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A trailblazer for women in

oil and gas Intisaar Kindy, director of exploration at Petroleum Developement Oman (PDO) and president of its women’s network Hawa, shares her insights. PDO female employees celebrating International Women’s Day

What role do you think innovation plays in tackling current exploration challenges? It is very important, particularly in the current climate. It will be critical for the longer-term robustness of the industry around the globe. As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”. At PDO, we have around 50-70 new technologies being explored at any time, from solar EOR to surfactants and polymers, the fundamental aim being to produce more hydrocarbons in a safer, more efficient and responsible way. For exploration, the focus is on innovation technologies that can bring our finding costs down. We use innovation to target low unit technical costs and risks, mitigating high-risk prospects which is especially important where expensive projects are concerned. It allows us to deepen our understanding of places at the evaluation stage, before money is spent on developing the resources. Seismic acquisition and imaging technologies have played a pivotal role in our exploration performance in recent years. Last year, we acquired more than 9,000 sq km of new generation 3D seismic. What are the key enablers for innovation? At the top of the list is the corporate environment, which needs to be open and inclusive, with a clear strategy and intent on where the


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company wants to be. The company needs to be open to new ideas, and incubate an innovative environment, encouraging experimentation and thinking outside the box. Also important is to nurture a collaborative environment with contractors; you need that for innovation and out-of-the box thinking to flourish. It is often the contractors who come up with better ways of doing things.

For exploration, the focus is on innovation technologies that can bring our funding costs down.” You also need technically competent staff. At times of crisis, when experienced staff are let go, innovation suffers. PDO is trying to maintain a balance between attracting top talent and retaining capable and experienced staff. A no-blame culture is another important factor, where people are not afraid to take risks and can learn from their mistakes.

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Oil Review Middle East 7 2016