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Costa Rica, Panama & the Canal on Board the M/Y Callisto

10 day cruises from Puntarenas Port, Costa Rica to Flamenco Marina, Panama or Reverse COSTA RICA Curu Reserve & Tortuga Island

Shelters Bay Marina Colon



Quepos (Manuel Antonio National Park)

Panama City

Welcome to a sneak preview of the Variety Cruises programme for 2016 - 2017 with the perfect combination of small deluxe ships and wonderful destinations wrapped up in brilliant service. Small really is beautiful when it comes to enjoying these fantastic destinations and itineraries. None of our vessels have more than 36 cabins – they are a size which means they can visit the harbours and bays big ships cannot reach. That means you get a close-up view whilst also enjoying the on board comforts and friendly atmosphere of elite yacht cruising.The Caribbean is a favourite winter destination and our Cuba programmes, aboard Voyager and Panorama visit every single point of interest in Western Cuba and include an extended stay in Havana. It’s a great way to see the island and explore and enjoy the culture. Slightly further afield we have a wonderful cruise that runs between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific, through the Panama Canal. Entitled The Treasures of Costa Rica & the PanamaCanal you get the chance not only to travel one of the world’s most famous waterways, but see the incredible diversity of flora and fauna along these amazing coastlines. If you prefer the Indian Ocean you’ll love our year-round Seychelles –Cruises in the Garden of Eden programme. A small ship is far and away the best way to truly discover these stunning islands and amazing beaches on one of our fabulous 8 day cruises. Make sure you get a ‘selfie’ with a Giant Tortoise to show the folks at home. New for 2017 is our spectacular ‘Land of Fire & Ice’ cruise exploring the coast of Iceland with it’s glaciers, lakes, volcanoes, fascinating Viking & Norse heritage. Last but not least, no Variety Cruises programme would be complete without a choice of cruises around the Greek islands, Montenegro & Croatia.This year we have a choice of three 8 day itineraries that show you all our favourite ports of call. Once again elite yacht cruising is the only way to truly explore and experience  this wonderful area.

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Elite, exotic and exciting – that’s classic Variety cruising

Portobello Gatun Lake

Golfito Puerto Jimenez

(Golfo Dulce)


(Golfo Dulce)

Punta Patino

COLOMBIA Coiba Island Granito de Oro


Cruise Highlights: Cross the celebrated Panama Canal, an event for every avid cruise goer. Panama City, the capital of Panama will impress you with its combinations of traditional and modern architecture. Visit nature reserves and national parks on Isla Coiba, Curu and Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica and witness life in the Darrien Jungle. Highlights include: Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, The beauty of Granito Oro Island, known as the “live aquarium of Coiba”, The Panama Canal crossing, an event for every avid cruiser, Manuel Antonio National Park with its captivating combination of rainforest, white sand beaches and coral reefs, Curu Nature Reserve and beach BBQ in nearby Tortuga island, Mogue Embera Reserve and the Embera Indians.

Cruise Itinerary – Embarkation from Puntarenas Port, Costa Rica & Flamenco Marina, Panama: Puntarenas Port – Curu / Costa Rica – Tortuga Island - Quepos - Puerto Jimenez – Golfo Dulce – Coiba – Granito De Oro Island / Panama – Punta Patino – Darrien/ Panama – Panama Canal Crossing – Gatun Lake exploration day - Flamenco Marina or reverse.

Departure: From December 2016 to April 2017.

From £2040 Port charges £480 Flights from £995

Welcome to a world of Variety Cruising Squirrel Monkey Costa Rica

Greece & Greek Islands are the natural playground of our small ships. We know each port, each secluded beach and we bring you the best of Greece and the Aegean Sea in the private and relaxed environment of 34 to 72 passenger Mega Yachts.

Classical Greece on Board the Harmony G 8 day cruises from Marina Zea, Athens - Friday Sailings

Marina Zea

Cruises to Greece From Antiquity to Byzantium on Board the Galileo 8 day cruises from Marina Zea, Athens - Friday Sailings



Jewels of the Cyclades on Board the Galileo 8 day cruises from Marina Zea, Athens - Friday Sailings



Kea Mykonos Hydra

Corinth Canal


ATHENS Marina Zea

Palia Epidaurus




Marina Zea

ATHENS Sounion

Poros Kythnos




Paros Antiparos

Santorini Kithyra

Poliegos Pylos

Folegandros Gythion





Cruise Highlights:

Cruise Highlights:

The beauty of the Aegean islands and mainland Greece, The spectacular ruins on Delos, Chic & stylish Mykonos, Spectacular sunsets at Santorini, the unique history & culture of Crete, UNESCO world heritage sites in Monemvasia, Nauplion, Hydra, the island without cars & much more!

