are local Flamingo, Potrero, Surfside n and area representatives ia d a n a Your C ection! of “ARCR�, Association Conn of Residents of Costa Rica.

Sales | Rentals | Developments Mortgage | Construction Contact us: (506) 2654-5567 w w w.sur fsideproper


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TAMARINDO Playa Grande is along the coast and just to the north across the Tamarindo Estuary. It has an ambience of being somewhere remote, and yet only a 30-minute drive from Tamarindo. So, sit on the beach and watch some of the surfing action (Remember most good surfing happens in the early morning) or walk down the beach, visit the Turtle Museum, and have lunch amongst the trees at the nearby beachfront restaurant. This beach is a wildlife sanctuary where from December to March the famous big Leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs. It is ranked as the #2 nesting spot for the Ridley and Leatherback Turtles in the world. These magnificent animals can measure up to 2.5

meters and weigh around 700 kilos. Unlike other turtles, this species has no hard shell, but rather a black, leathery skin with ridges running lengthwise. Nesting season is November through April. tAke A mystIcAl wAlk After lunch, if wait until low tide and walk north around the rocky point, you will find some semi-isolated beaches that remind you of being stranded on a deserted island. Keep walking and you will come to the Cove of the Pirates – Hotel and Restaurant, a great place for a bite to eat. Some folklore about the point above and its legendary power.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica




Local folklore for your walk Located on the north end of the beach is a rocky point backed by beautiful bluffs the natives call El Encante. On many maps it is known as Cerro Morro or Cerro Hermoso. It is the most western part of Costa Rica. Riddled with caves, small coves, and white sand beaches you can walk along its beach at low tide pretending to be stranded on a deserted island. For some, its energy becomes too strong and they swim naked in this beautiful cove. It’s said to have a power so strong that Leatherback Turtles use it as homing beacon to their nesting beach and it attracts sailfish so they swim closer to shore. El Encante even has an interesting legend. It is said that sometimes at sunset lights seem to hover over the bluffs that overlook the beach. Supposedly, they are the signal that the duendes have returned. The duendes are elves or extra terrestrials that lure sleeping children out of their beds with promises of sweets. Then they follow the elves to El Encanto cliffs where they dance all night. No one remembers how they get back home in the morning, but they always returned, except for one.

One night after the dancing lights, the son of Don Eusebio did not return for breakfast. So, he went looking for him, but couldn’t find him anywhere. The entire village searched for the boy, but he was nowhere to be found. The next day people in the village saw Don Eusebio head down the hills toward the beach. When neighbors called out to him, “Hello, how did you sleep”, he didn’t stop to answer or even acknowledge their greeting; he appeared to be in a spell and on a mission. Witnesses report his body seemed to float across the sand and then scale the vertical face of El Encante, straight up the mountain on no known path, until he too disappeared.

Accommodations Beachouse – “A tropical oasis” For rent – daily/weekly/monthly rates, 24 hr security, maid service, AC, cable, swimming pool, tropical garden, and 50m from Playa Grande. This is the perfect hidden paradise! Web: Location: 50 meters from Playa Grande Phone: 2653-2071 See display ad this section


Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Matos films Playa Grande Surf Shop and Internet Cafe


Staffed by people who really know how to surf this surf shop offers whatever a surfer needs, professional surf photography, ding repairs, surf trips, best brands in accessories, surf rentals and surf lessons, also a good selection of souvenirs. They also have a Matos Surf Shop in Tamarindo. Hint: Need an internet café? This is the only one in Playa Grande! Web: Phone: 2652-9227

PLAYA NEGRA AND AVELLANAS Unless you feeling like walking a long way in the hot sand, the best way to get here is by taking a surf bus or driving. Like any remote beach in the world, you need to keep a good eye on your car. There is a lot to be said about taking a surf bus for the morning or day.

and you can wade across during very low tide. When the tide is receding quickly and the surf is large, riptides appear that can get real dangerous. If you have any doubts, almost always there is a lifeguard at the tower, ask him to watch you cross. Still be careful!

