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Trans Asia Pipeline Services competency building

that we were able to meet the requirements of a very demanding client and a very tight schedule and delivered this in a safe and professional manner. This was our first project under the supervision of the national oil company. We are currently working on quite a few jobs in the UAE and Saudi. We have also just commenced work on our maiden Qatar project. This job is for a Qatari oil and gas company and we are working as a sub-contractor with the main EPC. There are a number of subsea pipeline sections and the project is to be completed in Q1 2017. We have also diversified and are working on a project in India where we are supporting the main EPC contractor with construction of coffer dam, sheet piling and pipeline beach pull activities. This is one of the major wins for us in 2016, and the project is currently being executed through our Indian sister concern. In the past we worked with this particular customer on a vast number of pipeline projects; however this is the first project of its kind where we are supporting them with construction activities. We were able to win this project despite our relative lack of experience in construction activities. It is certainly a milestone in Trans Asia’s history and underscores the trust our customers have in us.There is a mix of onshore and offshore as well as pipeline and process related services, and despite the downward trend in the industry we have a healthy order book. How are you looking to develop your business going forward? We are adding a few new and niche services in our portfolio. This year we have formed a joint venture with a UK-based company and we will be providing hot tapping services in the region soon. We are also working on a couple of internal projects and investing in R&D, and soon we will be able to provide integrated pipeline services all across from pigging to inspections and testing, maintenance of existing pipelines, pipeline repairs etc. We are also exploring new markets. We established our presence in the Far East with offices at Singapore in 2010 and we are now looking west. We plan to have a local presence in Africa and Eastern


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I am pleased that we were able to meet the requirements of a demanding client and a tight schedule and delivered this in a safe and professional manner. Europe. We also have experience working in Latin America. In Q1 2016 we have successfully completed a project in Argentina, and we are watching that region very keenly. In general, I certainly wish to see Trans Asia as a global brand (and not just Asian), employing a truly global and diversified workforce which is efficient and professional. I look forward to being recognised for engineering solutions, efficiencies and innovative edge. What do you think is the secret of your company’s success? “Experience Excellence” has not been just a motto for us but has been our overall work philosophy. Trans Asia today reflects an “Excellent and Experienced” team and product offerings. Commitment, reliability, work safety, responsibility and confidence are our core values and what we stand by. Today we are a global and dependable entity. Our promise to our clients is to offer the best team of experienced and dedicated service professionals, world class equipment and customised solutions as per client needs, to reduce overall project schedule and hence money. We have grown at a phenomenal rate, however we are also giving prime importance and commitments to safety and QHSE. A very high emphasis on quality, safety, health and environment management is not just a policy but a way of life at Trans Asia. With the highest QHSE standards we optimise value creation for our customers that promotes safety and care for mother nature. n Stand: CN25

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Oil Review Middle East 7 2016