Cruise Itinerary - Embarkation from Marina Zea, Athens: Marina Zea/ Athens –Delos – Mykonos – Santorini – Rethymnon/ Crete – Kythira – Kea – Monemvassia/ Nafplion – Hydra or Spetses.

Friday Departures: From April to October 2017.

Cruise Highlights:

A historically themed cruise accompanied by an expert guest lecturer and inclusive excursion package. Highlights include: The wonders of historic Peloponnese & continental Greece and the most important monuments and historic sites of Greece. Ancient Epidavros, Nafplion, Gythion, Pylos, Olympia, Delphi and a transit of the spectacular Corinth Canal.

Cruise Itinerary - Embarkation from Marina Zea, Athens: Marina Zea/ Athens - Palaia Epidaurus - Nafplion/ Mycenae - Gythion - Pylos Katakolon / Olympia - Itea/ Delphi - Marina Zea/ Athens.

The wonderful Cyclades islands, from the famous such as Mykonos & Santorini to hidden gems you may have never heard of such as Poliegos, Kea & Folgenadros. Everywhere you will find superb beaches, awe inspiring history and a traditional warm Greek island welcome.

Cruise Itinerary- Embarkation from Marina Zea, Athens: Marina Zea/ Athens –Poros – Poliegos – Folegandros – Santorini – Paros – Antiparos - Delos – Mykonos– Kythnos – Marina Zea/ Athens.

Friday Departures: From April to October 2017.

Friday Departures: March & April 2017 October & November 2017.

From £1096

From £1692 Port charges £176 Flights from £ 299

From £840 Port charges £175 Flights from £295

Knossos, Crete

Port charges £196 Flights from £299

Galileo in Poliegos Island

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Croatia, Montenegro & Beyond

Glories of Spain & Portugal οn Board the M/S Panorama II

8 day cruises from Dubrovnik, Croatia - Sunday Sailings

8-day cruises from Malaga, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal or reverse Saturday Sailings



Dubrovnik Kotor Budva ADRIATIC SEA Saranda ALBANIA


Corfu Paxos


Seville Monchique Granada Silves Jerez de Ronda La Frontera Portimao Cadiz Malaga Motril Porto Banus Gibraltar

Cruise Highlights: Discover the natural and historical treasures of the Adriatic and of the Ionian Seas. Visit 4 countries: Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and Greece and discover places as different as Korcula Island, the fjords of the Bay of Kotor or Corfu. Highlights include: The tales of 4 countries in the Adriatic & Ionian Sea and their common link with the Medieval maritime empire of Venice. Explore UNESCO world heritage sights in Corfu &, Kotor & Korcula, spectacular roman ruins at Butrint plus world famous walled city of Dubrovnik.

Cruise Itinerary- Embarkation from Dubrovnik, Croatia: Dubrovnik/ Croatia – Korcula/ Croatia – Bar – Budva/ Montenegro – Paxoi/ Greece – Corfu/ Greece – Saranda/ Albania – Kotor/ Montenegro – Dubrovnik/Croatia.

Cruise Highlights: Experience a cruise voyage unraveling the wonders Spain and Portugal. Visit Seville, built along the Guadalkivir river with several UNESCO classified monuments and a rich Moorish and Spanish heritage Grenada, with its brilliant architectural jewels such as the Alhambra Palace Jerez de la Frontera, an Andalusian city world famous for its architecture, sherry and fine horses Ronda, birthplace of modern bull fighting. Gibraltar, the famous British outpost & gateway to the Mediterranean.

Cruise Itinerary – Embarkation from Malaga, Spain: Saturday Departures from Malaga, Spain Cruise Itinerary: Malaga - Malaga - Motril For Grαnada - Porto Banus For Ronda – Porto Banus – Gibraltar - Cadiz For Seville - Cadiz For Jerez De La Frontera – Portimao, Portugal - Lisbon, Portugal.

Cruise Itinerary – Embarkation from Lisbon, Portugal: Saturday Departures from Lisbon, Portugal Cruise Itinerary: Lisbon – Portugal - Portimao – Portugal - Cadiz for Seville - Cadiz for Jerez de La Frontera – Porto Banus – Gibraltar - Porto Banus for Ronda - Motril for Granada - Malaga.