You could walk there by crossing the estuary on the south end of Tamarindo. If you crossed the estuary, you’d be in the sprawling real estate development of Hacienda Pinilla. There are no boats for crossing, but it is a smaller estuary

If you crossed the estuary, it is a long two hour walk to the beautiful surfing beaches of Playa Avellanas, and a little longer to Playa Negra, so bring some water, sun hats, and bug repellent. Be prepared for 85 degree plus temperatures

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica


PLAYA NEGRA AND AVELLANAS Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica


and hot sand! Once you get to Playa Avellanas there is a favorite restaurant name Lola’s on the Beach (named after the super large pig that stalks the area). It may be closed during low-season. The beaches are beautiful and especially once you get to at least Playa Avellanas where you’ll enter a stretch with some of the best breaks in the country, especially Playa Negra. These beaches are a surfer’s dream! Accessible allyear long, but you may need a four-wheel drive vehicle during the rainy season. If the roads are too bad, try heading toward Santa Cruz from Tamarindo and enter via the 60 km, dirt road that is west of Paraíso.

fin tuna. Wednesdays are Mexican specials and on weekends, they prepare a couple of sublime Peruvian surprises. - 6 rooms, private bath, A/C, internet access, restaurant. La Vida Buena Pizzería “Surfers supporting the habit with good food and honest labor” Just before Café Internet Playa Negra on the other side of the road. M-Th 4pm F/Sat 11am Sun closed. Happy hour M-F 4-6 pm (with drink & food specials). Catering & private parties available.

Considered by many to be one of the top spots in Costa Rica, Playa Negra has a rock bottom with perfect right-hand barrels and well defined channel for paddling out. The break has good exposure to both Northern and Southern Hemisphere swells and is reasonably consistent year-round. It’s crowded and its waves are not for beginners.

Surf lessons – Manu 2658-8178

Playa Negra Hotel

Bike tours – Carle – 2658-8042

This collection of thatch-roofed bungalows is right in front of the famous Playa Negra point break. Even if you are not a surfer, you’ll appreciate the coral and rock outcropping and calm tide pools. The round bungalows each have one queen-size and two single beds, two desks, a ceiling fan, and a private bathroom. Although they have concrete floors, the painted contrasting pastels give them a comfortable feeling. The restaurant is close to the ocean in a large open-air rancho and serves as a social hub for guests and surfers staying at the more basic cabañas inland from the beach.

Massage and beauty – Reiki – Lulu - 2658-8178

Located: On the beach in Playa Negra Facilities: Restaurant, bar, midsize oval pool; laundry service, Internet Phone: 2658-8034 Fax: 2658-8035


Café Playa Negra Bed & Breakfast Café Playa Negra is open from 7 am to 9 pm daily, serving Peruvian and international food in a relaxed setting. Specialty desserts are prepared daily in the restaurant. Fridays, in addition to their regular menu, enjoy Japanese selections prepared with freshly caught yellow

Local Activities Horseback riding – Shambalah 8811-0553

Massage deep tissue – Vandy – 8371-4418 Beauty treatments – Andrea – 8835-5611 Yoga lessons – At Todo Bien with Gabe and Forest 8389-2265

Oasis Restaurant – Serves drinks until you drop or 9 pm, whichever comes first. La Vida Buena Pizzeria – Hosts occasional bands passing through. Stop by to ask what is playing while you are in town. How do they describe their nightlife? “Somos pocos pero locos” .

FLAMINGO, POTRERO & BRASILITO A pristine and exclusive beach community with multi-million dollar mansions and fine hotels dotting the hillside, it is surrounded on three sides by ocean. To the south is the incredible white sand beach across from the Flamingo Beach Resort, to the west a high-rocky cliff with a view looking straight out to the Pacific, and to the north a harbor and the Bay of Potrero. Together with other nearby towns, like Potrero, Brasilito, and Sugar Beach they form a growing community with only grudging connections to Tamarindo. For your convenience, they have a Banco de Costa Rica branch (See Useful Information Section), three excellent golf courses within a 25-minute drive, a variety of water

sports available from sailing to sea kayaks, hydro-disks and jet skis, and sports fishing. In fact, it is considered one of the sportsfishing capitals of the world. The Flamingo Marina provides anglers access to sail and marlin fishing, and hosts many billfish tournaments throughout the summer months. Slightly closer to the international airport in Liberia, it is only 60 minutes away. It is also accessible through the National Airlines, Nature Air and TACA via the Tamarindo airstrip. These incountry flights take approximately 40 minutes to reach San Jose. Look in our (See Useful Information Section) at the end of the Guide for ads and more information.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica




Accommodations Flamingo Beach Resort Among the finest hotels in the area and located only steps away from Flamingo’s white sand beach, it is a comfortable base for your adventures. It has a first-class fine dining and pool side restaurants. It is also home to the Pelican Nest Disco and a Jazz Casino. See display ad this section Paradisus Playa Conchal


Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

This beautiful boutique hotel is situated in the tranquil pueblo of Playa Brasilito, only 15 kilometers from Tamarindo. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens, the 10-room hotel provides a high-level of personal service in a clean, secure, private environment. Standard rooms feature king-size beds, air-conditioning, fan, mini-fridge, cable TV, ensuite bath with hot water shower, private patio area and daily maid service.


The hotel also features a swimming pool, private bar, free Wi-Fi internet access, full breakfast daily, secure parking, laundry service, and tea, coffee and water available free of charge all day. This beautiful 2 storey rancho building provides comfortable lounge areas with sea views, and hammocks. It’s the perfect place to catch a cool breeze and to watch the birds, butterflies and iguanas attracted to the gardens. Their tour desk can help with local information, tours and excursions. They also have preferential rates for car hire and airport transfers. From $55 per night Phone/Fax: 654-9125 Web: E-mail:

Driving north from Tamarindo, just before you reach Brasilito is this sprawling resort. With oversized villa suites with some of Presidential proportions, you will enjoy absolute leisure and a high level of personal service that is the hallmark of one of the “The Leading Hotels of the World” award. Each beautifully decorated villa suite opens onto a private terrace and feels more like a private home. Of course, it has some of the best restaurants in the area, a championship golf course, and a fully equipped casino managed by Jazz Casinos. Web address: Email: Location: It is on the road from Huacas to Brasilito. On the right is a big guard shack. Phone: 2654-4123

Restaurant Guide Cozy dining just outside the Paradisus Conchal Hotel! Luna Rossa (formerly Les Arcades) is under new management! It is a cozy hideaway close to the hotel on the main road on the way to Flamingo. It features authentic-style Italian food and a great wine selection. If you want a little dinner excursion not to far from the hotel, call for a reservation. (Phone: 2654-5713) Catalina’s Restaurant A little further up the road inside the Flamingo Beach Resort. Location: Inside upstairs inside the Flamingo Beach Resort lobby, 6:30 pm to 10 pm. Type Food: International Cuisine Phone: 2654-4444


Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica



USEFUL INFORMATION Money Machines and Banks

Air travel The Gold Coast is easily accessible through the Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia. If your point of arrival or departure is San Jose, you can fly to the Tamarindo airport via a national airline. There are two main airlines serving Costa Rica itself, Taca (Formerly Sansa) and Nature Air. Hint: If you are a “perpetual 90-Day tourists“. Check out the international destinations of Nature Air. They feature international flights from Liberia to Granada, Nicaragua and Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Money Machines and Banks Our local banks in the center of town include Banco Nacional on the main street across from the Diria Hotel, as well as Banco Costa Rica and Banco San Jose in Plaza Conchal , the shopping center just pas the town’s major intersection. All have ATM’s and there is a new Banco Nacional ATM next to the High Tide Surf Shop. You can exchange money at any of these banks, but American dollars are accepted everywhere.

General Information

Nature Air While in the air from San Jose to the Tamarindo Airport, see if you can identify the Puntarenas border, Island San Lucas Puerto, Caldera Island, Chira Golfo de Nicoya, and the Nicoya Peninsula. Just a short 45-minute flight. Fares and Schedules: Phone: 2653-1111 / 22 99 60 00 (Reservations at the Tamarindo Airport). Phone: 2299-6000 (Reservations in San José, – central office) See display ad this section

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

We are blessed with many scheduled and unscheduled holidays. Here is a list of some of the unscheduled ones: when the electricity or the internet doesn’t work, the day before and after a scheduled holiday, and during strikes by the utility company (ICE). Some frustrated workaholics try to work on those days, but usually end up just catching up on paperwork. On these days it is best just relax by the pool. Currency Exchange Rates

Airport Info


Unscheduled Holidays

Guanacaste Administration Flights Immigration Customs

2668-1178 2668-1010 2668-1014 2668-1068

Alajuela Flights Arrivals Customs Pavas Airport Tamarindo Airport

2437-2626 2437-2626 2441-6069 2223-2830 8840-1803

The official currency in Costa Rica is the Colon and its value compared to the dollar varies daily. Right now, it is about 525 colones to the dollar, but you can spend colones or dollars equally well here. Electrical Power The electrical power in Costa Rica is 110 volts. Time GMT / UTC minus 6 hours that would be Central Time is the USA. There is no day-light savings.