Sunday Departures: From June to September 2017.

From May to October 2017.

From £1476 Port charges £232 Flights from £375

Panorama in Paxoi, Greece

Bullfighting Arena in Ronda

From £1592 Port charges £256 Flights from £375

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The Iceland Cruise A journey in the Land of Ice and Fire Summer on board the M/Y Callisto 8 day cruises from Reykjavik to Akureyri and Reverse

The Seychelles - Cruises in the Garden of Eden on Board the M/Y Pegasus 8 day cruises from Mahe, Seychelles - Saturday Sailings Aride





Anse Lazio


Bildudalur North Island


St. Pierre Island Felicite Island

Baie St. Anne

Cousin Island La Digue Island Mamele Island


St. Anne Island Fregate



Moyenne Island

Port Launay



Cruise Highlights: Discover the Seychelles the best way: By small ship. Hop from island to island in perfect harmony with this unspoilt paradise and visit islands which will capture your senses.

Heimaey Island

Cruise Highlights: Our navigation along the Western and northern coasts of Iceland on the 17 cabin mega yacht Callisto, will allow you to discover a fascinating land of rugged landscapes and natural wonders, a unique heritage steeped in the history and legends of the Vikings and the Norse and the opportunity to see awe inspiring marine life such as humpback wales and dolphins up close. Highlights include: Heimaey Island, the Pompei of the North. The Myvatn Lake, the Namarskard a striking geothermal field and the Godafoss Waterfall (from Akureyri/ Husavik). The quaint fishing village of Husavik,.Siglufjordur close to the Arctic Circle. The Fjord of Isasfjordur and nearby Arnardalur Valley.

Cruise Itinerary – Embarkation from Reykjavik to Akureyri & reverse: Reykjavik- Heimaey Island – Borgarnes – Flatey Island – Patrekksfjordur – Isafjordur Siglufjordur – Husavik – Akureyri.

Saturday Departures: From June 2017 to September, 2017.

From £1656 Port charges £199 Flights from £395

Highlights include: The Vallee de Mai, a Unesco World Heritage Site famous for its palm trees, its Coco de Mer and black parrots, Anse Lazio with its crystal clear waters, La Digue Island and Curieuse with the colony of giant turtles.

Cruise Itinerary: Saturday departures - 8 day cruise – Embarkation from Mahe Mahe Inter Island Quay – St. Anne Island – Curieuse – Cousin Island – Anze Lazio – Aride – St Pierre – Baie St. Anne/ Praslin – Felicite – La Digue – Moyenne Island-Mahe Inter Island Quay.

Departures: All Year Round Departures.

From £1328 Port charges £264 Flights from £895

Lake Myvatn in Northern Iceland

Pegasus in the Seychelles

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Sights & Sounds of Cuba on Board the M/S Panorama

Impressions of Cuba on Board the M/Y Variety Voyager

8 day cruises from Havana, Cuba to Cienfuegos, Cuba or Reverse

8 day cruises from Havana, Cuba to Cienfuegos, Cuba or Reverse




Playa Giron


by B


Playa Giron


Maria la Gorda


Maria la Gorda

Casilda/Trinidad Cayo Largo


Casilda/Trinidad Cayo Largo





Cruise Highlights: The wonders of Cuba await to be discovered. Wander through the colorful streets of Havana, a throwback in time, a beautiful combination of history, colours and music. Highlights include: Colourful Havana, Vinales in Pinar del Rio region, Bahia de Corrientes a Biosphere Reserve, Cienfuegos, Playa Giron, The Colonial Baroque mansions in Trinidad.

Cruise Itinerary - Embarkation from Havana and Cienfuegos, Cuba: Havana (embarkation)- Ηavana Tours – Maria La Gorda- Cayo Largo – Casilda/Trinidad- Cienfuegos (disembarkation).

Cruise Itinerary - Bus Transfer from Havana to Cienfuegos (Cienfuegos to Havana Cruise): Havana – Maria La Gorda – Bahia de Corrientes – Cayo Largo – Casilda/ Trinidad – Cienfuegos-Overland bus transfer to Havana, or reverse.

Cruise Highlights: Step back in time to a place rooted in culture, music and history. Where the people are as warm and welcoming as the climate. You will be fascinated by Trinidad, a well-preserved Spanish colonial city and by Cienfuegos, the Pearl of the South with its French neoclassical architecture. Highlights include: Vibrant Havana, Vinales in Pinar del Rio region, Bahia de Corrientes a Biosphere Reserve, Cienfuegos, Playa Giron, The Colonial Baroque mansions in Trinidad.