Tipping Policies The question of tipping in restaurants comes up frequently. A native person with a run of bad luck will often show respect with a token tip, but if they don’t that’s ok. If their financial luck changes, then the rules change and they are expected to tip. In San Jose people are generally expected to tip more and more often. The native people assume all tourists have a lot of money, so they are expected to tip all the time, at least 10%. However many restaurants will automatically add 10% to your bill (Note: Don’t confuse the 10% service fee (tip) with the 13% tax). So avoid unintentional double tipping by checking your bill to see if the 10% has been automatically added. After dinning and any other good personal service we highly recommend an additional tip.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Car Driving Tips


Conversion Charts 1 hectare: 10,000 sq. meters 107,600 sq. feet 1 manzana : 7,000 sq. meters 75,600 sq. feet 1 acre : 4,049 sq. meters 43,560 sq. feet 1 mile = 1.61 kilometers 1 Kilometer = .6214 miles 1 meter = 3.28 feet 1 foot = .304 meters 1 yard = .914 meters 1 meter = 1.09 yard 1 square meter = 10.76 sq. feet 1 square foot = .093 sq. meters 1 manzana = .698896 hectares (7000 sq. meters) 1 acre = 43,560 sq. feet

Car Rentals – Before cruising down the highway singing “Born to be Wild”, make sure you have taken a few extra moments to really inspect your car. Often they have small problems that need to be noted on your Inspection Report. Most representatives are very thorough and honest at noting these problems, but nevertheless you should give the report serious attention, include looking for body damage under the fenders and doors. They will appreciate your input and have no problem adding your additional notes. Make sure you get their main and cell phone numbers in case you have a problem. Also, a current driver’s license is necessary, along with a credit card and a deposit. All drivers must be at least 18.

1 acre = .405 hectares

Most of the major car rental companies have offices here with the district offices being in Liberia and country headquarters in San Jose. Because of the bad roads and the desire for many visitors to go exploring the off-roads, the rental companies switched long ago to the more rugged SUV types. So be prepared to pay a little more. More driving advice… We know you’re on vacation and too many warnings may seem out of place. However, while the roads are improving, there are still places where the roads are dangerous. There are very few if any traffic police at night, so everyone is on the “honor” system.

1 hectare = 10,000 sq. meters 1 hectare = 2, 47 acres 1 hectare = 107,600 sq. feet 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

Embassy Phone Numbers Argentina










Dominican Rep.






Great Britain








This is not a good place to drink and drive! It is not uncommon to get a flat tire, so make sure your spare tire is good. If you use your spare, get the bad tire fixed right away. If you don’t first get approval from your car rental agency, you could end up paying for a tire out of your own pocket! Special caution: If you leave your car out on the highway unattended and it is vandalized, you are responsible under their “Negligent Clause”, no matter what! This is one of the reasons we recommend you carry a cell phone for emergencies.

Medical Information Some Major Hospitals in San José. Private: CIMA San José: Ph: (2) 2208-1000 Public: Clínica Bíblica San Joseph: Ph:. 2522-1000 Clínica Católica San José: Ph: 2246-3000 Support Groups Narcotics Anonymous Honesty Meetings Monday – Wednesday – Fridays 7 pm – 10 pm In back of Fiesta Del Mar Restaurant in Tamarindo.

Churches and religious groups Not every local is yet aware there is a brand-new Catholic Church in Tamarindo. It is on the out skirts of town near the Tamarindo Hardware Store.

Beach Community Church Country Day School, Brasilito Ph: 2654-4446 Mass every Sunday 6:00pm in Tamarindo

Telephone Communications


Tamarindo Ministries Ph: 2653-1864

Emergencies – 911 Local information: 113 Long-distance information: 124 Operator Assistance – 116 Tourist Information – 192 Landline Phone Service Direct-dial telephone service is available for less than $.40 per minute to the USA and there are several high-speed internet cafés in town offering even less expensive internet phone service.

Utilities Cable TV - Cable TV is readily available with movies in English, Spanish, Japanese and French. ABC, CBS, and ESPN feature the American, football season on the major networks, and with a special subscription you can get all the games. Hint: If your wife reports to the “Polica Rural” that you have watched 3 consecutive games, she can have you declared legally dead and shipped back as baggage. Internet – High-speed internet is available through the cable TV operators and the national telephone company called ICE or RACSA. Radio - Until recently, there was only one English-speaking radio station, and it only played oldies but goodies. Listening to the music, one could easily close the eyes and imagine a band of longhaired hippies slipping down the road with their guitars slung over their backs. Now there is a lot of great new music on the radio. Try 99.5 FM Radio Dos or 102.7 FM Radio One for great gringo music! 911 La Radio has groovy music. 95.5 is the Jazz station. Water - The water is safe to drink. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, we recommend bottled water.

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Don’t worry so much about getting a ticket, just drive carefully. We suggest that if you do get a ticket try to pay before you leave and don’t try to bribe your way out. This country has a problem with corruption, so consider it your good deed not to contribute to the problem. Once a corrupt policeman finds out you’re a tourist willing to accept a ticket, they probably won’t bother giving it to you. This is a time when your worst Spanish can be an asset!



TIDE CHARTS From November 1st 2008 to February 28th 2009

November 2008

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

11-01 04:29 8.84 ft High 11-01 10:42 0.39 ft Low 11-01 17:00 8.08 ft High 11-01 22:51 1.30 ft Low 11-02 05:07 8.50 ft High 11-02 11:20 0.68 ft Low 11-02 17:40 7.80 ft High 11-02 23:31 1.63 ft Low 11-03 05:46 8.09 ft High 11-03 12:00 1.04 ft Low 11-03 18:23 7.50 ft High 11-04 00:14 1.98 ft Low 11-04 06:30 7.64 ft High 11-04 12:43 1.42 ft Low 11-04 19:10 7.23 ft High 11-05 01:02 2.28 ft Low 11-05 07:19 7.23 ft High 11-05 13:31 1.76 ft Low 11-05 20:02 7.06 ft High 11-06 01:58 2.47 ft Low 11-06 08:15 6.92 ft High 11-06 14:24 2.00 ft Low 11-06 20:58 7.06 ft High 11-07 03:00 2.47 ft Low 11-07 09:18 6.79 ft High 11-07 15:21 2.08 ft Low 11-07 21:56 7.26 ft High 11-08 04:03 2.24 ft Low 11-08 10:20 6.88 ft High 11-08 16:19 1.96 ft Low 11-08 22:51 7.65 ft High 11-09 05:03 1.80 ft Low 11-09 11:18 7.17 ft High 11-09 17:14 1.66 ft Low 11-09 23:41 8.18 ft High 11-10 05:56 1.22 ft Low 11-10 12:11 7.60 ft High 11-10 18:05 1.24 ft Low 11-11 00:29 8.78 ft High


11-11 06:45 0.59 ft Low 11-11 12:59 8.10 ft High 11-11 18:54 0.77 ft Low 11-12 01:15 9.37 ft High 11-12 07:32-0.01 ft Low 11-12 13:47 8.59 ft High 11-12 19:41 0.33 ft Low 11-13 02:02 9.85 ft High 11-13 08:18-0.50 ft Low 11-13 14:33 9.01 ft High 11-13 20:29-0.01 ft Low 11-14 02:4810.17 ft High 11-14 09:05-0.82 ft Low 11-14 15:20 9.29 ft High 11-14 21:17-0.19 ft Low 11-15 03:3610.26 ft High 11-15 09:52-0.93 ft Low 11-15 16:09 9.41 ft High 11-15 22:07-0.18 ft Low 11-16 04:2510.11 ft High 11-16 10:41-0.82 ft Low 11-16 17:00 9.36 ft High 11-16 23:00 0.02 ft Low 11-17 05:17 9.75 ft High 11-17 11:32-0.51 ft Low 11-17 17:54 9.17 ft High 11-17 23:55 0.37 ft Low 11-18 06:12 9.22 ft High 11-18 12:26-0.07 ft Low 11-18 18:50 8.89 ft High 11-19 00:54 0.80 ft Low 11-19 07:12 8.63 ft High 11-19 13:24 0.44 ft Low 11-19 19:52 8.61 ft High 11-20 02:00 1.18 ft Low 11-20 08:16 8.09 ft High 11-20 14:25 0.91 ft Low 11-20 20:56 8.40 ft High 11-21 03:09 1.43 ft Low