Cruise Itinerary - Bus Transfer from Havana and Cienfuegos, Cuba: Havana – Maria La Gorda – Bahia de Corrientes – Cayo Largo – Casilda/ Trinidad – Cienfuegos-Overland bus transfer to Havana or reverse.

Saturday Departures: From November 2016 to March 2017.

Saturday Departures: Cienfuegos Embarkation January 2017. Havana Embarkation From January 2017 to March 2017.

Havana, Cuba

From £1120

From £1899

Port charges £264 Flights from £1150

Port charges £299 Flights from £1150

Havana Capitolio

The Islands of the Cape Verde Archipelago on Board the M/S Panorama

The Canary Islands Discovery on Board the M/Y Harmony V

8 day cruises from Praia, San Tiago

8 day round trip cruises from Gran Canaria or from South Tenerife


Porto Novo Playa Blanca


Mindelo San Vincente San Nikolau

Santa Cruz

Corralejo Santa Cruz de Tenerife FUERTEVENTURA ISLAND



Valle Gran Ray

Los Cristianos Port


Maio San Tiago Fogo Sao Filipe


Cruise Highlights:

Explore the archipelago of Cape Verde with their intoxicating mixture of African and Portuguese heritage and their welcoming locals.

Discover the Canary Islands, a 10 island Archipelago off the Moroccan Coast. Each day you will discover a new port of call, quiet beaches of tantalizing beauty to amaze you and several UNESCO World Sites to intrigue you. We explore the Canary Islands during the best time of the year when temperatures are cooler and winds calmer.

Highlights include: The old city of Praia, San Tiago, The Monte Gorso volcanoes on Fogo and San Nicolau Islands, San Antao and Mindelo, San Vincente’s nightlife and artistic traditions.

Highlights include: The capital Las Palmas, Cosmopolitan Lanzarote and Tenerife, The natural beauty of Fuerteventura, The small and quaint island of La Gomera.

Cruise Highlights:

Cruise Itinerary – Embarkation from Praia, San Tiago:

Cruise Itinerary – Embarkation from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria:

Praia/ San Tiago – San Filipe/ Fogo – Tarrafal/ San Nicolau – Porto Novo/ San Antao – Mindelo/ San Vincente – Maio.

Wednesday Departures: 20 & 27 November 2016.

From £1116 Port charges £220 Flights from £895

Saturday Departures Cruise Itinerary: Las Palmas De Gran Canaria – Los Christianos port/ South Tenerife – Santa Cruz De La Palma – Valle Gran Rey/ La Gomera – Santa Cruz De Tenerife – Marina Rubicon (Playa Blanca) – Lanzarote – Corralejo Port – Fuerteventura Island – Las Palmas De Gran Canaria/ Gran Canaria Island

Cruise Itinerary – Embarkation from Los Christianos, South Tenerife: Sunday Departures Cruise Itinerary: Los Christianos Port, South Tenerife - Santa Cruz de la Palma, La Palma Island – La Gomera Island – Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife – Arecife, Lanzarote - Corralejo Port, Fuerteventura Island- Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria Island – Los Christianos Port, South Tenerife.

Departures: From November 2016 to April 2017.

From £1288 Port charges £175 Flights from £349

Santo Antao, Cape Verde i i

La Gomera

The Yacht Cruise Experience We chose the name Variety Cruises to reflect the different type of vessels we offer and the unique range of cruise itineraries you can choose from. Whether you cruise on one of our four sleek motor yachts like the Variety Voyager or Harmony V, our majestic sail cruisers Panorama I & II or our traditionally styled motor sailer Galileo, what you will find common to all of them is the friendly and informal atmosphere that only a yacht cruise can provide. Our vessels access smaller ‘undiscovered’ islands and

harbours beyond the reach of large cruise ships, whilst our unique itineraries give you plenty of time ashore to discover and explore. All our fully air conditioned vessels have swimming platforms, ample deck space, a lounge and bar, deck lounge with al fresco dining areas as well as a restaurant offering fine cuisine and comfortable well- appointed cabins. Capacity ranges from around 40 passengers on Pegasus up to 72 passengers on the Voyager. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Early Booking Offers & Pre & Post Hotels & Tours available. Call us for details Your Travel Agent

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Seafarer Cruising and Sailing Holidays 2016/17