December 2008 12-01 04:47 8.48 ft High 12-01 11:00 0.63 ft Low 12-01 17:22 8.04 ft High 12-01 23:14 1.60 ft Low 12-02 05:26 8.22 ft High 12-02 11:38 0.83 ft Low 12-02 18:02 7.93 ft High 12-02 23:56 1.74 ft Low

12-03 06:08 7.91 ft High 12-03 12:17 1.09 ft Low 12-03 18:43 7.82 ft High 12-04 00:40 1.87 ft Low 12-04 06:52 7.59 ft High 12-04 12:59 1.34 ft Low 12-04 19:27 7.74 ft High 12-05 01:28 1.97 ft Low

11-21 09:23 7.69 ft High 11-21 15:30 1.26 ft Low 11-21 22:01 8.32 ft High 11-22 04:19 1.49 ft Low 11-22 10:31 7.50 ft High 11-22 16:35 1.46 ft Low 11-22 23:02 8.35 ft High 11-23 05:24 1.38 ft Low 11-23 11:34 7.49 ft High 11-23 17:35 1.52 ft Low 11-23 23:58 8.46 ft High 11-24 06:21 1.18 ft Low 11-24 12:30 7.59 ft High 11-24 18:28 1.51 ft Low 11-25 00:48 8.59 ft High 11-25 07:10 0.96 ft Low 11-25 13:20 7.73 ft High 11-25 19:15 1.46 ft Low 11-26 01:32 8.70 ft High 11-26 07:53 0.76 ft Low 11-26 14:04 7.88 ft High 11-26 19:58 1.41 ft Low 11-27 02:13 8.77 ft High 11-27 08:32 0.60 ft Low 11-27 14:45 8.01 ft High 11-27 20:38 1.38 ft Low 11-28 02:52 8.80 ft High 11-28 09:09 0.49 ft Low 11-28 15:25 8.09 ft High 11-28 21:16 1.37 ft Low 11-29 03:30 8.77 ft High 11-29 09:46 0.45 ft Low 11-29 16:04 8.13 ft High 11-29 21:55 1.40 ft Low 11-30 04:08 8.66 ft High 11-30 10:23 0.50 ft Low 11-30 16:43 8.11 ft High 11-30 22:34 1.48 ft Low

TIDE CHARTS 12-05 07:39 7.30 ft High 12-05 13:43 1.57 ft Low 12-05 20:13 7.74 ft High 12-06 02:20 1.98 ft Low 12-06 08:32 7.09 ft High 12-06 14:31 1.71 ft Low 12-06 21:04 7.83 ft High 12-07 03:15 1.88 ft Low

12-15 16:49 9.68 ft High 12-15 22:51-0.09 ft Low 12-16 05:06 9.83 ft High 12-16 11:19-0.72 ft Low 12-16 17:41 9.65 ft High 12-16 23:45 0.10 ft Low 12-17 05:59 9.41 ft High 12-17 12:10-0.37 ft Low 12-17 18:35 9.46 ft High 12-18 00:41 0.43 ft Low 12-18 06:54 8.87 ft High 12-18 13:02 0.11 ft Low 12-18 19:29 9.16 ft High 12-19 01:39 0.82 ft Low 12-19 07:51 8.29 ft High 12-19 13:56 0.66 ft Low 12-19 20:26 8.80 ft High 12-20 02:39 1.19 ft Low 12-20 08:51 7.74 ft High 12-20 14:53 1.20 ft Low 12-20 21:24 8.46 ft High 12-21 03:42 1.48 ft Low 12-21 09:54 7.32 ft High 12-21 15:53 1.66 ft Low 12-21 22:23 8.21 ft High 12-22 04:46 1.63 ft Low 12-22 10:58 7.08 ft High 12-22 16:53 1.97 ft Low 12-22 23:21 8.07 ft High 12-23 05:47 1.61 ft Low 12-23 11:59 7.03 ft High 12-23 17:52 2.12 ft Low

January 2009 01-01 05:43 8.28 ft High 01-01 11:48 0.61 ft Low 01-01 18:11 8.50 ft High 01-02 00:12 1.17 ft Low 01-02 06:22 8.01 ft High 01-02 12:24 0.80 ft Low 01-02 18:48 8.45 ft High 01-03 00:54 1.25 ft Low 01-03 07:03 7.72 ft High 01-03 13:03 1.02 ft Low 01-03 19:29 8.38 ft High 01-04 01:39 1.35 ft Low 01-04 07:48 7.42 ft High 01-04 13:46 1.25 ft Low 01-04 20:16 8.31 ft High 01-05 02:30 1.44 ft Low 01-05 08:40 7.18 ft High 01-05 14:37 1.45 ft Low 01-05 21:08 8.26 ft High 01-06 03:28 1.45 ft Low 01-06 09:41 7.06 ft High

01-06 15:35 1.58 ft Low 01-06 22:09 8.30 ft High 01-07 04:31 1.33 ft Low 01-07 10:48 7.14 ft High 01-07 16:41 1.57 ft Low 01-07 23:14 8.46 ft High 01-08 05:37 1.03 ft Low 01-08 11:56 7.47 ft High 01-08 17:50 1.35 ft Low 01-09 00:19 8.77 ft High 01-09 06:41 0.57 ft Low 01-09 13:00 8.01 ft High 01-09 18:56 0.94 ft Low 01-10 01:20 9.18 ft High 01-10 07:40 0.03 ft Low 01-10 13:59 8.65 ft High 01-10 19:58 0.45 ft Low 01-11 02:17 9.58 ft High 01-11 08:34-0.49 ft Low 01-11 14:54 9.27 ft High 01-11 20:55-0.02 ft Low

12-24 00:15 8.04 ft High 12-24 06:42 1.48 ft Low 12-24 12:55 7.14 ft High 12-24 18:46 2.13 ft Low 12-25 01:05 8.11 ft High 12-25 07:30 1.27 ft Low 12-25 13:44 7.35 ft High 12-25 19:35 2.02 ft Low 12-26 01:50 8.23 ft High 12-26 08:13 1.02 ft Low 12-26 14:28 7.60 ft High 12-26 20:19 1.85 ft Low 12-27 02:33 8.37 ft High 12-27 08:52 0.78 ft Low 12-27 15:09 7.87 ft High 12-27 21:01 1.65 ft Low 12-28 03:13 8.50 ft High 12-28 09:29 0.59 ft Low 12-28 15:48 8.10 ft High 12-28 21:40 1.46 ft Low 12-29 03:52 8.57 ft High 12-29 10:05 0.47 ft Low 12-29 16:25 8.29 ft High 12-29 22:19 1.31 ft Low 12-30 04:30 8.55 ft High 12-30 10:41 0.44 ft Low 12-30 17:02 8.41 ft High 12-30 22:57 1.22 ft Low 12-31 05:08 8.45 ft High 12-31 11:16 0.50 ft Low 12-31 17:39 8.47 ft High 12-31 23:33 1.13 ft Low


12-07 09:29 7.02 ft High 12-07 15:25 1.75 ft Low 12-07 21:57 8.04 ft High 12-08 04:14 1.63 ft Low 12-08 10:28 7.12 ft High 12-08 16:21 1.64 ft Low 12-08 22:53 8.37 ft High 12-09 05:12 1.25 ft Low 12-09 11:27 7.40 ft High 12-09 17:19 1.41 ft Low 12-09 23:48 8.78 ft High 12-10 06:09 0.76 ft Low 12-10 12:24 7.81 ft High 12-10 18:17 1.06 ft Low 12-11 00:43 9.23 ft High 12-11 07:03 0.24 ft Low 12-11 13:20 8.30 ft High 12-11 19:14 0.67 ft Low 12-12 01:36 9.64 ft High 12-12 07:56-0.24 ft Low 12-12 14:13 8.80 ft High 12-12 20:09 0.30 ft Low 12-13 02:29 9.95 ft High 12-13 08:47-0.63 ft Low 12-13 15:05 9.23 ft High 12-13 21:03 0.02 ft Low 12-14 03:2110.11 ft High 12-14 09:38-0.85 ft Low 12-14 15:57 9.54 ft High 12-14 21:57-0.12 ft Low 12-15 04:1310.07 ft High 12-15 10:28-0.89 ft Low


TIDE CHARTS 01-12 03:11 9.88 ft High 01-12 09:25-0.88 ft Low 01-12 15:45 9.76 ft High 01-12 21:49-0.36 ft Low 01-13 04:0310.00 ft High 01-13 10:14-1.06 ft Low 01-13 16:3410.05 ft High 01-13 22:40-0.49 ft Low 01-14 04:52 9.90 ft High 01-14 11:02-1.01 ft Low 01-14 17:2310.10 ft High 01-14 23:29-0.40 ft Low 01-15 05:41 9.58 ft High 01-15 11:48-0.72 ft Low 01-15 18:10 9.90 ft High 01-16 00:19-0.10 ft Low 01-16 06:30 9.06 ft High 01-16 12:35-0.22 ft Low 01-16 18:59 9.49 ft High 01-17 01:09 0.36 ft Low 01-17 07:20 8.42 ft High

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

December 2008



January 2009 01-17 13:22 0.42 ft Low 01-17 19:48 8.96 ft High 01-18 02:01 0.89 ft Low 01-18 08:13 7.74 ft High 01-18 14:11 1.11 ft Low 01-18 20:40 8.39 ft High 01-19 02:57 1.39 ft Low 01-19 09:10 7.14 ft High 01-19 15:05 1.76 ft Low 01-19 21:36 7.88 ft High 01-20 03:58 1.77 ft Low 01-20 10:14 6.71 ft High 01-20 16:05 2.25 ft Low 01-20 22:37 7.54 ft High 01-21 05:04 1.93 ft Low 01-21 11:22 6.56 ft High 01-21 17:12 2.51 ft Low 01-21 23:39 7.41 ft High 01-22 06:07 1.85 ft Low

01-22 12:25 6.67 ft High 01-22 18:16 2.49 ft Low 01-23 00:36 7.49 ft High 01-23 07:02 1.60 ft Low 01-23 13:20 6.98 ft High 01-23 19:13 2.26 ft Low 01-24 01:27 7.72 ft High 01-24 07:49 1.25 ft Low 01-24 14:06 7.39 ft High 01-24 20:00 1.90 ft Low 01-25 02:12 8.01 ft High 01-25 08:29 0.88 ft Low 01-25 14:46 7.82 ft High 01-25 20:42 1.49 ft Low 01-26 02:53 8.30 ft High 01-26 09:06 0.55 ft Low 01-26 15:24 8.22 ft High 01-26 21:20 1.10 ft Low 01-27 03:31 8.53 ft High

Visitor´s Guide Gold Coast, Guanacaste Costa Rica

February 2009


02-01 00:25 0.53 ft Low 02-01 06:34 8.01 ft High 02-01 12:32 0.53 ft Low 02-01 18:56 8.77 ft High 02-02 01:08 0.73 ft Low 02-02 07:16 7.65 ft High 02-02 13:15 0.83 ft Low 02-02 19:40 8.53 ft High 02-03 01:56 0.99 ft Low 02-03 08:07 7.29 ft High 02-03 14:04 1.18 ft Low 02-03 20:34 8.25 ft High 02-04 02:54 1.23 ft Low 02-04 09:09 7.02 ft High 02-04 15:05 1.49 ft Low 02-04 21:39 8.03 ft High 02-05 04:01 1.33 ft Low 02-05 10:22 6.97 ft High 02-05 16:18 1.63 ft Low 02-05 22:52 8.00 ft High 02-06 05:14 1.17 ft Low 02-06 11:38 7.26 ft High 02-06 17:35 1.46 ft Low 02-07 00:04 8.25 ft High 02-07 06:25 0.75 ft Low 02-07 12:47 7.85 ft High 02-07 18:47 0.99 ft Low 02-08 01:09 8.68 ft High 02-08 07:26 0.17 ft Low 02-08 13:47 8.58 ft High 02-08 19:50 0.38 ft Low 02-09 02:07 9.16 ft High 02-09 08:20-0.41 ft Low 02-09 14:40 9.28 ft High 02-09 20:45-0.20 ft Low 02-10 02:59 9.55 ft High 02-10 09:10-0.86 ft Low

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Visitors Guide Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica